And Now For A Look At A New Gundam Video Game

By Spencer . October 29, 2013 . 4:51am

Mobile Suit Gundam Extreme Vs. Full Boost is scheduled to come out for PS3 on January 30. Take a look at some of the Mobile Suits in it like Infinite Justice Gundam, Gerbera Tetra, and Gundam Epyon.



gundamex-screen-20 gundamex-screen-21 gundamex-screen-22 gundamex-screen-28 gundamex-screen-27 gundamex-screen-26 gundamex-screen-25 gundamex-screen-24 gundamex-screen-23


Double 0 Gundam

gundamex-screen-82 gundamex-screen-83 gundamex-screen-84 gundamex-screen-93 gundamex-screen-92 gundamex-screen-91 gundamex-screen-90 gundamex-screen-89 gundamex-screen-88


Infinite Justice Gundam

gundamex-screen-29 gundamex-screen-30 gundamex-screen-31 gundamex-screen-36 gundamex-screen-35 gundamex-screen-34 gundamex-screen-33 gundamex-screen-32


Gerbera Tetra

gundamex-screen-47 gundamex-screen-48 gundamex-screen-49 gundamex-screen-55 gundamex-screen-54 gundamex-screen-53 gundamex-screen-52 gundamex-screen-51 gundamex-screen-50


Gundam Dendrobium Stamen

gundamex-screen-56 gundamex-screen-57 gundamex-screen-58 gundamex-screen-65 gundamex-screen-64 gundamex-screen-63 gundamex-screen-62 gundamex-screen-61 gundamex-screen-60 gundamex-screen-59


Gundam Epyon

gundamex-screen-01 gundamex-screen-02 gundamex-screen-09 gundamex-screen-08 gundamex-screen-07 gundamex-screen-06 gundamex-screen-05 gundamex-screen-04 gundamex-screen-19 gundamex-screen-18 gundamex-screen-17 gundamex-screen-16 gundamex-screen-15 gundamex-screen-14 gundamex-screen-13 gundamex-screen-12 gundamex-screen-11 gundamex-screen-10


Reborns Gundam

gundamex-screen-94 gundamex-screen-95 gundamex-screen-96 gundamex-screen-103 gundamex-screen-102 gundamex-screen-101 gundamex-screen-100 gundamex-screen-99 gundamex-screen-98 gundamex-screen-97



gundamex-screen-66 gundamex-screen-67 gundamex-screen-68 gundamex-screen-73 gundamex-screen-72 gundamex-screen-71 gundamex-screen-70 gundamex-screen-69


Strike Freedom Gundam

gundamex-screen-74 gundamex-screen-75 gundamex-screen-76 gundamex-screen-81 gundamex-screen-80 gundamex-screen-79 gundamex-screen-78 gundamex-screen-77


Wing Gundam Zero

gundamex-screen-37 gundamex-screen-38 gundamex-screen-39 gundamex-screen-46 gundamex-screen-45 gundamex-screen-44 gundamex-screen-43 gundamex-screen-42 gundamex-screen-41 gundamex-screen-40


New Stages

gundamex-screen-104 gundamex-screen-111 gundamex-screen-110 gundamex-screen-109 gundamex-screen-108 gundamex-screen-107 gundamex-screen-106 gundamex-screen-105

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  • 永次


  • neocatzon

    I don’t know Sazabi name is that stylish. Just yesterday, Infinite Justice slashed by a Zaku.

    • Kaihedgie

      That was the original Justice

  • HassanJamal

    Reborns, Wing, Epyon….oh my.
    Give me Deathscythe and you get my money Day 1.

    • s07195

      You mean the original one? Because the EW version was in the normal EX VS already.

  • s07195

    IIRC, 00 Gundam was buffed. I can’t wait to see how it’s gotten stronger!

    • 永次

      00-Raiser was awesome in Next+, in EXVS is crap.

      • s07195


  • fyi1191

    Reborns Gundam! It faces you both front and back.
    I always thought of landing a back attack on that thing.

  • Kaihedgie

    So Extreme Universe is selectable now. Neat.

  • Correction
    Sazaby = Sazabi
    Double 0 Gundam = 00 Raiser or 00 Gundam (without Raiser)

    • sd28


  • Dark Zerato

    Infinite Justice and Strike Freedom have their METEOR now. SF in Extreme VS was pretty broken, and it’s more broken now.

  • Closet_Ninja

    Can’t wait to be Ribbons and destroy all the Celestial Being units

    • Kaihedgie

      All except the one Ribbons actually destroyed in the show: Seravee

  • Gerbera is giving Glenn Close realness. Such a handsome woman!

  • eilegz

    nice hopefully age units and build fighter too

    • Kaihedgie

      AGE-1 and 2 were already confirmed

      • 永次

        Only AGE-1, AGE-1 and AGE-2 are for Maxi BOOST.

        • Kaihedgie

          Don’t be so sure :T

          The PS3 version of Full Boost is suppose to have exclusive playable units. It wouldn’t surprise me that the units already confirmed in Maxi Boost would be those same suits, plus it wouldn’t make much sense to continue withholding new units from a certain version that’s closer to release than the other.

          Also, one of the confirmed units, Legend – like Gundam MK.II – is already in the original game as an NPC.

  • monkey king

    This game already had my money since the impulse announcement and it’s just getting better and better.

  • greeeed

    Since Freedom is here from the start > will they change seed op?
    (Freedom was not in game from start but they add it later as dlc =
    so they show Strike fighting Providence instead in Seed op)

    They add Freedom later as 500 yen dlc > something we have to thanks them for.


    because it give them resources to make Freedom fighting style totally different than Strike Freedom instead of SF copy without DRAGOONs

    • Kaihedgie

      They’re not gonna change it, just like they didn’t change the Zeta opening.

  • Kaihedgie

    Oh wow, I actually didn’t notice 00 got back its Seravee assist, though it’s not in Trans-AM anymore

  • Ferrick

    i wonder if they’ll add full armor unicorn along the line (hopefully it’s the novel version or the ver.KA version)

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