Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth Coming To 3DS

By Sato . November 24, 2013 . 3:11am

During Atlus’ big Persona announcement on Nico Nico Live, which simultaneously took place on various big screens located in the six cities shown on the teaser page, they revealed the latest of the Persona series will be an upcoming 3DS title.


Called Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth, the RPG features a collaboration of various Persona 3 and Persona 4 characters in chibi-like fashion.


Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth is slated for release on June 5th, 2014 for Nintendo 3DS.



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  • EisKonig

    I can’t even begin to elaborate on how disappointed I am in all of this :/ So much for waiting a P5 announcement.

  • Strain42

    …Well I’d be lying if I said I expected that. I have a feeling this will not be the only announcement made today. Looks cute though.

  • Azzrem

    that’s it?????

  • fyi1191

    This is the new Persona game? I don’t know what to say.

    • Shippoyasha

      Persona 3 and 4 crossover game. Thinking positively about it, that’s actually damn cool as I see it. I think the panic people were feeling was in that they thought this exact game would be the Persona 5 reveal.

    • Trafalger Law

      There’s persona 5 as well!

  • Rael XIV

    Everyone’s fear became real…
    Another P3/4 game ¬¬’

  • Jason Ryer

    Well they promised a persona game for 3ds several E3’s ago so they finally delivered.

  • Strain42

    And with this, the final MegaTen Placeholder Title has been fulfilled!

    Unless the protagonist of this game is Elizabeth and this is where her quest ends, I am curious if this game is gonna be considered canon…I mean we’ve got the two protagonists right there ‘n all…

  • Dark Zerato

    At least let’s us hope this game will be localize. A lot of people will be disappointed at this point. P4 sure lives long.

    • icecoffemix

      Just hope that it won’t turn into FFXIII…

      Oh wait, it already surpassed it methink.

  • Keko

    I stayed up until 8am for this.

    Like, I didn’t sleep at all just for this. I feel stupid, since I don’t even like Persona that much.

  • Lisa Fraulein

    There you go! The long awaited Persona 3DS game!

  • Billy Kostyra

    looks like downgraded version of both P3 & p4

    • Ric Vazquez

      I know right? I would have been okay if it was made with the regular models but why did it have to be something chibi-like?!

    • Shippoyasha

      Well, they can’t do too much with their former character proportions with the same fidelity on a 3DS. Not trying to diss 3DS here, but chibi proportions tends to work better on 3DS. Plus, there’s a more of a family friendly target audience with 3DS so I’m sure that’s also a factor for Atlus here. I think it looks incredibly cute and fun for what it is. Shocking at first, I admit, but it sounds right thinking more into it.

      • Pdugna

        after they announced 5 for PS3 this game looked awesome…..DUDE WE CAN HAVE 3 WILD CARD USERS IN ONE FREAKING TEAM!!

      • Daniel Jeanbaptiste

        SMTIV says hi

        • Kudan

          Damn straight.

      • LightZero

        Resident Evil Revelation says hello. Not to mention SMT4 below.

  • Azzrem

    so this is the 3DS persona they announce years ago…

  • benhofb


    • Linhua

      … I know that feel right now, bro. I know that feel.

  • Guilherme Matheus Silva

    Persona on 3DS??? This is unexpected!! BUT I LOVED IT!! *o*

  • icecoffemix

    This along with Vita P4 rhythm game and PS3 P4 arena thingy.

    Good show Atlus.

    Man, I remember when I was really excited for Atlus game, back on the PS2 days.

  • Afternoon Intergalactic

    I would’ve taken P4A:2 over this… meh.

  • Flandre Scarlet

    Atlus demonstrates how to troll your fanbase

    • Rael XIV

      Learning with SEGA

  • Lutfi Ardiansyah

    me and my big mouth, everything i predicted is right on mark, just wrong about the console and the game name lol

  • Allec Ribeiro

    Minato is back! In chibi form. I have very mixed feelings.

