Senran Kagura Burst: A Wardrobe Malfunction Of Epic Proportions

By Jack . November 18, 2013 . 11:31am

The Senran Kagura series has built up some notoriety due to its hyper-sexualized character designs. I’ve always wondered if sexuality was solely what defined the series, or if there was a decent game hidden beneath all the smut. Senran Kagura Burst was my chance to find out, as it marks the first of these games to be brought to western shores, courtesy of Xseed. For the uninitiated, Senran Kagura Burst is a side-scrolling beat-em-up that features light RPG elements and a wealth of fanservice.


Senran Kagura Burst revolves around two warring factions of ninja high school students—the good ninjas attending Hanzo academy and the evil ones attending Hebijo. I fully expected story to not be one of the game’s strong suits, and my expectations were not subverted. Glimpses into potentially interesting back stories and motivations occasionally pop up, but they all too easily get lost in a shuffle of breast groping jokes and friendship speeches.


Really, the only reason I even mention the story is because it’s pushed so aggressively in the game. I felt like I was being crushed under a wall of text between missions, as the game adopts a visual novel style in order to tell its tale. It feels out of place, like the plot is aspiring for something meaningful, but it ends up being an awkward blend of ninja-themed melodrama and sex jokes. That said, on a slightly more positive note, while I hesitate to say that it gets better, the story at the very least becomes more focused and engaging as the game goes on.


That’s only if you last that long, though, as Senran Kagura Burst can easily become a slog to play. To be fair, it’s a beat-em-up, which is a genre built on knocking down repetitious waves of bad guys. However, I consider myself to be somewhat of a beat-em-up enthusiast and I’m generally looking for three things in a good entry to the genre: a decent challenge, a variety of moves, and an enjoyable feel to the game.


Playing Senran Kagura Burst does not feel good, though. For starters, the framerate is incredibly choppy. I wouldn’t say that it ruins how the game plays, but it makes the experience feel a lot clunkier than it should. The game stutters all over the place: in combat, in cutscenes, and even in the ninja school hub area where nothing is going on.


Furthermore, the game is on a 3D plane but lacks good mobility to attack up or down. I ended up experiencing the common beat-em-up problem of trying to line myself up with the enemy in a desperate attempt to hit them. One would think that the stereoscopic 3D depth slider of the 3DS could help with this problem, but surprisingly the 3D is shut off entirely for combat sections.


A slight annoyance to hitting enemies is almost welcome, though, as the game isn’t difficult at all, aside from that. After about one level of practice I was cutting down waves of enemies, barely paying attention and receiving A ranks for my indifference. Taking damage feels like a minor inconvenience, and the only time I truly felt challenged was when I encountered a boss fight that would simply ignore my attacks and wipe me out. My issue turned out to be that I was pressing Y for physical attacks, which were ineffective for this boss, when I should have been pounding the X button to fire projectiles instead. Strategies for success never really got more complicated than that.


The lack of difficulty mostly comes from the underwhelming assortment of enemies. Opponents attack in massive mobs, but rather than adding tension to the combat, this serves only to blend everything together in a smear of flashing lights and flying bodies. There are multiple types of enemies like rookie ninjas, massive schoolgirls, and, for some reason, snakes, but it’s all the same when I can trap everything in a flurry of button mashing.


I’m not saying that I’m button mashing like this is my first video game either, but rather that the game’s combo system is very limited. Almost all of my assaults involved chaining the Y and X buttons together, with the main goal being to launch enemies into the air for extended damage. It’s initially fun to look at and perform, but the reality that doing this combo repeatedly would sum up my entire experience set in rapidly.


My biggest gripe with the combat is that playing optimally gets boring quickly. Once I figured out a good attack chain, the only incentive to messing around was curbing the monotony. Every good combo will involve catching the enemies in a flurry of Y buttons, launching them into the air, and driving them down back down with X when I was done destroying the laws of physics. Unlockable moves can mix things up, as the X and Y combo chains grow larger as character levels up, and special attacks can clear the screen of enemies. Neither of these options really works to make the game more enjoyable, however. In fact, all they do is make a fairly easy game even easier. They are convenient ways to cap off a large combo, but do little in the way of adding depth for what ultimately amounts to a shallow experience.


All of the problems with the story and combat make sense, though, as they aren’t what the game is truly about. No, Senran Kagura Burst is really about the visual spectacle of 3D breasts being shoved in your face. Every one of the female characters is crafted in over-the-top detail in full expectation of being ogled by the player. It becomes clear pretty quickly that the character models are where most of the effort was focused, and the rest of the game suffers for it.


It’s hard to like the game when it’s so fundamentally flawed. The story is lacking, the combat is dull, and the dipping frame rate serves as a constant reminder that the entire game is merely a framework being used to convey panty shots. Remember when I mentioned that the 3D effect was shut off during combat, making enemies occasionally hard to hit? That wasn’t entirely true—the 3D effect activates for mid-battle animations where either your ninja’s or the enemy’s clothes are ripped off, featuring camera zoom-ins on the conveniently affected areas. This pretty much sums up the design process for Senran Kagura Burst: boobs first, everything else later.


While I don’t think there’s necessarily anything wrong with an erotic art style or focus on graphics, I do believe that the game has been damaged as a result. Some people enjoy the character designs, I know for a fact the designers who made the game do, and I respect that. Personally, I think they get in the way of having a respectable plot featuring betrayal and tragic back stories like the one this game bafflingly tries to tell. In the combat sections, so many little things could have been improved that it’s maddening to think all of the resources went into 3D jiggle physics instead.


I just can’t see Senran Kagura Burst holding anyone’s attention for long. It feels half-baked, which is odd, considering that Burst is a re-release of the original game in Japan, with a lot of added content and so-called “improvements” to the original.


Food for thought:


1. In addition to the main game, there is also a secondary story starring the evil Hebijo clan ninjas. It serves as a prequel/parallel story, adding more playable characters and missions. I didn’t find it added much diversity to the experience, but this is just one example of Burst being absolutely stuffed with content. If you have the endurance for it.


2. Both stories feature multiple playable characters, which all have their own animations and attack properties. I appreciate the effort, but no matter which ninja I tried, I felt like I was essentially doing the same thing with a new coat of paint.


3. As one might expect from a game like this, it comes with a “Dress Room” mode that allows you to view all of the character models for… research. This lets you dress them up in unlockable outfits and accessories that appear throughout the rest of the game, which gives a nice sense of customizability.


4. Missions are broken up by visits to a hub world that allow you to speak with your fellow ninja classmates. While I never particularly cared about what they had to say, some of the conversations can be amusingly meta. Although it gets a little weird when the girls are giving me tips for checking out up-skirts in the Dress Room.


5. I will say that I enjoyed the soundtrack, and it’s probably the game’s strongest aspect.

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  • Xaltmas


    That is all.

    • ReidHershel

      How many accounts do you have?

      • Xaltmas

        Just one. I deleted my old one because reasons.

        • ddh819

          i hate when that happens

        • ReidHershel

          I like the one better, Kirr Ra Kirr~

    • CptPokerface

      That’s basically the summary of this entire review.

      • Except that it’s hard to say whither he means that in a negative or a positive way XD Still would have been a better review though, imo…lol

  • Genjo

    the game is NOT for everyone its for people who enjoys both ecchiness & gameplay i own copy of it (download it from eshop) and enjoy every bit of it!

    • Herok♞

      But this review just said that the gameplay was really flawed…

      • Genjo

        flawed or not it depends what the people like or not it could be crappiest game on the world and some people still like it

      • J_Joestar

        Even gameplay preferences can differ between people.
        One man’s “repetitive” can be another’s “Fun & Challenging” gameplay.

      • Leon_Tekashi

        Dude, just because Jack said he thinks the gameplay is really flawed doesn’t mean other people will think the same thing. It’s all about opinions and preferences. I suggest playing it for yourself to really judge it. That’s just my opinion of course.

      • Kumiko Akimoto

        It is flawed compared to shinovi versus, but it’s not so bad that you want to stop playing because the gameplay is frustrating.It’s just underpolished

  • DesmaX

    wow thats so surprising

  • Kaijumaster

    I knew what I was getting going in and was not disappointed.
    What I feel needs to be emphasized, is that this one of the first….if not THE FIRST game to get an eShop only release from an incredibly NICHE’ titles that otherwise would not have been localized. for that reason alone I supported this game and hope it might lead to something like “Attack on Titan” getting localized.

  • Masa

    terrible game as expected, was hoping it would be a good game.

    • wyrdwad

      Please don’t take this person’s word as gospel, sight unseen. If you read other reviews — both user and critic — you’ll find that there are plenty of other people enjoying the game quite a bit. Personally, I disagree with much of this review, as I found the story surprisingly engaging (I rather enjoyed the novel scenes!), the characters well-developed, and the gameplay simple yet addictive.

      I’ll give Jack credit, though: at least he’s not just saying “game is sexist, therefore it’s bad.” I disagree with these impressions, but I respect that the man did his best to analyze the game on every level and give his honest opinion of it.

      But in the end, please remember that it is merely one man’s opinion. You may very well disagree with him, as many others have.

      • idrawrobots

        I too, rather like the “Visual Novel” sections. My only complaint would be if I played in shorter spurts like on a train, I would rather those section be listed separately from the fighting missions.

      • Odin

        It’s not a bad game, just a fairly mediocre one. This was one of those series that sold on fanservice alone. But then again, Tamsoft isn’t known for their quality “gameplay” :P

        It’s like Oneechanbara in that regard, nice looking, fairly shallow. And somehow you’re still tricked into buying it because of its’ quirkiness. I know I should have backed down since the original JP release on 3DS. Even bought into the sequel. Third times the charm, learned my lesson. Didn’t bother with the Vita version going forward and moved onto other games.

