Atlus Are Free To Use Dormant Sega IP Says Company President

By Sato . November 27, 2013 . 5:32pm

When Sega acquired Index Corporation, parent company of Atlus, the company’s name ended up staying the same, with the addition of Sega Sammy’s Chief Operating Officer, Naoya Tsurumi, as its president. In an interview with Famitsu magazine, Tsurumi recently talked about the future of the Atlus brand and its relationship with Sega.


Famitsu: What will happen to the Atlus brand?

Naoya Tsurumi: As a new company, we will venture together, with Index working as an independent company. The plan is to have Atlus and Sega continue shining as brands, while aiming to increase their degree of independence.


Similar to the studio we’ve acquired from overseas [note: presumably Relic], they’ll continue managing their own brands and IPs, and making them bigger. Then, Sega will be the ones to sell them. So, think of it as us telling them “Continue working on your own IPs with pride and confidence—the sky is the limit.”


Will the development structure remain the same?

Tsurumi: Everything will remain the same. The people of Index will continue working thoroughly, and Sega have no plans to undertake any of their work. However, we’re at a point where Sega is offering Index to freely make use of any resources they may have, that Index does not. Index will be keeping many of their fine qualities, such as Atlus’ Shin Megami Tensei IP, and many others.


What are some of the benefits for Sega from the acquisition of Index?

Tsurumi: I believe that the addition of genres is a crucial factor. Especially with regard to the fact that Sega have never excelled in RPG titles. With consideration towards Atlus’ strengths, Japanese RPGs would be a prime example [of an added benefit].


And the JRPGs they make are quite popular overseas.

Tsurumi: That’s right. The fact that they’ve been able to capture fans from North America is really huge. That said, for Sega, it’s a big plus to have more IPs, but an even bigger plus to have more genres.


It must be reassuring to have added a group capable of making great RPG titles.

Tsurumi: While we have no intention of forcing this, we’d definitely love to have them utilize any of Sega’s dormant IPs.


Sakura Wars, Jet Set Radio, and Space Channel 5… are some that come to mind.

Tsurumi: There are plenty that haven’t been active. [laughs] However, the new company just recently got started, so there’s nothing on the table for now, but we’ll definitely be giving it more thought.


Atlus just announced the latest of the Persona installment. The timing of the announcement must have made fans feel reassured.

Tsurumi: Having the fans feel uneasy is the worst thing we could do. Above all, I’d like to make sure that the fans feel a sense of reassurance. If we were to lose fans, then all would be for nothing. Making fans and the employees of Index happy is what I believe will be our best return [for the company], and we’ll do our best to keep that up.

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  • Jesse

    Now you people can calm down over this.

    Edit: Meant to say “over the merger”

    • mirumu

      I suspect the opposite will happen. This news will excite quite a few people.

      • Jesse

        That would be good, though I meant when they were freaking out when this first happened. ^^;

        • Pyrotek85

          Well I couldn’t blame them, wouldn’t be the first time IPs got swallowed up and ruined.

  • Harley Jackson

    *crosses fingers* Sakura Wars Sakura Wars SAKURA WARS

    • New Sakura Wars would truly be something. Would love to see the original games localized somehow…

  • Atlus handling some of Sega’s dormant properties?

    Pinch me, I’m dreaming.

  • Solomon_Kano

    Atlus presents: Shenmuegami Tensei 3

    • mirumu

      Sonic and Sega All Stars Ultimax Ultra Super Hold

      • Byron Kerrison II

        Would be nice to see Sonic and Beat as DLC.

        …Just kidding… Maybe…

        • mirumu

          The’d definitely be in the spin-off dancing game I’m sure.

      • Solomon_Kano

        Devil Summoner: Raidou Kuzunoha vs. Space Channel 5

        • mirumu

          That almost fits! Could be a good game.

          • Solomon_Kano

            I mean, after P4D maybe it’s time for Raidou to get in on the action!

          • mirumu

            I’d buy it.

          • Raze

            Dancing Raidou?


            The dark realm will melt….

          • Hound

            Raidou would be epic in Sakura Wars.

        • JustThisOne

          Digital Yakuza Saga plz.

          • I’d buy it.

          • Solomon_Kano

            Groove On Virtua Fighter!

          • JustThisOne

            Phantasy Star Survivor

            Actually.. wait.. this sounds pretty ominous for the players….

          • Landale

            Given that the original series was pretty fond of killing people off and putting about as many near death. That could work.

        • makubexnas

          i’m dying to see Raidou said Shot Shot when using his gun.