  • shafiq95


  • Alexander Aubert

    officially dissapointed in you atlus, big announcement my ass

    • John Diamond

      i was hoping for an xbox one exclusive persona game with kinect required and it’s not an rpg but a pet training simulator :). with day 1,2 and 3 dlc and did i mention kinect is required??

      yes i was also hoping for mandatory voice commands and next gen skype graphics

    • FlyingHoshi

      It’s a slight of hand. They announced P5 as well:

      Coming winter 2014 on PS3

      • Sanjima

        All the tears of rage from the announcement of this PQ and that P4D were turned into tears of joy from that P5 teaser! T_T

      • Shane Guidaboni

        I need to see more!

  • Tom_Phoenix

    There is only one thing I have to say……

    …..AHAHAHAHHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh man, this was BEAUTIFUL! Watching the reactions of Persona fans on Twitch was PRICELESS! It made watching the announcement completely worth it! Even though I wouldn’t actually want Persona 5 on Wii U, I would have loved such an announcement for the sheer entertainment value of seeing the fanbase go ballistic…but this did the trick just fine! XD

    *wipes tears of laughter*

    On a slightly less silly note, this does fulfill the E3 2010 entry of a “Persona 3DS” and it also means that P5 is even less likely to be on the 3DS and more likely to be on a home console. Plus, if nothing else, at least it isn’t an iOS/Android game. Overall, I really don’t think people should be as upset as they are.

    There is one thing I wasn’t too thrilled about, though. Why is the female MC from P3P not present in Persona Q (at least I didn’t see her in the trailer)? I mean, it’s clearly a non-canon spinoff title, so including her shouldn’t have been a problem.

    EDIT: Actually, now that I think about it, the lack of Persona 1/2 characters is also lame.

    • RovCal

      LOL i am loving this announcement for the same reason. persona fans are going crazy ha ha ha ha ha ha

    • shafiq95

      it also kinda confirm that p5 might not be an exclusive like Catherine

    • John Diamond

      on a serious note, i would still be ticked off. They made a whole big show of this ‘super cool announcement’ then just dump no big persona game.

      still maybe this game ould be pretty good eh?

    • Shane Guidaboni
      • Tom_Phoenix

        If you didn’t realise it, I made that comment BEFORE P5 was announced. Plus, three announcements were already confirmed before, so I was aware that they were going to announce more stuff.

        • Shane Guidaboni

          That’s fair. You still jumped the gun with that comment.

  • RovCal

    LMAO.. atlus = king troll

  • benhofb



    • RovCal

      ha ha ha ha ha

      • Keko

        Hatsune Rise: Project Persona is happening.

  • C_Diamond

    I hope it’s NOT canon.

  • roboticpainter .

    everyone calm the hell down, there is a lot more than just this, the announcements are flooding in and they are obviously saving the best for last! KEEP FAITH!

  • Kagetsu

    I don’t know… It’ll probably be a fun 3DS game, but yeah, was kind of expecting more. News on P5, perhaps. :|

  • Persona 1 – playable on Vita
    Persona 2 – playable on Vita
    Persona 3 – playable on Vita
    Persona 4 – playable on Vita

    Where should we put the next Persona game, now that we have a solid fan base with the Sony portables?

    • Syn

      3DS!!!!!!! Yaaaaaaayyyyyy…waves flags -_-

      • Ric Vazquez

        And to make it worse,it’s chibi-like -_-

    • CrossZX

      Well look at all the SMT games that are out on DS and 3DS already. Releasing a Persona game on the system makes sense.

      • It’s specifically a spinoff for Persona 3 and 4 though, and neither of those games are on the DS or 3DS. It ultimately doesn’t matter to me personally, but I find the decision curious from a business standpoint. Perhaps it means this game will have little to nothing to do with Persona 3 or 4 in the first place? It might all be a moot point if that’s the case.

        • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

          Why do you think they did a recap stream then ? Lmao

    • Pedro Furtado

      Fanbase expansion, which is the goal of the game, getting Persona to players who have not yet experienced it, should be good for the franchise in the long run even if it doesn’t sell that well

      • Primal Link

        Strictly speaking that actually only just happened to me recently, I got a copy of P4G last week, which is my first in the series and im hooked already.

