Meet Dead Or Alive 5 Ultimate’s New Goth Loli Character

By Sato . November 14, 2013 . 9:15pm

The updated arcade version of Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate will be getting a new character by the name of Marie Rose, who happens to be gothic lolita girl… from Sweden. Don’t let her cute looks deceive you, as she uses a deadly fighting style, according to a Famitsu report.


Marie Rose

Contrary to Marie’s petite appearance, she actually fights using a military martial arts style called “Systema”. She is shown with a devilish smile, but behind it, lies a secret that has yet to be revealed.


Her occupation is, fittingly, that of a maid. Her favorite food is Princess Cake, a traditional Swedish cake that consists of layers of jam and cream. Her hobbies include sewing and watching scary movies.


What makes her fighting style unique is that it not originates from the Russian military, but it has no particular fixed stances or postures, unlike most martial arts. This allows her to fight using versatile movements.


In addition to having attack nullifying moves for counters, she’ll also have several other tricky moves up her sleeves, utilizing her petite body to her advantage.


The above is a look at Marie Rose’s stage, which is situated outside a castle. The left image shows the balcony, where you can beat your opponents and knock them down for extra damage, taking them to the stage shown to the right. The bottom floor is spacious, so that’ll give you plenty of room to exercise your tricky moves with Marie.


Tecmo Koei will be holding location tests featuring Marie Rose starting on November 16 up until December 15 at various arcade centers across Japan. The updated arcade game will be coming out this winter, in Japan. You can watch a trailer for it below.


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  • who has a new favorite character?

    • I dooooooo~

      • Warren

        Me Too! XO

    • PersonaSpace

      I think I do!

    • Zalin


    • Demeanor

      I do!!! ALL of my love!!!!!! <333 ^ ^

      • ShinStar

        Don’t forget all of your anger and sorrow too!!!!

    • Namuro

      Heck yeah!

    • CrimsonDX

      I certainly do :D

    • I do and I don’t even play this game lol.

    • AkiraScare

      Goth loli… MEEEE!!! (^_^)

    • Rolling Guy


  • deathman00789

    She so cute. Hope she plays well.

  • DOA finally became universally interesting~

  • She’s so awesome!!

  • Cody

    UGH ARE YOU SERIOUS? Are you fucking serious. One of the worst animay tropes of all time mixed with the worst martial art of all time.

  • kylehyde

    I know her some minutes ago and she is already more interesting than Mila.

    • Cody

      Disgusting heathen! Mila is a babe and can actually fight.

      • Göran Isacson

        Even if the world shall downvote you, know this: You have a brother in me. Mila is one of DOA’s best girls and I am so damn sad to see the hate she gets for… hell if I know why she gets it.

    • hazelnut1112

      Don’t bad mouth my cute short haired waifu.

  • AlphaSixNine

    OGOD YES. I hope she becomes available as DLC for DoA5U: Core Fighters! <3<3<3

  • Audie Bakerson

    All games could use more lolis.

  • Bunzi

    Anyone else find it a little funny that there’s a Marie Heart -and- Kokoro in this game?

    • kylehyde

      All I know is that I guess my time with Kokoro is going to be reduced with this newcomer

  • CptPokerface

    Got nothing against her. I don’t usually like characters like all..but she’ll definitely have her fanbase.

    I just hope Tecmo remembers there’s an American audience for this game and they don’t go too overboard with her alternate costumes when and if she hit’s the console version. We don’t really need to be giving mass media networks any more reasons to try and make the gaming community look bad.

    • Xerain

      There’s nothing about her that makes her look particularly younger than any of the other girls in the game. She just has a “small” body, which isn’t all that strange by the standards of actual humans, a different taste in clothes, and probably a Peter Pan Complex.

      • CptPokerface

        The smaller body, the gothic lolita outfit, and her mannerisms are all some people need to see to write her off as otaku bait, sadly.

        Edit: Oh and she’s a maid. Yeaah. Those are some pretty stereotypical Japanese characteristics.

        • Xerain

          That goes without saying. DOA uses sex to sell, and they found a demographic they could bring in more money from, so started to pursue it.

