Dengeki Readers On Why They Didn’t Buy Bravely Default

By Sato . October 18, 2013 . 5:16pm

Last week, Bravely Default celebrated its first year anniversary with some delicious cake and a special NicoNico Live stream featuring series producer Tomoya Asano, who talked about Bravely Default: For the Sequel. As a follow-up feature, Dengeki shows results of a survey they conducted, and some extra tidbits from the live stream.


Here are some charts from Dengeki’s questionnaire, for people who’ve played Bravely Default and those who have yet to try it out.


The first question is for those who’ve played the game: “How far did you get in Bravely Default: Flying Fairy?”

  • Beat the secret boss—36%
  • Beat the true final chapter—29%
  • Beat the final chapter—12%
  • Beat the fourth chapter—13%
  • Didn’t get to the fourth chapter—10%


Next question: “What are your reasons for not having played Bravely Default: Flying Fairy?”

  • There were other games I was playing or wanted to play—25.1%
  • I didn’t have a 3DS—24.7%
  • I didn’t have time—11.0%
  • I didn’t have enough money—6.8%
  • I waited too long to buy it—5.5%
  • The demo version didn’t appeal to me—5.0%
  • I was waiting for the “complete” edition—4.1%
  • I read other players’ reviews—2.7%
  • Because it was on 3DS—2.3%
  • I was waiting for a price drop—1.8%


Finally, “Will you be purchasing Bravely Default: For the Sequel”? With answers from players who’ve played the original version on the left, and those who’ve yet to play it on the right.


Starting with those who’ve already played Bravely Default:

  • Already pre-ordered—20%
  • Will most likely buy—67%
  • Unsure—12%
  • Will likely not buy—1%


Then, those who’ve yet to play Bravely Default:

  • Already pre-ordered—20%
  • Will most likely buy—59%
  • Unsure—12%
  • Will likely not buy—1%


Interesting that nearly 25% of those polled said that they didn’t purchase the original Bravely Default because they didn’t have a Nintendo 3DS at the time. Well, if they don’t own one even now, they probably will own 3DSes by the time For the Sequel is available, thanks to Monster Hunter, Pokémon and a strong slate of other titles. Last we heard, Bravely Default had sold a whopping 300,000 copies—which is fantastic for a new IP—but there’s still plenty of room for the franchise to grow in the future.


Something to note, however, is that Dengeki are a publication with a reputation for catering to more enthusiast gamers, so naturally, the numbers above aren’t necessarily representative of what the audience at large thinks.

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  • frogfro

    Wait, does it say 1th Anniversary on that cake?

    That aside it’s very interesting to see all the various reasons on why people didn’t buy it. I’m sure this kind of data gets compiled a lot by companies, but it’s something we really don’t get to see that often.

    • AuraGuyChris

      You haven’t heard of the Firsth place?

    • Audie Bakerson

      Because going from “st” to “nd” to “rd” then having all higher places end in “th” is one of the MANY inexplicable parts of the English language with no real logic behind it. That kind of thing tends to not be the easiest thing for non-natives to pick up.

      • Aoshi00

        But then EVA got first, second, third right, they just got the “children” part wrong :) Bravely Default for the Sequel doesn’t sound that normal either.. people are used to Engrish, but still looks a bit bad on the cake lol..

        I imported the game but haven’t had time to play it either, same for Fantasy Life, and now both have updated version..

        • ninjapresident

          There’s an Eva game called 3nd Impact. So, yeah.

          • Aoshi00

            yeah, because it was supposed to be a pun to “sound” impact.. but in Eng ver it was changed to child instead of “third children”.

      • JohnThackr

        It’s because for ordinals the English uses a mix of Old English and Latin (through French) roots.

        While that sounds inexplicable, it’s actually not that different from how a lot of counting is in Japanese, with a mix of native Japanese and Chinese-derived numbers. Consider counting people: hito-ri, huta-ri, san-nin, yon-nin, go-nin. For people, one and two use native Japanese numbers, but the higher numbers are Chinese-dervied. Counting other things gets different in whether Japanese numbers, Chinese derived numbers, or a weird mix of both are used. One of the oddest is the days of the month: a special one for the first (tsuitachi), followed by Japanese derived numbers for the 2nd through 10th (hutsuka, mikka, yokka), then Chinese derived numbers for the 11th through 19th (with the 14th a mix of Chinese and Japanese, since 4 in Chinese-derived numbers sounds like “death” and is avoided), a Japanese number for the 20th again (hatsuka), then Chinese derived numbers again.

