One Piece Unlimited World: RED Teases Its Large World And Combat

By Eugene . November 5, 2013 . 3:00pm



The latest trailer from Namco Bandai brings us some much-hoped for sequences that show off One Piece Unlimited World: RED in action. The video shows off Luffy making his way around Trans Town—the largest in any One Piece game so far—utilizing his rubber arm to quickly grapple up surfaces and show off the free-ranging factor within the town itself.


It also runs through a medley of bosses that you’ll have to fight through, including many of the Marine leaders such as Sakazuki and Kizaru and pirate foes like Crocodile and Trafalgar Law.



Combat in Red as we mentioned will automatically swap controls around to make the game quicker and more fluid – and it’s on show here in the trailer. Multiplayer gets a quick nod with a  shot of how all four characters can get a different view while playing together, but we don’t get anything more than the previous screens we’ve seen when doing combined attacks.


Part of the trailer also shows off some of the mini-games players can partake in such as fishing and bug catching – which utilizes a simple rhythm game mechanic after you’ve successfully landed a catch to hook your goods. It also shows off a little bit of the special mission where players can become Ace.


One Piece Unlimited World: RED will be hitting the Nintendo 3DS like a tsunami November 21st. Don’t forget Namco Europe have registered the domain for the game’s title in Europe, a hopeful sign for everyone!

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  • Christopher

    Please … let them bring this to US as a 3DS download…>_<

    • British_Otaku

      Download? One Piece is on TV, Crunchyroll + Hulu + FUNimation streaming, has over 60 volumes released in English and all…

      I don’t see any excuse for it not to be a retail release at this point. >_>

      • SerendipityX

        One Piece isn’t really as big in the US as most fans think.You can thank 4kids for that. Its popular sure but not the astronomical levels of popularity is achieves everywhere else. Thus the reason we get digital only One Piece titles.

        • British_Otaku

          4Kids was a problem in Australia and the UK (we just started getting DVD sets and it isn’t even aired or streamed here) as well and you can read about the mishaps in the other adaptations ( ), then I suppose we are piggy backing off other countries in our region…

          I get the feeling that NB are just picky… >_>
          Perhaps it’s a incredibly stupid, but when thousands people swarm around three long running series internationally, call them the “Big Three” to the point that Viz and Crunchyroll live and breath them not just illegal sites, it seems silly to ignore the massive market they have. Even if JoJo’s PS3 game only gets a digital release, that’s a much greater risk than almost any One Piece (that hyperbole), Naruto or Bleach game at retail.

          • SerendipityX

            Interesting. But 4kids really damaged One Piece in the US. Its just doesn’t sell nearly as much as Naruto or Dragon Ball even though its apart of the “big three”. (I’m not sure how it compares to Bleach) and I think NB has really high sale expectations for OP. Regulating the OP games to digital (like Saint Seiya) shows that either fans are grossing overestimating OP popularity in the US or Namco Bandai is just not happy with sales from all things OP related.

        • Christopher

          The show itself is getting better. But the video game sales have never been amazing enough for them to bring us retail versions of the games. I am glad we got Pirate Warriors as a download.

          • Christopher

            Us Americans love to yell “BRING US THIS GAME!”, but then we have reasons as to not buy it, mostly due to “o this other game comes out at this time as well…another time…”.
            I just want to play this game in the US on my US 3DS, and a download seems the easiest way for them to do that, since they won’t be left with unsold stock in stores that don’t want them.

  • Crevox

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  • Whoa! When did Nami get gigantic boobs and start dressing with them out and naked?

    I was thinking this was the turn-based RPG that was announced for the US. I’m really excited for that one.

    • foopy

      Since the time skip, or just before. Her clothing gets less and less modest and her breasts get larger as time goes on.

    • LM009

      which is a bad thing because…??

      • If you like it, that’s fine. Just so you know before you bring up Kotaku or something, I’m not trying to take away your boobies. Fair?

        But I personally find it a bit embarrassing to have big naked boobs flopping around in the games I play.

        • British_Otaku

          I’ve already stated I have no shame (Ages of Amazones and Senran Kagura are pretty dope) in other posts here, but yes I hope to see more costume options for Nami and Robin regardless.

          I don’t think Oda cares or even thought about it but by making their new first look after two years like that, a good amount of merchandise is going to focus itself like that even years afterwards when they are in new environments (Punk Hazard had everyone more or less add on layers) and characters in One Piece change clothes pretty frequently.

      • Ninastars

        I don’t usually mind fanservice much but it’s gotten kinda in-your-face and distracting with One Piece lately when it comes to the designs.

        It’s kind of a shame in my eyes that the female character designs with more variety are always minor characters.

        • British_Otaku

          One Piece hasn’t been that in your face has it? Perhaps I’m comparing it to other series in the same field (Fairy Tail) or ones which go much much further… I found the constant nosebleeds two arcs ago to be much more egregious than any fanservice we have been treated too.

          It’s more about how the story or combat or characters get diverted because of the fanservice than it just being there.

          It’s the law of averages… >_> With two female members of the crew both being pretty human (and both are tsukkomi – excuse my language) and the series and the rest of the crew running from undead to cyborg to beast to always one eye out of sight, the more interesting looks are always fairly minor characters.

  • Johnnyxt

    we really need those XLs over here in the states.

  • LM009

    looks awesome, I would even take digital only for US if that’s what it takes >_<

  • supercyc10

    that wasn’t a tease
    that was a buffet of content
    god damn! that looked amazing!

  • Göran Isacson

    Nnneat. Also is the main bad guy a vampire, judging from that last part of the trailer?

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