      • I think you owe it to yourself to let people know you work at Xseed when you make comments like this, Tom. I’m not accusing you of trying to hide it or anything. I just think it may have slipped your mind, since most people on the Ys forums know you by this username. That isn’t the case on Siliconera, though. :)

        • wyrdwad

          I didn’t think it was relevant in this case, since I’m not speaking as an XSEED representative but rather as a fan of the game, and I don’t want people to think I’m commenting solely because of where I work. I’m commenting both because I legitimately enjoy the game (and would regardless of my affiliation with it), and also because I hate when people dismiss a game entirely based on one person’s review.

          • @MoriyaMug:disqus @wyrdwad:disqus Fair enough, guys. I mean, that’s why we don’t do review scores, you know? Who are we to give something a 4 or 8 or 9 out of 10? My comment to Tom was just in the interest of full disclosure, nothing more.

        • MoriyaMug

          Well, I translated the game, and was hired as a complete neophyte to the franchise. I had to play the game and also watched the anime as a means of familiarizing myself with it. By the time all was said and done, I actually came to kind of like the characters (though the Hebijo storyline IS much better, I think). I do agree that the game is rather on the shallow side, it does open up more as your characters level up. Not exactly a system-seller, by any means, but it’s not what I’d call a “bad game.”

          • FlyingPony

            Thank you, and I mean it from my heart.

        • Leon_Tekashi

          I second this motion. It would be easier for people know who’s who secretly. lol

      • Leon_Tekashi

        Oh crap! Hi Tom! *waves*

      • FlyingPony

        Thank you. I agree with that type of attitude of yours, a bad game for a person can be an enjoyable experience for other.

        I for one really like Senra Kagura, and the plot especially interesting to indulge .

  • CptPokerface

    Can’t say that I’m surprised. The only REAL draw to this game was the fan service. There a far better side-scroller rpg/beat-em’ up’s out there anyways( Castle Crashers, Dragon’s Crown, etc).

    Kinda weird that they all have virtually the same exact body with just different faces. I mean heck, if you’re gonna go for fanservice at least cover your bases. People like a nice butt too, after all. Oh well.

    • idrawrobots

      I would like to see future games with women with all different size breasts and butts.

      • CptPokerface

        Yeah. I mean if you’re gonna roll the dice and place all your bets on the fanservice selling the game, make sure you cover as many different fetishes as reasonably possible. Never did see much point in having games/anime/manga like this and all the girls just have the same body.

        • Misty Dawson

          the girls on the rival school’s side have varying body types. hell, one of them is a lolita body type. mirai’s size isnt all too large either.

      • FlyingPony

        I don’t have any problem with that..

    • lol, unfortunately it seems most Japanese artists rarely put much work into butts, don’t they? I actually think that as far as 3D models go in games, Soul Calibur 4 has had the most variety when it comes to character bodies so far…

      But in defense of SK, the director of the game himself said that the biggest emphasis of these two games was big boobs and nothing else XD I think he actually said that he wanted to focus more on butts too in Versus for the Vita… in fact he seemed to want more variety in the bodies over all since there’s some smaller busts in that game (blasphemy! XD how’s he gonna spread his Word of Oppai that way?)

      • CptPokerface

        Lol well..I’m sure there are others just begging to carry the torch. Only reason i’m even checking this review out was because I saw it on the eShop and had to do a double take. My friend was also hyping it up..should have known it was some fanservice business when he said ” ninja girls” and “high school” in the same sentence.

        Not my preference but hey, it’s here for those that want it.

  • idrawrobots

    This game makes me feel bad for ogling the ladies. But gameplay wise I freaking love this game. It has even made me try the show out again.

  • I have yet to beat the JPN version cause of the absolutely tedious setup of doing every friggin mission with every character in both normal and underwear modes(and because VS is just a lot better ww)…but other than that I always thought the game was fun enough. The missions are fast paced, perfect for short sessions especially when you’re not at home, the music is neat and the characters surprisingly well developed, with lots of background story which is quite more serious than one might think at first.

    Also the “evil” side story is SO MUCH better, I actually felt it added a whole lot to the setting, they have much better chemistry and much more interesting personalities~

    • British_Otaku

      Agreed that Hebijo are much more interesting, I wouldn’t had cared much if I only played Senran Kagura SnS, but their interactions, stages and enemies are much more enjoyable.

  • PersonaSpace

    While I am enjoying Burst on the 3DS, I went back and played some SV on my Vita and it is a much more polished game. I hope XSEED is confident to bring over SV after the experience with Burst. Both games are worth playing if you love a mindless beat em up like I do.

    • AlteisenX

      I sent them a tweet nudging them towards it with a “hope Burst sells well enough to warrant your interest on the vita game” I am especially hyped after seeing some of the weapons in the other game. The bucket I need to see in action. Others should do the same to increase odds :D

      • Leon_Tekashi

        From what I’ve been seeing all over. People mostly like it so we’ll probably be getting it maybe next year around this time.

        • Danniedino

          i really hope so. i hear the vita game is even better. :D

          • Kornelious

            The Vita is pretty big on downloadable games, and with all the hype it SHOULD be selling well. So hopefully, we’ll see a downloadable version stateside :)

      • fyi1191

        And what would fans with 3DS only think?
        Buying a VITA just for one game is a big “NO WAY” for many.

        • Brandon Hunt

          I bought a Vita just for Persona 4 Golden, then Murmasa Rebirth, Dragons Crown, Tearaway, Curry God, I sold my other consoles kept my 3ds, PS3 and Vita. I havent looked back mobile titles are the place for niche and strange. I love the indie support Vita is getting too. I for one am glad I have both the Vita and 3DS.

    • benhofb

      I follow one of the people working for XSEED on Tumblr (She goes by the name Hatsuu) and I’ve seen her talk a couple of times to people there saying that she is definitely sure XSEED will look into Versus as long as Burst sells well. So I hope it is just a matter of time before we hear an announcement, heh.
      Edit: Corrected. Thanks idrawrobots

      • idrawrobots

        Hatsuu is a woman.

        • benhofb

          OH SHIT. Oops. I totally didn’t know that.

    • Speedo Redempteur

      I agree with personaSpace.

      The vita versionis supperior by the framerate and the number of options Xseed should localise it.

      But at least one thing is true ,those SK games are really packed with content!

  • Brimfyre

    Yeah, I don’t agree with this review at all. I also think it is pointless, insulting, and a waste of everyone’s time to even attempt to review games like this.

    The people who want this game, knew well in advance what it was and were going to buy it regardless.

    I am loving the game, but I had no expectations going in that this game would just blow my socks off. The part of me that likes these games, also likes Suda 51 games. Yes it is super repetitive, but once you actually learn how to play the game, unlike the reviewer of this article, it is challenging and rewarding.

    Plus, you play it for the unlocks, mostly the pictures, which the challenge to unlock them can be insane. You really have to learn how to play the game correctly and get A Rankings on everything.

    It’s a handheld game and it is perfect for killing time, and you get a good sense of reward for your efforts. the same reason I keep playing Dragon’s Crown set of 9 stages over and over and over again.

    It’s done by the guy who did Half Minute Hero, and fans of that game will like going into Lunatic Mode, as it has the same super fast, kill everything quickly, game play. That has been my favorite part of the game so far.

    And you really did an injustice to the characters and story. I’d almost argue this is a Visual Novel before anything else, and while the story won’t win any awards, the characters are all rich and interesting with great motivations. The anime, which I only watched 5 episodes of, did a piss poor job of characterization compared to the game. Most people will like and care about each character and why they fight. It’s fun and light hearted, but these are fully developed characters, not just eye candy.

    • idrawrobots

      I agree with you on the game. It’s amazing. But I would not say that there is no reason to review a game like this. There maybe some people on the fence and still need something more tactile than video of the game being played to truly know if they, themselves would enjoy playing it.

      • Leon_Tekashi

        It’s one of those games to play for yourself than to rely on reviews. Personally, I really enjoyed it and I will be looking forward to the sequel.

      • Shippoyasha

        I’m frankly disappointed that the reviewer just seems to hold some weird grudge against innocuous sexual fun and calls it ‘smut’ (it’s really not that risque at all considering the girls never do anything truly smutty other than maybe a girl fondling another girl or making silly sexual jokes. It never really goes into a true sexual territory for real) and says the gameplay is somehow weighed down by the sexual elements. I don’t think I can agree with that at all. For one, the game was built from the ground up to be fanservice minded and I feel they actually gave each and every girl pretty fascinating (sometimes even tragic) backstories and the story progression was pretty interesting to me. Secondly, the action doesn’t feel that awkward at all to me. Could it have been better action-wise? Sure, but I feel they have already made positive strides in Shinovi Versus on the Vita and there’s room to grow.

        And again, I don’t really know why the sexual nature of the game has to be put up against a corner like this.

        Another thing to add is that the framerate drops may be attributable to the quality of the memory card as there’s been reports of the game running much smoother depending on which memory card you use. Which brings to me my one HUGE gripe with this release in that it’s not in physical form. A physical release would have meant performance would be smooth for everyone, not having the graphics chug along if the player doesn’t have the best memory card.

    • hospitalbills .

      I like this review better, I wonder why that is? UDONTKNOW
      “JACK”SHI*T. I think you wasted all that time typing about Senran kagura Burst JACK, i hope u read this, because i just scrolled down ur crap and read more better inspiring reviews there ur crap.

    • I think I’m gonna have to disagree heavily with your first paragraph there. Sharing opinions and discussing this game is hardly insulting or a waste of time. Why would you post yours if that was the case, you know?