          What I was saying is that is is conceivable she is actually 18. It’s not a case where they take a character that is obviously not 18, and just change her age with a nudge nudge wink wink.

          I woudl say a bit more realistically she looks 15 or 16. However, I woudl also say most 18 year old girls I know look pretty much the same as they did at 15 or 16. They just wear different close and behave differently.

          She is not some some 300 year old goddess who’s body stopped maturing at 12, as is so often the case.

          • CptPokerface

            Yeah I see where you’re coming from. She could easily just be considered ” petite” for her age. I don’t know, I guess I’m kinda burnt out on the nature of the design itself. I feel like I’ve seen it a few times before already. She actually IS confirmed to be 18 though.

            Thing is, western audiences have a habit of jumping the gun, and Tecmo is kinda-sorta-not-really treading on the moe craze with her design here. Would be a bit of culture shock if she looks as young as she is and wearing the same fanservicey outfits the othrs have,

        • Cody

          Yeah she pretty much begs to be written off.

        • Cody

          psst she is otaku bait

    • ivanchu77

      Haters gonna hate man, just play wathever you want and don´t give a fuck about what other people say or think, if they get offended is their problem, not yours

      • CptPokerface

        Good point. I’d still at least try her out. If a character doesnt grab my attention through looks/personality then fighting is usually the saving grace.

  • KyoyaHibari

    WOAH. Mindblown. Not sure how to react. I’m totally enthralled no doubt, but holy crap I can’t contain my surprise and joy, it’s inquantifiable. My head is in a tizzy right now to begin with so maybe I’m just getting loopy.

  • icecoffemix

    She looks old…

    Problem I noticed with most Tecmo-Koei games.

  • Go2hell66


  • Dagobert

    Not quite sure what to say.

  • wererat42

    Welp, now they can honestly say DOA isn’t just about jiggle physics anymore.

    • Vash bane


  • Алексей Гришин

    Gothic lolita from Sweden? Well, at least it’s not emo girl from Russia…

  • Darkbeat

    It’s actually sort of funny that she is Swedish and her fightstyle is “Systema” as that sounds a bit like slang for “Systembolaget” which is a government owned chain of liquor stores in Sweden.

    It is the only retail store allowed to sell alcoholic beverages that contain more than 3.5% (by volume) alcohol.

    This makes “Systema” sound like some kind of Swedish Drunken Boxing, which reinforces one of the prejudices people from Denmark have about Swedes always being drunkards.

    • doubleO7

      Systema if a form of Russian martial arts. Kind of an odd thing for a teenaged Swedish maid to know…

    • Cody

      It’s a ridiculous Russian martial art system dreamed up by some frauds that then sold it around the world.

  • Xerain

    Me finally buying a game in this series happens when they finally update the PS3 or Vita version. Whichever happens first.

    • Guest

      You can get the core fighters for free on ps3 sister.

  • Ecchi Pantsu

    Flat-chested loli on DOA!? Has hell frozen over!? even Ryu hayabusa has bigger boobs JK

    • Zeonsilt

      Apparently,i’m not.It’s just my armor!

      • zaidandzhadow

        you have boobs Busa, accept it!

    • Vash bane


  • Zalin

    She looks like a 3d ver of mina tepes from dance in the vampire bund. :/

    • zferolie

      She does a bit, but I was thinking she looked a bit more like Rachel Alucard from BlazBlue, with some Shinku thrown in from ROzen Maiden

  • doubleO7

    According to her official bio, she’s apparently 18…

    So, she’s an 18 year old Swedish gothic lolita maid that only LOOKS 12 or 13 and fights with Russian martial arts?

    I can dig it.

    • Zak Ledward

      Legal Loli, all men are LEGALLY allowed to like her (strange attention will still be drawn to those who openly show affection).

      • Audie Bakerson

        And women!

        Note that Canadian law defines “person” as an actual human, not including drawings. Countries that ban loli generally don’t care about the rule of law. If they want to arrest you for it, they will.

