Wii U Games For Core Gamers Coming In 2014 Says Nintendo President

By Ishaan . November 5, 2013 . 9:55am

This year, Nintendo are releasing a number of mainstream games for the Wii U to help boost the system’s sales. These range from games like Super Mario 3D World to Wii Fit U and Wii Sports Club.


2014, however, will be when Nintendo release a number of Wii U titles for games aimed at enthusiast gamers.


Speaking to investors at a financial results Q&A, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata stated, “We have an offering of software for the end of this calendar year that encourages family fun at home. Nintendo is preparing a number of Wii U games for next year that greatly appeal to highly skilled users, but at the end of this calendar year, we have quite a few offerings that can be played by the whole family, dad and the kids, or grandparents and the kids.”


Iwata believes that this will allow Wii U to stand out this holiday as a system that appeals to a broader range of players than upcoming consoles like the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, which he feels are targeting a different audience at launch.


While not all of Nintendo’s titles for “highly-skilled” gamers have been announced, the company plans to release Bayonetta 2, Monolith Soft’s new RPG and other Wii U games targeted at enthusiast gamers in 2014. Also being in the works is Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem, which is being developed by Atlus.

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  • Xaltmas

    I want Bayonetta 2 more than any game on either PS4 or Xbone. Nintendo better give it the push it deserves.

    • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

      They also need to push TW101

      • Auvers

        i’m sad it didn’t even get commercials in the US *sigh*

        • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

          Its funny, it got internet promotion, and theater promotion, but no TV ads and no marketing campaign like you’d expect for a New IP in fanfare. Like Ubi with Watch Dogs

        • Luis Ibal

          I’m sad that platinum games’ never sells well. Their games are awesome.

  • KazukiNanbu

    i want “X” from monolith soft!! that game look awesome!!

    • JoJo_649

      It has giant robots, chicks dig giant robots :P

      • Adrián Alucard

        I miss Coop, Kiva and Jamie

        • JoJo_649

          And Goat, Goat was awesome too.

      • J_Joestar

        IIRC they also transform into vehicles forms in the trailer too

        Giant Robot Cars FTW!

      • kylehyde

        The time when CN was good.

        • Alexander Marquis Starkey

          Can’t say it’s bad right now. Regular Show and Adventure time. Gumball. Still waiting for the verdict on Steven Universe.

          • kylehyde

            I’m pretty sure that Steven Universe is going to be good, but compared to the old CN, four good show is not much, I mean, many years ago I could count the number shows that I didn’t like with just one hand, now I only need one hand to count the number of shows that I like. But at least they have lower the number of hours dedicated to that cancer called ben 10.

          • Alexander Marquis Starkey

            Well at a time, I can count only so many on hand.

            Dexter’s Lab, PPGs, Ed, Edd and Eddy, several cartoon cartoon shows that had barely one season before that got canned. The classics like Tom and Jerry don’t count, nor the the Looney Tunes, Cow and Chicken was on around the same time, but didn’t last as long, and was a bit older…Yeah I think that was it.

    • ArtIristic

      Im just anxious for some gameplay trailer, or an update . ANYTHING!! The E3 trailer can only go so far.

    • H_Floyd

      Why can’t I vote you up more than once! Is my mouse broken?!

  • Adrián Alucard

    SMT X FE still happening? great I bought the Wii U only for Monster Hunter, X and the crossover

    Still waiting more “core” games to be announced (I didn’t play Bayonetta, so i’m not interested in the sequel unless they release the first one in the wii u)

    • XypherCode

      I think that’s why they’re releasing a Bayonetta anime based on the first game. But of course it won’t really replace an actual game. XD

    • Zizal

      They included SMT X FE in their financial report .

    • It’s not like Bayonetta has a super compelling story or anything you know.

  • Masa

    X from Monolith and Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem, the day they come out is the day i will grab the console….hopefully they make it to the West as Nintendo have a bad rep when it comes to console rpgs.

    • Go2hell66

      the games were announced on US and EU nintendo directs. its safe to say these are getting a worldwide release

      • pimpalicious

        Yep, also Nintendo is in a different position now with the Wii U. I don’t think they’ll lollygag on anything that might sell even a few consoles.