      What I’m getting from this is you weren’t looking for much, and that’s fine. I think we can safely disagree on whether it aspiring for much or not is a good thing. $30 is a pretty heft price tag for that in my opinion, but it’s not up to me whether you think it’s worth that or not. I’m just sharing my opinion while laying out how the game works.

      • Brimfyre

        I wasn’t looking for the next Legend of Zelda or Mass Effect is what I meant. It is fully worth the $30.

        Edit: I agree discussions are great to have about video games. Having one opinion called a review and placed higher than others in an antiquated practice that should have died out when the Internet was created. To be fair I think all Professional Reviews are garbage, when we have access to millions of other opinions from other people into the same form of entertainment.

        Roger Ebert was a dying breed and the whole practice of reviewing entertainment should have died with him.

        • Not ALL professionally published reviews are bad now a days but I do agree that a vast majority of them are.

          I don’t think the review stuff should die though, I don’t think it is right to drag Ebert into this with such disdain either…

          • Brimfyre

            What I mean is Roger Ebert was a Professional critic. That’s all he did and he did it well, but he was from a time where the only way people had to learn about movies was from newspaper and TV. Those days are long gone. The idea we turn to certain individuals to criticize our entertainment is mind boggling. People get PAID to bitch or praise? Something all of us are fully capable of doing, and do frequently on message boards and forums.

            User reviews are fine, as it puts everyone on the same level.

            Jack is a good writer, and this IS a good well thought out and well written review. I’m not criticizing him. I’m saying the entire act of reviewing needs to go bye-bye. He’s reviewing a niche title on a niche video game site. Who exactly is this review for? If you come to Siliconera, and you have heard of Senran Kagura, you don’t need this review. No one does.

            What I truly do not understand is how video game sites have such a marriage between reviews and news. I love Siliconera. It’s my favorite gaming site, hands down. I have never once come here for a review or had a review influence my buying habits one bit. I know I am only speaking for myself, but I would really like to see who actually bases their decisions on reviews.

            Why does this site feel the need to have reviews? I don’t get it. Just give me the news, shed light on Japanese games that aren’t getting attention. There are a billion other bigger gaming sites that have reviews. Let them do that. This site doesn’t need them.

          • I don’t think you understand what you’re even upset about

        • A review is only as high on a pedestal as each individual put them to be; the same could be said about any customer feedback.

        • I kinda agree about your stance on reviews… I’d prefer to just read unbiased, “just the facts”, but spoiler-free (as much as possible) synopsis of a movie/novel/game rather than get the opinion of someone I don’t even know. I’d say that there’s some merit an educated opinion, but unless you check up on the reviewer you don’t know just how much “education” backs up that review. At best you can just find a reviewer that you tend to find yourself agreeing with about games and put some stock into more opinions from that reviewer…

          Even getting rid of the rating system doesn’t completely help, imo. I actually was thinking after this “ok, so he clearly doesn’t like it, but just how bad does he think it is? Maybe not as bad as it seems? maybe he really thinks it’s mediocre but not horrible?” Then I suddenly felt like I needed a score XD (yes, this scares me) but I’m ultimately probably better off not knowing… lol

      • Kumiko Akimoto

        There are plenty of big production games worth more then this and not worth the 60 dollar price tag they slap on it

        • I’ll agree with that.

    • Masa


  • TheExile285

    Well I am enjoying the game. About 6 hours in just on the Hanzo side and Kat & Ikuraga are my favorite characters so far.

    • Leon_Tekashi

      Here here! Although. Top favorite for the Hanzo group is Katsuragi, while top favorite for Hebijo is Yomi. Can’t get enough of the sometimes sexual harassment and the bean sprouts. lol

    • idrawrobots

      My favorites are Yagyu and Kat, I have put just about as much time into the Hanzo side as you have.

    • Shippoyasha

      I have to say my fave is Hibari considering that she’s cute, demure and surprisingly has a pretty dark past and seems to be one of the central characters in the story. Plus, playing as her is like playing the game on the hardest difficulty. The challenge is quite nice, though apparently Hibari can cancel her aerial moves to do near-infinite attacks on enemies. Very high learning curve with her style.

  • Sentsuizan_93

    Just waiting for this to reach Europe…..
    I’ll try for myself and see how it is.

    • TheExile285

      Make sure you post pics of the box to Twitter to :V

      • Sentsuizan_93

        Will do. ^_^

  • Landale

    I can’t help but notice bits and pieces of the gameplay commentary match up to one or two characters each, but not the entire selection. Most noticeably the Y/X Physical/Projectile thing. That’s Yagyu and no one else. Some of the other characters may have projectiles, Mirai most obviously, but none that can be done simply with X mashing.

    • I used that as one example, but the base combo gameplay works the same with that character regardless. I didn’t mean to imply they all had projectiles, sorry if that’s what it came across as. I just wanted to point out that specific scene because it was the only one that deviated from the norm.

      • Chris Yuen

        well, if you are talking about a Yagyu vs Mirai battle, you could have just normal or air-dashed over to her to stun her with your normal blows. What you are talking about is the shield that bosses sometime deploy (which be be smashed pretty quickly via a hidden ninpo or long weak chains or strong attacks)

        Purely spamming Yagyu’s projectile is just a lazy way of doing it. Some of the later stages are hard to clear on Frantic mode alone, as you can get killed pretty much in one to three hits, so it’s not just spamming the same thing over and over again.

        • Yeah, and I understood that later. The way easier way was for me just to mash a different button though, and my point with that is to say that there was very little reason to mix up my battle plan when I played through the game.

          • Brimfyre

            I’m guessing you didn’t play any of the 5 star missions then?

          • I dunno, I completed both of the stories. Do optional missions suddenly forgive the entire rest of the game I played? I’m fully willing to admit I didn’t do everything.

          • J_Joestar

            I think the difference there is like if you were Playing Pokemon but act as if there are no deeper mechanics to the game just because you can just use your starter and route 1 stuff to beat the game if you just leveled them enough to do so.

          • I do think the main game in Pokemon being really easy is a problem as well, to be fair. :) But I also think Pokemon has a lot more to offer to make up for it.

          • Landale

            I’d compare it more to just going through and beating the Elite Four and ending there, than just route 1.
            The side missions are more difficult than the main ones, not excessively so aside from one or two but still noticeably more, enough where the minor quirks among the characters start to stand out more, than the story missions.

          • J_Joestar

            i mean, beating the game (elite four & Champion) using only Pokemon found early on (with route 1 as an example), then ignoring online or Battle Maison that would require a deeper understanding of the game’s battle mechanics to enjoy.

          • Landale

            Picked up on that after I replied. Didn’t quite read it right.

      • Landale

        Just pointing out that the wording fails to indicate that it’s specific to a character. The core mechanics are the same among the characters, but exactly how they play changes. Some characters the differences are largely whether they’re better on the ground or in the air or how long or wide their attack areas are, but then there’s Mirai and Hibari.

        Mirai won’t get anywhere if you’re not paying attention, barely any health and hardly any sweeping area abilties, you need to react quickly and line the shots up well, or time her counter attacks, a mechanic the other characters don’t seem to have. Her combos also switch frequently between X and Y, where as other characters once you switch from one to the other that’s usually finishing the combo. You’re not playing a side scrolling brawler with her, you’re playing a side scrolling shooter, right down to the quick deaths if you let stuff touch you.

        Hibari is absolutely miserable to play as if you try to use her like the other characters. She has combo chains and aerial raves like anyone else, but they’re almost all terrible and a sure way to get wrecked. She excels with jumping, Y to bounce around on the enemies, X, not Down+X by the way, to rain death down. When jump attacks won’t work well, she’s better off dash canceling basic attacks rather than trying for combos.

        • I won’t deny that you can play them differently, but my main point is I didn’t really need to. I played as both Hibari and Mirai and did just fine with my usual strategies, and got pretty good rankings most of the time to boot. Maybe I’m just playing so wrong that things turn out right? I don’t know, but I didn’t find either character throwing the game for too much a curveball.

          • Landale

            I do question the barely paying attention bit then. It’s pretty easy for the ninjas that drop out of the sky, indicated simply by a small dot on the ground prior, or random off screen projectiles and explosives to disrupt your combos and let you get torn up a bit.
            Now, I’m not saying the game is difficult or anything, nor am I denying that most of the characters are incredibly similar in gameplay. It’s just that unless you’re overleveling, which is really easy for the Hanzo girls, Hebijo girls seem to level a lot slower, not all of the characters allow you to not pay attention and rank well.

  • Danniedino

    i have to disagree with the review. i find this game pretty fun. love hack n’ slash, and i agree that everyone knew what this game was aiming for and what it’s about, so playing it you pretty much know what to expect, no use in complaining or giving negative feed if you havn’t tried it or it isn’t your genre. many of us really do like the game (meeeeeee) and enjoy getting to play it. plus playing for unlocks is the biggest part of this game which is fun on it’s own :D

    • The thing is I am a fan of the genre! And just because it doesn’t aim for much doesn’t mean it’s immune from criticism! But ultimately my article is a doorway to discussion, not an end-all-be-all fact. I’m glad you’re enjoying it, though.

      • Danniedino

        haha i’m just speaking as a fan i suppose. i understand your point though. and discussion is always interesting to hear. plus it helps finding other fans :D

    • RovCal


  • Lynx

    -I fully expected story to not be one of the game’s strong suits, and my expectations were not subverted. Glimpses into potentially interesting back stories and motivations occasionally pop up, but they all too easily get lost in a shuffle of breast groping jokes and friendship speeches.