    • Isuke-sama

      An 18 blonde, I’ll ship her with Eliot

  • Zak Ledward

    And I will now buy DOA5U if she gets released as DLC for it. Already have DOA5 but this character will make buying the game again worth it.

    Loli is Good

    • Zalin

      Feeling the exact same way right now.

    • zferolie

      Yeah… if this comes out in DoA5U, I will upgrade my game. I was till this was announced, and I want to make sure I get the game with her in it

  • Sesshomaru

    A maid!!! At last!

    • Bio_liquid

      Gothic Lolita*

      • doubleO7

        According to her bio, she is indeed employed as a maid.

        • Bio_liquid


          A maid in Gothic Lolita attire. Greaaaaat

          • Demeanor

            A Sweden blonde twin-tails maid in Gothic Lolita attire who happens to know a badass Russian martial arts! XD

          • Bio_liquid

            That Lolicon fans everywhere will main. :D

            Just saying

  • Bio_liquid

    No Boobs, in a DoA game.

    Something is a miss here O.O

    She’s also.. a Loli.

    Oh well Nice to see a unique addition.

  • Teepo 64

    Hmmm…. Hopefully they will let us know if this will mean a new iteration of DOA5 or if it will be DLC for DOA5U.

  • Wesley Kenneth Houpt Mattingly

    I just nerdgasmed all over my keyboard…

  • Nitraion


    • Afternoon Intergalactic

      Now’s our chance! Let’s get ’em!

  • Strain42

    TeamNinja, here’s some friendly advice.

    Step 1. Make new DOA Volleyball game with all the original characters plus all female characters created since then
    Step 2. Gothic. Lolita. Bikinis.
    Step 3. Go buy yourself an umbrella ’cause you’re gonna need it when it starts RAINING MONEY!!!

  • Amine Hsu Nekuchan

    She’s so adorable…

  • lex

    So they made a DOA version of Lili(TEKKEN)

  • Stranger On The Road

    A loli! I wonder how the western media would react when TN releases customs for her.

  • Mopz

    Then it will be revealed she’s another of Helena’s half-sisters. :P

    Get that goth loli bait on Tecmo~!

  • Vash bane

    hm no P shots XD

    btw what is akira doing there? is there a cross over thingy with DoA and VF?

    O_O alpha? the alpha from 3? their are so many characters here.. and I doubt i’ll be able to play it (natural suck at fighters) that aside whats new with this series? new combo’s ….*see’s kasumi* was that a special attack?

    • Demeanor

      Need to do some catchup, friend? ^ ^ The roster includes 4 VF characters (all awesome), namely Akira, Pai, Sarah and Jackie.
      Go check out the wikis for the full list, despite everyone ranting about sexualization I find the combat system really enjoyable, fast, fresh and different. The rest is a plus. :)

      • Vash bane

        last game I played in the series was 4 years ago (I think which ever one introduced kokoro) and I remember the last boss was killer for me to beat XD.

        thanks for the information :D

    • doubleO7

      Alpha was in DOA4, not 3. She returned in the story of DOA5.

      • Vash bane

        guess i should have mentioned that im not to key on the characters all I remember was there was a boss character that made me rage quit a lot lol

  • TrannyMagic

    I see cute costumes in her future >:DDDDDDDDDDDDD awheeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!

  • Repede91

    I can`t wait to buy all of her costumes! Hope she makes it to the console version too!

  • Cazar

    Gothic Lolita is not the same as Loli guys, calm down.

    • Wappuli

      Sure, being a loli isn’t requirement for gothic lolita-style, but Marie Rose here is still definitely a loli.

      • Cazar

        She’s more adolescent than the other DOA characters for sure, but not what I would consider a true loli. She doesn’t quite have the body type and being 18 alone is enough to break the golden rule of lolidom.

        Loli expert at your service.

        • Wappuli

          While I kinda agree with the appearance part, it could just be because of the games overall style. And if you look at her bio, you’ll see that she’s 147cm and 39kg, smaller than 3 of the 4 main girls from Lucky Star, wich are widely accepted are lolis.
          Wont argue about age, some say it matter while other say it doesn’t. I personally dont think it does.
          For example Komoe Tsukuyomi, she’s an adult according to story, but with that kind of body I’ll say that she’s a loli.