      • Masa

        really? just made my day. :)

      • Xenoblade was announced at E3, so that’s not necessarily a guarantee of an international release (or a painless one, anyway). Still, as people have said it seems pretty unlikely that Nintendo would pass on anything they could promote as a major title for the Wii U.

        • Go2hell66

          No it was announced in the nintendo direct presentations

        • XypherCode

          X and SMT x FE was announced in a simultaneous NA, EU, JP Wii U Direct last January.

  • Looking forward to hearing what they have up their sleeve.

    And X. /Especially/ X.

  • XypherCode

    Very excited for next year!
    But for the last bit I think Intelligent Systems is also working on SMT x FE and not just Atlus. Or not?

    • InfectedAI

      I think Atlus are developing it with some IS people there are advisers.

      • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

        Opposite way around

  • Godmars

    Has there been any new info on “X” since it was first announced?

    • Aaronrules380

      Yeah, we saw the trailer at e3.. Not much that I can think of beyond that though

  • Sentsuizan_93

    I hope so. My Wii U needs some core love, besides Wonderful 101 and Monster Hunter 3.

  • Go2hell66

    geez almost forgot smt x fe actually existed

  • fairysun

    Need new Zelda on Wii U

    • Aaronrules380

      It’s coming. I really don’t get why anyone expected it be out already given Skyward Sword is still fairly recent, and they don’t start new console Zelda games until they’ve finished the one before it.

      • Yeah, plus the fact that there’s already a new Zelda game coming out this month, and the Wind Waker remaster if you want to count that. They’re probably very busy working on so many projects at once.

  • Yea, okay. I’ll believe it when I see it.

    In the meantime their market focus is clearly on the 3DS with the killing it’s making.

  • Aaronrules380

    I’m just hoping the strategy doesn’t hurt Nintendo. I can understand the logic, but I can’t help but feel that it’s smarter to compete with Xbone and PS4 before they really pick up steam. Launch games are pretty much never great, so it’s a perfect time to strike. Unless stuff like X is coming early next year and they plan to try doing it after the initial rush but before tons of stuff has flooded in to the other systems

    • Aaronrules380

      Wait, I’m getting downvoted for this? Not sure how anything I said could merit that, seeing as I was trying to talk from an objective business perspective rather than anything related to my personal tastes

      • Any post complaining about getting downvoted is met with an immediate and automatic downvote from me

        • Aaronrules380

          I’m not complaining so much as confused. More than anything, I’m just concerned people are misinterpreting what I’m saying. I really don’t care whether people like what I say, it just seems dumb that people would downvote a comment like this with no real emotional charge and makes me wonder if I could have expressed myself better

          • Symbol de Au

            It doesn’t need to have emotional charge. Why do people think that if they got downvoted people are mad at them? Perhaps they simply disagree with your analysis?

      • Probably overly sensitive fans? Who knows. Dont let it get under your skin!
        I think you got a really good point myself. The best moment to strike is now for Nintendo.
        If they miss their chance its likely they will never get back up to speed and will lag behind the PS4 and Xbone unless they got some serious “killer app” ready.
        The WiiU needs to fire all its guns now, seriously. I want the console to succeed but if the console’s reputation continues as is it won’t be nearly as succesful as it could be.


    Bring them on, I say!

  • EX+

    X and Zelda for me. Whenever either of those to release, I’ll pick up a Wii U with no hesitation.
    Also, it’d be nice to have an update on SMT X Fire Emblem.

    • That crossover is like something out of a dream. 2 of my favorite franchises coming together. I can’t wait!


    Well, let’s see how this turn out to Nint. i think they’ll do fine while the Xb1 and PS4 don’t have games that are really interesting to draw people to get them. i wish nint luck. but i’ll only get a Wii U when a new Metroid got released for it.

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    Yeah the wii-u is going to be fine! I’m hyped for next year

  • Minos

    “highly skilled users”

    Thank you for not using the “Core” or “Hardcore” adjectives, I hate those.