          • gerald

            I go out of my way to make an avatar no one else could possibly have used… and now this. lol

    • Weeb

      Digital Devil Saga: Virtual On when

  • PlatinumMad

    Persona 5 “Featuring Beat from the Jet Set Radio Series”

    • JustThisOne

      Hahaha, wouldn’t it be great if you’re just walking around in P5 and you see Jet Set grafitti all over the place?

      • Kaetsu

        It would make for a good easter egg lol

    • AndreasStalin

      And Gum.

  • TheExile285

    Hmm, this could be interesting

  • NoLastName

    One day we may see an Atlus-developed Valkyria Chronicles.

    • TheExile285


      • Ric Vazquez

        *Dies from too much hype*

    • That would be cool and I hope it’s good, but I remember Operation Darkness……….

      • Solomon_Kano

        Luckily for his dreams, Atlus didn’t develop that themselves.

    • Kaetsu

      Maybe if SmtxFE does well we could have an SMTxFExVC. That would be so awesome!

      • Daniel Jeanbaptiste

        nah Advance Wars x Valkyria Chronicles would be ten times better

        • Bigabu Beaze

          Both are good!

          • zeta

            then smt x fe x sakura wars

          • Bigabu Beaze

            I’m down with that.

        • TheGioG

          Holy heck, thats a pretty good idea. Both play kinda similarly, so it would give Intelligent Systems an excuse to dust off that Advance Wars IP.

          • Daniel Jeanbaptiste

            They gonna work on a new game in future after seeing them work most of the ips already on 3DS

        • Hound

          Now that you mention advance wars, I wonder if Sakura Wars would be well appreciated in Atlus’ hands.

          It was rather unfortunate that their only localized game from the series was released 3 years ago on the PS2.

      • NoLastName

        Characters from SMT and VC going to war with demons would be glorious.

    • Pockystix

      *Melts into a puddle*

      that. . . that. . . my heart. . . it’s too much-!

    • TheGioG

      Either that or localization of Valkyria Chronicles 3. Or BOTH. After that hell of a bait & switch Atlus pulled on us a few days ago, this may just be possible.

    • Rob Wu

      First thing I thought of when I read this

    • JohnNiles

      Well… crap. As much as I loved Valkyria Chronicles, I would’ve loved it even more with social links.

      • Shippoyasha

        Trying to max social links with the most racist members of Squad 7 is going to be interesting!

        • JohnNiles

          I was thinking the nasty part would be having your link progress halted if your squad member dies, but yeah, that’ll be a challenge.

      • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

        To some extent VC2 introduced something along those lines. Getting along with squad members not only progressed their storylines but also provided bonuses in battle when Avan would be in proximity of said squad members~.

        • JohnNiles

          I completely forgot about the 4-part classmate missions. Guess VC2 wasn’t as memorable as I thought. ._.

          Avan was rather lacking in the swag department… he never even got close to “You spent a long time with…”

          • karldeck

            Well he speaks, so that is why.

    • Surgeon of Death


    • equalequation

      Oh. My. God.

      Or. You know what. An SMT spinoff with VC’s system would be quite swell, too. Devil Survivor anyone?

    • TheRealMalek

      Mind exploded >_<*

    • Without english localization.

    • Servant BerserCAR


  • ReidHershel

    And now…….shit has become real.
    Seriously, one of the kings of RPGs and character development now has a plethora of games to work from.

  • Kaetsu

    Oh damn!

  • Landale

    The first two things to come to mind when I saw this were Golden Axe and Streets of Rage.

    • Kaetsu

      I was thinking about the Shining games.

      • Landale

        That hasn’t really been dormant. It just hasn’t been released outside Japan.

        • Kaetsu

          Oh I had no clue they had released some in Japan in recent years.

          • Landale

            They’ve been fairly prolific with that series actually. Tend to see stuff about the series pop up on this site every year. Most recent was Shining Ark back in February I think.

          • Arcana Wiz

            shining hearts, shining ark, shining blade… it’s pretty much a yearly series now.

    • Solomon_Kano

      Finally, the turn-based Streets of Rage RPG I always dreamed of.

      • Landale

        Wouldn’t go that far. But there were a lot of sudden “Where the hell did this twisted shit come from?” moments, which feels right at home among a lot of Atlus stuff.

      • Lynx


        Kind of want.
        Does that make me a bad person?

        • Landale

          It does not.

        • Solomon_Kano

          Definitely not. I’m not even joking, I would so buy that.