          Another loli “expert” here, wont be needing those servises of yours.

          • Cazar

            As far as style goes, Lucky Star is a greater suspect in that regard than DOA. Their measurements may indicate one thing while the art style portrays another. I wouldn’t consider them lolis myself, I see that as a misinterpretation of the art style. But that’s just my take on it, how you want to evaluate it is up to you.

  • LonelyGamer

    Now, where did i put my Pedobear metal ?

  • raito_89

    A “LOLI” in a Goth Lolita attire?! Yeah sure.

  • Gothic lolita you say? I’m in ^_^

  • I already enjoy lolita styles a lot, and the gosurori will forever be engraved in my heart, so I like her already; but I think also just being introduced to Aikatsu!’s resident vampire and gothic lolita helped how hype I am over this girl.

  • sunK1D

    Now.. knowing Tecmo they will release DoA 5 Ultimate Arcade Edition instead of just releasing her as DLC for folks with DOA5 U already.

    I’m a sucker for DoA so I’d end up buying it anyways but still this getting old.

    • doubleO7

      Well, the reason 5U wasn’t an update was the significant alterations made to the game, especially the netcode. And with all the new characters, stages, and costumes on top of that the filesize would’ve been too large to be practical as a single downloadable update.

      All they seem to be doing to the arcade version so far is adding 1 new character and stage, as well as some roster re-balancing. So they shouldn’t NEED to do another standalone release, but I guess it wouldn’t surprise me if they did…

    • ReidHershel

      They said any other characters will be free DLC, so don’t fret//

  • Yan Zhao

    Team Ninja actually made her quite modest under that skirt. Im more shocked at the fact that she gets no panty shots.

  • ajneez

    wooooowwww!! loli girl! interesting adittion girl like this in DoA!

  • Shippoyasha

    It’s hilarious seeing the overreactions in most corners of the gaming world. Most posters are in support or indifferent, but there’s a few out there condemning the entire Japanese culture or saying this is wrong, ‘sexualization of little girls’, etc etc.

    Honestly, considering DOA only goes as radical as swim-suit level fanservice, it shouldn’t be a big deal either way. But as crazy as it sounds, it seems people are actually offended by bikini level fanservice….

    • Cody

      wtf Shippo, I thought you were smarter than this man. There is a difference between sexualization of adults and of juveniles.

      • Shippoyasha

        She looks borderline juvenile to me. Still comfortably in the young teen territory. And Hitomi and most DOA girls started at around a similar age. Still, even the their ‘riskiest’, she’s still going to be in swimsuit level of fanservice at best. It’s not that big a deal in the end. And who knows? Maybe she’ll have alternative bathing suits and alt costumes like Eliot did.

        • Cody

          Kasumi and Ayane started at that age, and it was WEIRD. As in probably not okay, but everyone was willing to overlook it because the characters looked like either stacks of wobbly polygons or dolls.

          btw: ‘borderline juvenile’ is still creepy.

  • hazelnut1112

    I hope they announce a new Extreme Beach Volleyball…

    • ShawnOtakuSomething

      or dating Sim….



      • that might actually make it a good game.

  • Erena Arisu

    i think i die and gone to heaven. this cant be real.

  • David García Abril

    Like I said, this is SOOOOO gonna get a backlash in Western territories.

    Let’s not kid ourselves. It doesn’t matter that she’s supposed to be 18. She looks like 13. Maybe a couple of years older if you stretch it. And the loli design has the clear intention of making you think about her in that way. People will say that Tecmo just says she’s 18 “to cover their backs, have the cake and eat it too”.

    I’m expecting a lot of snarky comments from sites like Kotaku or Destructoid, maybe a video from Jim Sterling, and a look from disgust in an Anita Sarkeesian video. For starters.

    I personally wouldn’t have that much of a problem is she was dressed in a more practical outfit. The loli outfit could be an alternate costume, but making it the center of her marketing material is gonna hurt the franchise’s reputation even more.

