Glance At The Monsters You Can Create In Dragon Quest Monsters 2

By Spencer . October 22, 2013 . 10:29am

Dragon Quest Monsters 2: Iru and Luca’s Marvelous Mysterious Key comes preloaded with the usual Dragon Quest monsters like slimes, chimeras, and drackeys. But, what if you want to make a Witch Slime? You can in the Nintendo 3DS remake.


dqmj2-01 dqmj2-02


Players can create original monsters by mixing and matching different parts like a head, body, arms, and back. If you want to further customize your monster you can color each of the different parts. Square Enix also has recommended patterns for players that want a unique monster, but don’t want to spend too long making one. Here’s a look at some of the original creations in the game.


dqmj2-06 dqmj2-09 dqmj2-08 dqmj2-07


Dragon Quest Monsters 2: Iru and Luca’s Marvelous Mysterious Key is in development for Nintendo 3DS.


dqmj2-03 dqmj2-05 dqmj2-04 dqmj2-16 dqmj2-22 dqmj2-21 dqmj2-20 dqmj2-19 dqmj2-18 dqmj2-17 dqmj2-14 dqmj2-12 dqmj2-10 dqmj2-11 dqmj2-13 dqmj2-15

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  • Sergio Briceño

    I might have spotted what looked like a Dra family Digimon there.

    • CptPokerface

      I seriously thought it was guilmon or growlmon for a good minute.

  • Space_Ghost

    Can we get any of these DQ games in the West?! I’m still wanting Terry’s Wonderland, DQ VII, and DQ X!

    • Tiael

      You and me both.
      But no, we won’t unless Nintendo picks them up for localizing/publishing.
      Maybe after BDFF…

      Terry’s Wonderland at this rate, I doubt we’ll see it with how long it has been, and I doubt we’ll see this unfortunately.
      DQVII, some chance, DQX, we’ll see.

      • Space_Ghost

        I know. TW and DQ X are long shots, but I can’t understand why they won’t release DQ VII. It’s a traditional and main DQ game, and the 3DS is the hottest gaming system on the market. Just do an eShop release if anything. Or better yet do pre order only. I understand localization isn’t always easy, especially for RPGs with plenty of text, but I think it’d sell rather well with the right marketing.

        • Kandou Erik

          Its because they are out of touch cowards who don’t want to put in the effort, unless a game can earn AAA Title level money. There is a value is making a more modest profit, and keeping the company and their other software in foreigner’s minds: but, again, they are cowards. Nintendo really needs to step up. I don’t care if it’s delayed several years — I want these games released in the US. There’s nothing that says these games can’t come out anytime in the future; they just need the will to want to share it with the rest of the world.

          • Nintendo’s localization process is in-depth and understaffed, so I think they pick their projects fairly carefully, especially considering that these aren’t even Nintendo games we’re talking about. As much as we’d like to see them hire more people and do more projects, including potentially less-profitable ones, they are a big business, and they focus on the things that will make the most money.

            Nintendo has taken a lot of risks with Dragon Quest over the years. Some have been bad, others have made some money, but none have been wildly successful or anything.

            Guess you could say they’re greedy, if you want, and I’d agree with that, but most business are in it for the money and by definition sort of greedy.

          • Space_Ghost

            I agree, and Nintendo could localize the games if they really wanted, but it all goes back to Square Enix. As much as I love them from what they have done in the past, they have certainly left Western gamers waiting recently. It’s not just DQ games. Final Fantasy titles aren’t brought over either. Where’s Type-0? I’m really thankful Nintendo is helping out on Bravely Default. Nintendo can’t localize every game SE doesn’t. It’s up to SE to see that us Western JRPG fans want these games, and that we will pay for them.

          • I just don’t think the profit margin is there. I don’t think they really care what we want. They’re trying to use Tomb Raider and whatever else. I don’t know what it was exactly that caused them to bleed money, but even Sleeping Dogs, which was a good game and received well (I didn’t play it) did not sell particularly well.

            I dno. It’s just always about money money money. That’s business and capitalism. It’s a trait of society now. Xseed and others have shown you can run a good business with JRPGs, but I don’t think you can run a behemoth like Square-Enix that way. So, it begs the question, why not ask Xseed or someone to localize Type-0 and DQ? Who even knows. It just gets too complicated.

            I guess I think about these complicated reasons to make myself feel better, but of course in the end, I just really want these games.

          • Space_Ghost

            Oh, no doubt. That’s business 101. Thinking that way won’t get you many friends though (*cough* EA). Their sales expectations were way too high for those “AAA” games. Honestly, creating those types of games is where SE went wrong in my opinion. If they would just stick with RPG’s they’d be ok. I’m not saying those games are bad at all, but that SE’s sales expectations were ridiculous. It’s like they thought Tomb Raider would be Uncharted and Sleeping Dogs would be GTA in terms of sales. Boy were they wrong.

            Remember when Sqauresoft was the JRPG king? Pepperidge Farm remembers. They need to go back to pumping out quality RPG’s like the days of FF, DQ, Chrono Trigger, Mana, ect… Leave the “AAA” big budget action games to the others.

            Edit: And honestly, a FFVII remake for PS4 would go a long way in winning back some loyal fans. I might make too much sense for SE though ;). I’m not one of those people begging and crying for it, I just think it’d be a good idea.

          • Yeah, I agree with you on all of the above. I agree it’s where they went wrong. I’d be fine with them doing both, making the AAA games (that don’t sell enough to justify their existence) and doing the Japanese stuff. But maybe their failed AAA games are part of what cost us our Japanese games. :(

            I mean sheesh, they still have Kingdom Hearts, and that sells. I wonder what it would be like if they cultivated a loyal customer base like Atlus, NISA, Xseed and others have. Maybe they just wouldn’t be satisfied. Maybe they’ve just gotten too big.

            I do remember the good old days, although I am still bitter about then, too! We missed out on soooooo many awesome SNES-era games. :(

  • ElAbuelo69

    More like “Glance at what Americans won’t be able to do” :(

  • That slime reminds me of DBZ’s Baba. Well duh! Still waiting on seeing what Pokemon are recreated.

  • Doctor Nebula


  • SuperSailorV

    I want a Watabou.

  • Kandou Erik

    Seriously want this in the US. Plus all the other missed Dragon Quest games. GET ON IT, SQAURE-ENIX!

    • Sq-En doesn’t care anymore. They are a Tetsuya Nomura Kingdom Hearts machine making sequels to FF games we don’t want and reaching their arm into the west to make “western” games we also don’t want.

    • I still want all the Dragon Quest Heroes Rocket Slime games we missed. I loved that one.

  • JNT

    Too bad, Japan onry!

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