Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster Screens Show Shiny Bahamut, Gun Mage Rikku

By Spencer . October 27, 2013 . 10:48pm


More screenshots Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster from Square Enix show Yuna’s summons in HD and a few of the jobs from Final Fantasy X-2. Ixion is the lightning elemental aeon in the game and Anima is a secret summon that is actually more powerful than Bahamut.


The Final Fantasy X-2 HD screenshots show three jobs. Paine is shown as a trainer who has a bird that can deal damage and inflict status effects in one turn or heal a party member and buff them with shell or protect. Yuna is an Alchemist which can "use" items like potions and elixirs without consuming them from your inventory. Rikku is a Gun Mage, essentially Final Fantasy X-2’s take on the ability absorbing Blue Mage plus attacks that deal 4x damage to specific monster types. You can learn skills like useful Final Fantasy staples Mighty Guard, Bad Breath, White Wind, 1000 Needles, and Supernova.


Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster comes out in Japan on December 26 for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita.


Final Fantasy X

ffxhd-screen-12 ffxhd-screen-14 ffxhd-screen-13 ffxhd-screen-11 ffxhd-screen-10 ffxhd-screen-09 ffxhd-screen-08 ffxhd-screen-07 ffxhd-screen-06 ffxhd-screen-05 ffxhd-screen-04 ffxhd-screen-03 ffxhd-screen-02


Final Fantasy X-2

ffxhd-screen-19 ffxhd-screen-15 ffxhd-screen-16 ffxhd-screen-18 ffxhd-screen-17 ffxhd-screen-25 ffxhd-screen-24 ffxhd-screen-23 ffxhd-screen-22 ffxhd-screen-21 ffxhd-screen-20

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  • Suriel Cruz

    I think we’re getting this early 2014, but that pisses me off, because with the many RPGs coming out one after another, I won’t even get to play this and enjoy it as much as I want it to… anyways, it looks Awesome! A True HD- Remaster! Now give me ‘Xenogears’ HD, SquareEnix!

    • InReChee

      Would they be able to do that, considering the Xeno name belongs to MonolithSoft now?

      • Suriel Cruz

        That would be something they need to DEAL with, but 75% of the road is already theirs. The game is published and developed by Square Enix, so…

        • InReChee

          If they would need permission, I can’t see Mono saying no. They are Ex-Square members after all

      • Anime10121

        Yeah they would, as Xenogears is completely and solely Square Enix’s intellectual property. They can do whatever they want with it. It may have been developed by the people who now compose the Monolith Soft team, but Xenogears is still Square Enix property. Much like Xenosaga is Namco Bandai’s.

        But the thing is… they wont, as Xenogears poses the same problem that other PSOne titles have. They would need to be completely remade, as you cant really HDify a PSone title and expect it to look like anything more than clearer crap. Now I’m not saying that the games look like crap, but times have moved on, graphics have gotten better, and those games just wouldnt hold up well with an HD “filter” and nothing else thrown on top of them.

        • $36598391

          Xenogears would look awesome with Final Fantasy X level detail as long as they keep the anime cutscenes from the PS1 version of the game

          Also Square would have to make it for both PS3 and VITA

          I would buy it day one if S-E did this

          • Anime10121

            Oh how I wish that would happen (Xenogears is one of, if not my favorite game period and definitely my favorite JRPG), and I hate how it never got to really tell its epic story over the supposed 6 games it was meant to encompass….

            But it wont happen for a few reasons.

            1. Xenogears was never successful enough to Square to even turn into the full series it was meant to become.

            2. All of the core members of the team that developed the title are gone from Square and most are at Monolith now.

            3. Xenogears is a HUGE game (with a world/narrative larger than pretty much ANY other SE title to date), so much so, that entire gameplay segments were left out of the originals second disc because of budget concerns.

            4. They havent remade FFVII. If they wont remake a guaranteed cash cow, there’s no way in hell we’re getting a remake of a title that sold MAYBE 10% what VII did.

            I know sobbing and sad faces all around :(

          • $36598391

            They should just sell the IP to Monolith then because they would surely do something with it

            Even if S-E did remake it, it would end up being a Japan exclusive like the Saga 2 and 3 NDS remakes

          • Anime10121

            If only things were that simple :(

            We’d have had Megaman Legends 3, XenoSaga episodes 4-6, and countless other titles if companies werent sitting on i.p. they never plan to release stuff for and sold them back to their creators (especially since most times they dont see value in the ip ANYWAY, which is why they stop releasing titles in said series).

