Rhino Beetle Kirby Brings Us More Kirby Triple Deluxe Screenshots

By Spencer . November 25, 2013 . 3:23am

kirby6 kirby7

Nintendo’s next Kirby game looks like it goes back to the series roots. Kirby Triple Deluxe is a side-scrolling action game with one Kirby. He still has his copy powers and can change into… Beetle Kirby?! Another screenshot shows Big Bang Kirby.




Kirby Triple Deluxe is slated for January 11, 2014 on Nintendo 3DS.


kirby4 kirby5 kirby3 kirby9
kirby1 kirby2

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  • Rytan

    Whoa, January 2014!? I didn’t expect it that soon. Awesome.

    • Ony

      Might be -only- in Japan.

      • Rytan

        True, but considering how little there usually is to translate between Japanese and other regions for Kirby games, it shouldn’t come more than a couple of months later.

        • Ony

          Localising is never a matter of text only, there are tons of papers to do and that is what takes the most time.

          But yes I also think that it will be released some month later.

          • mockturtle

            Papers? Like what, notarizing?

          • Ony

            Administration, that devilous thing that escaped the deepest place of the ocean, coming from the monstruous mouth of Cthulhu himself…

      • Daniel Jeanbaptiste

        Since when has Kirby stayed in Japan.

        • 하세요

          The release date, not the game itself. Strange though since the history of Kirby release dates have been in the favor of NA, getting it before Japan; or days apart. A few have some months apart. EU usually is the one that waits awhile.

  • WyattEpp

    From what we saw in the first teaser video, I think the beetle is the new Suplex. (AKA The Coolest Ability)

    • JustThisOne

      Makes sense. Kirby used to get Suplex from the bug beetle thing in the older games. :>

    • Krisi92

      I don’t think so. The only move we saw was a grappling move, sure, but it was like Jet’s or Wing’s grappling attack. Also, the other abilities with grappling moves are Parasol, Ice, Beam, Fighter, Ninja, Yo-Yo, Whip, and… I’m pretty sure I’m missing some.

  • Guest

    Incoming angry kirby face on US boxart

    • Steven Hunt

      Maybe it’ll be the opposite this time, since he’s already angry on the Japanese boxart.

  • Heisst

    What’s that rainbow glow ability that he has in that one picture?

    • hawk222

      It seems like some kind of super ability. It was shown briefly in the trailer, and it’s likely something unique to this game, like the super abilities Kirby had in the recent Wii game.

  • I have an underlying suspicion that they may be upping the level variety for this game.

    • Hinataharem

      And it looks fabulous!

  • mockturtle

    That big thing throwing the block at Kirby in the third picture… does it remind anyone else of Major Burrows from Super Mario Galaxy?

    • hawk222

      Or at the very least, he looks similar to the smaller mole enemies.

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    The bottom screen reminds me of Squeak Squad just a tad bit.

    • hawk222

      I’d like to see the return of that system in future games, though it would need to be enhanced.

  • It looks absolutely beautiful and fantastic~. I cannot wait. ♥

  • ReidHershel

    JANUARY 11TH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Derek E Nay

    My my. What a horn Kirby has.

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