Zelda: A Link Between Worlds Concept Art Shows Hyrule, Lorule, Ganon And More

By Ishaan . October 12, 2013 . 2:00pm

Nintendo have shared a bunch of concept art from their upcoming Nintendo 3DS Zelda title, The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds. Check the images out below, starting with this image of the two alternate dimensions of Hyrule and Lorule—each with their own equivalent of a Zelda.



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  • I love that artwork so much I’d like an artbook – love that pastel look.

    Man, I really want this game – so much has changed from the usual LoZ formula.

  • leingod

    So, regular Ganon will be in this? Neat :D

    • linkenski

      I think Ganon is just part of the backstory, is what I got from this.

      • leingod

        You may be right. Shame, I like him better than any of his “dorf” incarnations.

        • Spirit Macardi

          They’re the same person, Ganon is just his monster form which he ended up permanently adopting.

          Actually, if you want to get REALLY specific, even Ganondorf is just a reincarnation of Demise x3

          • Wait what

            Not really on that last bit. He’s not a direct reincarnation of Demise himself. Demise was sealed away until he eventually faded into nothingness (or so we currently assume). Ganondorf is a living incarnation of Demise’s curse. It’s not Demise himself, but Demise’s hatred for Link and Zelda given physical form. Ganondorf still has his own goals and ambitions outside of Demise’s will of cursing Link and Zelda’s descendents, and at times he is clearly shown to be his own person with his own emotions (Wind Waker).

          • Niko Sandwich

            YES! Ganon pretty much catapulted himself to be the one in the cycle rather than Demise, since he obtained the Triforce and greater success than Demise did, and then he strong-armed himself into being the evil force and cursed Link and Zelda with his own curse in OoT. So, in my opinion, Ganon is still the Big Bad, and Demise only tried to get in retroactively, but we’ve been facing Ganon for years now.

            Sorry, that’s just my rant. Ganon is one of my favorite villians…

        • Arrei

          Well, Ganondorf technically existed even way back in Link to the Past. You never saw him in human form, but his name was dropped as the man who obtained the Golden Power and defiled the Sacred Realm, twisting everything there into a dark reflection, including himself, which is how he came to be “Ganon” in that game.

          Should a Ganondorf appear in this game, I think it’s a safe bet that he’d transform into Ganon at some point.

          • leingod

            Nice info. I really need to get into that Hyrule Historia book I bought earlier XD

  • Namuro

    Nice artworks! Love that contrast in the first picture. Though, I wonder just what the heck those things under the deer supposed to be? They look like a bunch of demonic clowns…

    Speaking of clowns, the female Ganon (that’s a female, right?) reminds me of Kefka, for some reason…

  • Xaltmas

    Most anticipated game of the year, hands down.

    • Izzy Miyake

      I don’t know man, Pokemon X+Y JUST came out. Its gonna be interesting when this game hits the store shelves. See if I can’t peel myself off the mon’s for some Zelda.

  • So, Ganondorf’s back into his classic Demon-Pig wizard form?


    • Kaihedgie

      This is a sequel to A Link to the Past in which he was transformed into this by the Triforce.

  • Ixbran

    that new witch lady makes me think like shes some how the gay baby of Ganondorf and Kefka, and i love her for it!

    < 3

  • Awesome artwork. They should use that in the intro to explain what’s happened so far like they’ve done with Wind Waker and Skyward Sword.

  • Mmm are those the Seven Sages? And that’s ALttP sealing picture from the beggining? I wonder if this will retell the Seal War so that we could get a clearer connection with the now canon OoT Decline Timeline.

  • $36487238

    This is going to be the third Zelda game I’ll be playing when I get back into the 3DS gaming world with 2DS soon (first one was Phantom Hourglass on DS, and second one was Ocarina of Time 3D). Can’t wait!

    • Edrey Vega

      wheres your avatar from? i love the art style

  • Charlie Black

    Love the idea of having separate worlds using reflections. Might get a 3DS just to play this

  • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

    The picture with a kid, mom and dad, Link right?

  • jcnba28

    Looks like Beast Ganon is in this game!

  • Gilgamesh2025

    Beautiful! *-*

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