    Having my exposure be the promos of the anime and maybe one or two episodes before I played the game, I was actually pleasantly surprised how dark the story was, even from the beginning. It’s more of a case of reading in between the lines, I’d think. A lot of it isn’t blatant but the spots that focus on character backgrounds, with the exception of say Mirai and a few others, were pretty dark.

    -The framerate is incredibly choppy. I wouldn’t say that it
    ruins how the game plays, but it makes the experience feel a lot
    clunkier than it should. The game stutters all over the place: in
    combat, in cutscenes, and even in the ninja school hub area where
    nothing is going on.

    The only questionable frame rate I’ve experienced was in the hub. Probably because of the constantly shifting things in the background. Cutscenes and the gameplay itself all ran fine for me. I’ve heard that it depends on what kind of memory card you use too.

    I can definitely see why some people would say it’s not great. Personally, I’m really enjoying it. It’s a decent sub for the IkkiTousen games, and in English no less. Characterization’s fantastic, the story interesting (Really interested in the background myself, particularly of Kiriya, and possibly seeing if they further it in spinoff material).

    I do have to disagree with one thing, personally.

    -This pretty much sums up the design process for Senran Kagura Burst: boobs first, everything else later.

    I dunno. Either the Japanese game (haven’t played it) started with that as the premise and ultimately became something else, or Xseed’s translation was unique, it sure didn’t seem that way to me. It seemed to be telling a charming, rather….eccentric story than it was about shoving T&A in my face every five minutes. *coughXrossImpactcough*

    • AkuLord3

      Yeah i also agree with you on the “Senran Kagura Burst: boobs first, everything else later.” Because really that’s only in ur face during battles or if you’re playing around in the dressing room (which i haven’t done >.> <.<…maybe) but really the story was mostly more refined in things and stayed in order.

  • Of course it doesnt have much to it besides boobs.

  • Strongarm Thunderbeard

    It’s good to see somebody ripping on the gameplay. I’ve seen too many people writing this game off for the wrong reasons.

  • rurifan

    @jack thanks for avoiding the worn out hand-wringing over fanservice in games.

    It’s a terrible game though; there are countless better sources of anime fanservice fluff.

  • Nan

    Cute figures came out of the franchise, at least?

    • British_Otaku

      As if the series is over as a result of one playtest? >_>
      This isn’t the first installment and it has probably done well enough that the anime, manga and Shinovi Versus will come around and get successors as well.

      That said, some of the figures look really nice.

  • Suicunesol

    What an unfortunate negative review from a person hoping for something else, not getting it, and therefore not recommending it.

    This game was never going to be game of the year, but the developers know that. It’s a niche game that was made for a niche audience, like a stinky cheese or bitter wine that only a select few would happily consume. It’s a side-scrolling beat ’em up, which is a genre that hasn’t been “in-style” for many years for obvious reasons. Anyone who has seen the Senran Kagura anime knows that the plot isn’t strong, so I wasn’t expecting anything much better than that. But the plot is present, and it moves the game along. Actually, I found myself enjoying the story segments more because there weren’t that many of them and they helped to break up all of the endless fighting.

    It’s a fan service game. I won’t deny that. Breasts burst in 3D as you kick your enemies’ asses, which also burst in 3D when they’re defeated. It is also the only English-language, stereoscopic 3D fan service game on the 3DS right now, which makes it very enticing for many people.

    As for the gameplay, its framerate does drop when there are many enemies on the screen. But it remains playable, and for a game genre that I don’t really frequent (side-scrollers) I’m finding the game very fun to play. After you’ve mastered the basic mechanics, though, then the gameplay becomes very predictable. I suspect I have a considerable amount of leniency toward below-average framerates because of my familiarity with below-average gaming PCs, though.

    I also noticed that the reviewer didn’t mention the inclusion of anti-aliasing in this game, which I found a very nice feature. All of those people who always complain about “jaggies, jaggies, jaggies” will not be able to do so here. As a result, the nice 3D models look even nicer, and the picture quality overall is better than that of my other 3DS games. I wager, though, that the framerate for the battle scenes would have been a little better if they removed AA for those segments. Yes, I would have removed that for the sake of function.

    • Well just so we’re clear, I wasn’t expecting this to be game of the year or whatever either. :) I’m of the school of thought that just because a game doesn’t aim to be strong doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t be called out for its shortcomings. My job here was to inform people what they were getting into, and I think I did that. Whether or not they like what the game offers is completely up to them.

      For what it’s worth, I do think the game looks nice but would have much preferred a more stable framerate as well.

      • Chris Yuen

        yes, there certainly are some frame rates issues, but I wished that you would have reworded some portions of your review, so that the reader can understand the points that you are trying to bring across for your argument.

        For me, I went into this game not knowing the characters and the story, and pretty much was picking a “favourite girl” based on appearance alone.

        After being exposed to their backstory etc, and finding out who some of their voice actresses are e.g Asami Imai voicing Ikaruga, led me to better appreciate the other characters.

        Sure, it’s no system seller, but I thought this game had its own charm. I sure didn’t buy it just for the tits and asses alone (more to support XSEED for being such a awesome company), but yea, I’ll admit cute girls are a nice bonuses for any males that are playing this game. Combo chaining can be rather fun too.

        Not criticizing, just voicing my opinion that some of the readers might have taken offense to the tone that you might have used in your review. E.g using words like smut etc. No offense! Cheers=)

        • Gotcha, I’ll keep that in mind going forward. Thanks for the feedback!

          • Leon_Tekashi

            Well I do respect you reading our comments and taking the feedback in a mature manner. Props to you. =)

      • Suicunesol

        Okay. :) Fair enough to point out all of the shortcomings, but I think what bothered me the most was how you painted the “smut” in a negative light when you should remember that the audience buying this game in the first place doesn’t mind that; rather, they are buying it because of that. When you pair that up with a list of all the negative aspects–

        Oh hell, the review would have read the same even if you had just typed the word “Boobs” and published it like that. :P

  • leingod

    Burst’s fun, but I guess I was spoiled too much by the Vita version, which is superior in every conceivable way. I just hope this does decently so the Vita one gets localized as well…

    Game was reviewed a little too harshly, BTW.

    • Yeah, I’ve heard lots of good things about the Vita game. Sorry if it came across that way, all I can do is be honest about how I felt.

      • leingod

        I get where you’re coming from, it’s just that XSEED only localized this because of fans’ requests… so it makes me feel kinda bad.

        • I can see why you say that but at the same time if he didn’t find it fun he didn’t find it fun. Just because it was localized for the fans doesn’t mean it is immune to criticism, or rather this level of criticism.

          • leingod

            Well, I didn’t say he shouldn’t criticize the game, I just said it made me feel a little bad :P … specially since I really want the Vita one to get localized too, and it kinda depends on how well Burst does.

          • I get ya.

            Versus could be localized but the problem with that is that since its a Vita game its region free and the people that wanted it, at least most of them already got it. The reason the campaign for this game was so big was because the 3DS was region locked more than anything. A localization of that one could happen but I wouldn’t get my hopes up. Maybe if this one does well.

          • leingod

            Hope it does well, then… at least I did my part.

            I own Shinovi Versus too BTW, but the unreadable (for me) text is a huge turnoff. I’d totally buy it again if it’s ever released in english.

  • Doctor Nebula

    My biggest gripe with the game is the frame rate, but even then the game is very enjoyable. What I’m really waiting on is Shinovi Versus though, Minori, my love.

  • Haven’t gotten around to picking it up yet, but the frame rate issue and repetitiveness are common complaints I keep seeing in reviews. Still will not deter me from getting it, though. Just thankful that something like this was even considered for localization.

    • AkuLord3

      Frame rate really isn’t that bad (and the Hebijo has better frame rate) and its a side scrolling brawler…when are they not repetitive, they can still be fun.

      • That’s nice to hear, but I don’t think it would bother me that much if it was. As for the repetitiveness, I am expecting it, but wouldn’t bother me either, since I am use to playing brawlers/hack and slash titles.

        Really need to get started watching the anime version of this. Been putting it off for awhile now…

  • Hyli

    It is incredibly irritating to scroll through the comments and see literally anyone not praising this game get about a billion downvotes. I see some really good arguments, and they’re getting slammed for not loving huge obnoxious boobs like the ones in every new game nowadays. Jeez.

    • This is true. While I enjoy the game, I can’t deny the valid points Jack brought up, ’cause even if you do like the game it is clearly obvious what the game is lacking in.
      That said, I knew pretty well what I was getting into getting this game. It would have been great if there was a little more depth to the game, but eh screw it – I like cute ninjas!

      • At least you are honest.

      • Hyli

        I can respect that, lol

    • Landale

      I don’t think it’s so much “slammed for not loving huge obnoxious boobs”. The downvotes are mostly on the things that add nothing, or posts from Jack himself, diminishing as explanations on details to the review get brought up. Some of the downvotes are petty, but there’s plenty of explanation given for them too, which can basically be summed up as pointing out a lacking in objectivity, lacking clarity, and/or overlooking certain portions of the game’s content.
      I don’t think I’ve seen Jack before, so either he’s new here or just a rare contributor. Either way, his article quality won’t improve if people aren’t giving feedback, so don’t be irritated that he’s getting it.
      Also, for the record, I’ve not contributed to these downvotes.

    • Aren’t upvotes and downvotes just a way of showing agreement or disagreement with what’s said? I don’t know why people get so riled up over them, it’s just a simple and easy click that can be done mindlessly. It’s clear that most people here are fans of the game and that anything said against the game is going to be disagreed with (imagine if the review its self could be downvoted? lol). I’d rather that people simply downvote than comment something useless in reply that adds nothing to the discussion, although it’s better than both to just reply why you disagree but I wouldn’t expect everyone who disagrees to be able to do that.

