GTA5 And Kingdom Hearts Were Among September’s Best-Sellers In The U.S.

By Ishaan . October 18, 2013 . 1:46am

September was a big month for new software in the U.S., the NPD Group report. Among the best-selling games of the month was Grand Theft Auto V, which contributed generously to dollar sales for the month, accounting for over 50% of dollar sales.


“New software launches from the month of September combined to represent 63% of unit sales for the month,” the NPD Group say. “This was a big jump from what new software launches experienced last September, and caused average prices to rise by 18% for software as a greater percentage of sales stemmed from full-priced items.”


The top-ten best-selling games in September in the U.S. were as follows:


Rank Title System Publisher
01. Grand Theft Auto V 360, PS3 Take 2
02. Madden NFL 25 360, PS3 Electronic Arts
03. NBA 2K14 360, PS3, PC Take 2
04. Diablo III
360, PS3, PC Activision Blizzard
05. FIFA 14 360, PS3, PSV Electronic Arts
06. Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix PS3 Square Enix
07. Disney Infinity 360, Wii, PS3, Wii U, 3DS Disney Interactive
08. NHL 14 360, PS3 Electronic Arts
09. Minecraft 360 Microsoft
10. Saints Row 4 360, PS3, PC Deep Silver

Reporting period: September 1st – October 5th, 2013.


On the hardware front, the PlayStation 3 outsold the Xbox 360 for the first time in 32 months, due to an exclusive Grand Theft Auto V PS3 bundle. However, both platforms were beaten by the Nintendo 3DS, which was the best-selling platform for the fifth month in a row. Unfortunately, Nintendo declined to provide 3DS unit sales for September.

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  • TrueDefault

    GTA5, apparently everyone and their dogs have a copy.

    • fairysun

      Everyone and their cars.

    • InReChee

      Nope don’t have a copy. I always thought GTA was kinda stupid.

      • Jordan Coleman

        why do people always respond like this to exaggerated comments like this whose whole point is not that literally everyone, just a huge amount.

        • InReChee

          I kno that. I was just saying i was one of the few. Why do you have to be so jumpy, it seems like you’re looking for fights

          • subsamuel01

            I didn’t like some of the past GTA games, but GTA 5 is probably one of the best video games of all time. Never seen so much innovation in a game before.

          • Vesperion

            A negative comment on any game for that matter is a great way to start a fight

          • InReChee

            I stated it as an opinion of how i felt about the GTA games. Never said anything bad about them just stated what i thought.

          • The point people are making is that an “opinion” is worthless unless you provide some sort of reasoning. Anyone can say they hate something. It’s the easiest thing in the world.

          • InReChee

            If started spouting out reason i don’t like it, everything would evolve into a fight.

          • Tiduas

            So you think it’s better to only say that you think it’s stupid? Spouting out reasons along with the negative comments is at least far more contributing to the whole core of a community – since it makes room for discussion!

      • Ronldbx6

        I don’t have to have the game right now, especially since I plan on spending my money on Beyond: Two Souls and Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD Remix. I’ll wait for GTA 5 to drop because it’s not a “must have” for me.

        • InReChee

          Dude Beyond is something u might want to look it to more. IMO i wasted money

          • Ronldbx6

            A couple of months ago when I first saw the game trailer I though it was going to be like an action psychic shooter or something, only recently I realized that it’s like a cinematic button time sequencing game. I’m okay with that. I really enjoyed watching Heavy Rain, which is also made by the same company Quantic Dream and they make some pretty damn good games! I haven’t been on my ps3 in a while and want to try something new to bring me back. I’m still excited to get this game!

          • InReChee

            I’d have prefered a movie. Most of the time u don’t have to hit buttons ether and it will play out on its own even the fight scenes

  • Tonton Ramos

    Activision just called out Rockstar as they throw the gauntlet warning them too not get comfortable with all their records broken.

    Kevin Flynn said “Congratulations to the team at Rockstar for their success,” he said, before adding, “We look forward to getting the record back before the next GTA title.

    “We know that our unaided awareness for Ghosts is leading the way against other unreleased triple-A titles. Our digital content has proven extremely popular and Black Ops II has sold more than 3m units in the UK.”

    Do you reckon Ghosts has what it takes to snatch the records back?

    • Jah-keem York

      Nope, their best selling title reached the $1 billion in 15 days. The thing is Rockstar takes their times with their games. People craved for a new Grand Theft Auto for the longest time. Meanwhile Rockstar let other titles like Red Dead Redemption ect. Where Call of Duty is a continuing yearly series the only time I believe the series hype hit the top was when Modern Warfare 2 was coming out since Modern Warfare was often credited as the best Call of Duty. Black Ops II also had record hitting sales for almost the same reason, as Black Ops was a very good game for CoD standards.

      But that’ll never top the amount of greedy mouths waiting for an entire generation for another Grand Theft Auto game.

    • Somber

      I think GTA V is better than Ghosts (in story)

    • hazelnut1112

      From what I see, CoD is losing its popularity. I know a bunch of people that would get the yearly CoD games just stopped caring for the game completely.

  • Arizato

    Rockstar deserves that spot. GTA V is a really incredible game, a big improvement over the fourth one (And I loved that one to bits). I just hope it gets announced for the PC soon so I can buy it again for all the awesome mods.

