Make Your Freedom Wars AI Assistant A Tsundere Using Speech Synthesis

By Sato . November 22, 2013 . 5:30pm

One of the most prominent features in Sony’s upcoming multiplayer action game, Freedom Wars, is the android AI assistants who will be helping you fight the giant beasts in the game and rescue civilians. During an interview with Famitsu magazine, three key developers talked about these androids while discussing customization and multiplayer.


God Eater developer Shift’s game designer Toshiyuki Yasui,  Sonic the Hedgehog 4 developer Dimps’ director Takashi Tsukamoto, and SCE World Wide Studio’s Junichi Yoshizawa begin by sharing a little information on the game’s multiplayer features.


Freedom Wars will allow up to 8 players to play together, but each player will have their android partners, called ‘Accessories,’ so when you’re playing with 8 people, there will actually be 16 characters moving at once,” says Yoshizawa on the subject of teaming up with allies.


“At first, we also thought ‘can you really do that on PS Vita?’” shares Tsukamoto with a laugh. “However, in addition to the main characters, Yasui and the others wanted the Accessories, weapons, clothing, and faces to be customizable as well.”


“Not only [can you customize] your Accessories’ looks, but you can also enter your own words, and the get your Accessories to say them out loud using synthesized speech,” adds Yasui. To us, this sounds like a feature that would only really work in Japanese, due to it being a language that consists almost entirely of syllables, which means there’s very little room for mispronunciation.


“You can make them call you ‘Master,’ or have them say ‘No’ in a tsundere-like fashion, so everyone will get to freely set their Accessories’ lines any way they like,” emphasizes Tsukamoto. “Things such as weapons can also be customized, so taking that and going into cooperative or competitive multiplayer will also be something to look forward to.”


Additionally, Yasui mentions that while he can’t say more for the time being, the developers will be sharing more information on the game in the near future. He also says that so far, the game has such so much content that he doubts they’ll even be able to announce everything by the time of its release.


Finally, the Freedom Wars developers share a message for the fans:


Yasui: “The theme of the game is ‘suppression and freedom’. Please look forward to seeing what kind of freedom awaits you at the end of your million-year prison sentence.”


Tsukamoto: “Slice, shoot, and save civilians. Our goal is to make a multiplayer action game we’ve yet to see. By the end of the year, there will be an opportunity to try it out, so please let us know what you think when the time comes.”


Yoshizawa: “Being able to play for a short while, a long time, together with friends, or against them—such a freedom in play-style is another one of the game’s themes, so we’re working on making something that different people can enjoy. As Tsukamoto mentioned, during an event towards the end of the year, we’re expecting to have our first demo available for you to play, so we’d love it if you could try out the game’s first action part we’ve worked on.”


Freedom Wars is slated for release in 2014 for PlayStation Vita.

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  • xAtKx

    Well then, this changes everything. :)

  • MrSirFeatherFang

    But no yandere?

    • Raze

      Why yandere?

      There are no love rival here….

      So It’s not fun to see it…

      • serpentear

        Everyone is rival in yandere’s eyes. Never forget.

        • Who could ever forget this lovely face =^_^=

          • serpentear

            Yuno~sama pls love me :3

          • Yeah, Yuno is a favorite lol =)

        • Juan Andrés Valencia

          I still remember the ending to School Days.

          So much blood…

    • Mugen555

      You have to make it yourself i guess, knowing how japanese played with synthesis speech(Like Yukkuri-stuff and Vocaloid) the result will be something to look for

    • Ric Vazquez

      I would have either that or a kuudere…

  • revenent hell

    Im so surprised at myself for this but I want this game to get a localization so bad I can taste it.

  • so the AI is basically a vocaloid huh, anyway I hope this doesnt make localization impossible

    • Takui Nanao

      i have a gut feeling that cuz of that gun and AI customization, there will be some next problems or delays …..hope not

  • sangokas kakarotas

    Hatsune Miku Android ….he he he >:D

  • Kayseur

    I hope they will *at least* have the time to announce that it’ll be enjoyable even in solo by the time of the release.

    I know there has be a kind of solo campaign anyway, but I’d like to see them mention it sometimes.

  • Pang Chee Jie

    Is there any clarification as to whether or not it is possible to play co-op with 8 players or are 8 players the maximum number of players i.e. 4 player team death match. It’d be awesome if it’s the former.

    • tubers

      8 player co-op would be awesome!

      I think you’re right with PVP regarding 8 player limit (4v4). Seems to be the “max standard” for VITA games (FPS VITA MP and Party Chat limit).

      I hope there’s also a mode where all your Accessories (Androids) go rogue and the humans have to party up!