    • Shippoyasha

      To be fair, she’s wearing gothic lolita style which isn’t all that outrageous especially for smaller women to wear in cosplays.

      At the ‘very worst’, this girl is going to have a panty shot. Which is just not a really big deal. While stuff like Corpse Party can come along, kill a bunch of kids brutally with a lot of torture and death screams and everybody is totally fine with that. There’s just something totally off with how in American culture at least, there’s an extreme fetishization of violence and everybody champions that but very mild, very non eventful fanservice and innuendo are suddenly hands off. The way stuff like Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball gets demonized as ‘smut’ is always good for a chuckle, as it’s so damn mild.

      I said it before, but really, games like this are really tame and tends to self censor to the bathing-suit levels. They aren’t much more ‘sexualized’ than the average scene one might come across in a real life beach.

      I can understand if the style of the character doesn’t suit all tastes. That’s fine. But to call this some kind of a huge issue just sounds really hyperbolic to me. Especially considering the likes of clickbait sites like Kotaku, Sarkeesian and the like. They really don’t deserve more attention than what they brew for themselves.

    • zferolie

      Um… Why would Jim be upset, and Anita give it a look of disgust? Just because she looks young? She isn’t pushing woman back 20 years, being shown sexually at all(at least I don’t think so. Maybe a panty shot here or there, but in that outfit it’s going to happen.), or being lol loli. She is wearing a style of dress called gothic lolita, so?

      I don’t see how this is anywhere near as bad as brutally killing people in CoD, robbing banks, racist remarks, and fucking hookers and killing them in GTA. But give a girl a gothic lolita dress and make her look a little young SCANDAL GET TEAM NINJA FIRED CALL THE WHITE HOUSE!.

      The only people who are going to cry and complain over this are people just trying to find something to cry and complain about.

      • Göran Isacson

        OR people who want to misrepresent people who have legitimate grievances with sexism. The kind of people who claims anyone who mentions sexism is the type to complain at the drop of a hat and how they should just “relax” and “take a joke” and “lie down and accept it”, etc.

        Not that I’m sure why I’m bringing that up, because we CERTAINLY don’t have any one like that here at Siliconera :)

        NOT AT ALL.

        • zferolie

          If you are talking about me, I have legit issues with sexisim myself. However, I just don’t think DoA is that Sexist. Shameless? yes. Explotive at times? yes. Over sexualizes woman at times? Yes. However, I don’t think that in itself is sexist. If the women were nothing but fap material, useless, only meant to make the men look better, then yes, it would be sexist. But most of the time the WOMEN are stronger then the men. And it’s not like in some anime where there are strong women but they need a normal man to make them whole. No, these are strong woman of their own right.

          I will be the first one to cry out actual sexisim, because I want to see games treat woman right. And before you say anything, the volleyball games go too far, but this is the fighting games.

          Also, I always love playing as little girl characters in fighting games(Roll, ect) because I love to see a little girl beat the crap out of a huge man. It’s amusing.

          • Shippoyasha

            I don’t agree with you on the Volleyball game going too far. If you played it, you’d know that the game’s premise is about a man getting pussywhipped to bring all the girls to the island to show off for his girlfriend. That’s pretty much the context of the games. And the girls are treated fine (they’re treated like royalty really) in the Volleyball titles. There’s nothing insidious or wrong with games prominently featuring female sexuality. It’s all in good, playful fun.

          • zferolie

            I’ll admit I didn’t fully play the volleyball games, so if that is true, great. I just know the commercials… well, didn’t make it look that way :p

            As long as the girls are more then just sex objects and they are presented like real people, then sure, it’s good.

          • Shippoyasha

            To be fair, the girls are kind of like sex objects to a degree, but only because the characters are supposed to be relaxing and on a vacation, just in their element and being appreciated as sexy girls. I think the ‘objectification’ word gets vilified a tad too much. Especially in this case, for once the girls aren’t in a tournament and risking their lives fighting for once. The fanservicey spinoff doesn’t really negate the characters’ backstory for example or their personal quirks (kind of how a cameo appareance by a character doesn’t negate the back history of the said character in many Capcom’s spinoff titles featuring Street Fighter characters like Puzzle Fighter). Though I wouldn’t mind more character dialogue and story even in the Volleyball series. But I don’t think it’s really meant to be an insidious type of game. It just feels too fluffy and lighthearted for it to be that.