            But on the second part, I doubt it’d be Japan Excllusive if it was remade. They’d have to put far too much money into it for it to be exclusive to Japan. And considering the title is EXTREMELY critically acclaimed in the west, they’d be fools to keep it only in Japan.

            SE pretty much find ways to release just about everything in their repertoires now adays with the only hold outs being the Saga series and the Dragon Quest series, neither of which has really set the western charts on fire. Though the lack of DQ is a bit suspect though, because I’m sure it at the least sells better than most Tales of games and many of the Shin Megami Tensei series….

          • $36598391

            Another problem is companies comparing sales of an rpg series like Final Fantasy to one like Call of Duty
            the biggest problem there is Call of Duty is something that children can easily jump into, a game series where you can mindlessly shoot people is easier for younger children then an RPG like Final Fantasy where you have to know what you are doing and can’t play it by mashing the X or A button depending on what system the game is on

            It doesn’t help matters when they change the gameplay dramatticaly like Resident Evil 6 and then wonder why it didn’t sell well
            RE6 dropped to $20 in less then a year of being released

            Look at how Capcom is treating the Megaman and Breath of Fire series’
            We finally get Breath of Fire VI and it’s a freaking social game

            If Capcom and Square Enix would listen to what fans want for a change then there would be a Xenogears remake, a true BoF VI, Resident Evil 2 and 3 Remakes in the style of REmake and Zero

            I don’t know why Capcom refuses to do HD remasters of REmake and Zero, they themselves said that Nintendo doesn’t own the two, RE4 was on Gamecube first, then PS2 then PC then Wii and now it’s on PS3/360 with greatly improved detail to the point you can see the label on ammo boxes

            I could get started on Suikoden and Konami but this wall of text would be even bigger so I’m not going to right now

          • Suriel Cruz

            Tbh, in my case it was not until the PSN release that I got to play Xenogears and that was two years ago.
            What I’m telling with this?!… that maybe as I wait till PSN release, maybe others did the same too.
            I did knew of the game, but by the time I knew about it, the Playstation 2 was getting its land. Another thing that could’ve affect the sells of Xenogears, maybe the simplistic character design of the protagonist, I know he is a badass, but you need to play A LOT to realize that, so maybe something more approach to the epic of Cloud’s design or Sephiroth’s(antagonist), may have call some fans.
            Sometimes we discover games(this is by when internet was not so POPULAR! xD) by judging the portrait of the game or character design.
            Is actually some sort of selling strategy.

            edit: Xenogears do have a GREAT artwork, but the character looks even sad, now Cloud sword is SCREAMING for attention!

            This game deserve a WAY BETTER FANBASE a BIGGER ONE, because it is SIMPLY ONE OF THE BEST RPGs OF ALL TIMES! IMO!

          • Anime10121

            If SE took the character designs from Xenogears and made them look more like Nomura designs….blood would be shed (this coming from a Nomura fan). Xenogears is unique in having its own artstyle that’s DIFFERENT from Final Fantasy, and it would need to stay that way to keep its identity.

          • Suriel Cruz

            I did not say to change the art style, because the Xenogears is art style is simply GORGEOUS. I say, to change the design of the main character to something more approach to the Cloud side, something of the world of Xenogears, but close to Cloud’s epicness.

          • Anime10121

            Alls I’m saying is Fei is more epic than Cloud any day of the week already! A big sword does not make an awesome character =/

          • I don’t think Xenogears will ever get to do eps. 1-4, 6 because of Takahashi moving to another company and redoing the story.

            But there is always this:

  [email protected]/sets/72157616593453778/

          • Anime10121

            Yeah more Xenogears is definitely outta the realm of possibility, as SE would have to outsource the work to Monolith, for it to actually live up to its potential, and considering Monolith is now Nintendo property, it means it would likely be Nintendo exclusive. SE aint gonna spend that kind of money and take that kinda risk on a “series” thats over 15 years old at this point…

            AND Oh MAH FUDGING GAAWD!!!! I never knew someon had completely translated that book in such a high quality fashion! If only they were allowed to sell this book in a physical form… since Square obviously wont :(

          • Ric Vazquez

            Yep, time to board the feels train

  • HerosLight

    Did they change Tidus’s face again?

    If so, this is MUCH better than from the earlier screenshots. Looks closer to his PS2 face.

  • Thrasher429

    Ugh gonna have so many games to play by the time this comes out, don’t know how I’ll manage to make time for them all.

  • Yvonne Tsang

    I hope I can Gaikai this thing later. Would love to play it when I get a PS4!

    • InReChee

      Square let u stream their games free? I think we all kno better than that.

