You Can Transform Into A Titan Yourself In Attack on Titan For 3DS

By Sato . October 30, 2013 . 8:00pm

Spike Chunsoft’s upcoming Attack on Titan game for the Nintendo 3DS will have a story mode where it’s been confirmed that Eren, Mikasa and Armin will be playable characters. Famitsu gives us a look at another feature called “World Mode,” where you’ll get to play as your own character, and enhance them as you take on Titans.


While fighting Titans, you’ll be using three-dimensional movements to quickly take them down. Aiming for their weak spot behind their necks will be your target; however, it won’t always be easy to hit the spot, so going for their legs will make it easier.


When you’re playing as the protagonist Eren,  you can transform into a Titan as well, and use powerful punches and kicks to take out enemies. Eren in his Titan mode is more powerful and faster than the other Titans, and you’ll even be able to defeat others with stomp attacks.


Attack on Titan for Nintendo 3DS also features the “World Mode,” where you’ll be able to create your own customizable characters and take on vast number of missions. There are two types of missions: Basic and Investigation. Clearing missions will unlock even more missions.


In World Mode, there are several ways to enhance your character to have a better chance of survival against the Titans during the missions. Prior to starting a mission, you’ll get to select your skills and abilities. You’ll also get to unlock more abilities by meeting certain conditions.


Attack on Titan is slated for release on December 5th for Nintendo 3DS.

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  • DragKudo

    Wow i thought it meant i’d be able to transform in multiplayer mode. Misleading title. Be cool if we could make our own titan, with different abilities and sizes.

    • TheGameTagerZ

      The title isn’t even misleading….you mislead yourself.

      • DragKudo

        . When i say the title i thought it was meaning me the player will be able to transform. Not just Eren. Eren did not come across my mind because it’s common knowledge that Eren can transform. So it was misleading. at least to me and six other people.

  • Azzrem

    a month ago people complained they cant create their own character..anymore complain?

    • Lucas Martinez

      My own character can´t transform into a titan??? o.O

  • Jan Daryll Palanca

    Western release? Chances seems pretty slim even for a hyped up series.(i.e SAO)
    Still, the game isn’t exactly text heavy for anyone to pick up and play this!

  • Pyrotek85

    Any word on localization? I kinda think it has a shot since the manga is being localized and the anime has been licensed for release as well.

    • Yeah, if they’re planning to air the anime on US TV next year I can see this game being released at around the same time if they’re really serious about building up hype for it.


    Hmm… feels like that bit on the front page was a bit of unnecessary spoilers.

    • Heisst

      At this point anything that was shown in the anime isn’t considered a spoiler since everything about it just spread and naturally people assume it’s common knowledge.

      What is spoilers is what wasn’t shown in the anime like the fact that the armored titan is in fact zip zop zoopity bop.

      • Prieto_o101

        Has it been revealed who the armored titan is? Don’t tell me who it is but when did that happen?

        • GH56734

          In the manga, after the Chapter 40 mark, loads of revelations about the Titans and some stuff from the beginning that comes back.
          The anime stopped with Chapter 33… BTW That last chapter was so horribly adapted from the manga…

          However from the foreshadowing in the material spanned by the anime alone, there are quite a few hints dropped. The anime staff might have as well while they’re at it added a filler character called “Subtlety” and have it killed by a Titan, because they made it even more obvious!
          and NO, the STEAM isn’t one of them, that’s the blood from whatever Titan they are facing. *sigh* (Titan Hanji would be a pretty interesting theory)

          And try to avoid reading Nordic mythology as well, because some of it it spoils SnK too.

          • Prieto_o101

            Sounds like I have to read the manga. Anime was a great watch. I had heard that the anime didn’t adapt some parts from the manga faithfully.Now that you piqued my interest I don’t think I can wait for season 2 to be aired so ill check it out thanks!

          • ShadowDivz

            Yeah same. Im trying to wait for another season but… shit im so curious.

          • Prieto_o101

            Lol if GH hadn’t said anything I would have been in the dark till season 2 was aired

          • ShadowDivz

            Dude you seem to know alot(and have a great memory).