    • Ferrick

      well it depends on perspective, some parts are improved, but the others got worst, then again it’s not like anyone plays gta solely for the the sections that became terrible

      • FitzpatrickPhillips

        What got worse?

        • Ferrick

          story and characters: It’s nothing more than stereotype galore

          music & radio: i think real life radio has better music playlist than the ones in this, and the comedy in radios is bland

          online: personally, i think gta 4 had better online, atleast gta4’s online it doesn’t wipe your character after every log out

          but like i said, not like everyone plays gta solely for these, well except for online mode

          and one of my personal gripe is that the cheats system is a huge downgrade from the past gta games, and i don’t mean the button input system, just that it’s not as crazy as the ones that appeared in old games, hell in old games they even had cheats that could make all pedestrians armed, or make them crazy drivers, or hell, even transform them into elvis presley, and does this game have any crazy cheats like that ? nope, it doesn’t.

          • Arizato

            I think Trevor is one of the most unique main characters to come out of a game in years. Everything about him speaks to me. He may not be a hero, but I love me some psychotic characters. Let’s not forget that Kingdom Heart’s characters are incredibly stereotype too (And I love Kingdom Hearts). Stereotype as in being all about love and friendship which the most basic characters are.

            Both yes and no to radio. There are less tracks that are catchy and good to me. But the tracks that are good are incredibly catchy. Like The Chain Gang Of 1974’s “Sleepwalking” featured in the launch trailer.

            While GTA V had a rocky start in online most of the main issues are resolved by now. While I do miss the free mode from GTA IV I have to admit that GTA V has alot of potential online when Heists come to the game and whatnot.

            Don’t forget that most of the cheats you listed also ruined the save file. I think that’s one of the main reasons they haven’t included crazy cheats like that since San Andreas. GTA IV and V are also supposed to be more serious and realistic than previous games. Hell, there are even different universes now. 2D, 3D and HD universe.

            If you want crazy, then I suggest Saints Row 3 or 4.

          • Aoshi00

            Trevor really grew on me too, I was scared of him at first from his crazy introduction.. Michael, Franklin, & Trevor all grew on me, they all make me laugh.. I haven’t played online at all, but about half way thru the campaign, the pacing is so good and streamlined, so many things to do.. the world is just so huge and lively I don’t mind driving around Los Santos all the time.. This is up there fro me like Red Dead or Sleeping Dogs. I agree, GTA5 seems more realistic and Saints Row 3/4 are more over the top..

            GTA5 would keep me busy for a while.. don’t have time to play for KH 1.5HD yet.. would need to play that & 2.5 to refresh my memory later (just that new games come first, windwaker HD is still sealed).. Beyond Two Souls, Saint Seiya Brave Soldiers, Arkham Origins, Lightning Returns, Drakengard 3, too many games coming up…

  • Aristides

    Wow the PS3 outsold 360 and 3DS outsold everyone despite GTAV? wow the game industry is heading in the right direction =D

    • kthanxyousuck

      It’s not surprising. No one really bought a PS3 to play GTAV, they probably already had it and it’s starting to fade to black for the next gen. While the 3DS only 2 1/2 years old is finally getting the late comers who are finally transitioning from the DS and new handheld gamers. I just got my 3DS XL last week and love it while it’s been a slow year for my PS3.

  • Kelohmello

    Minecraft still printing money I see.

    • Shady Shariest

      Ja, det är så, it seems.

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    Great job for Kingdom Hearts there and here, i thought the popularity of the series have been keep decreasing. It seems, everyone still love KH.^_^

    And also very surprising to see 3DS still beating the double consoles there especially when they are supported by the newest GTA game while 3DS had almost zero large game released.

    • LightZero

      That to expected. The 3DS is basically the new but portable PS2 IMO.

      • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

        Indeed. This makes my heart happy actually as it actually shows that dedicated handheld still have their place in this industry.^_^

    • Bobby Jennings

      Everyone was preparing for Pokemon :D

  • Xaltmas

    Grand Theft Auto V deserves all the success it has gotten.

  • Nice Boat Quatro

    Wait, so Kingdom Hearts is selling more in the west than in the east?

    • kthanxyousuck

      Kingdom Hearts always sold more in the US than in Japan. The first game on PS2 sold nearly twice what it did in Japan. I’d assume because of the disney influence.

    • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

      Not surprising there. After all, Kingdom Hearts enjoy the kind of popularity like Zelda series here. Where the titles is more popular outside of it’s homeland.^_^

  • hazelnut1112

    God, looking at those sports games is just pretty sad.

  • Ninjagoon

    wow somebody dislikes GTAV. So far every comment that said anything positive about the game has more dislikes than likes. If they sold 1$ billion in 3 days they did something right. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to play it since i’m not much of GTA fan, but so far the game looks fun, the soundtrack is pretty good (with a few tracks i didnt care for) from what i’ve heard. Anyway theres no need to hate on the game. It’s a well made game that just happened to be (really) popular.
    Now back on topic:

    I cant wait to pick up my copy of KH 1.5. I’ve been wanting to play this game since 07 when my ps2 broke :(

  • Bobby Jennings

    GTA deserves it. It’s a huge game. So much things to do, Online play has been pretty good ever since they fixed everything. I look forward to the heists with my friends

  • Ric Vazquez

    Kingdom Hearts ftw

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