    • Spirit Macardi

      Fans go where the games are, not the other way around. Just look at how many spin offs Kingdom Hearts has gotten across multiple consoles.

      • Sardorim

        There’s a reason they released KH1.5 and soon KH2.5… Many fans refused to buy the handheld games as they didn’t want a handheld gaming system. They wanted the KH series to stay on consoles. Now all KH games but Dream Drop Distance will soon be on consoles with KH2.5’s release.

        • kthanxyousuck

          I don’t think people refused to buy them. I know a lot of people who purchased a DS just to play KH games. The handheld games came out years ago and did fine. They released 1.5 and 2.5 because they already knew a third was planned and they were more of a recap and introduction to new gamers since it had been 8 years since any game had been on the console then a “hey if you didn’t play those games, play them here”. And only two handheld games are playable in these versions.

        • Zeik56

          Yeah, I’m quite sure that’s not the only reason, or even main reason, KH1.5 and 2.5 exist.

          • Sardorim

            Still a very big reason. Please don’t be ignorant. Many KH fans didn’t get the handheld games hence why many don’t know much of the story that happened on the handhelds. Thus KH 1.5/2.5 which brings these games, and their story, to consoles to those that never got the handheld games.

          • KHSoraKeyBlade

            Actually many “fans” were ignorant towards the titles on the handhelds because they didn’t have the title “Kingdom Hearts III”, not because they flat out refused to buy a system. I know a few people who bought a PSP and/or 3DS just to play KH. The HD collections are there to get people ready for KH3 not because they thought nobody was buying the handheld games. Days, Birth by Sleep and 3D all sold pretty well.

        • Spirit Macardi

          Doesn’t change that they were released on handhelds first though. Or that many fans happily bought those games on their original formats.

          Same thing with Tales of Vesperia in Japan. Most gamers there have zero interest in Microsoft consoles, then suddenly a Tales game came to it and thousands of people bought 360s for that one title. The game’s later PS3 port/expansion doesn’t change that either.

          • Sardorim

            Being released on handhelds first doesn’t change that my statement was correct. Many KH fans DIDN’T buy the handheld games and don’t know the story in them. KH1.5/2.5 isn’t just a cash grab, it’s there to bring those stories to the major part of the fanbase that only plays on the console – mainly PS3 at this time.

            That Tales of game didn’t do all that well on the 360 and many fans hated that it wasn’t on the PS3. Than years later they release and enhanced port of Vesperia and even Graces on the PS3 and those sold well enough despite coming out years later as the fanbase was there.

          • PersonaBull

            Not really, though. The KH1.5/2.5 were, if anything, to get a revitalized fanbase of gamers that hadn’t even played the first title. Nomura said as much in an interview:

            “Nomura: Because the series so far has been
            scattered over different consoles, I think there have been people who
            found it difficult to access, with sequels such as KH2 that might
            already have come out by the time they came to know about the series.
            With KH -HD 1.5 ReMIX- you can enjoy the story from the beginning, and
            in HD quality on top of that, so if you haven’t played yet please by all
            means use this opportunity to do so. I think even those who have
            already played through the series may make new discoveries regarding
            foreshadowing of sequels and lines that reference previous lines and
            such by taking another look at everything aligned in chronological
            order. I would be happy if this title turns out to be a ‘restart’ for
            the series.”
            He specifically picks out KH2 as having come out before the targets of KH1.5 having known about the series altogether. The first game came out a decade ago, and it sure felt like it was kids 12-20 that originally got into it. KH1.5 was intended to bring in an entire new generation to add to the sleeper fanbase that already existed before the conclusion of this particular storyline. The fact that it addressed the apparent issue with scattered titles was an additional perk.

            Full circle back to Persona here, think of it like how the Vita was used with the Persona series. It was scattered about different consoles (same brand but certainly different individual consoles) but now you can play all the Persona titles on a single device, which helped a lot of fans (including myself) to experience the first two (three) titles for the first time after coming into the series at P3 or later.

            Gaming companies don’t care about people that refuse to buy their games, they care about their customers: people who do buy their games. Why would so much effort go into getting ready for KH3 like that for people who were only ever going to buy a KH3 to begin with? It was for new and old customers to buy and enjoy repackaged and upgraded games.

    • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

      Hmmmm…… why not 3DS then where we already had huge fan of SMT series and EO series and come out with a game that plays a lot like EO to increase more of our fanbase?

    • Kudan

      Man even with a spin-off of a spin-off series like Persona people are gonna complain, if a fan of the series really wants to play this they’ll get a 3DS, it’s not like the console wasn’t awesome already.

    • PersonaBull

      3DS, since Persona gamers happen to like other games in and out of the SMT series? I get really confused at this line of thinking that an entire game franchise can only be on a single platform ever FOREVER and that’s FINAL. Other games I enjoy besides Persona: Rune Factory, Pokemon, SMT Devil Survivor, Ace Attorney, 999/VLR, Fire Emblem, Kingdom Hearts, Animal Crossing…should I continue or? Heaven forbid people have to make a decision on which games they would prefer to have and, if they have the income to make it so, just get both systems since neither is really all that bad. We should all be able to play all future games made by our favorite developer/publisher because we paid for previous ones? Honestly I don’t understand this complaint outside of hearing it as “but I want TWO candy bars!”

  • This is supposed to be Persona SD.

    Did we got trolled or something?

  • DragKudo

    You guys owe us Devil children now lol. At least its not p5 or a port of 3 and 4 so everyone is happy.

    • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

      No they’re not happy. They’re still pissed and trying to decry this game for not being canon. Except they have a rythym game thats a direct sequel lmao

      • DragKudo

        Yes everyone is happy. Also this game is obviously non canon. People are just mad from the tease. That old lady

        • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu
          • DragKudo

            I will jus say it another timeline in the amala network. this ontradicts Arena and the p3/4

          • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

            If Capcom can fit random fighters into canon Atlus can do something here XD. Some Zelda timeline level shiz

          • DragKudo

            the only way i will see this as canon is if the network is involved and or strain42 joke becomes real which either way would be cool

  • shafiq95

    and they say Persona is a Sony Exclusive hahaha ……..Just KD! WE 3DS OWNER GOT FKING TROLLED AS WELL!

    • DragKudo

      I guess it’s time we broke tradition. Godspeed Atlus. They will unite the gaming community.

  • Ciel

    More SMT for my 3DS ^_^ I may be the only one happy about this *feeds cat so hard

    • Azzrem

      yesterday you said you will not feed your cat if it isn’t P5

      • Ciel

        Imma man filled with many twist and turns… *puts shades on & feeds El Jefe

      • Detrimont

        but p5 was announced (the cat is saved)

  • icecoffemix

    Aaaand Persona 5 is announced.

  • shafiq95


  • Prinnydoom

    Now this is interesting. Looking forward to it.

  • Hound

    “We know you liked the chilling theme of the midnight channel and weren’t interested in a Persona 4-2 or whatever, so behold! SD Persona for the 3DS! With kid friendly artwork that’ll make all of you Scooby Doo fans jump with joy!”

  • ivanchu77

    Well, at least this one is a RPG, but still, just a cash cow to the fans

  • shafiq95


  • shafiq95


  • Bondan Aliano

    Reading all the comments here is just priceless.. LOL. I was also like “whaat..?” at first, but after taking a peek at the official site, I can say that this is beary Q-ute :P

  • Manny Being Manny
    • DragKudo

      I am the only one who likes how Kanami danced? I don’t know its the way she moves her legs, that makes it look cool and dare i say……sexy

  • Hound
  • AokiShizuku

    I’m dying.

    • Reiswindy

      Marin Karin?

      • X_Bacon

        …is that you Mitsuru?

  • PlatinumMad

    AT LEAST is wasn’t Narukami Returns: Persona 4…

  • Azzrem

    sigh~ better save up some money for 3DS..I have been resisting Pokemon X/Y,SMT4,etc..but this one,i cant resist!!!!

  • artemisthemp

    So we gonna see Shin Tenshi Megami on Playstation soon?

  • Lutfi Ardiansyah
  • natchu96


    ” . . . but you’ll have to wait 12 months. In the mean time the milking continues!”

