Sony Pushing Vita’s Lineup Of Monster Hunter-esque Games With Akiba Event

By Eugene . October 16, 2013 . 4:33pm

All throughout the Vita’s lifespan, Sony have been attempting to replicate the success of Monster Hunter on the platform with a range of multiplayer co-op games for people that aren’t that interested in that one game they’re all trying to beat.


In their latest push for the Vita’s line-up of hunting action games, Sony are wrangling together several of these titles—both current and upcoming—in a special event in Akihabara on the 3rd and 4th of November for players to both get some hands-on time and also potentially win prizes.



The games include titles like God Eater 2, Toukiden, Soul Sacrifice Delta, Ragnarok Odyssey Ace, Gundam Breaker and, because it’s fun, Dragon’s Crown. The key drivers are likely to be getting to check out a special mission for God Eater 2 (unavailable anywhere else), while Soul Sacrifice Delta will be getting some first-hand impression time with gamers. If you can’t make it, don’t worry as the event will be broadcast on NicoNico Douga.


Oh and if you’re wondering, that middle-aged salaryman dude with the armor duds is Kyouto, the head of the Kyouto Academy. Sony have been using him as their mascot for the Vita’s lineup of hunting action titles.

  • Judgephoenix

    I don’t care if they are copies or not. I enjoy those games very much gives hope for the Vita.

    • DAT Bird From DAT Cage

      Really Sony? Showing 1 new game while the rest are already released.

      Looking forward to Freedom Wars where it “appears” as if it has been given a substantial budget unlike the rest of the so called MH “clones” that you’ve been pushing onto the Vita.

      If consumers enjoy MH they enjoy a quality game – not tons of MH “clones” developed under the impression that they are merely “clones” on a “dying” system.

      Step up your game Sony and consumers will step up theirs.

      • Ferrick

        gotta love it when people use the word “clones” when in reality the game is very different from the ones they are comparing it with

        • DAT Bird From DAT Cage

          gotta love it indeed

          get out of the “clone” mentality

    • Altin

      To be fair, Monster Hunter is a copy of PSO.

  • Erikdayo

    The unfortunate thing is that because these games are NOT actually Monster Hunter they’re not going to get millions of sales. Imagine how much an actual MH game could boost Vita sales. That said, Definitely hoping to see God Eater 2 in the West. Never played the first, but it looks pretty cool. :)

    • Mental

      Well, Frontier G is coming to Vita, so that might help sales a bit.

      • TheExile285

        Frontier G is an online only multplat. GE2 will help but I doubt FG

      • JonathanisPrimus

        It really won’t. Monster Hunter Frontier is a six (seven?) year old pay to play MMO that will have been on PC, 360, PS3, and Wii U before it launches on Vita.

    • Eclipse

      Actually, if we include the update of God Eater Burst, the franchise’s total sales was said to be at over 1.1 million, and that’s excluding the recent “Best Edition” of the game.

      I bet GE2 will be really helping out with those Vita sales.

  • I don’t care all that much for Monster Hunter, but I do like SS, RO, and enjoyed GEB. I hope for all of the sequels to be localized. :D

    • Yorai Dragon

      I want to like SS, but I am not a fan of the fact that you can run out of skills and be useless. At least for me, in Monster Hunter you can still attack if your weapon breaks. Even if you only do a little bit of damage and your weapon bounces off. It still helps until you die.

    • Altin

      SS Delta is a no-brainer, considering Sony published the previous game. RO Ace might be 50/50 but I dont know whether it sold sufficiently enough for XSEED to consider releasing the enhanced Version.
      GE2 is quite mysterious. On one hand, I can see Bamco bringing it over here, but on the other hand I didnt see much games from them recently (at least for the Vita).

  • Pdugna

    Always thought that Kyouto’s helmet was fake till he appeared on a Nico Broadcast with it on :D

  • Minos

    I would like to give my opinion, but I am not allowed so…

  • Erwin MadJelly

    You know what? Screw Monster Hunter for not coming to VITA (Frontier G doesnt count to me).

    I really liked these games, especially looking forward to god eater 2, SS delta and Freedom wars!!