  • d19xx

    AI: Baka! It’s not like I care if you get trampled by an aragami…

    • tubers

      Baka! It’s not like I care if you get trampled by an Abductor..


  • Göran Isacson

    Huh. I recall that Binary Domain had a pretty functional and decent vocal interface, maybe they could look to that game if they wanted to “translate” that finicky vocal command function?

  • RichyGaming

    “Eat it, dood!”
    -Uses signature move- “EAT IT MOTHERFUCKAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!”

    • Kai2591

      oh tis gonna be fun!

  • Rabbit

    Aww if it gets localized, it doesn’t seem like we’d be able to get that feature according to Tsukamoto.

    • tubers

      More like according to Siliconera:

      “To us (Siliconera), this sounds like a feature that would only really work in Japanese, due to it being a language that consists almost entirely of syllables, which means there’s very little room for mispronunciation.Read more at”.

      But I kinda agree that it’s very possible to have the feature cut.

      I hope not. It’s probably not much for them to just translate the syllables and resulting in-game custom Engrish might add a sort of personality for the localized version.

      “Vocaloid English Phonetic List”

      I doubt Freedomwars is going to use something as comprehensive so it may still be possible.

  • Dark Zerato

    each player will have their android partners, called ‘Accessories,’
    Calling them Accessories makes me think they’re just disposable tools. It’s sad for them.

    • biskmater

      They are androids, it goes with dystopian setting.

    • serpentear

      Sooo…an AI walking computer utilized for battles to easier your works is not a tool? Huh. Wonder if u also feel that way regarding your weapons and armors…or your phone. Or your pc. Or your vita. Or -insrt whatever tech u used here-

      Anyway, I hope u realised that it’s not a human or animal or a plant so yeah…

      • Dark Zerato

        If your tools have their own feeling, then you can’t just do anything with them. You should go and watch Wall-E.

        • serpentear

          Or u should play xenosaga ep.1. Also, pls correct me if I’m wrong, but dev haven’t announce if those androids have feelings or not, even if they’re tsundere or yandere its just a fanservice…kinda like those pawns on dragons dogma

          Oh, and I love wall-e. One of those movie that makes me cry like a kid. While I agree about ur point above on tools have feelings etc, I failed to see why Accessories isn’t a suitable name for those AI. Heck, we haven’t know yet if they’ll be useful on battle or just…well… stand there and be an ‘accessories’

        • Kumiko Akimoto

          You can choose to get attached to it if you want but they really are nothing more then accessories

      • RagingTiger44

        For some people, it pretty weird once you walking into the uncanny valley. You won’t think much about a phone with a AI assistant program. But give that AI assistant a human like appearance and sentience and well…yeah.

  • Sacchan

    now I’m tempted to import the game rather than waiting for localization…

  • Flamboyant Ass Nigga

    This made me happy

  • O M G. This might very be the best feature in a game ever lol. I hope we get this localized in its entirety.

    • serpentear

      Or the worst, depending on localization or not :( but I still hope they will :(

    • M’iau M’iaut

      Problem comes when after the 10th hour of bitching, pouting and whining you want to put the bullet in your robo, not the baddies.

      • serpentear

        Well in that case I hope they include a mute option.

      • tubers


        TBF, this might not be the case since you actually have control over what it could say.

        Get bored? Change its comments down by the letter. You can’t say most games do that specially for a sizable action handheld title.

      • Ha lol. That would be hilarious. After a while every time your Android opens his/her mouth your character is just like…..

        • Lemski07

          maya kumashiro of occult academy, one of my favorite underrated series.

      • TheExile285


  • TheExile285

    Wait I remember joking about this but now it’s actually true???? Dammit, why don’t I know Japanese!!!! xD

    I may have to import this immediately if the localization isn’t as short as SOul Sacrifices……


    “He also says that so far, the game has so much content that he doubts they’ll even be able to announce everything by the time of its release.”

    Ohoho, this makes me happy ^_^

    • Curan_Altea

      Can’t wait to make my character say things none of my friends will understand.

      • tubers

        Make them speak in broken *insert your language here* (e.g. English).

        Brack Friday Bunduru! xD

    • chibiwall

      I love what they’re doing here

    • Ric Vazquez

      I know that feel, studying it but progress is slow.

  • Hyli

    Finally I can have my own Android (boy)friend! It’ll be just like that dream I had…

  • X_Bacon

    So it is possible, after all?! Glorious!

    …still missing TsundeRie though.

  • FitzpatrickPhillips

    pls no

  • ReidHershel

    Not going to lie, the more info revealed about the game, the more amazing it gets.