  • James Enk

    i was expecting more

  • LibraryOfAlexandira .

    The new characters for PQ reminded me of Sousei and Ai Kurogami from that spin off novel, Persona x Detective Naoto.

    • DragKudo

      I wonder if they will show up? Nice to have team of Anti shadow weapons.

  • Alexander Aubert

    sorry i said some badstuff to you atlus, no hard feelings okay? anyway i “love” P4D, and P4Q look at that cute chibi character they are so cute <3 i "love" it.

    • DragKudo

      I was more mad at the old lady who sounded like igor than Atlus.

  • serpentear

    Give me minako/hamuko and I’m sold

  • SHSL Big Bro

    Etrian Persodyssey

  • Rake

    ATLUS just gave us fan service.. and P5… Atlus really does care~ <3 ;v;

  • Zangetsu777

    This game must be ATLUS trying to reach out to a younger audience

  • MrJechgo

    P4A2 for 3DS… HOW HARD CAN THAT BE?!?

  • Tylor Boreas Makimoto


  • Folk Hellfang

    Having finally gotten off my dead ass and finished Persona 4 Golden, I am over the moon about this! I love the designs, but I am a little worried the character roster will be overwhelming. Too many lousy to keep leveled up, you know?

  • Sardorim

    Is FeMC gonna appear in here as a secret boss or character? I would love for her to meet Rise.

  • Spirit Macardi

    A Persona spinoff for a Nintendo console?! YES PLEASE :D

    I’m wondering if this will have voice acting in it, because if so then it would be hilarious to have Yosuke and the Persona 3 protagonist together, since it’d basically be Yuri Lowenthal talking to himself XD

    • DragKudo

      Makoto: So uh i heard you like Chihiro
      Yosuke: Umm Yeah she’s so hot.

  • doubleO7

    Awesome! Can’t wait for this game. I also really like the logo. Very Scooby-Doo-ish.

  • Kango234

    You know i’m glad I don’t have to buy a new system for this, but it really is disappointing that I probably won’t ever get a vita now.

  • Jettythesunfish

    Chibi Mitsuru-sempai?


  • Ace Esper

    I have 0 complaints. I’ve got hopes for this!

  • Warren

    Looks an awful like Panty and Stocking drawings. Will we get some xxx situations in this?

  • kthanxyousuck

    You know, for the people that say it’s an abomination because of it’s cuteness, Animal Crossing: New Leaf and their over 6 million in sales says it’s not so bad being cute.

    But you guys keep hating and me and the other 33 million 3DS owners will be over here enjoying our mountain of great games.

  • FlameEmperor

    HELL YEA!!!

  • Engi3Piece

    For all the people dissing on it being on the 3DS and chibi nature.
    It not on phones, it not on phone, it not on phones, it not on phones.

    • LDM


    • SetzerGabbiani


  • personablaze

    So now I have a Persona game for my vita, 3ds AND PS3?

  • drios07

    I hope it comes state side.

  • Astromime

    Now, we wait.

  • InfectedAI

    I wish the cutscenes weren’t chibi styled, but still looking forward to this. Hopefully it plays like the Persona games regarding exploration and character interaction. Also hoping somehow this is canon.

  • DragKudo

    Hope Metis, Makoto(F), Labrys, Maya, and the Kurogami siblings get in this

  • Trevor David Morrell

    Another Persona game that isn’t 5? It still looks good, though.

  • SetzerGabbiani

    Bought. Bought as soon as Atlus USA announces for the US!!!

    lol @ Scooby-Doo like logo.

  • $61526767

    Somehow.. I am looking forward to this game and anybody else besides me found Kanji’s chibi style funny?

  • zeta

    I wonder how they’ll use the streetpass feature in this game. cause Atlus makes a good use of this feature.

  • cameron forsyth

    chibi teddie? whats the difference

  • Setsu Oh

    made lots of money, got tv series and movie about it, popular enough to get attention in the west aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand horribly obsolete PS1 sheatty handheld new title.

  • Nan

    Cute, but I want Jun and Tatsuya in chibi form :((((

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