      And it’s easy to assume why someone would upvote or downvote you, but in reality it could be a multitude of things. Maybe someone didn’t like your avatar, lol…

      • Hyli

        impossible my avatar is flawless.

        But yeah I see what you’re saying, and I admit it was pretty childish for me to get so annoyed at them. It’s not my kind of game, and I probably could have just ignored the entire article rather than post some angry rant comment.

    • FlyingPony

      Well, when the comment is “I am not surprised” (referring to the wardrobe malfunction) or “this games only have boobs”, when the others, the people that actually play the game are praising the games for its characterization and some even enjoy the plot, it bound to get a billion downvote..

  • Audie Bakerson

    You really should just skip Hanzo’s story. The other side has much more refined gameplayed and framerate. It’s isn’t particularly a GOOD game though it is a step up.

  • Shinobikens

    >not difficult
    Obviously you’re not Frantic Mode in the later parts of the game.

  • AndyFe

    I’m having fun with this for what’s it’s worth. Also I told Nintendo what I was excited for most about this game.

    • Riseabovethesky

      BOOBS AND PLOT!!!!!!

      • Ric Vazquez

        God bless PLOT!

    • fairysun

      I wonder how many people submit that answer in the questionnaire.

      • Now they will take away those surveys for innapropiate language. ( i hope they do and just give you the points anyway )

  • Razlo

    I like brawlers and boobs, this was relevant to my interests.

  • Kami nii

    I really loved the game that is all,

    Hoping SK versus make it out west :-)


    I’m going to skip commenting on the obvious bias and just bring up the common logic mistake I see all the time. Time and effort spent on the visuals does not take away from time and effort spent on game design unless the same people are doing both, which they, nearly every time, are not. I honestly expected better from siliconera. It’s not a poorly written review, but this kind of error I have described is just too amateurish in 2013 when the nature of game development is more open than ever.

    • I would argue that the problems I described are very much tied to the graphics, actually. Rather than adding the 3D effect to the actual game which would help to improve it, they prioritized the silly clothes rip scenes. Instead of worrying about how the game played, they focused on the models, and as a previous poster described, AA. This resulted in a choppy framerate. Please enlighten if I’m on the wrong train of thought here.

      • CRUSHING

        What do you even mean “prioritize”? Like somehow there’s a big cup of 3D and they can only pour out so much before it’s all gone? The fighting isn’t in 3D because the framerate would have taken a massive hit. You even know this because you mention that it’s choppy whenever it’s 3D, as in the classroom hub and clothes ripping scenes. I would like to mention something in your article; you specifically mention “jiggle physics” as though implementing that somehow prevented them from improving the gameplay. You are indeed on the wrong train of thought. It’s entirely possible that they didn’t put as much effort into the systems as they could have, but it’s incredibly unlikely that visual design and implementation took away from anything else in terms of development work.

        • What do you even mean “prioritize”? Like somehow there’s a big cup of 3D and they can only pour out so much before it’s all gone?

          Rather, how, the more you ask your programmers to focus on polishing up the game’s jiggle physics and and clothes ripping mechanics, the less time they’ll have to refine the framerate and combat system.

          Like every game, this one had a certain number of staff members and development time allotted to it, and going over manpower/schedule was probably not an option. They focused on what they felt was important.


    *reads review and comment section*
    well it’s Oneechanbara all over again.
    We can’t expect these types of to have good story and gameplay. SK and Oneechanbara have their own specific niche.
    The review gave me a impression of the Ikkitousen psp games with the doing the same mission again but with different character. I didn’t played SK but by the both Ikkitousen games (same developer right?) while we are indeed doing the same mission again and again we need to adapt our gameplay tactics for each Character that we’re controlling because of the different fighting style and status of the selected character so this kinda add a variety in the gameplay department. In the case of the revisioned gameplay of burst I’ll probably need to play the original SK and see if first one really sucked (the first Ikkitousen for example, the characters turned into stupid broken infinity combos monsters when reaching the lvl 7-8 while in Xross Impact (the sequel the difficult got upped, it’s alot harder to do infinities in the game, the battle system got a really good overall and enemies got smarter).
    I would say that the gameplay is better for each player test and see if they like it or not. I for one don’t like excessive fanservice but the quirkiness of these types of game just draw me in and I enden up turned addict to them (Oneechanbara is one of the few “shitty” games that i actually put effort to do perfect runs in every difficulty level).
    I plain to get SK on eshop in december since i’ll get some extra money thanks to the holyday season and because my love to the beat ’em up genre is really high lol

    • Lynx

      Same developer indeed.

      Well, same TEAM, not so much developer (IT was Marvelous AQL period while this is Tamsoft but the development team is the same.)

  • I’m quite surprised that the review turned out to be THIS negative, honestly. From what I’ve played, yeah it’s no masterpiece but it’s good and fun besides all the ecchi, which is more or less the same sentiments I’ve seen from 90% of what I’ve read from people who have played it. For someone who does enjoy ecchi, it’s absolute gold, imo. There are much better recent games with ecchi content in them, like Dragon’s Crown and DOA5U (or dare I say, GTA5? lol), but SK makes up for what it lacks with more quality on the ecchi side of things, lol, but it’s still no slouch in other aspects either.

    But if one of the first word to come to a reviewer’s mind when first seeing this game is a crappy word like “smut” :/ that says a lot, imo… but I did still go on to read the review and I was surprised that the game wasn’t continued to be described as anything like “smut” (as in, referring to the content as “dirt” and “wrong”), although I do still heavily disagree with a lot of it. I still really believe that first reaction to the game served as a bias that skewed the experience towards the negative. If someone has a problem with “ecchi” content, they just aren’t gonna like this game, simple as that. Just like if you have a problem with horror, you probably aren’t going to enjoy a survival horror game (at least not nearly as much as anyone who does enjoy horror).

    It’s really just too bad that after all the hopes for bringing this game outside of Japan by both fans (many who had played the games before becoming fans) and the developer themselves, the result of those hopes will probably amount to nothing in the future due to poor reviews and sales :/ It also falsely reinforces the “brains or boobs” stereotype, but like I said nefore there are other games with ecchi out there that haven’t been able to get many bad reviews, even if the reviewers didn’t like some of the content. Personally I’m picking up and enjoying all we’re getting from this series. I already have the manga ordered and I’m hoping the anime follows too.

  • nonscpo

    I feel disapointed that they picked a reviewer who wasn’t opened minded enough, to come down so hard on the fact that it was a boob game. I get it jack the game as a whole could have been better, but as you typed yourself its the first of its type to make it to the west and as such it should have been given some leaway in the review; I didn’t expect much from this game before I bought it and it was good.

  • Raltrios

    The hell? This isn’t a review, it’s a biased bashing and nothing more. I’m sorry if you don’t like the game, but this is a website for news, not opinions that could ruin companies like Xseed that make an effort to localize niche titles like this. Save it for your blog.

    • Leon_Tekashi

      Woah there. He was just stating his opinion with this review. Tom from XSEED understands and respects his opinion. Try not to get mad over this particular review.

      • Derek

        Tell that to SEGA and how they have abandoned us. Negative opinions from us makes the Japanese think we hate them all and we will watch as they close off foreign branches.

    • Hmm… I could’ve sworn Siliconera has been doing playtests as long as I’ve been here.

    • Ferrick

      there’s a big difference between biased bashing and negative reviews

    • Suicunesol

      “not opinions that could ruin companies like Xseed”

      Ah… um, we shouldn’t be biased toward Xseed either since this is a news site. And I don’t think this is a strike towards Xseed, btw. Xseed did a fine job localizing it and it WAS something everyone was asking for, regardless of whether the game was actually worth playing.

      • Raltrios

        I know the post wasn’t attacking Xseed. I’m just expressing my concern that this article will negatively impact the game’s sales, which would in turn be hurting the chances of future niche localizations.
        People come here for truthful news about video games. Newcomers that see this will immediately be given a poor impression of the game. I know journalists have the whole freedom of speech thing going for them, but there’s still a proper place for everything. This belongs in a review site’s listings, not the front page of a media information website. It’s just bad ethics.
        He can say whatever he wants, I just don’t think it should be done here.

  • Destiny13777

    I have to disagree about the framerate problem, I know there’s been a far share who’ve complained about it but there’s also tons of people who say the game run fine. I read this could be an issue depending on the SD Card but I’m not 100%. Personally I have not experienced any issues except for one of Crimson Homura’s Ninja Arts, which if you played the game you probably know which one. This game isn’t like Code of Princess where the problems are REALLY noticeable as far as I’m concerned. The game is a ton of fun and I really hope people are more willing to try it out for themselves, sucks we don’t have a demo for it.

    Sorry this turned into more of a wall of text than anything else.

    • That’s interesting to know. The fact is though, that it is a problem for some people (including myself), and I’d feel worse about not bringing it up than I would hiding it.

    • mirumu

      That would make sense. I’ve not played the game yet myself, but even my Class 10 SD card feels slower than it should be at times. I hate to think what it would be like with a cheaper, yet much slower Class 4 or 6 card.

      • Suicunesol

        You’ve made me curious. I’m using a class 4 card to play the game, and now I’m wondering how a class 10 would work.

        • mirumu

          Well, a Class 10 card should load at least 2.5 times faster than a Class 4. Some Class 10 cards might manage up to 10 times faster or more.

  • DarthSithZero

    Any chance for Shinobi Versus to be localized?

    • Leon_Tekashi

      Comparing the majority of feedback to the minority, pretty high.

    • mirumu

      Kenichiro Takaki definitely sounds keen. I’d guess it’ll depend on how well Burst sells to some degree, although I do wonder how many gamers actually own both handhelds in the wider market.