          • Göran Isacson

            Nah, not talking about you actually. Just saying that I see that kinda attitude a lot around here, and I love poking that particular self-righteous beehive.

        • Shippoyasha

          I’m not afraid to say it. People SHOULD relax with every discussion of sexism turning into something hyperbolic and extremely toxic. It has nothing to do with ‘lying down and accepting it’ as you put it. It’s about discussing things rationally and with some benefit of the doubt given to the creators and their intent instead of blowing everything up into some over the top controversy. Grievances with sexism is one thing, but so much of it is ridiculously misplaced in the context of gaming culture in how big a deal it is. Yes, ‘relaxing’ about it is a fair route to take in all this.

          Unless games and their creators are making explicit statements about how men/women are supposed to behave or be treated in real life, a lot of it is over the top conjecture. It gets worse when these ‘legitimate criticism’ never take into account the creators’ will. A lot of it bulldozes over context as well.

          Speaking ‘outrage at the drop of a hat’, that’s precisely what’s happening here just because the character is young looking. THE CHARACTER IS NOT EVEN OUT YET.

          • Göran Isacson

            But the thing is… I see more people here defending this character than attacking her, despite the fact that there isn’t even any large vocal outcry against her yet. I also see a lot of people defending fanservice games, speaking of fanservice games in very icky terms, and generally acting like creepers in the comments.

            On the one hand, I get that nobody likes being told they’re bad people. But a lot of stuff in video games these days DOES have sexism in it, and most of the comments I see from people here ARE dismissing those accusations not because the people complaining are wrong, but becayse they don’t want to hear the arguments. “Why can’t we have our fanservice”, they cry out? Well, they have had their fanservice and had it gone unquestioned for too long, I say. I’m not even calling for censorship, hell I even liked Dead or Alive 5, silly and badly written as it was. I just want people to stop acting like people rolling their eyes at and questioning the prevalence of fanservice in many modern games is this huge affront against them, that it’s making them the persecuted and that these people are turning the discussion “toxic”. Becayse they’re not. The creepers just need thicker skins.

    • J_Joestar

      kinda funny that the other girls had to have their ages hidden in the past because they were actually underage though looked nothing like it. (just like Senran Kagura is doing now too IIRC)
      Then you have girls that actually look underage but are given a higher age.

  • evilmajikman

    Eh… this doesn’t fit with DOA’s style. Pretty disappointed Team Ninja. Was hoping for something cool, like Irene or Kage from Virtua Fighter. :/

    Well… at least I have a new punching bag for training mode.

  • ivanchu77

    Lolis make everything better :3

    • Đặng Tấn Đức

      What’s better than a loli?
      A legal one.

  • Misty Dawson

    R-Rachel? Is.. that you?

  • MrJechgo

    Kind of an odd choice for a game about an international fighting tournament.
    Either they wanted to get a different kind of players, or they were looking for a character without boob physics.

    • J_Joestar

      well it just reels in another specific crowd to the game…

  • KazukiNanbu

    a loli character in DOA????…..i don’t know what to say…..
    ……is this a good thing or a bad thing?

    • doubleO7

      That depends. Do you want it to be a good thing?

  • Göran Isacson

    … Weeell Marie is not an uncommon Swedish name, but Rose? Maybe it’s a stage name… or maybe they meant to name her “Marie-Louise” which is a Nordic name but things got messed up in transitionnnn ahahahahahaha OH MY GOD some Swedish person was the one who issued a complaint about the “photography feature” so Bergsala wouldn’t import the game in Sweden. Oh My God. I have a feeling this is some stealth joke at our expense, and that instantly makes this character that much more hilarious to me. Her actually being 18 may also be part of that joke… somehow. Though man I do not know many Swedish girls who are either maids, OR look like that at eighteen. Viking women grow up well, ‘s all I’m saying.

