Persona 4: Dancing All Night To Feature Remixes By Japanese Music Artists

By Ishaan . November 26, 2013 . 6:05am

Yes, Persona 4: Dancing All Night is tied to the series’ story. Don’t ask us how. It’s a rhythm game starring Rise Kujikawa, who has finally taken her idol career all the way, and will feature other Persona 4 characters as well.


That said, this week’s issue of Dengeki PlayStation magazine reveals that the game takes place after the events of Persona 4: The Ultimax Ultra Suplex Hold.


Songs in Persona 4: Dancing All Night will be remixed by Japanese music artists such as Tetsuya Komuro and Daisuke Asakura, with other collaborations scheduled for announcement in the future.


Tracks that are confirmed to be in the game thus far include: Pursuing My True Self, HEAVEN, Reach Out to the Truth and Time to Make History.


Persona 4: Dancing All Night will be released on PS Vita in fall 2014.

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  • You had me at a remix of Heaven. :D

    I hope Backside of the TV gets one too but I”m sure nearly every song will get a remix.

  • fairysun

    I want to see all persona dancing together.

  • Nitraion

    Someone shadows enter TV world and you must dance in order to beat them…
    just like how P4:U story flow lol XD

    • psycho_bandaid


      (so sad that I can’t post gifs here anymore)

      • X_Bacon

        Space Channel 5 feelings.

  • Tales_of_Master

    Well, I never thought I’d see the day where I buy a rhythm game. There is a first for everyone I guess :/

    • Gotta start somewhere.

      It’s just I did in HS with DDR many moons ago.

  • MasterScrub

    It’s… CANON?

    That’s absolutely hilarious. I love it.

    • Guest

      Maybe is a game per character: Chie (P4A a fighting game), Rise (this dance game), xD idk..

      • miju

        That’s not Labrys.

    • Kumiko Akimoto

      Yeah i imagine it’s about her asking yu to help her with her singing career and her rival gets in on it too possibly with a collaboration events.

      • Sardorim

        Rise may have her hands full if her rivals try and steal Yu away after being taken in by his sexy dance poses.

        • Kumiko Akimoto

          That would hilarious xD

  • Nitraion

    O yeah speaking of graphics model of this game.. They nice remind me of catherine…
    and i can wait how P5 will turn out

  • Pdugna

    Didn’t expect the other artists to join up, thought the whole game would be meguro tracks lol

    • Morricane

      Well, it’ll be remixes of Meguro tracks :D

  • Marcelo Gouvêa

    I’m bothered by the “starring Rise Kujikawa” bit. I like her alright, but dancing Naoto is the dealbreaker for me.

  • Raze


    Snowflakes too please….

    And some music like new world full, I’ll face my self, and kioku…hopefully…

    Better yet…Add music from the previous persona too..

    • Mr_SP

      I dunno… Heaven’s nice, but it’s hard to dance to it.

      • Raze

        I don’t really care with the dance thing in P4D anyway…
        Just the music….

      • miju

        They might use this version or another more upbeat remix of it or just have a slower dance to it. I’m pretty sure anything that’s in the concerts would be fair game to be in it.

  • Virevolte

    The shadows has captured you inside the TV world. If you stop dancing to entertain the masses, they will kill you. But don’t worry, Rise is here to teach you the ropes.

  • Rokubato

    Shadow World pleaaassseee ><

    • Raze


      yeah right…

      that trash can dance…

  • $61526767

    I really can’t wait to see how their going to explain this through the story after P4 Arena 2.

  • transferstudentx
  • transferstudentx
  • Nexus

    I would love for them to include the FES remix of Burn My Dread.

  • The Dance for Everyone’s Souls. Can you dig in and bust that groove with your true self?

  • Manny Being Manny

    So yeah, no chance this gets localized now… that would be a licensing nightmare to deal with many different music artists. Oh well, I’ll import.

    • TheExile285

      If we can get Project Diva f, I think we can this. Besides, its not like P4A & P4G didn’t have remixes…

      • Arcana Wiz

        and hyperdimension nept…. this shows that the west finally began to receive this genre.

        • TheExile285

          HDN actually isn’t a rhythm game at all from what I’ve researched. Its more VN/Dating Sim/Idol Management

          You don’t match beats up with the songs, instead you are in charge effects and camera work :V

          • Arcana Wiz

            ohhh i thinked it had some rhythm elements…. awww. well but it shows that the west is growing a market to games centered around music and seeing your prefered characters dancing

          • MrTyrant

            Well I like Idolmaster because of the VN/Datim sim/Idol Management is the most fun part for me but I also enjoyed the rhythm parts because Is imposible for me to say they weren’t fun yet sice Im not very fond to this type of games a purely rhythm game only is a big no IMO.

            It seems P4 dancing will have some story but I wonder how much it’s going to be or if there is any simulation part on this one.

    • Lutfi Ardiansyah

      this is Persona !!, of course it will be localized XD

      well i hope so,,

  • Mirai

    whoa this is actually Canon? I can understand Rise dancing since she’s an idol but the other characters too? Now i’m interested to see how they are going to explain this outcome of events after Arena’s.

    • LibraryOfAlexandira .

      Imagine the reactions the P4 characters are going to have to the situation in this game… It’s going to be hilarious.

  • Brandonmkii

    I might be showing my age here, but I’m glad Tetsuya Komuro is on this. Guy’s a wizard.

    • Morricane

      Yeah I was like “…that’s some pretty big names in the japanese music producer scene”…

    • Shippoyasha

      TK is a huge name to attach to this game. They are adding some legendary music cred to this game. This gaming sounds like a must buy more and more.