      • Manuel Antony Marcano

        Theres a game kind of like that called “Treachery in Beatdown City”. I hear the programmer is a strapping young lad of incredibly good looks and amazing talent.

        He’s dreamy sadly he’s not in this video, just that tall other guy, and the game looks good too.

        • Solomon_Kano

          Oh snap. This actually looks really cool. Never would have known this was a thing. Thanks!

          I wonder who that programmer is though…

          • Manuel Antony Marcano

            No, I thank you! its always nice to see someone likes your work or…errrr that guys work…that pretty pretty man.

          • Solomon_Kano

            Well, tell that pretty man to keep up the good work should you ever meet him. ;)

          • brian

            It has an amazing trailer with ninja dragon terrorists.
            Originally saw it at a demo kiosk in Target, blew me away in a sense.

          • Solomon_Kano


        • InfectedAI

          Turn based beat em up? Not for me personally, but it looks cool and I’ve to give it to the devs for coming up with an interesting idea.

          • Manuel Antony Marcano

            It started off as just a regular brawler and one day it all changed because I was having trouble with something (don’t even remember what). This might not be your speed but stay tuned since we’ll be talking about more stuff very soon.

      • InfectedAI

        Hm, Streets of Rage beat em up RPG like River City Ransom with some of the good crazy elements from Code of Princess could be good.

      • Limit break: WURIAH!

  • Lazulis

    The Persona storm, and Sega stuff?! Oh god I’m so hyped for this.

  • sharpshot909

    Can they localize any of Sega’s games?

    I would love to play Phantasy Star Nova, Yakuza Ishin, and Valkyria Chronicles 3

  • Pdugna

    Dude this…is just awesome… :D

  • DanijoEX ♬ the Cosmic Owl

    I have to be one crazy guy to say it…but I would love for Atlus to help the Phantasy Star series…at least for N.A. But who’s to say…?

  • Raze

    I think they must let Atlus to handle Sakura Wars…


  • Arcana Wiz

    … Sakura wars! =D

    • Bigabu Beaze

      Doesnt RED own that IP?

      • Solomon_Kano


        • Arcana Wiz

          and my dreams were crushed…. Valkyria Chronicles 3! =D

  • Kari

    Skies of Arcadia….

    • The fact I had to scroll so far done to see this suggested made me a bit saaad.

      • Kari

        I know right. Guess Valkyria Chronicles is more important…

      • Di_Elle

        Actually makes me a little pissed off, haha.

        • Guest

          @disqus_Eq5Y683fgX:disqus @Di_Elle:disqus uhh, Valkyria Chronicles is still pretty neglected in the West since SEGA is still focusing on their Sonic and Hatsune Miku or whatever. I’ll rather say that both series are in the same boat and I also hope for both series to be revived, along with other IPs such as Sakura Wars.

      • Luke


    • Luke

      Came here to say this!

    • LightZero

      Now we’re talking. I guess one person don’t like SoA…

      Now that a game I would love to see a remake, sequel, or both for.

  • sakusakusakura_nyo

    I’d like to see Atlus make Phantasy Star V.

  • Luis Camargo





    • Bigabu Beaze

      Jet Set Radio?

    • Godmars

      Um. Pretty sure they’re still using Phantasy Star…

      • Slayven19

        Maybe he means localization.

        • Rudi Adkins II

          Or Phantasy Star V.

      • Luis Camargo

        I meant towards the possibility of a new offline Phantasy Star.

        The new one is PSO2*.

        *Which a localization would be reaaaaaaallly nice.

    • Guest


  • VenerableSage

    “Especially with regard to the fact that Sega have never excelled in RPG titles.”

    I’m sorry, but does a large chunk of titles from the 90s and 00s suddenly not count for anything?


    And, as much as I would love for Atlus to take over for Sakura Wars, wouldn’t Red Entertainment need to be involved in the process also? I do believe that they still have part of the controlling interest in the IP…?

    EDIT – Gee, it’s still so lovely to see that copy/pasting is still terribly broken here.

    • Taxonomic

      That’s what I said. Shining Force 3, Panzer Dragoon Saga, Shining the Holy Ark, PS1-4, etc etc.

      Heck, I’d just take re-releases on those games on modern platforms.

  • WildWolf21

    Atlus NEEDS to make Shining Force 4. Could you imagine the money that would come flowing in for both companies???

  • Bigabu Beaze

    VC? Skies of Arcadia? Please Atlus!

    • Locklear93

      I’d give a nut for Skies of Arcadia to get a proper sequel.