    • I don’t like this one either! Makes me think of people who are really good at headshots.

    • “Wii U Games For Core Gamers Coming In 2014 Says Nintendo President”
      Um… It’s right there in the headline?

      • Never

        That’s called a click bait title.
        Manipulating what he said to fit Silicondevils own purposes.
        Disgusting isn’t it, being lied to in an attempt to pull in clicks.

        • What?
          …No seriously. What?

          • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

            Its someone making a headline to communicate what they mean. To the lowest common denominator who thinks these labels means a damn. AKA misleading clickbait

  • “highly-skilled”? Hmmm. That’s not exactly what I’m looking for either. Glad to see RPGs in the pipeline, though.

  • What exactly is a “core” gamer anyways? I didn’t even start hearing terms like this until a few years ago. I’ve never even thought of myself as a “gamer” period, let alone a hardcore one. I enjoy it, but it doesn’t define me either.

    I understand what they mean by highly skilled though. A Mario game is something that anybody could play and have fun with, which is ultimately the type of game needed to drive sales and increase the user base, but I doubt most of those people would be willing to play something like Bayonetta 2, which might be too challenging for someone who isn’t used to gaming as a hobby.

    I think Nintendo has the right idea publishing software that appeals to different markets, but at the same time, I don’t know if the market is big enough for X or Bayonetta on Wii U. I’ll certainly be getting them, but I don’t know how many other people will be willing to buy a new console just for those games, especially with the Wii U’s current reputation.

    I guess it’s still early. I remember Iwata saying they had new types of games in development, so there’s probably a lot more coming next year than we know about right now.

    • J_Joestar

      “Core” is usually assumed to be a short way of saying “Hardcore”
      but in actual use (especially in the industry), it is more the way to describe the mainstream crowd of gamers who typically purchase all the big name hyped releases.

      • doubleO7

        Aren’t those people called “casuals”? The ones that generally only play the big-name mainstream titles?

        • gold163

          The mainstream gamer would like to think of themselves as “hardcore” but more often than not the industry itself considers that audience to be “casual” (see: Call of Duty’s developers admitting that their game is meant to be enjoyed by casual audiences). There is also the up-and-coming “mid-core”, which is used by the industry to refer to the rising population of gamers that consume brands that aren’t quite hardcore/niche but aren’t quite casual, either (like many smartphone/tablet games that use alternative revenue methods but are not aimed primarily at casual audiences).

          Even if the term originated as a self-descriptor for a video game enthusiast who would go out of their way to enjoy certain niche products, and by the companies that market to such a small audience, the word itself sounds edgy and hip and thus it has been misappropriated by a mass of idiots to the point of not even meaning the same thing anymore. Apparently if you pay top dollar at launch for a mass-marketed, heavily advertised corporate product you are “hardcore” these days.

          As with any actually mildly useful industry lingo, mainstream gamers across the internet have taken the terminology and mangled it beyond all recognition.

        • J_Joestar

          The term “Casual” usually has a more derogatory air about it in the minds of most dedicated gamers. They usually reserve the “Casual” title for the Candy Crush/Angry Birds crowd.

          The mainstream audience doesn’t want to see itself in that light so the term “Core” appeals to their ego.

          Anyways, these kinds of terms aren’t mutually exclusive, someone who is typically considered “Hardcore” could just as easily enjoy games marketed to the “Casual” crowds and vice versa.

      • Never

        No. Core is what it states- the core audience of video games aka the ones who are buying at least one game a month and go to gaming news sites to listen to a CEO talk.
        The core. Not “hardcore” or whatever people came up with to call themselves. And actually if we’re going by the real definition of “hardcore” they’d be playing only SNES and NES era games, welcome to the real reason the term was invented.

        The core audience is the one who will stick around, video game enthusiasts who will be picking up all types of games from the ones that require skill to the big named hyped easy as cake ones and are typically skilled which, thanks to that, usually ends up making them feel left out by companies who cater only to the mainstream crowd.

        If you don’t cater to the core eventually they’ll leave you and then you’ll truly be stuck at the whims of the Apple eaters alone.
        “Core” is the equivalent of a smart consumer or in other words- the opposite of what you said.