    Also Ys memories of celeta is coming to the west soon!! So many things to spend on, but I’m gonna be broke by then.. xD

  • Mugen555

    You know, The reason Dragon Crown is in there is because DC is part of Co-Op(Kyouto) School, the school is not all about “Monster Hunter-esque” game.

  • xkumo

    Funny how Monster Hunter is a Phantasy Star “clone”, which is coming exclusively to Vita.
    So who’s copying who, shiliconera?

  • Epi

    I don’t know why we are calling them Monster Hunter clones when Monster hunter is a clone of Phantasy Star in the first place.

    • For the same reason that a lot of FPSes are referred to as “Call of Duty” clones. It isn’t that CoD was the first FPS in existence—just that it’s been the most influential one in many, many years and has affected industry trends and player habits worldwide, and there are a lot of games attempting to follow its lead.

      • Mugen555

        Then that kind habits is wrong, Calling FPS game a CoD-esque or clone without seeing or knowing the difference is rather ignorant.
        Also it would be better call it Cooperative Action games rather than Monster Hunter-esque.
        And Hunting Action game is listed as genre in some japanese game magazine.

        • GH56734

          You don’t see many people referring to Metroid Prime, Metal Gear Solid or Medal of Honor as Call of Duty clones.
          At least those have gameplay different and unique enough to differ from the CoD formula, despite being FPS games all-around.
          Many games that are blatant cash-in attempts to mimic CoD financial success, yet are half-hearted attempts with absolutely nothing new to add to the FPS genre, deserve to be called clones, because that’s what they are.

          I may like Tear Ring Saga but it’s still a Fire Emblem clone, because it plays just like a re-branded one without anything new. Same goes for Zelda clones (lots of them), Mario clones (and I don’t mean platformers, but straight clones like Tiny Toons 1 for the NES), Dragon Quest clones (including the very first Mother game), Pokémon clones, Phantasy Star clones, …

          • Precisely this. A game sharing the same perspective or camera angle alone doesn’t make it a “clone”. It’s when a game has similar goals/features or is trying to capitalize on the market of an existing game within the same genre that people start using terms like “clone” or “copycat” or “rip-off”.

            While “rip-off” obviously clearly has negative connotations, the other two aren’t necessarily like that. You can be heavily inspired by another game and still be good. Lots of people like Darksiders despite the fact that it lifts very heavily from Zelda, and the creators even acknowledge that.

          • Herlo Rerelo

            “because it plays just like a re-branded one without anything new.”

            I’ll assume you referring to the games listed in the Article, lemme tell you games with same genre are NOT only compared based on which is bigger and which is not, remember SS has a VERY different style and it is a Dark themed game that talks about magic, and GE has a different setting and is story driven, etc…

            i remember a friend who called RO an MH ripp off before it’s released, but when he played it and did not like it he said it’s NOTHING like MH, imagine if he felt it’s likable? it would be an absolute rip off!! lol

            either way, i’m glad PSO is something to consider in case any “clones” convo started

    • Korten

      But Phantasy Star and Monster Hunter are like nothing alike.. As a person who played a shit ton of PSO Ep 1 and 2, Universe, and a bit of PSO2. The only similarities is that they have bosses.

      PSO still follows the same routine, go into a level, fight to the end, fight boss.

      Monster Hunter is about being set in a large area and hunting a boss across it, killing it, gathering from it and crafting all of your gear.

      Sure in PSO there was a bit of crafting but not the same level.

      • Herlo Rerelo

        That exactly applies on all the Monster Slaying games whether compared to MH or PSO

      • Epi

        That doesn’t change the fact that it was created as a result of phantasy star being popular. Really there are times when a game is a clone, where almost all aspects are lifted and tweaked. Usually this is with new genre or popular games. However there comes a point where being first doesn’t mean shit. We have reached a point where hunting is a fully fleshed genre.

  • Max

    How about making something fresh and original rather than trying to live off Monhun’s crumbs?

    • Epi

      Considering that Monster Hunter is a Phantasy Star Clone and the Hunting Genre is an actual genre how about we stop calling everything a clone and just a game.

  • Croix Zapp

    The dude looks the the samurai teacher from Persona 3!!

  • Anthony Birken

    Love most of these games, and as for god eater 2, as long as it comes over here this English can shut up and take my money~

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