            Could you tell me which chapters from the manga weren’t faithfully adapted so i could read and them and get the full story.

            You ‘ve mentioned chapter 33. wqhat else?

          • GH56734

            The anime does a pretty good job at adapting the manga, but it shuffled the order for lots of scenes. Originally it began the Trost arc directly with the …attack and went from there, with flashbacks to the training days. They did like that with some of the other parts.

            Oh, a lot of scenes with gore were toned down. Some (like that “Armin…” speech bubble) were omitted for subtlety, and I suspect the author requested it.

            Filler anime-only episodes were 22 (though it’s canon, expanding on the manga story), First half of 23 (and the ending was slightly altered by author request), All of 24.
            And of course Episode 25, which had a lot of filler bits added (one was to appease the lust of fangirls of a certain someone, despite introducing a glaring contradiction) with all scenes related to a major revelation from the manga being omitted, and reduced to a pathetic, almost comical post-credit one second scene!

            But the most important thing omitted from the anime was Ilse’s Notebook (after Chapter 18 i think), a chapter or so from the manga that hints at a Titan’s true identity, no less. I heard it is being adapted to OAV for the DVD release.

          • ShadowDivz

            So which chapters should i read?

            And where should i start from?

          • GH56734

            Ilse’s notebook + chapter 32/33 onwards.
            You could read from the beginning if you want to see the gore, if you’re a purist.

          • ShadowDivz

            Nah, i just want to know where i should start reading from.
            And which chapters to see that the anime screwed up.

    • SetzerGabbiani

      How? This has been common knowledge in the anime for a few months.

      • SBKJAZZ

        Well, I personally don’t mind, but people still get mad if things are spoiled for them, even if they’re late to the party. Makes one wonder what the generally acceptable time limit should be. 3 Months? 6? A year? More?

        • Pyrotek85

          Personally I think a few months is fine. I know that if I don’t want to watch or play something right away, I’m going to risk having something spoiled if I read articles about it. People are going to discuss things, that’s why we’re all here.

      • FitzpatrickPhillips

        Who cares? So you think its okay to spoil something just cause its been revealed?

    • GH56734

      Chunsoft would be the ones doing the trolling and spoiling. Said feature is huge enough not to ignore it from press coverage.
      Plus said plot twist happens fairly early in the anime, and the second opening doesn’t even try to hide it (alongside that other mystery around which that arc revolves which)

  • SetzerGabbiani

    Ha! You can create your own FODDER character. Excellent!

    Unrelated — I love the Tomino-ness of this series.

  • FitzpatrickPhillips

    Dem spoilers in the article. C’mon, Siliconera.

    • s07195

      It’s a kind of screwed-either-way situation. They’re going to report the news, but whether or not the spoiler is in the title, people are going to complain about spoilers in the article itself.

      • FitzpatrickPhillips

        People can complain about spoilers in the article but that would just be pointless whining as you shouldn’t have clicked the article – for example, I didn’t click into Ace Attorney 5 articles. But putting it in the title is just bad practice and horrible to the people you want to even be here. What you’re telling people is “don’t visit my site”.

        • MXC

          Also most people that watched at least midway through the series or the manga already know about it and they are far more likely to visit this article than a person who may have thought it was crap and still clicked on this article.

  • Vash bane

    now im curious will you also be getting one shot like the series?

    • British_Otaku

      There is no health bar, it seems pretty safe to assume that we will be one shotted.

  • Blesmi

    To the people saying “it’s been months, it doesn’t count as a spoiler” no that’s not true. It can be years and years later and it doesn’t matter. A spoiler is still a spoiler regardless of how long it’s been due to the fact that you are spoiling a plot point and it is a fact that not everyone will know about it. Especially for something as niche as a recent anime series.

    • Herok♞

      Aerith’s death can be considered a spoiler but most people know it at this point so its common knowledge, When is it ok to talk about anything going by logic like that because it will always be a spoiler for someone interested. Like could I talk about the first chapter or episode of AoT because no matter what someone will always be spoiled.