        • J_Joestar

          I think this is just an issue of semantics here, when i say Mainstream crowd I am referring to that kind of reasonably dedicated gamer who regularly spends on their gaming hobby, while what you describe sounds more what i usually consider as “casual”.

          and note that i said “Assumed” when i related “Core” to “Hardcore”, as in the group usually referred to as Core likes to think of themselves that way.

    • Symbol de Au


      That’s what it actually means when you hear the CEO’s mentioning the “core gamer” at E3 etc. It’s not really short for hardcore or anything like that. It’s just the ones who are most likely to buy.

      • Adrián Alucard

        For me, a “core gamer” is a gamer who grew with the 80s-90s games. Those players usually enjoy with hard and complex games. just the oposite of “actual gamers” who only wants easy games

        • Symbol de Au

          It doesn’t matter what it is to you.

  • Chaos_Knight

    So many good Wii U games coming next year.

    Super Smash Bros.
    Mario Kart 8
    Bayonetta 2
    SMT x FE
    Mighty No. 9 (though that’s 2015, but I just wanna mention that)

    2014 is going to be a good year for Nintendo.

    • Guest

      Maybe Zelda too!

      • NimbusStev

        Nah they probably would have announced it by now if that were true. I bet they’ll reveal it next year with release in 2015 though.

        • PreyMantis

          According to Aonuma, he was going to share Zelda Wii U details during recent trips to New York and Germany, but he ended up being too busy preparing for his A Link Between Worlds presentations. He promised, however, an announcement in the future.

    • SDDMN

      I agree with ya on everything but SM3DW, it’s coming out this year on Nov. 22nd. :P

  • Repede91

    Does this mean that after a 10 year absence we are finally getting another F-ZERO???

  • Lynx

    Just want another Custom Robo game. Surprised the Wii didn’t get one to be honest.

  • Jindan

    we all are fired up for this game, but in the meantime I need to know the name of the epic trailer song by Mika kobayashi, need to hear it all :)

  • Kaetsu

    More games like X, Bayonetta and SMTxFE for next year? Yes please!

  • MrRobbyM

    That’s good to hear. The only thing that’s keeping me from buying a Wii U is the lack of games that cater to me “highly-skilled” needs and a price drop.

    Oh, and money.

  • Space_Ghost

    Nintendo should buy SEGA, and therefore ATLUS. There’s a boatload of highly skilled games right there for the taking.

  • alangato

    Isn’t SMTxFE made by Intelligent Systems AND Atlus??
    I think it is problably the devil survivor/growlanser team working with some FE people…

    • No, it’s Atlus, with people from Nintendo supervising as usual.

      • Never


        • Press release sent to us from Index when the game was announced. I can’t say I appreciate your tone, though. There are politer ways to ask for what you want.

      • alangato

        Hey, nice to know that, I was thinking it was co-developed! But I still think it is being made by the same people that made Devil Survivor… well, Im saying this because I think the game will be an SRPG… then it would be good to have those guys on the project lol.

        So a lot of those people that worked on FE:A are busy with something else… maybe a new Advance Wars?? hehe

        • Intelligent Systems actually develops a lot more than just Fire Emblem and Advance Wars. They developed Pushmo and Crashmo on eShop, Paper Mario, Game & Wario, and they’re also working on the new Band Bros. game for 3DS. Additionally, they also did the AR Face Shooter (I forget the name) app for 3DS.

          • alangato

            I know that…I really like the style of paper mario, and after playing a game from them I have done some research about their games…I was surprised to see that they were the devs of some Wario games lol.

            I was just kidding about Advance Wars!! hehe

  • WiiU needs more games period. There’s so little to get excited about!
    There are a bunch neat games but the WiiU really, really has a very limited catalogue at the moment.

    • Link

      Its only limited if your completely ignoring the multi-plat games. Even though I have my PS4 preorder ready to go almost all my multi-plat games with WiiU are going to that console because of the gamepad support. AC4, CoD, Watch_Dogs, Batman Arkham Origins, etc. If your solely looking for First Party Nintendo games then yeah at this moment its pretty limited but overall its library this holiday season is pretty stellar.