  • Atlus working on dormant Sega titles is potentially promising as it is worrying. Glad to hear all that though~.

  • AaqibRawat

    Shining force 4 ……
    Pwetty pwease
    Phantasy star
    Streets of rage 4

    Shenmue 3

    I love you atlus . Take my all my monies ( golds )

  • well this is quite interesting

  • Sapitntapit

    Sonic Megami Tensei
    You heard it here first

    • Reiswindy

      I don’t really know if that would be a good idea. But whatever.

      • Bigabu Beaze

        Its a horrible idea. Sonic doesnt mesh well with SMT.

    • Armane

      This makes me wonder what franchises they could make into a Megami Tensei spin-off.

      Persona: Jet Set Radio?

  • Yan Zhao

    Maybe we’ll actually get more Valkyria Chroicle games oversea now.

  • Epic Markell Joshua

    Jet set radio please!

  • Surgeon of Death


  • Tyler Beale

    Now let’s see Sega get together with….Sega…..and bring PSO2 to the West! Oh, and PSPo2 to the North American PSN as well.

    • Taxonomic

      ^This. A million times this.

      I’d love to play the two PS Portable games on my Vita.

      • Tyler Beale

        What’s ironic is that I actually have the PSN version of the game. But it’s not on the store as of now, and of course is not transferrable to Vita via PS3.

  • HershelLousyton

    Hmm, I imagine an Atlus Shining Force game would be very good.

  • Nitraion

    Sonic,shadow and knuckles as useable persona lol XD

  • Red Anti-hero

    I know I’m probably going to get some down votes but I would love to see them work on a sequel to sonic chronicles.

  • I really wanted Project X Zone delayed now so that I could have a Yu and Minato/Makoto team.

  • Michael Connell

    Bring back Segata Sanshiro!!

    • Testsubject909


  • Wolfs_Rain

    Wow, things were scary for a little while, but this acquisition might end up being the best thing that’s happened to Atlus. Just imagine an Atlus-developed Skies of Arcadia on PS4!

    • LightZero

      I would prefer my 3DS personally. A badass game like a Skies of Arcadia 2 or a remake is too awesome to not be able to travel with it. A PS4 or Wii U game would be alright with me too but I would want it on my 3DS instead.

  • MasterScrub

    So basically, the EXACT OPPOSITE of all the doomsday theories about Sega buying Atlus happened? Rad.

    • Time will tell how things actually pan out (particularly when it comes to localization of games), but from the looks of things the Atlus situation seems much more positive than most people were anticipating. 2014 looks like it could be a really great year for Atlus games, in fact.

    • fireguardiancoty

      It was pretty obvious that this was gonna happen. There was no reason for people to freak out and overreact like they did.

    • Hound

      I wasn’t surprised.
      Sega tends to very zealously produce their own games. Atlus then suddenly announcing 4 Persona games is right on the money.
      My only hope is that it doesn’t cause troubles like Squeenix’s overzealous budgets

  • Jirin

    So. Atlus officially has the right to localize Valkyria Chronicles 3 whenever they want.

    Atlus, ball’s in your court!

  • Kilim


  • Show me the Valkyria Chronicles 3!

  • Lightthrower


  • Michael Connell

    After having a look at this bit I wouldn’t mind seeing Alex Kidd revived:

  • Pombar

    Sega’s 7th Dragon was made by the dude who made the first Etrian Odyssey over at Atlus, so it would make a whole lot of sense for them to pick that series up.

    In addition to obvious choices like Skies of Arcadia, Valkyria Chronicles and the Shining series.

  • miyamoto

    STREETS OF RAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    DORAGON’S FORCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    PANZER DRAGOON SAGA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    GUARDIAN HEROES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rogerrmark

    Atlus US will save Yakuza and Valkyria Chronicles on the west.I know it.

    They always deliver.

  • Slayven19

    Can I get a shinobi RPG atlus pretty please?

  • revenent hell

    Wow, I really like this guy.
    What they are doing is the right thing In my opinion and he seems to care about the fans to so…. If he had a like button I would press it.

  • Learii

    1 question Will Atlus publish Sega gams to the west? period

    • Godmars

      Probably need to let them know there’s interest for their games.

      • karldeck

        You just need to ask them and they will publish the game you want, so go ask Atlus USA.

      • Testsubject909

        Knowing Atlus, they’ll probably do more conservative printing as well to maximize profit.

        But at least the odds are higher now.

