Tales Producer Hideo Baba Explains Why They Register So Many Tales Trademarks

By Cheng Kai . October 14, 2013 . 2:33am

imageAt least once a year we see a surge of Tales trademarks like Tales of Favorite, Tales of Jin, and Tales of Zestoria. Unlike other game publishers, Namco Bandai seems to file a rash of trademarks for Tales of games, but only some end up being used like Tales of Link and Tales of Bibliotheca.


Why are there so many Tales trademarks? That’s one of the questions Siliconera asked Tales producer Hideo Baba.


A short while back it was discovered that Namco Bandai registered a bunch of trademarks, such as Tales of Zestoria, Tales of Bibliotheca, et cetera. What’s with all these funny names? Do you have fun with coming up all these?


Hideo Baba, producer: Well, the Tales development team and I are always thinking about new stories and themes for future games in the series. And whenever we do come up with something interesting, we’re always thinking about, wouldn’t it be great if we could call this game by a certain name, to go with its story and theme?


There is always the possibility that we may end up actually making a new Tales game by that title [we’ve registered the trademarks for], but before that, we need to first check if it is okay to use that title both in Western markets and in Japan.


So, there is a possibility there that of all these ideas we’ve come up with, one of them may end up being put into development, but at the moment, we’re just checking that these names can be used. Nothing’s been decided yet.


Is the current situation, where you’d go out and register a bunch of trademarks in advance, prompted by past experiences like running into a scenario where you actually really wanted to call a Tales game by a certain title, but simply couldn’t because the name was taken already?


Yes, that’s exactly right.


Can you name a concrete example?


Actually, there were a lot of names I wanted to use but couldn’t.


A lot of them?


Yes. So for instance, even this time around when we were registering the trademarks… there was one that we couldn’t use because it was the name of a company in Canada. 


When checking for possible trademarks, we’re checking for names that are registered not only in the video games category, but also those used for company names and such, all over the world. So, there were a lot of names we couldn’t use. Please excuse me from giving you a specific example because a lot of these names we wanted to use are famous trademarks that I shouldn’t really mention!


On the flipside, the funny thing [about registering all these trademarks in advance] is that, just before we released information about Tales of Xillia, some fans found out that we registered the trademark for a "Tales of Unitia". So they thought, "okay, the next game in the series must be called Tales of Unitia!"


At the time I really wanted to spill the beans on Xillia, because what they thought was going to be called Unitia, was really meant to be called Xillia. So, there’s a really fun side to all of this, too.

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  • RovCal

    lol the journalist sure was stubborn otherwise baba sensei wasn’t in the mood to elaborate on stuff.

  • John Diamond

    anyone remember tales of eternia?

    • LustEnvy

      “You bet!”

      I still have the strategy guide for “Tales of Destiny II”, though I sold the game long time ago. I bought it as Eternia on the PSP though. Still own it.

      • Aldorr

        Miyacis in our hearts!

        • LustEnvy

          I’m attracted to your Fibril!

      • John Diamond

        haha. i remember never playing tales of rebirth and hearts

      • $36598391

        I came across a copy of Tales of Destiny II(PSX) at Otakon 2013 but it kept freezing right after the opening cutscene when starting a new game so I tracked down the seller and exchanged it for something else

    • You mean Tales of Eggbear?

    • Wappuli

      Ifu waiodisun, baai jinsumuti? Uti usu imun ifu tuya heniodiutinsu.
      That aside, it would be really sweet if they would ever make an actual remake for Eternia, I really think it deserves it.


        With EBG or CC combat system in the place of TP. but with the same ground > air > air to ground > character arte combination. imagine how broken and awesome the players and the bosses would be in this system

        • Wappuli

          Yup, I have been fantasizing about ToDR-like Eternia for a long time.

    • fairysun

      Lol, ya.
      When it was released outside Japan as Tales of Destiny 2, I was so disappointed because the story has nothing to do with Stahn story.

      Fortunately the game was great. Reid Hershel is one likeable Tales hero that I seldom see in any other game. Up there with Stahn, Yuri and Cress.

    • NO Tales game has come even close to how cool Eternia’s summons are

    • Anthony Birken

      I will make it my quest to learn Japanese and go through every tales game again (this time with more understanding)…pls extend my life force just a little~

      • John Diamond

        you seem like a nice chap.
        well i’ll tell you this, tales of hearts has a slight english patch. i’m not sure how far it’s going along but i played some of it.

        tales of innocence has been fully patched, and is playable from start to finish. If you want to get the full experience i’d get an r4 card and play it on your ds unless you want to import and find a way to patch it yourself

        • Anthony Birken

          Thx, I was aware of the tales of innocence patch, I was initially waiting for the tales of rebirth translation and hopefully some twin brave, but for now I’m just trying to finish xillia 2. Someone made a partial translation site for xillia 2 but do to them foreseeing the NA release, they stopped (goes to about chapter 9/10 I believe). Sadly though, I hear the summons has been taken out of Tales of Hearts R…that really hurts since I plan to import the game upon my moment of new employment.

          • John Diamond

            these translations are taking forever tbh, it’s not their fault but still y’know. But surely a lack of summons can’t be that bad eh?

          • Anthony Birken

            Others who played it made it seem so amazing, I was going to play the original, but then when I heard of R, I figured why not? In the end I’ll probably play em both

        • Anthony Birken

          Just another small tidbit, but do you think there is ever a possibility of a Tales of Tempest R? (This image is from an April fool’s joke. Slightly Humorous, yet slightly painful).

    • LustEnvy

      Anyone remember the travesty that is the Eternia anime? I was so disappointed. :(

    • Masengan

      First title that came to mind when I started reading.


    Remember Tales of Localized game?

    • Barrylocke89

      Yeah, I’ve seen that one and a bunch of its sequels over the past couple of years. Heard they were fun.

  • zaidandzhadow

    Tales of Pepsi…

  • ReMeDyIII

    Tales of Microsoft.
    Tales of YouTube.
    Tales of EA.
    Tales of Siliconera.

  • the_rain

    Tales of localize all tales game please!

  • EvE

    Tales Of Tales

  • Scott

    I can’t help but now imagine things like “Tales of Adidas” or “Tales of Slazenger” with the mention of company names.

  • Tales of Tim Horton’s? Tales of Edmonton Oilers?

  • Göran Isacson

    Ha, so they’re essentially just camping on these trademarks? That’s… not the answer I was expecting, but pretty funny nonetheless.

  • Reid vs. He-Man. Yeah, Reid would win.

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