      • Blesmi

        While I see your point, the difference here is that what was spoiled ISN’T common knowledge, nor is AoT 16 years old like FF7 is. I mean personally I dont really care, but my friend who has been waiting for the blurays of AoT to come out was quite upset and for good reason.

    • Lynx

      You realize you could talk about anything and it could be a spoiler for anybody, right?

      I could say something like, Saori gets kidnapped in Saint Seiya and that would still be a spoiler for people who haven’t seen the show/read the manga. Yet is it classified as a spoiler? No, because it’s common sense.

      And like Herok said, Aerith’s death a big one. That was a major spoiler when the game first came out. A lot of people I know who haven’t played the game are well aware of that event however.

      -Especially for something as niche as a recent anime series.

      This has been known in the manga for a good while. Like, first 10 chapters iirc. Its not really a spoiler anymore.

      • FitzpatrickPhillips

        Okay so from now on when I play games in japanese before localization, I’ll stop respecting others like a decent person and just spoil whatever I can.
        And when people complain, I’ll just say what you’re saying. Thanks.

        • Lynx

          What the hell did I say about video games?

          I’m talking about FF7 and Saint Seiya as examples, aka the same Saint Seiya that ran in the late 80s to early 90s?

          Most of those are older titles but the point still stands. The fact that they ARE going to be people who haven’t seen, played or read a story/material.

          • FitzpatrickPhillips

            FF7 is not a video game?

          • Lynx

            Which has been out for how long?
            It’s one of the most commonly known spoilers.

            Hell, 3rd and 4th results in Google under Aerith’s name.

          • FitzpatrickPhillips

            And yet you’re comparing it to something that didn’t become popular until very recently, saying its not really a spoiler anymore.

          • Lynx

            -very recently

            It wouldn’t have gotten a Live Action movie and an anime adaption had it not been popular to begin with.

          • FitzpatrickPhillips

            So you’re honestly trying to imply that before the anime happened, that everyone and their mothers knew about it? In the west especially?
            I’m not saying it wasn’t well known before the show, but because of it, it is a massive phenomenon.

            Comparing it to FF7 and Saint Seiya – both ancient, is a bad move.

          • Lynx

            What is SS: Omega?

            Yeah, I’m done.
            If people want to complain about spoilers that should be freaking common sense, considering AoT is a SHONEN, be my guest.

          • British_Otaku

            Being a Shonen magazine means spoilers are fair game? You wouldn’t say a thing about Death Note’s ending or a key death in the middle of the series.

            I don’t see how the demographic that the magazine is broadly targeting changes anything. Stories tend to be more enjoyable in order and in less optimistic worlds, knowing whether someone apparently dies or not or whether they got an ability is information you want to hide.

          • DragKudo

            The manga has been running since 2009. I mean when the first episode no way before the episode came out people were getting spoiled that Eren could transform to the point where people were making memes about it.

    • Jrocy247

      So I guess in every Mario game, It’s a spoiler that Princess Peach always gets kidnapped.

    • ShadowDivz

      True, there could also be people like me. Who haven’t had time to watch the series yet, but plan to watch it soon enough.

  • Dakota

    It’d be cool if they gave non-shifters their own ‘what-if’ Titan forms.

    • British_Otaku

      I would like artwork of that or perhaps it to be playable like Oozaru Nappa and Raditz in the Tenkaichi games. I don’t expect a brawler to be more fun or engaging than scaling environments or the ability to transform when you want in the story/game (some DBZ games are iffy on this too).

      • Ninastars

        Artwork for what-if titans already exists. Armin titan and Connie titan best titans.

        • GH56734

          Nordic mythology, from which SnK takes inspiration, has Loki, and one female titan as well as one suspiciously like Eren. It has Ymir too.
          Many plot points are directly mirrored from the myth. There’s even a potential major death.
          I think what you think is a “what-if” scenario could turn out to be one huge spoiler in the months to come.. Even though no conclusive confirmation has been out yet in the manga for the most part..

          • British_Otaku

            Sounds interesting, but I doubt they are going to parallel that strongly by the end of the work, similar to Dragon Ball and Journey to the West on a smaller scale perhaps.

          • Ninastars

            While norse mythology has some surprisingly direct influence to the story I don’t think it’s going to be as direct as completely mirroring it.

