Pokémon X And Pokémon Y: A Quick Look At Skating, Biking And The Camera

By Laura . October 12, 2013 . 2:05am

Unconvinced that Pokémon X and Pokémon Y have the most dynamic camera and movement that we’ve seen in the games to date? Check out the four short video clips below that we grabbed from a early portions of the game.






Pokémon X and Pokémon Y are available now for Nintendo 3DS.

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  • Linhua

    … I haven’t gotten the bike yet, but i’m REALLY impressed with the skates.

    … that sudden boost you get when you start off with your skates looks just as fast as the bike and i’ve actually found out how to reset that animation every time it ends in order to maintain that speed.

    … from the looks of that driving you were doing with the bike though… I think i’ll stick to the skates as I seemed to have little to no problem cutting corners and dodging sudden obstacles.

    Edit: ._. Wow… i’m the first to comment… that’s a first… lol… i’m probably the only person in the world right now that owns a copy of Pokemon X or Y who ISN’T playing it right now.

    • Have you had a slight glitch where you run as fast as you skate? I find that funny. I get skating speed, but I don’t get the skates on. Also, your not the only one. I got both versions, X with both Grass starters and Y with both Water starters, waiting until I see my friend tomorrow so I can trade and start officially in X with both Fire starters. I do want to play it, though…badly…xD

      • Linhua




        … lol. This probably marks the first time I HAVEN’T collected both versions… so I feel a tad bit indifferent with myself right now.

        … I haven’t had the run at skate speed problem yet though. Sounds convenient as hell though if you could toggle that too… XD

        … i’ve got one question for ya though.

        … I got challenged by some random trainer from Japan online and I got ‘Rolled Out’ to death. But that’s beside the question.

        … after I went to quit, the game asked me if I wanted to do anything else with this player… so i’m wondering if you can trade with people via online. If so, that saves me the trouble of finding someone locally to trade with.

        … i’ve done zero research on this game… that’s the only downside to ignoring a game and having it come out quickly.

        • At least the way I’m catching ’em all isn’t hacking. I guess you could call it cheating if you wanted to, but I call it playing it smart (and rich xD). Also, about your online issue, I wouldn’t know, sorry.

          • Linhua

            … no worries, friend.

            … I wasn’t calling you a cheater of any kind.

            … it was actually my plan to do it the same way you were. I Was planning to buy Y for my cousin so that she and I could trade off whenever we have to to hang out. But my wallet fell short. XD

          • I know the way I put it sounds like it, but I know you weren’t calling me a cheater. Some people might, though.

        • Lynx

          Worldwide trading, yes. Same thing with battles.

          You can do it anytime too.

          Still local trading if you want that.

          • Linhua

            … oh really now…?

            … suddenly, I don’t feel so bad about dropping my usual practice of picking up both versions.

            … thanks for setting my mind at ease.

            EDIT: … I hope it’s easy to manage when trying for a specific pokemon…

    • The bike is a lot smoother. And faster. The thing with the videos is that I was filming with one hand and tweaking the circle pad with the other while staring at the camera to make sure it was filming right lol.

      • Linhua

        … well that would explain your running into things. XD

        … either way, i’m pleased to see that as the trainer, you’ve got lots of ways to get around, what with all the tricks and shortcuts and all.

  • John Diamond

    can i do a 360 spin turn into an ollie tho

    • You can do tricks in the game. You can do 360 when you land or a backflip in the air as you jump off ledges. Have to learn them first though.

      • DuskSharkEX

        Is it okay if I ask you where you found that Lens Case?

        • Betrayer

          You get it from the person in the back of the Trainer PR Studio

          • DuskSharkEX


  • Still waiting on my copy… F***! This is worse than the release week of GTA V when I didn’t even get that game!

  • Learii

    gamesstop open up already so I can get the game

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