  • #46

    Honestly it’s pretty obvious you already had some pretty strong opinions on this franchise before writing this.

  • vileBrenman

    I Think this game is pretty fun. The visuals are nice and im not just talking about the boobs. I dunno this review is pretty harsh. I can see why it could be repetative but personaly the chatacters are likable. The story is a ninja cliche but its still pretty decent. The characters have varied fighting styles. Like some are power houses while others are more speed. All in all i think its pretty cool and i hope we get the vita version

  • Reading the review makes me want to make a fanservice-based game with real thought and effort put into the story (and gameplay).

    Crap will flood every market and niche, but why is that when it comes to games in general, there isn’t a corner that’s fanservice done well (on a whole). VNs and manga/anime have eroge and hentai, but other games don’t have a subsect that focuses on erotic material as much; and when people do, they use the fanservice as an excuse to not create an entirely polished game. :/

    I wish there more ero/fanservice titles that appealed to more/diverse audiences and had higher standards of quality all around. One day~!

    • dcf44

      I think Burst is fairly good actually. It suffers from having a main game that is so easy that most people don’t even try to learn the mechanics though. Judging from the review Jack was still using aerial loops by endgame, while just dash cancelling ground combos is usually much more effecive.

      • The games sound okay to good overall, and the Vita sounds like it stands out as the most polished. It just makes me realize even more though that there aren’t series of games that are all around polished and all.

    • M’iau M’iaut

      We have taken the time to give Kara no Shoujo its time to shine. :P

      I do think however, that there is something very worth noting in the lack of VNs and ero games making an impact here. What that means is ‘naughty’ fanservice games like this or Toki Towa become the hill folks must die on when it comes to a Western gaming experience of this styled game. The Japanese companies don’t need these titles to be the only such experience their Japanese consumers get. Because they aren’t. Therefore, they need not hit the dramatic homerun to go along with the tits, backsides and pantsu here.

      • But it’s also a VN, and that’s what I mean, sadly. At least with eroge and hentai, there’s some stellar stuff amongst plenty of the other junk (and some pretty good mid-tier stuff).

        Toki Towa is what I mean too; albeit, I feel Imageepoch has just been diving in quality (amongst other things) progressively. But certainly, it’s more sad to be a fan of such games in the West, because what’s small offerings in Japan is even smaller outside of Japan (and Asia in general).

        • M’iau M’iaut

          Yes, it is hard to think that some of the same folks who did Toki somehow pulled off the Lumimous Arcs, which may be among the best of the ‘VN styled’ games we have gotten here.

    • Lynx

      I thought the Queen’s Blade games had a fair amount of thought put into it actually. It adapted the mechanics of the battle books really well and despite being based on the anime, I thought the story was less about the series plot and more so about the development of Jean, Cute and Maron as well as Alice.

      There’s a reason I still think Jean’s reunion with Cute in Gate is still one of my favorite stages/events in recent memory. The characterization was just great in regards to those.

      • Ahhh, I will have to give those a try! I forgot about QB game-wise.

        • ShadowDivz

          Be careful, it’s a banpresto game. And those tend to be hard as hell. But it delivers solid gameplay and good fanservice. Don’t know about the story though.

          I played QB and QG.
          (Queen’s Blade & Queen’s Gate)

    • FlyingPony

      I don’t have problem with that.. the more diversity fan service game, be it bishoujou or bishounen.

      I won’t play the bishounen game of course, not really my taste, but I wont mind and be happy to know you and the others playing and enjoying it.

      • Yeah, I can’t wait for the day when there’s something really for everyone, even if some of those titles won’t really be to my own tastes. It’ll be cool to see that. ^u^

    • M’iau M’iaut

      It is also worth continuing to note the changes in general with Marvelous game releases. While Harvest Moon always had at least one pretty clearly early teen girl among the marriage candidates, they were played as young adults entering into an adult world. And their character design and behavior was not centered around being a little sexpot — either for real or just ‘for innuendo fun’. As much as I appreciate Rune Factories taking the game play in other directions; the characters are played far more otaku trope than previously. The yuri light that seems the focus of much of this game’s humor again plays to things Marvelous titles didn’t always do.

      • Heh~. Ishaan and I had that conversation just recently. It was in general, but with MMV held to the standard and especially in regards to HM and RF.

        I really feel that MMV is just pander-y anymore and getting away with just the lower standard of quality (to a fair mid standard).

  • I think this game is actually better then you guys give it credit for.
    The frame rate was only a issue at the dorm for the main good guys, and thats my only complaint. The story is there and yeah it’s not perfect but it gives each character backstory and each one is unique and different. And if this game is too easy, then why is Frantic Mode such a bitch to do later on?

    I know people will put it off cause of boobs galore but honestly, it’s not that bad. I’ve been playing non-stop since I got it and I’ve loved it.

  • Nirun Rangraengjit

    “I’m not gonna say this part was bad, but I’m going to complain about it anway”

  • KuroNathan

    I.. want to like this game, I really do. I enjoyed the combat for the first chapter but it got sort of boring after launch combo chase combo finisher repeat. I don’t hate ecchi games, but I usually want some good gameplay behind it as well.

    I think I’m just sour cause I paid full price for it. If the game was maybe $15-20 I could like it more. Probably.

  • Helepythia

    Slightly…okay, pretty off topic; who are these new people, and can we be able to click on their names (in the near future) in order to see what other pieces they’ve wrote?

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    sounds like a blast. I’ll be downloading it soon :D

  • I think I’ll wait for the sequel, Senran Kagura Butts

  • I’m a little surprised how many people are willing to make excuses for this game. Or rather, how, suddenly, just what constitutes a good or bad game is being called into question because of Senran Kagura of all things. Admittedly, I didn’t see that coming, especially after people almost unanimously agreed that Valhalla Knights 3 was terrible, and it attempted many of the things this game does.

    I suspect it comes down to people liking and caring about Kagura’s characters and fanservice enough to want to see more of it (which wasn’t the case with VK3), and that’s fine. But I do think those folks need to step back for a moment and look at the broader picture to understand why Senran Kagura is being treated the way it is.

    Let me first say that the “good/bad game” question is entirely valid. There are games where one genuinely has to scrutinize whether or not the overall experience made up for technical shortcomings, like in the case of Deadly Premonition, for example. However, Deadly Premonition played to its strengths.

    In the case of that game, people found the story and characters engaging enough to look past the glitches, choppy framerate and bad shooting portions. This wasn’t just leniency on the part of people playing the game; it was also a result of the development team being smart about where they allocated their resources. Deadly Premonition is an adventure game. It doesn’t rely on quick reactions, it doesn’t rely on visual fidelity, and it doesn’t rely on fantastic controls. It relies on its story and dialogue and music, and all three of those are top-notch.

    The Deadly Premonition development team felt they could get away by cutting corners in areas of the game that weren’t as important to the overall experience, and they were right. Their gamble paid off.

    This doesn’t appear to be the case with Senran Kagura. The game is a brawler (or, simply put, an action game) and framerate is incredibly important to those. If you know you aren’t going to have a combat system that can at least run smoothly, then perhaps it’s better not to include one at all. This is what separates smart developers from the rest. The smart ones identify when something isn’t working, and discard it in the event that it can’t be improved. Oftentime, not having a feature is better than having a badly-implemented feature.

    And then we have the story concerns that Jack pointed out. How, the game attempts to tell a meaningful story, but is held back by cheap jokes and “ninja-themed melodrama”.

    Jack mentioned that the story does get more engaging as you play more of the game, but only if you manage to stick it out for that long. That’s a problem, too. If your gameplay is already subpar and you know it isn’t going to keep most people engaged, then why make the player wait for the story to get good? Do what Deadly Premonition did. Play to your strengths. Put your best foot forward and let it dictate to the player what they should expect from the rest of the game. If you’re telling a story, tell a story.

    You can’t have it both ways. You can’t say your game is “about the story” and start out with subpar gameplay and in-your-face fanservice. At the same time, you can’t say the game is “about the gameplay” when your framerate and combat mechanics have such a long way to go either. Now, you could say that your game is “about the fanservice” (which MAQL have openly admitted to their credit), but if that’s the case, then why include things that take the focus away from the fanservice? Why risk making the overall experience so bumpy when you could simply play to your strengths.

    These are the questions every developer—both big and small—asks themselves. It’s also why I feel like the people that are making excuses for the game because of its relatively small development team are in the wrong. We’ve seen more polished and focused indie games that were developed by teams of two or three. In this day and age, when everyone has access to the same technology and resources, it’s hard to excuse fallacies such as these.

    Now, you as a fan might be willing to brush all of the above aside and still love Senran Kagura for what it is, and that’s fine. But that doesn’t mean the people who question it or expect more out of it are being unfair or “don’t get it”. People only expect what a game promises them, and when it doesn’t deliver on its promises, it’s entirely fair to call it out on it.

    • And to think “entitled to one’s own opinions” is Internet’s favorite adage… This is almost as sad as the DmC incident where the game was “obviously bad” but the playtest wasn’t “hard enough on it”.

      People tend to question a reviewer – or reviews in general – when they don’t agree with reviews, but in most cases, their angles can be just as potentially questionable. Not that I can imagine most of them to enjoy being on the receiving end of a public trial…

    • wyrdwad

      Have you played the game yourself, Ishaan? Because I actually 100% disagree with Jack on the story — I think it becomes fairly engaging right off the bat, and just gets better as it goes along. In fact, I think the writing is one of the game’s strong suits, and does an excellent job of fleshing out every one of the characters well beyond their “assets.” One man’s “ninja-themed melodrama” is another man’s “legitimate drama,” after all, and I think the story simply didn’t appeal to Jack as much as it did to those who are defending it (myself included). That doesn’t make it bad, however, and that doesn’t mean those who defend it are apologists — some of us just genuinely think the story is quite good.