        So it’s explicable, and there’s as much logic behind it as there is in Japanese. It has to do with, like Japanese, extensive borrowing from other languages. Still not an easy thing to pick up, certainly.

        • Audie Bakerson

          Ughh… Don’t remind me.

          I really hope all those video games are worth it…

      • Daniel blue

        The figures use the last two letters, every time. Everybody knows the word “first” because it’s more often than not the first ordinal number we learn. There’s no reason to write it as 1th when the word clearly ends in “st”.

        I’m not trying to make fun of whoever made that mistake, but blaming it on the language itself is a bit unfair. If you think the ordinal numbers in English are inconsistent, wait until you see how they work in Portuguese – it’s maddening.

      • sakiu

        You think that’s complicated? :D
        Try Polish… 1st – pierwszy, with first – z pierwszym, that first – to pierwsze, 1st of the month – pierwszego… and on and on with the forms! even for us its pain in the butt… I think the most difficult for foreigners is number 12 as it has around 18 different forms :)

        As for the cake, it made me smile so its ok!

  • I was about to just come in and say awesome art before reading the headline

  • BlueTree

    Here’s one to consider:

    “For some reason you didn’t want my money by not releasing it in my country.”

    • niko

      It’s a survey of japanese buyers.

    • Out of curiosity, are you referring to Australia or some place?

      • BlueTree

        I’m referring to “It’s a joke.”

      • BlueTree

        So while this is gonna be “artifact/text” zone, I bought a 3DS solely for Bravely Default. I’ve been ecstatic that it has been popular enough for a revision, but I think I’ve endured enough “It’s not coming here” emotions from then to now, that I can have ONE joke at the expense of a “Japanese only” survey that reeks of irony considering I bought a 3DS for what would become a temporarily “Japanese only” game.

        • I’m not sure how well that works/applies, but alrighty~.

  • Tom_Phoenix

    Asano: “Happy Birthday, Bravely Default! Make a wish!”
    BDFF: “I wish Square Enix would hire proofreaders.”

  • Those are fascinating (and promising!) results. I certainly do hope it makes a lot more sales~.

  • Saraneth

    I think there are spoilers here. Spoilers that I don’t really mind, but that shouldn’t be posted for those who don’t want to know yet.

    • I think enough is teased without anything being revealed story-wise. It’s usually remarks about the (blank) that are spoilery; but if I say what that blank is, the spoiler becomes incredibly obvious. ^u^;

  • Rune_Fencer

    The reason I haven’t played it is because SE doesn’t release it in PS VITA. Im not going to buy a 3DS just for one game from SE that I want to play. Games like this should be multiform, specially if you have a big fan base.

    • idrawrobots

      You could also get a 3DS for Final Fantasy 4 Warriors of Light too, if you somehow didn’t get a DS. And SMT IV, Fire Emblem, Style Savvy for 3DS. OR DARE I MENTION SENRAN KARGURA BURST!

      • Leon_Tekashi

        ^Thank you! This guy is one of those people who knows how awesome SKB is! But yeah, the 3DS has an awesome library now, compare to how it first started.

    • surakian

      There are a bunch of really fantastic 3DS games, so if you bought a 3DS you should look into the growing catalogue for it rather than feeling upset about buying it for one game.

      It also plays DS games and there is a whole generation of absolutely fantastic SE DS titles among games from other developers.

    • OlimacFTW

      I wonder if you think the same when you see a Vita only exclusive too….

      • RickyMack

        I don’t understand why s/he’s getting downvotes. It’s perfectly legitimate to not buy a console if there is only one single game that you want to play. If someone owned a 3DS, they wanted to play gravity rush, and gravity rush was developed by a third party studio rather than a sony developer, I think they would be justified by saying: no i won’t buy a vita so i can play ONE game.

    • That sounds awfully close to port begging, and there is that rule about that. Be careful with comments like these.