    Although a little girl using “Systema” still strikes me as weeiird and kind of against DOA’s spirit. Maybe Bayman is her teacher?

  • Mordina

    Wow, she’s from Sweden just as I am?! And she loves Princess Cake… just as I do O.o Also, Marie is my middle name!

    • leingod

      Maybe the character’s based on you?

      • Mordina

        Hahah, that would be pretty swell if true!

    • tarbis

      The more pressing question is. Are you Lolita too? XD

      • Mordina

        Hahah, well I used to be into that fashion actually! But most of my collection is sold now :P

  • fairysun

    Marie Rose has the body of the actual 18 years old girl.
    Kasumi, Ayane, hmmmm, they don’t.

    • leingod

      I’ve actually known 18 year old (or even younger) girls with bodies like Kasumi and Ayane’s… but they’re not in the majority. Marie Rose looks like she’s on the 14-16 range, though.

  • Damn, there’s a lot of characters in this game. o_o

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    Swedish Gothic Lolita……I think I’m in Love

  • Arizato

    So we have this Marie, Petra Johanna Lagerkvist from Arcana Heart 3 and Lars from Tekken. Are there any other swedish characters that I missed? I am from Sweden and I approve of this character!

    • CayenneGaramonde

      There’s also a very obscure one; Olof from Matrimelee.

  • DarthSithZero

    Then: COME on Tecmo Release it for consoles

    • psycho_bandaid

      too much truth. I will admit this describes my thought process perfectly.

      Tecmo: “Say it!”
      Me (kneeling): “…Please bring the loli girl to consoles. I will even buy the cheerleader costumes as tribute.”

  • Sergio Briceño

    Well… She told you herself not to understimate her for ther little size… So there, you were warned Helena…

  • leingod

    A petite girl in DOA? That’s actually… new :O

  • Callonia

    Oh my god I thought I was bored with DOA series, but that new character makes me wanna play again :O

  • Crimson_Cloud

    W-woah, a loli and a goth one at that!? Nice! ˇˇ

  • Needs moar eye shadow

  • Loli Summoner

    Shes cute.Every anime freak is gonna use her,even if she sucks,they still gonna use her, just how I use elliot.

  • Oni.

    I bet she’ll be a cheap oddjob-like character where high kicks and punches go over her head.

  • brian

    That’s pretty odd, seeing as I tried doing Systema once because it was just after Aikido class.
    And she is pretty cute.

  • Kudan

    I suddenly feel out of place guys… she’s cute but come on.

  • Some how i think they’ll still find a way to get the physics in there :P

    LOVING this though.

  • Istillduno

    Rachel alucard seems a little lost there.

  • Arrngrim

    *chuckles* Okay, okay….DOA:X3 with THIS character? Hmmmm…that might be an import onry. (~.~);

  • Brandonmkii

    And suddenly, I have interest in this game.

  • Demeanor

    I’ve seen a mirror match of MR posted on YT and these are my impressions:
    – she’s absurdly cute in motion
    – her fighting style is a mix between efficient punching and kicking (direct fists, spin kicks, direct kicks with the weight of the body behind them), loli antics XD (walking away uninterested, spinning in place, butt-strikes XD), a chunk of Lili’s moveset (GOD YES, she’s got the rabbit step, acrobatic throws where she climbs/cartwheels/somersaults/launches herself over the opponent, her frontal circular kick (2,4), the d3 low kick, the slaps) and some Alisa elements as well (the neutral stance, the steps, some punches and kicks, the spinning)
    – she can do the tatsumaki-senpuu-kyaku. No, seriously XD
    – she’s got quite a number of expert holds, à-la-Lei Fang
    – I think she’s got a special, short stance where she spins in place. Also, she seems to have quite a number of moves available when facing backwards.
    – her alternate costume was like a bunny girl attire but without the bunny parts (ears and tail).
    Let’s see if I can find the video again, to link it…
    EDIT: here it is, enjoy!!! YT video = evS961DhWUM

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