      • It -needs- exclusives, though.
        Multiplats are nice but they don’t create a necessity for the platform.

        • Link

          But when has Nintendo not had exclusives? Out of the Big Three there first party output is the biggest of the bunch lending to one of the biggest stable of exclusive games. As I said if your looking for First Party games then yeah its limited atm but that looks to be changing within the next year.

          And if your looking for third party exclusives that day and age is nearly dead for every console unless its completely money-hatted (i.e Titanfall and Dead Rising 3 for XBone) or completely taken over (i.e Bayonetta 2 for WiiU). Even the PS4 doesn’t have any third party exclusives outside of Deep Down from Capcom, which is just a digital F2P game.

          • “But when has Nintendo not had exclusives? Out of the Big Three there
            first party output is the biggest of the bunch lending to one of the
            biggest stable of exclusive games.”
            First party exclusives is literally all Nintendo main consoles do. I’m talking about -third party- exclusives.
            Do people forget about the Wii and Game Cube so quickly?
            Third party exclusives were not only few and far in between but hardly were succesful and had tons of problems trying to find their footing.
            Many of the exclusives were left alone in japan or were only localized with very limited prints.

            The DS and 3Ds were a different story, though. But the way they’ve been handling consoles for a while hasn’t been the best.

            And I disagree about this “day and age” not being enough third party exclusives; there’ tons of exclusive PS3 RPGs and Vita stuff as well as 3DS games. It’s not super crazy as it might have been at some point in gaming, but it’s far from something dead.
            If anything the WiiU will have the shorter end of multiplats in the long run due to the difference of architectures with the PC and PS4/XBONE and has more chances to have exclusives.

            Overall, I have a wait and see stance on this situation. So far the WiiU seems to be turning into the next Game Cube.

  • James Enk

    X is my most anticipated game of 2014 i still watch the trailers from time to time and smile like a kid in a candy store

  • AnimeRemix

    SMT X FE was the main reason why I bought my Wii U.

    And the waiting game continues!

  • Yeah they also said an account system was coming early this year.

  • My Wii U purchase is reserved for Bayonetta 2 =^_^=

  • Ferrick

    X and bayo2 were the only reasons i got the WiiU, and i don’t regret it!

  • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

    There’s no doubt that both X and Bayonetta 2 are going to be AAAs that will be game changers. Problem is until they come out Wii U users don’t have -that- much to justify their system. It was the same with the PSV during the first year. So nice that the games are coming (in 2k14) but Nintendo should’ve foreseen this instead of repeating the same mistake they made with the 3DS~.

  • Fox

    X in 2014? Seems too good to be true. But if Nintendo wants core gamers, they’ll need a LOT more games to offer than what we’re aware of right now.

    At the very least, they ought to try and get some appropriate third parties involved. Atlus and whatever Shu Takumi’s company is could probably whip out some great games for the WiiU.

  • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

    SMT x FE is being done by Intelligent Systems, not ATLUS

  • Yan Zhao

    SMT X Fire Emblem is the only reason I’ll buy a Wii U! That and a new Zelda game on it.

  • Anime10121

    Next year! The year my Wii U will finally serve a purpose! Bayo 2, Smash, and hopefully X in the west, though thats completely doubtfull, because as of yet, we’ve seen barely nothing of it and it STILL doesnt even have a name :/

  • eilegz

    need more final fantasy, resident evil and japanese aaa games.

  • EmoryM

    Hopefully Wii U will get an EDF game and a Culdcept and they’ll get localized.

  • Must have X!

  • Epic Markell Joshua

    I wonder what games does he mean most games are either casual+hardcore or casual.

    • M’iau M’iaut

      Not anything against you here, but incidents on other threads are requiring us to be a bit more specific about such definitions. Sorry if I step on any toes.

      “I’d ask the community to try and ignore any of these definitions going forward. It is no business of ours what games you play or what anyone else pops into their systems. And yes that fully includes systems which are actually mobile phones.”

      Just have fun, folks.

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