      As for the gameplay, I’m not going to deny that there are framerate issues (and the quality of the SD card from which it’s played has little to do with it — even playing the game off of a physical Japanese copy results in the same problems), but I don’t feel the framerate issues harm the gameplay in any way. In fact, quite the opposite: it seems as if the developers went out of their way to ensure that Senran Kagura Burst NEVER suffers slowdown, even if that means cutting a few frames to keep the action moving at top speed. It looks a bit jarring at first, but the framerate never drops so low that you’re unable to EASILY follow what’s going on, you never feel as if your controls are lagging, and most importantly, the flow of combat is never once broken.

      Basically, the framerate issues Jack described are purely an aesthetic fault, and in no way have any negative effect on gameplay, as I’m sure other fans of the game will attest.

      In short, the reason people have been so harsh in comments is not because they’re trying to justify liking SKB, but because they ACTUALLY like it, pure and simple. And so do I. We’re not saying it’s a perfect game, but it is a very fun gameplay experience with great graphics (framerate issues or no), a great story, charming and well-developed characters, and fabulous fanservice. ;)

      Is that so hard to believe?

      • The point isn’t that people aren’t allowed to like the things they like. It’s that they need to stop acting immature when someone else doesn’t like those same things. This is a scenario we see all too often, and it’s starting to get very annoying.

        I’d like to think that Siliconera’s work speaks for itself. We give every game a chance, no matter how tiny a developer it’s from. That said, when we’re sent something to “review” (or “playtest,” as we call it) and there are problems with the game in question, those problems will be brought up.

        edit: Oh, and just to clarify—no, I haven’t played the game personally. I’m going based off of Jack’s playtest, which I think provides more than enough information on why he didn’t appreciate the game.

        • Heath Bunch

          You can’t expect to put up this negative of a review of something a lot of people were very excited for and campaigned for without expecting backlash. Honestly, saying you’re surprised by the reaction seems naive at best.

          • I’m not surprised by the reaction in the least. I’m surprised by people being surprised that the game isn’t being well received.

          • Heath Bunch

            Judging by fan reaction, it actually seems pretty well received by the target audience, which is what really matters, I’d say. Judging by its sales in Japan for a new IP on a newly released system, it seems it was well received there too, plus the increased sales for its followup on the Vita.

          • @Leon_Tekashi:disqus @heathbunch:disqus Like I said, that’s fine. Enough of the folks the game was targeted at seem to like it. I just don’t feel those folks should expect everyone else to like it.

            Frankly, I thought the audience for fanservice games was more self aware than that. Not everything is a huge conspiracy against fanservice the way some people make it out to be. There are legitimate concerns when dealing with games like these.

          • NeoAthanasius

            I’m not sure why fans of this game are getting so upset that someone has genuine complaints about it. Just love the fact that Xseed gave you a localised version, and have fun. I love the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon series with all of my heart. But I realize that many people do not. No one is persecuting me because the most recent one got some extremely unfavorable reviews. I still played it for almost 50 hours.

          • Leon_Tekashi

            Well again. Opinions are opinions. True I like SKB just as much as Tom for the same reason, but we all have different opinions over all. Some people like it, some people hate it. Some people are willing say that they disagree with what the review said and explain why in their own opinion. No one’s really bashing each other. We’re just expressing our opinions to each other. That’s about it. Jack’s review is just his own opinion, which I can respect. SKB isn’t for everyone. Now if the review was completely biased, that’s a different story.

        • wyrdwad

          Your comment was littered with subtext, however, implying that the game itself is objectively bad, poorly designed and/or unpolished, which is the only reason I’m commenting. You’re assuming the game is bad and that fans like it regardless, and you’re doing so solely because (A) it’s a “fanservice game,” and (B) your reviewer Jack claimed as such.

          I’m merely asking that you reserve judgment on the game until you have a chance to play it yourself. As mentioned in my own comment, Jack’s opinion is not gospel — it’s merely one man’s opinion. Mine happens to differ. The game is certainly not perfect, and many of the flaws Jack noted are indeed present, but the severity of those flaws and their impact on the overall experience, as well as on the objective quality of the game, is very highly debatable.

          You, Jack, the haters and the lovers alike are all entitled to your opinions, but please never forget that they’re all just opinions. Objective quality is very difficult to measure — and indeed, may be immeasurable. And ultimately, it doesn’t really matter anyway, because the bottom line is whether or not the game is worth playing. And that couldn’t possibly vary more greatly from person to person.

          I agree that people need to stop acting immature when encountering an opinion with which they disagree, but I guess my point is, comments like the one you posted really don’t help matters either. ;)

          Apologies if I misinterpreted your comment, however.


      It’s pretty obvious that they just didn’t really have the time/knowhow to make the gameplay better, but had a good team of artists. You advocate they just take the gameplay out of the game, and I’m not even sure how you can say that with a straight face. The gameplay is far from pointlessly broken and removing that would remove most of what you do in the game. This isn’t a kusoge, and it’s not even THAT bad. You’re making Senran Kagura into some sort of pariah because you don’t like it when people pick on reviewers. Jack was never going to like this game, he’s the kind of person I would have warned off from playing it if I had written a review for SK, and he’s not the kind of person you really need reviewing it because he doesn’t care about what makes the game good and misrepresents and overemphasizes why it’s bad. Now you get a bunch of upset readers and an ugly review that doesn’t really help anyone make an educated decision on buying the game. That’s why I don’t like the review, not because I disagreed with him. You mention Deadly Premonition and it’s an apt comparison, because not everyone is fit to review that title either.

      • “He’s the kind of person…”

        Excuse me, what makes you think you know anything about me? You seem to be flip flopping between whether I have no knowledge of game design or I’m just not being fair to the game because it has an emphasis on its artistic design. I’d say you’re 0-2 regardless. There is such a thing as resource management, the game isn’t broken but I also don’t think it’s very good. It’s obvious they didn’t have the time/knowhow to make the game better right? What kind of defense is that, exactly?

        I just don’t know what you’re expecting from me, to be honest. I covered everything I think is relevant to a good game. I didn’t think most of it held up. Did you want me to rate the art or something? Say that the fanservice is great? If that’s your thing, I’m sure it’s fine. I don’t think you need me to say something about that, you can get it from screenshots. I don’t think art design makes up for the game’s problems, plain and simple. Even if I loved how it looked, I would never recommend a game if I didn’t think it was good elsewhere.

        It feels like you’re conceding my points but are mad at me anyways. I’d implore you not to take this whole thing personally, but considering you’re judging me based off an article I’d say you already have.

      • Now you get a bunch of upset readers and an ugly review that doesn’t really help anyone make an educated decision on buying the game.

        I would argue Jack’s writeup has helped plenty of people make an educated decision on whether to buy the game or not. The only complaints I see are from people who were going to buy the game anyway, regardless of what anyone else had to say about it. Your mistake is to assume that everyone falls into that category. 90% of people don’t.

  • MrSirFeatherFang

    How is this game’s repetitiveness compared to… Muramasa Rebirth?
    (well, for me it wasn’t, but that’s a complaint I’ve heard about it since the Wii release)

    • TheExile285

      Hmm, more so since you are more limited on attacks. In Muramasa, you don’t really have that many combo options but you have skills which can mix things up. In SKB, you have a few limited combo options but no skills (unless you count Ninpo but that is a cutscene super).

      The boss fights in Muramasa is where the game tends to shine. So far, all the bosses in SKB are a joke. You can pretty much kill them in 2-3 combos depending on how leveled you are.

      • MrSirFeatherFang

        lol alright thanks.

  • Daverost

    Oddly enough, this is the first real negativity I’ve seen regarding the game. Most people who have played it have been gushing about how great it is.

    • TheExile285

      I think most people who bought it knew what they were expecting and it met their expectations. It is no Dragons Crown but I still like it.

  • Based on this review, the game actually sounds like it’s fun. Code of Princess was the most recent hack n’ slash I played, and this sounds similar to it.

  • Skeptika Crediblus

    “Senran Kagura Burst is a side-scrolling beat-em-up that features light RPG elements and a wealth of fanservice.”

    Stop right there. You’ve sold me.

  • Eh, Shinovi Versus is the better game anyway. Granted, that game doesn’t even attempt to have its own gameplay style. Still, I find myself playing that more often than I have ever found myself playing the 3DS games.

    The controls are less cumbersome and the gameplay is fast, fun, and addictive—I’m one of those that could care less about the smut, breasts, and etc. Give me a fun to play game and I am more than likely going to sing its praises if it deserves it,

    Burst has always felt…clunky to me, oddly enough, then again…I don’t care for playing games on the 3DS of this kind, so perhaps that would be the issue?

  • While I have no real opinions on this game, I think Jack deserves credit for writing his opinion in what seems to be a rather unforgiving crowd. And I feel like some are missing the point of what we write.

    Addressing some of the points I’ve seen below, what Jack wrote is an opinion, just like everyone else has their own opinion. While we try not to be the “authoritative” source, we can’t be completely unbiased. That would just be a press release. Go to the official game sites for that, or perhaps just refresh your memory by going through the news articles on this site for the game. Playtests are here so we can give our impressions of the game when we played it.