            Though I really hope the monkey titan is going to be called Skrymir or Loki after Utgarda-Loki.

        • British_Otaku

          Looking forward to that volume where that extra feature is then and it’s a matter of time till they get in a game if Oozaru Raditz (complete with longer fur at the back of his head) exists.

  • I think there needs to be a spoiler alert in the title, because it’s easy for this to not be common enough knowledge. Cool info though!

    • British_Otaku

      It’s a little hard to do right though, even if it is definitely information which spoils the immediate enjoyment of the series as you start it and this is a series which is full of tragedy, it is also an occurrence from less than 2 volumes or less than 10 episodes with the work.

      I guess a number of people will be scared away by the title, but people who are curious about the series like myself (though I finished it now) may still want to know specifically how the game is turning out regardless.

      • I figure just putting spoiler alert in the title itself isn’t bad, and maybe keeping the summary unchanged (though I think it wouldn’t be unreasonable to change it too).

        It is pretty early in that it happens, though admittedly, I’m only on ep 11 and didn’t want to read too heavily into the article because as many spoilers as I’ve seen, I only know of Eren’s confirmed and not so many details – though the temptation is hard to resist.

    • Croix Zapp

      Eren is a titan!??
      Damn i got spoiled


      • WHAT!? Why did you reveal that!?

        Just joshin. >u<

    • Kai2591

      I don’t even feel like watching/reading it anymore.

      But at least It’s not such a big deal to me.

      • J_Joestar

        it’s alright, not missing much unless you’re the type that needs to watch everything that’s popular.

        • Cazar

          Hipster alert.

          • J_Joestar

            yeah, because people aren’t allowed to not like stuff if it is popular >_>

          • Cazar

            No, you pretty much implied that you don’t like it because it’s popular.

        • Kai2591

          So much backlogs and so little time lately too.
          Violent, tragedy-laden stories aren’t my favourites anyway, so its fine haha~

      • That’s a shame, sorry to hear it. Things kind of went in reverse for me, but it is very easy to be turned off.

    • Kitestwinblades

      The comments make me wonder about this being a spoiler. But then I had a flashback of that gif posted here after E3 2013 with that “PS4” titan stomping on that “Xbox One” titan. Not to down talk the Xbox One now or anything but its just an example. I’m sure a lot of people know about it now or have drawn conclusions.

      But no matter what, A spoiler is indeed a spoiler and I would be indeed furious to have what I saw on AoT spoiled. Its just that some become viral so fast. Kind of like how everyone knows what a Super Saiyan is or idk… most of the Shonen Jump character’s power ups. They become iconic pretty quick :3 Its only been 7 months since its aired but its really popular.

      One of those funny situations where you kind of wanna say its a spoiler and it IS ಠ_ಠ but with how much you see it around its hard to find someone who doesn’t know about it already.
      But yeah, Spoiler Alert for articles would but grand

      On a side note. Mikasa’s abs? Everyone spoiled that for me XD

      • British_Otaku

        While I probably know the names of the power ups for every current manga in Weekly Shonen Jump, preferably core things which change how you perceive the world from the outside should avoid being announced or spoilt in advance, unless it’s a crossover where it can’t be helped that I found about Sheik = Zelda a decade in advance of me playing OoT.

        DBZ is a mess if you want people to get into it without spoilers as they probably know the gist of that, before knowing about the (in my opinion better) moments when we could see all of the combat, plenty of comedy with our violence and everyone got a shot in the story.

        Everyone should know about Mikasa’s abs before starting the series in any form, it’s important information coming in on the level of the show/manga’s name. ShawnOtakuSomething is the captain of making sure everyone knows.