      • saxophone15

        What do you mean for free? I thought Gaikai was going to be a paid service.

  • Anime10121

    Damnit Square, if you wont give us a release date yet, at least throw a brother a bone and release a “International content” trailer, giving us a look at Last Mission and the extra content being tossed in from the versions we didnt get in NA (I know EU got the international content from X, but I, being in NA where we didnt, never got to play it).

    • Randy Marsh

      Glad someone is bringing up the international stuff. FFX International had doodly doo for extra content. But I mean come on, I find it odd they haven’t showed off anything from the creature create system from X-2 in any of the screenshots or battle scenes in the trailers.

      I mean I don’t care since I have the PS2 version of X-2 International, but it would be nice for newbies of the system to finally get a look at it and hype them up.

      • Anime10121

        Exactly! I thought about getting X-2 international back in the day, but in the end decided against it, as I cant see myself playing an RPG I dont understand (well Last Mission’s part anyway).

        The only series of RPG’s I’ve EVER imported would be KH series FM’s, and thats generally because they only usually add gameplay elements/bosses, well aside from KH2 and BBS’ secret episode (which was so to the point you could tell what was going on even without understanding it).

        But yeah, I wanna see some new stuff! Come on Square detail DEM SUMMON BOSSES from X! Show me a trailer with creature create, new dress spheres, and Last Mission from X-2! Give me SOMETHING since you OBVIOUSLY dont want to give me a release date :(

  • revenent hell

    Overall it dosent look that much better to me…..and Rikku looks really funky in that one shot, second one down from Bahamut, right hand row

  • Exkaiser

    Shiny Bahamut? Catch that sucker!

    • *Throws Pokeball*

      • Distant_arcana

        It appeared to be caught!

  • samjosiah

    I don’t know if people are giving them enough credit for how good this looks. This is perfect.

  • Lee Bong Bong

    since i already finish both games in ps2., gonna skip this lol

    • Syn

      Trophies (~ >.>)~ ohhhhhhhhhh…….

      • JuhRo

        and overall sexiness….. and portable-ness… <33

    • Hound

      My hope is that they’d include the extras from the international version and cut scene skipping (unless I’m confusing X and Kingdom Hearts.) Final Fantasy X and X-2 were excellent games and the most recent turn-based Final Fantasy series, so I hope that it’ll also change the pallet or spark an interest in a lot of people that are new to RPGs. (Turn based RPGs have been very scarce in the HD era as well.)

      Vita version will be portable, so that’s certainly a plus over the PS2 versions.

  • Arcana Wiz

    Maybe with this i’ll finally end both games :P

    • Skeptika Crediblus

      Get ready for a slog.

      And giant tonberries.

  • JuhRo

    Can’t wait to get my grubby hands on this. This is the first FF I beat, I think.. I started about 5 of them. but this game actually got me into beating all of the other ones before it…(still need to beat 5…)

  • Syn

    Damnit, came here thinking I would see another Bahamut skin(damn you pkemon lol)

  • Enzo

    Yuna’s eyes…. so… lifeless….
    Only thing that bothers me, and the Remastered Besaid theme, but all in all, the game is shaping up nicely.

  • Tidus looks extra blonde.

    • yellowmage


  • yellowmage

    They should’ve shown Rikku as the Alchemist. Y’know, since she’s a (full) Al Bhed, and it has the item mixing thing which is her Overdrive in FFX.

  • vileBrenman

    Man I really want x-2 hd. I borrowed the ps2 version from a friend and in my opinion it was really fun! To be honest i had more fun with the bits of x2 i played than i did with most of x

  • Halez

    Sooo…am I the only one that liked how Tidus looked? At least give him his hair back lol. Regardless, I’m still excited for this game!

  • DS23

    Dat HD Rikku

  • Altumn

    Wow, details I’ve never notice finally revealed! I love seeing all the work they put in, even if no one would see it. Well now we finally can!

  • whatinthewolrd

    Auron looks really good in HD

  • Vash bane

    will this remaster also have the stuff that was cut before(sounds kinda obvious but some times I miss read things and needs another input)?

  • beat

    I hope Tidus walks faster now.

  • Sephiroth Valentine

    Oh great, 25 shiny new screenshots I couldn’t give an invisible fuck about. Please Square Enix. don’t you ever announce a western release date, it’s not like that’s anything we’ve been asking for motherfucking months, go ahead with your mentally retarded silence policy and please give us some more screenshot, and make sure you brag about it.

    Square Enix, get your shit together, for fuck’s sake…

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