    • Göran Isacson

      As someone who isn’t knowledgeable about Japanese music, what has he done that I should be aware of, so I can get a feel for what kind of music will be in the game?

      • Brandonmkii

        Well, he’s a producer mostly these days, so his music shouldn’t be indicative of the kind of styles you’ll see in the game, I think.

        He was the keyboardist for TM Network, a popular 80’s band. He then went on to be a extremely successful music producer, and to this day he still produces top acts, tours, and writes many hit songs for other artists. His wikipedia page has a list of artists he’s collaborated with, and songs he’s worked on, My personal favorite is “Get Wild” by TM Network.

  • Byas

    So, Brotag becomes an Idol after P4A? Can’t say I’m surprised, it’s impossible not to love that expressionless face.

  • Brimfyre

    I love that the Midnight Channel lets them get away with any idea no matter how silly and still be part of a serious storyline.

    • Warren

      But did anyone really doubt that we wouldn’t see this as a game after they had them dancing in The Golden’s’ opening?

  • Espoir

    Rise’s got the moves, BUT NOTHING WILL EVER BEAT KANON </3

  • dmysta3000


  • SnackEater

    I’m actually really excited for this game Persona games always have really great music!

  • Warren

    Please include that song from persona Q opening “Carousal”, i would absolutely by this game…but I’m probably going to by it anyway.

  • Strain42

    Okay, so this takes place post Arena 2, that’s all well and good, but here’s the big question…does it also take place post Golden epilogue? (would seem weird if it doesn’t since the epilogue makes it sound like the last time they saw the MC was during the events of the fighting games)

    But since Kanji is already a confirmed playable character…will this be black haired Kanji?

    • Kaetsu

      In the trailer I thought I saw Kanji’s silhouette with his jacket on but I could be wrong. I really hope they have old Kanji because his new look doesn’t suit him.

  • Byron Kerrison II

    Love all three songs. I hope they put in Reach Out To The Truth (P4A Mix).

    I think that’s probably the best one to put in.

  • DyLaN


    >Yu is really enjoying this isn’t he? XD

    Plot description:

    The story is set half a year after Persona 4, when Rise Kujikawa returns to the world of show business. Rumors begin spreading of a mysterious video on a certain website, which watched at midnight transports viewers to the “other side,” never to awaken again. And members of Rise’s idol group “Kanamin Kitchen” start to disappear.

    Persona 4 characters like Yu Narukami and Rise, as well as new junior idol character Kanami Mashita, are confirmed to appear as players “Battle Dance” against shadows in a mysterious world known as the “Mayonaka Stage.”

    Complimentary Yu swag.

    • SnackEater

      Thanks! :)

    • Rake

      Every time I see that Yu pose with Izanagi.. It gives me that Jojo Bizarre Adventure vibe…

      • Hinataharem

        Izanagi is basically a Stand

    • Servant BerserCAR

      fan girl reaction:

    • Nitraion

      Lol i knew it the plot can’t be that far off like P4:A XD

  • Aunna Terrell

    Daisuke Asakura? I know of his work for the Gravitation OST and many of TMRevolution’s songs. XD I can’t wait to hear what his remixes sound like~

  • Yan Zhao

    Is it weird that this game excites me more than all the other Persona announcements?

  • sakusakusakura_nyo

    My favorite Persona 4 song is Your Affection.

  • Kaetsu

    I hope they add Key Plus Words even though it’s from the animation.

  • Covnam

    Really love the music of P3/P4, hopefully these remixes will be well done. A remix can really go one way or the other. *fingers crossed*

  • Sardorim

    Rise is such a star, glad to see her getting more time to shine. She’s my favorite P4 girl along with Chie and Naoto.

    • Warren

      what no Yukiko love!

    • Kamakuma

      Another one aboard Team Chie. :’3

  • Nice Boat Quatro

    The Shadow World dance from the P4G intro needs to be here!

  • Hinataharem

    I’d love it if Hanako became an idol

  • Servant BerserCAR

    Atlus sometimes join forces with ArcSys, right? So… Daisuke Ishiwatari, please.

    • Göran Isacson

      On the one hand, I don’t know if Daisukes music is something you DANCE to. It’s something you ROCK to, no doubt about it, but the two aren’t always so easily connected so I don’t know how good a fit it would be.

      On the other hand: a music game with Ishiwataris music is probably a game I would buy no matter WHAT theme it had.

  • Maia Kasoya

    I wish there was some chance of Dream of Butterfly showing up, or at least a non-P3/P4 song.

  • Ecchi Pantsu

    Meanwhile at Atlus

  • Seven of The Scions

    At first I have no idea what is so fun playing Project Diva, questioning what the hell is wrong with people who loves those vocaloid thing or something…

    Until I end up seeing a pretty cute cosplayer as vocaloid and ends up for me to playing the Project Diva game…

    and yes…….
    I’M LOVING it! never thought that playing rhythm game is so much fun and addicting.
    Not to mention seeing bright atmosphere to lighten my mood by just playing it.

    and soon, they release this kind of game (which is the same developer) as one of my favourite RPG title.

    I wholeheartedly….ACCEPT IT.

  • Göran Isacson

    Ha ha oh my God it IS canon, confirmed and delightful. I wonder if it will be an actual part of the ongoing plot, or just a fine side-distraction where Yu comes down with the Saturday Night Fever and joins Rise as a back-up dancer or whatever. As long as they got the budget for it and don’t try to get TOO serious with the plot, I’ll be all for this.

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