  • fyi1191

    Guess who I’m gonna make the AI into?
    – Didn’t I tell you to … GET OUT OF MY LINE OF FIRE?!

    • Audie Bakerson


    • Ferrick


      • ShadowDivz

        I thought that was Gina.

        • Ferrick

          nah it’s kanon, she has a tendency of shooting right at you or party members, and that’s the line she says when she does it

          • ShadowDivz

            I know all about her “tendency” undercoveraragami.

            I just never heard her say that. She usually tells me “opps, im sorry!”

  • tubers

    “ when you’re playing with 8 people, there will actually be 16 characters moving at once,”

    Wow! So this is the first handheld to do full 3D co-op jarpg huh.

    I have a feeling that enemy numbers on screen are gonna take a hit but not the enemy type hopefully.

    Haven’t seen any smaller mobs.

  • Pockystix

    I need a yandere mode, for Tharja waifu-ing

  • Anzac

    I’d prefer a mysterious stoic robo-waifu like the one in the trailer.

  • Warboss Aohd

    Zog Dat!

  • tubers

    “Not only [can you customize] your Accessories’ looks, but you can also
    enter your own words, and the get your Accessories to say them out loud
    using synthesized speech,”

    Wonder if you can use curses or “sensitive” words. Hopefully the game isn’t limiting but maybe it could affect the amount of audience if it gets an M rating in Japanese (forgot what the ESRB equivalent are there.. Cero D or something).

  • Seven of The Scions


  • More interested in the gameplay mechanics, that last trailer was not what I was expecting from this game that has a lot of talent behind it.

    Slow movement, slow combat, plain weapon designs. Step it up and impress or fans like myself will stay with Soul Sacrifice, God Eater 2 and Toukiden

    • tubers

      Actually it’s probably not too bad for a new jarpg to stand in between. Slower than GE but faster than MH.

      Weapons seem to be a bit more believable w/ FW’s approach while in a more modern fashion. You actually reload rifles and seems you can pick ammo from crates on the ground.

      but we’ll see if they reveal more stylistic approaches with these gears. Maybe we’ll see weapons that tower wielders again (MH, GE, Gaist, etc.).. hope not.

      Maybe it’s not too good if FW positions itself too close to GE (probably the fastest/twitchiest co-op jarpg as of late). Who knows, that might scare off God Eater away from the VITA. Losing another 3rd party is the last thing the platform needs. Unless GE is already leaving the system so Sony’s trying to make its own “replacement”.

      • TheExile285

        Scare off GE? Lol no

        • tubers

          I really hope not.

          The 3DS seems to start growing MP JARPG legs (MH, Gaist, One Piece, AoT).

          It shouldn’t be too unrealistic if GE franchise moves to greener pastures with the lure of a raw and massive active install-base unless Sony takes good care of the relationship with GE’s handlers (BaMco’s platform agnostic it seems).

          Just trying to find some reasons why the gameplay isn’t matching GE’s combat speed.

    • Arcana Wiz

      But, you know, it’s early build, it’s slated in the trailer, so we know that it isnt th final product yet.

      • Early builds can be better than what they showed though.

  • Herlo Rerelo

    omg, please give this game its freedom to come world wide!

  • alfare

    The speech synthesis feature will be WITHIN the game? And there will be voice samples for us to choose from? O__o

    Sounds pretty ambitious.

    • tubers

      Yeah, I’m trying to lower my expectations. It’s probably not going to be very comprehensive. Happily surprised if so.

  • Ryujin

    Ultimate Waifu Creation Kit?

    • tubers

      Only if you dig robos. ;)

  • Protos_Heis

    I’m thinking rosetta stone is going to have my money soon

  • Roberto

    i really hope i can make others deres

  • ChiffonCake

    Wow, that sounds like a great level of customization. I wonder if it’d work properly in english, though.

    • Spectacularity

      I’m doubting that, I’m thinking that if this game comes to the west, it might not be dubbed.

      • Raze

        Or they can pull the same move as Soul Sacrifice…
        Put a Japanese voice-over pack as DLC…

        • Spectacularity

          I’m not really caring about what voices we get or don’t get, My post was about whether the voice feature will work well in English, and if it doesn’t then they could just leave the game with only Japanese voice acting when/if they localize it. Hope that cleared things up.

  • Lemski07

    HYPED dat 8 player multi

  • Kai2591

    I want this game just for the Tsundere andoroido~

    lol kidding. That’s just part of the reason of course :)

  • Unlimax

    When i read the title ,The first thing popping in my head is this xD

  • Vash bane

    interesting seems I got to make me some internet buddies lol

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