One Piece Unlimited World: RED Demo Footage Shows Off Both Missions

By Ishaan . November 7, 2013 . 12:35pm

Yesterday, Namco Bandai released a demo for One Piece Unlimited World: RED on the Nintendo eShop in Japan, and YouTube user ShonenGameZ has uploaded in-game video footage of both missions that are included. Watch them below.

Punk Hazard dragon mission:

Enies Lobby mission:

Specials and Team Attacks:


One Piece Unlimited World: RED will be available in Japan on November 21st.

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  • TheGameTagerZ

    Omg my gameplay! Dream come true :D

    Going to play through this and hopefully attack on titan has a demo too. Thanks again guys!

    • Carlos Luis Ayala

      Awesome glad you got recognized ^^

    • Lifestreamer

      Woah! I’m really surprised that someone recorded the demo so early!

      Can you kindly provide the list of comands like dodge, specials, individal actions (stretching, putting the bandana, cooking…), counters and so on?

      I noticed there are places accessible with Zoro if you cut the fences, it’s a really nice touch for exploration.

      Really enjoyed the footages, there will be more?

      • TheGameTagerZ

        I rather do that when I get the game on release. I’ll make more footage when I get the full game.

    • I saw you link it in the comments and since it’s a game people have been looking forward to, I thought they’d like to see your video. Good job! :)

      • TheGameTagerZ

        Thanks again!

  • British_Otaku

    Already saw the uploader put it up in the comments before, but why an article I guess… >_>

    Since Youtube comments are arse now, I guess I’ll offer my response here…
    I wasn’t surprised that team specials are canned given that unlike the other Unlimited games, you aren’t traveling with the whole set, but a random bunch of guys which leads to a lot of combinations which never did a special together in a group of three or four.

    I’ve said enough otherwise on the other article about the demo. It’s fun.

    • TheGameTagerZ

      A couple new things I learned when I played the demo:

      -You can play without a team, or with just one partner
      -Doing all the combos listed you go into a rush mode and your attacks sometimes stun
      -Sanji’s power up heals his crew (if you’re playing solo with sanji it’s useless)

      • British_Otaku

        I can… edit your comment? I can’t but it looks like I can do so to all of the comments here for some reason… Disqus being weird as usual…

        On topic, I found out that stuff as well, not so much Sanji’s R + B (power up for Zoro so I follow why you call it that – It’s just a second special really though which may be offensive for other people) since I avoided using it and being with a team. :P

        The rush mode is very similar to a mechanic in the other Unlimited games which guarantees drops (including particles of health and energy), increasing damage and knockback.

        One thing I found out which bugged me is that you can’t kill the dragon when it’s in the air. Even if you are sniping with Usopp, or use Luffy’s furthest reaching attacks in the air, it doesn’t count till it’s on the ground… >_> And Usopp gets three targets (head, body, tail) when fighting the dragon which probably alludes to targetted damage for specific knockback or drops (I think the head is a weakness but I need to try again).

        • TheGameTagerZ

          Yeah I guess power up is the wrong word. I mainly based it off of Zoro’s R+B move and started calling them power ups.

          Didn’t know about the second one. I thought it just increased the chance of getting the opponent stunned.

          That Usopp glitch is interesting though nothing game breaking.

          • British_Otaku

            I think it went by the name SP2 (for Special 2) in the control scheme, I guess R+B is good enough as everyone is probably going to have 3 specials (4 if you include the team attack) or more.

            The game lets you combo enemies a lot more than the other games and even lets you juggle them after they are out of health for a number of hits, given that they drop items when they fall and disappear, so it is less obvious, so I’m not even sure if the stuff about the drops is the same as Adventure/Cruise… I’m pretty certain that they wouldn’t have a similar mechanic and drop a key element.

            I don’t consider it a glitch, the game is deliberately designed with a “death” animation or to allow enemies to be beaten while on the ground or in the air elsewhere. The other Unlimited games, or just games in general are the same.

            The dragon just has invincibility once it is 1HP and in the air till it returns to the ground, if you use Luffy it works the exact same. If they let the enemy die while in the air, I suppose the camera work would be a little funky aside from how the animation goes, they might change it but yes it isn’t game breaking.

          • TheGameTagerZ

            I love the juggles. I got a lot of good one’s with Sanji mixing with his moon walk dash (R+X I think?)

          • British_Otaku

            Yep, the juggles are great fun. Sanji’s Air X is Sky Walk while his grounded one X is more or less the same, but can be timed to get some of the fastest movement in the demo (no chance if it doing a dodge that you don’t want as well) next to Robin’s movement which doesn’t seem good for combos but it clears massive distance.

            Sanji transitions from air to ground really well, but I can say that for characters in this game in general. I recall finding specific combos through really delibrate timing in Adventure like Running A to Hyoukindama (Air A) which is much harder to do and more awkward than it sounds.

        • Lifestreamer

          Usopp in his FPS mode can shot weak points? Badass!

          So it means that you can head shot your average marine soldier? Like OHKO?

          • British_Otaku

            I haven’t confirmed whether the dragon or other large bosses take increased damage from the head, tail or body even it makes a good deal of sense. Your ordinary marine doesn’t have a specific weak point and takes equal amounts of damage/knockback from anywhere but Usopp does have two extra attacks on top of spamming weak explosive shots in FPS mode.

            One attack is Firebird Star which can only be fired so often and does the most damage at mid range as it starts as a flame then opens into a bird. The other is that when you aim at an enemy for a short amount of time, Usopp builds up more ammunition to fire three explosive shots at once which will home to some degree on the dragon (meaning it can track moving targets but most will be moving to you) and have quite a lot of knockback. So one option which is nice for a distance and one which is good at any distance but needs you to settle for bit.

          • Lifestreamer

            Oh, thanks.
            I’m glad that Usopp has a somewhat fluid style in this game.

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