        • Kitestwinblades

          That’s an excellent point! It really is a show changer at that point. Even the title is in question after at. Yeah I guess a typical power up isn’t really on that kind of level… I completely called this spoiler a “1006” and its transforming into a titan for heavens sake. Definitely a bigger deal :3

          Haha Super smash bros.? That one actually surprised me too. Completely agreed! DBZ is kind of like stars wars. Not literally(actually… kind of ಠ_ಠ), but you know, with how well known it is to everyone. We would have a hard time really surprising anyone with the famous “father” quote. Could that be one of the biggest spoilers in history? xD

          You said it! ( ;°Д°) Those pictures are burned into my retinas. Obligatory Idol dress and all. @ShawnOtakuSomething:disqus Defined Siliconera’s Attack on Titan debut. And in turn, Now we’re all waiting for Mikasa’s abs to hit north american(or really- all) shores.

      • I actually had Eren spoiled for me before reading or watching the series, but very lightly and wouldn’t have drawn the conclusions too much; so for anyone that hasn’t started it, I feel that is quite a spoiler.

        But yeah, that’s a pretty good comparison and that is a funny point/situation.

        Haha! Same here~. Admittedly, that is an indulgent spoiler.

  • dem spoilers

  • EX+

    The more I here about this game, the more I think it should be on the PS3. The scale and sense of speed that they’re going for isn’t going to reach it’s full potential on the 3DS.

    • ShadowDivz

      Im thinking the same. Or on vita, so you can meet with random people and play. Like monster hunter.

      Plus i think two joysticks would be a must for this.

      • J_Joestar

        pretty sure the “Meeting with random people and play” is why it is on the 3DS, like monster hunter is.

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    This is going to be beautiful…I want it

    Meanwhile…..1 years before the fandom.

    • Göran Isacson

      … Is that the Polarbear from that… polarbear running a cafe show?

      Because that be some crackshippy crackship right there.

  • Skeptika Crediblus

    Question for those who have seen the series; how did they build the giant walls without being mauled by titans in the mean time? And if they had the technology and engineering knowhow to build enormous walls like that, why not zap titans with equally hi-tech weaponry? A beam cannon or lightsaber down the middle would solve things pretty damn quick.

    • Nice Boat Quatro
      • Skeptika Crediblus

        See, that was my guess.

    • GH56734

      Oh, it’s answered in the series… right at the point the anime cuts off. That part was even ripped in an ugly way from Chapter 33 when it was being adapted to anime, so read the manga.
      Even that answer raises some questions about what the Titans really are… You may have guessed from the parts covered by the anime already.

      It goes without saying the answer is a HUGE spoiler.

      • ShadowDivz

        Thank you for not being your typical internet asshole and revealing the answer. Much appreciated.

        And im glad it has an answer, especially with the last thing the anime showed…. blew my mind.

    • Rayhan PromisedGallery

      in some part of the manga who talks about the “history”, it is said humanity FOUND the wall when they’re escaping from titans. So yeah, it’s already there and no one knows who built it.
      And the inside of the wall is *spoiler*

  • ShadowDivz

    I hope the fenglee game won’t have this.

    I fell in love with attack on titan, because of humans fighting titans, not because i knew titans were gonna fight titans. I mean, it’s cool and all, but it will probably be O.P

    • British_Otaku

      Yep, I’m sorta worried about the effect it will have the overall experience, but there is a chance that at least here only Eren will have the abillity and that it will be chopped up in individual maps where they want you to do it. I don’t see it being nearly as enjoyable as what they have shown so far or what FengLee has constructed…

    • J_Joestar

      It will likely only play a role in the anime/manga based campaign, probably wont show up in the world-mode at least.

  • British_Otaku

    It actually doesn’t look too bad, not the titan thing but the HUD shows the abillity to aim or target, no health bar (expect to get one-shotted) and something including a blade in the bottom right. I just want to see a real time instance of starting a mission to reaching a titan’s neck to make me feel okay with the whole thing.

  • InfectedAI

    Still worried that no real gameplay has been shown yet. Not to mention concerns that it won’t be localized.

  • 60hz


  • ssj3gokou24

    will annie be in the game? anyone who’s seen the show/manga knows why i’m asking this……(revenge!!!!!!!)

  • The game looks very monotonous. Kill this titan. Kill that titan. Kill these titans. All in the same area. For hours. No thanks. Must save moneys for DVD’s :P

  • When this game is released, I’ll most likely be on World Mode all the time, killing titans with my customize avatar and friends. Hell yeah!

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