    • Nana

      No, they should be exclusives. This is why nobody owns the Vita – it lacks these exclusives, and right now, there’s just no reason to get one, as opposed to the 3DS.

      Exclusives are good for consoles, and should remain. The solution here is to ask for more Vita exclusives.

    • CirnoLakes

      I totally understand your platform preference.

      Unfortunately, much of the games aren’t going to reach the PS Vita. As the platform is far, far less popular than the 3DS.

  • James Enk

    i have a feeling i will be going for 100% when i get this

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    Well, i guess i am part of those already pre-ordered outside of Japan lol.^_^

  • Bacon_n_Lettuce

    Was I the only one that read that as “oneth” anniversary?

    • Scott

      I read it as Firth.

  • alixraen

    I didn’t buy it because I’m plain not interested. ._.

    • Slayven19

      But that info is useless because there are always going to be those people and they can’t do anything to change you being interested all the time. They are trying to get to those who somewhat cared enough to want the game.

  • Abysswalker90

    Wait…This game has been out? For a year??

    I thought it was still in progress, seeing as every week there’s a new article or two about this game.

    • The articles being posted now are for an updated version of Bravely Default. A “1.5,” if you will.

      • Abysswalker90

        Ah. Well, okay.

    • Prinnydoom

      Original has been out for a while, the newer version is called for the sequel. Both japan and europe will be getting it.

      • fireguardiancoty

        You forgot NA. We’re getting it as well.

        • Prinnydoom

          Left it out intentionally cause NA won’t be getting it till next year.

  • Daniel blue


  • Dominic Hunter

    Mmm… This looks hopeful, but you know how these surveys go.

    It’s a lot easier to fill/click the “I will buy this” bubble than it is to pull that cash out of your wallet in the store…

    • Slayven19

      Too true which is why a lot of localization companies get mad after fans make polls and ask for a game only for them not to buy.

      • JustThisOne

        This might seem like an iffy suggestion, but that Ghostlight preorder thing seems like the most proactive solution. Basically, what they did was say that they wanted to bring DeSu2 to Europe, but they could not if there wasn’t enough demand. So they said if they reach a certain amount of pre-orders for the game, they’ll localize it. (If you were curious, the story ends well.)

        It’s better than crowdfunding a la kickstarter, in my opinion, as it doesn’t rely too much on fundraising.

        And it’s certainly more accurate than using a survey.

  • malek86

    Somehow these surveys never seem particularly realistic, probably because they are dona to hardcore audiences. If we followed some of these surveys, they would make it look like a lot of japanese owners wanted to buy a 360.

  • Ouch My Head Said Dionysus

    Good job screwing up your cake.

    • ??

      • Neophoton

        Look at the words for “1th anniversary” :P

    • Slayven19


  • I already pre-ordered it months ago.

  • kool_cid414

    Just wanted to say that what you had for the second set of numbers were incorrectly stated as what is listed doesn’t amount to 100% just change the unsure amount to 19% and preorder to 21%

  • Hraesvelgr

    The “because it’s on 3DS” option makes no sense to me. If you’re interested in the game, why wouldn’t you buy a 3DS and pick it up? It’s not like the 3DS is lacking in quality games.

    • Prinnydoom

      Especially now its swimming in great titles.

    • Pablo Sanchez

      buy a console just for one game ? , not thaks

    • JustThisOne

      It’s really a subsection of people that put “Don’t have a 3DS”. Perhaps they were really polling to see whether or not they should consider porting it to other consoles.

      • Skeptika Crediblus


  • Eder García

    so, Sony consoles preferences still alive in Japan?

    • Considering sales figures, that hasn’t been the case in ages. Plus, 2.3% of the readers of a hardcore gaming magazine is kind of not representative of the actual audience.

    • J_Joestar

      mainly for hardcore otaku types more than anything.

  • That cake looks tasty…

  • Skeptika Crediblus

    So they could have sold 23.7 percent more if they’d offered it on Vita, eh?

  • Enzo

    Can’t wait for this! Heard this was a spiritual sequel to 4 Warriors and I wasn’t much of a fan of it (Dangit limited Item Slots!) but I’m liking the whole feel of this game. Will pick it up Day One Release. Also, “1th” :)

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