    It doesn’t have to be a complete impression, either. Not only is it nearly impossible to finish the game given the length of the games and the amount of time we have from when we get the game to a reasonable time of release for the playtest, an “impression” is what the player (us) experiences during their play of the game. Of course, if you play, say, only 1 hour of a game, you’d only be making a fool of yourself if you try to argue anything. This is why we try to play as much as possible until we feel we’ve received a rounded experience good enough to write an opinion – whether we like or dislike the game because, after all, you need to know about something even if you dislike it to be able to argue why you dislike it.

    In fact, this is one of the reasons we don’t call what we write “reviews.” Where a review tries to evaluate a game based on its merits and then bestow upon them a number score (ie, the end goal is to rate the game), we write about what we felt when we played the game — what we liked and didn’t like, what we felt worked or didn’t work. In fact, though we have a separate category for that at the end of almost every playtest, you could say that what we do is provide extensive “food for thought.”

    Finally, keeping in mind who visits our site, a lack of thoughtful criticism can only harm a game or the company behind it. If we don’t point out what we feel is wrong, then we’re being lazy and letting the creative team “get away” with what we feel makes the game worse than it could’ve been. Now, they don’t have to change anything. In fact, they can completely disagree with our thoughts. However, if we keep mum about our dislikes simply because we’re handling the team like a fragile glass sculpture that’ll break at the least negative comment, then we aren’t contributing at all. After all, you can’t improve without knowing what to improve, and they learn what needs to be improved by reading thoughts such as ours.

    …My (late) impressions on not the playtest, but the comments for this playtest.

  • Heath Bunch

    It’s Senran Kagura. Life and hometown. Anyone getting this game already knew what they were getting into. When some Japanese dev unabashedly admits that he wanted to make this game because T&A, that’s gonna resonate with people.

    What surprises me more than the negative review here, is the folks at Siliconera being surprised at the negative reaction to their review. The internet wasn’t born yesterday, guys.

    • British_Otaku

      I don’t know, dude.
      I’m more surprised at the reaction to the surprise of folks at Siliconera to the negative reaction of Jack’s reaction to Senran Kagura which was in turn Takaki’s half-minute reaction to the 3DS which was…

  • idrawrobots

    Reading the way Jack approached the combat, is like if I were to write about how I “play” (button mash) in Street Fighter.

    • That’s implying a lot of things about me, Senran Kagura, and Street Fighter. It’s not a good comparison, and I think you know that. You’re right in that you can button mash in both. The difference is the vast amount of depth and strategy in the combat systems. Street Fighter(and most fighting games in general) have a lot of things to consider like positioning, attack frames, combo timing, mind games, and more than 2 attack buttons. Playing against other people encourages players to grow, meaning there’s a reason to pursue experimenting and becoming better at the game.

      Here’s the thing: I went the entirety of Senran Kagura’s main game without having to vary my strategies. There was no challenge to it. And to boot, I was getting good rankings that implied that I was playing the game correctly. The style meter in games like Devil May cry help you shoot for diversity, and enemies won’t be susceptible to the same attacks forcing you to mess around. Even old beat em ups force you to maneuver around enemies and pick when to attack, as long as you aren’t cheating with infinite credits.

      I mentioned in my article that you can mess around with different ways to attack. My point is that in the entirety of what I played, I never needed to. That to me is not a sign of good game design, it’s a sign of lazy game design, makes the game part feel like an afterthought. If the developers don’t care to challenge the player, why should the player care to go more indepth?

      I really tried my best to give this a fair shake, I have no reason to lie about that. Some boobs aren’t going to deter me from trying to enjoy what a game has to offer. Do you think I would have gone through both stories if I wasn’t trying to be fair to the game?

      Many people have pointed out that the optional stuff is harder. Alright, cool, but does that really excuse the entire rest of the game that the developers were expecting me to play? I don’t think so, but I guess that’s just like, my opinion man.

  • NeoAthanasius

    I’m glad to see that Xseed listens to people, but the clamoring for this game was always something that baffled me. Although as an Xseed fan I’m sure many others don’t get why some of us are so pleased with Corpse Party or Falcom games. I guess it takes all kinds huh?

  • kthanxyousuck

    This is a niche game for a specific market. Not just fanservice but people who are familiar with the series and know what the game is. I think anyone just coming into this game, not knowing anything besides the controversy of it probably wouldn’t be left with much of an impression. I’ve seen gameplay of it and I don’t think it’s bad. I’ve seen critics say the point is to lose clothes but it’s technically not because that means you’re getting your butt kicked.

    I’m not really into beat em ups so it was kind of eh to me.

  • DS23

    So… kind of hot garbage then? I liked Onechanbara on 360 so I figure I’d get some amusement out of this.

    • Shippoyasha

      It’s no garbage. It’s actually a pretty well put together game. It’s right up your alley if you enjoyed Onechanbara.

  • sunK1D

    Shinovi Versus took the game-play for the series in the right direction in my opinion. I’m ready for SV 2.

    • ShadowDivz

      Speaking of which, Takaki has kinda disappeared after the gem of Shinovi Versus.

  • MarthKoopa

    This review is objectively wrong. So many factual errors lead me to believe this person didn’t even play the game.

    • British_Otaku

      Even if that is sarcasm intended to bait likes and/or dislikes, you still shouldn’t have posted that. It’s a pretty weak post either way. >_>

  • Göran Isacson

    Welp, a whole lot of anger here over what seems to me to be a pretty mellow review that doesn’t contain a whole lot of vitriol. I’m kinda torn now. I want to play the game just to see what people are getting so upset over: since the start I’ve seen this as a sort of middling looking beat-em-up whose main strength is the fanservice.

    Like… people are getting so upset about this. Is this a hidden gem? Is it just people getting mad over someone is pointing out the lesser parts of their fun, mindless fan-service romp? Whom is the group unto which greater self-distance must be commanded: the reviewer, or the fans? Such an interesting debate… but if I, who simply roll my eyes at fanservice but does appreciate a well-designed brawler game, buy this game and it’s everything the reviewer says it is then by golly, that’s egg on my face and money out of my wallet that could have gone to other things.

    I think I’ll just ask this: does the mechanics play in the same wheelhouse as Dragon’s Crown, for the people who bought that? Because I got that and adored the gameplay, enough to just roll my eyes and weather the character designs for the sheer brawling fun. Is this game as varied in it’s fights as Dragon’s Crown? Less varied? More or less varied than the original Final Fight? Or Guardian Heroes, or Alien Versus Predator or Battle Circuit etc etc… simply put, how does it stack up against the competition?

    Good God I didn’t even mean to do make that last sentence into a pun it just happened.

    • MXC

      I haven’t played it but I have a very good idea of the game and its focus is not on the gameplay. Although the gameplay is fun it isn’t very challenging till the end where the difficulty spikes(seen Niconico vids where it is shown). The main appeal of the game is split between the character interaction and fanservice. You have the VN style dialogues and many of them interact with each other in silly or serious discussions. Ah and it does actually have “plot”, not plot well that too, but like story progression. Each of the girls have their own interpersonal demon’s to face. Oh and you can dress the girls up in various costumes to suit your fetish or just to be wacky, my personal favorite being the maid.

      • Göran Isacson

        Ah, I see. I suppose that my initial impression isn’t that far off then. I watched some episodes of the anime, and it… well, suffice to say that the story there didn’t really catch my imagination. What it did, many other stories had done better.

        And as someone who thrives on challenging gameplay I doubt I would be very entertained with a simple game. I’m in the camp that thinks that nudity and ecchi stuff can be gotten for free on the Internet, so if I pay for something I would rather have it be a challenging game that I can really sink my teeth in, or an interesting and compelling story. And if the game offers neither, well. Passing on this game sounds like the wisest choice.

  • idrawrobots

    I really don’t understand the term “Fan service”.

    • kanade3

      Fan service is material that is added in to please the target audience.

      • idrawrobots

        That’s what I thought, but more recently all I see is it used for serialization and I started to think I was wrong.

    • As kanade3 said. The problem doesn’t come from fanservice in general, since it can be anything from T&A to cameos of characters from previous games in a series, but from when it is added in at the cost of the quality of the rest of the game.

  • ND3

    I didn’t have problems with the framerate. Maybe I’m just used to 3DS crap but it isn’t as bad as say, Code of Princess, a similar beat em’ up that truly does have terrible framerate issues. Even that game wasn’t so bad as to be unplayable. Anyway, I suspect this is why 3D is not enabled during fighting.

    I haven’t beat the game so I can’t comment on the full story, but I didn’t and don’t expect a masterpiece here. Similar to how someone watches a scary movie to get scared, I got this for tits, not an epic on par with Legend of Zelda. The huge walls of text were jarring at first, I agree with that.

    The gameplay itself is somewhat a slog, but the combos are quite fun at first…the customization available also helps ensure that you never run out of eye candy throughout the game. And let’s be real, that’s why 90% of the people bought this.

    Tits are life, ass is hometown.

  • Detrimont

    when i see Asuka, all i see is Hime Yarizakura from Yozakura Quartet

  • ShadowDivz

    Sorry you didn’t enjoy it Jack. But atleast you gave it a chance despite not being the target audience. I think that’s really cool.

    That being said, i AM going to get the game and hopefully i will enjoy it.
    But this …review/playtest/whatever makes me think i should wait for a price drop.

  • Juan Andrés Valencia

    So the only thing that bursts is the characters breasts?

    Sorry, I had to make that joke.

  • koksuckaahh

    “no matter which ninja I tried, I felt like I was essentially doing the same thing with a new coat of paint.” Tbh I felt this way when playing dragon’s crown, and while senran kagura and dragon’s crown are rather similar at least senran has an interesting if not corny at times plot and unique cast of characters to keep me interested enough to play through to the end, games that focus on gameplay and have little to no plot behind them(Monster hunter, etrian Odyssey, etc.)tend to bore me really fast.

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