  • xxx128

    dragonforce, pretty please…

  • Wafflenaut

    My God, this is like the reverse of what I was dreading. Instead of Sega killing ATLUS, ATLUS will revitalize Sega!

    • Tyler Beale

      Only Capcom would kill Atlus.

      • Testsubject909

        And Microsoft.

        RIP Rare..

        • Testsubject909

          Ah. I forgot EA as well… And possibly Activision too.

        • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

          Add Konami and Square especially there.T_T

          Remember what Konami and Square did to Taito and Hudson.T_T

        • Tyler Beale

          I wasn’t including Western publishers, but while we’re at it, EActivision.

  • Godmars

    From a lot of comments I’m read here, if we could go back to a more arcade game era rather than the realistic FPS phase we’ve been “suffering” the past gen things would just be generally better.

  • klkAlexar

    Sounds lovely, but I don’t expect Atlus to do much with Sega’s IP since Atlus hasn’t done much outside of Megaten lately.

  • Ouch My Head Said Dionysus

    Oh lord. A new Phantasy Star ala the original quadrillogy. I would love that.

  • Hound

    “Continue working on your own IPs with pride and confidence—the sky is the limit.” With Atlus? Dear lord..

    “The timing of Persona’s announcement must have made fans feel reassured.”

    “Above all, I’d like to make sure that the fans feel a
    sense of reassurance.”

    By announcing 4 titles at once? Silly Sega, we wanted a bike and you handed us an armada. And we damned sure appreciate it o.o

    Dormant Sega IPs… Alex Kidd, Bass Fishing, Clockwork Knight, Crazy Taxi, Dinosaur King, Dragon Force, Fantasy Zone, Golden Axe, Jet Set Radio, Panzer Dragoon, Sakura Wars, Shining (Force), Skies of Arcadia, Space Channel 5, Space Harrier, Streets of Rage, Valkyria Chonicles, Virtua Cop, Virtual On.

    So.. ignoring all of the action games, we’re left with a fishing game, a card game, an RPG, and 4-5 Strategy RPGs. You heard ’em Atlus. Time for you to use their IPs and your studio’s creativity and skills to develop a new game from Sega’s neglected properties. The most epic fish-based card game ever.

    • karldeck

      They now need 100 more people if they do that, both for Atlus japan and USA.

    • Testsubject909

      I don’t quite know what to think of a Space Harrier revival… I don’t think that’ll happen.

      Also we did get a Golden Axe game on the PS3… Even if it didn’t really feel like a Golden Axe game.

  • Romored

    Why they always mention North America only? And the rest of America? And EUROPE?! Goddamit, Sega/Index/Atlus: we exist too, if you still didn’t know!

    • Testsubject909

      Which is interesting because Atlus’ first survival horror game, Hell Night, on the PS1, was never released in NA but got a EU release…

      So you’d think they definitely know you exist and have known for a long time.

      • Romored

        It was Konami who published that game. Atlus has never localized a game on their own, in Europe, because they don’t have an European branch and never thought of opening one. If other publishers don’t come to them saying “hey, we want to publish this game in Europe” they do absolutely nothing for us. A lot of Atlus games were never published here because of that.

    • DyLaN

      Think abt us asian who know english too!

  • cubs223425


  • Virevolte

    “Sega have never excelled in RPG titles”.
    You’re right, Mister Tsurumi, but to me, Skies of Arcadia is the best game in the world. =)

    • Misurino

      Arcadia one of the best RPG in videogames’ history

  • SupaPhly

    pls ;_;

  • Neppygear

    yes atlus please do space channel 5

  • STX

    Shining Force!!!!

    • Charmchar

      “Tsurumi: While we have no intention of forcing this, we’d definitely love to have them utilize any of Sega’s dormant IPs
      Read more at”

      First thought that came into my mind, SHINING FORCE!! ( ⋂‿⋂’)

  • benbenkr

    “Then, Sega will be the ones to sell them.”

    This is what worries me, honestly. Seeing as how Sega has a 7 year old kid as their marketing director.

  • I hope atlus will start localizing Shining series, and Valkyria series


  • hazelnut1112

    Please guys, just give me PerSonic.
    Come on step it up…Senpai.

  • New Sakura Taisen would be fantastic but Atlus…? Not sure. What I think they’d be more suited to, and what I’d like to see is a new Shining Force SRPG.

  • Raoni Marques

    Bayonetta Megami Channel 5

  • davidrabbich

    Shenmue 3 confirmed!

  • Warboss Aohd

    so wait………we could potentially have new Jet Set Radio, Space Channel 5, an’ most importantly………a Shining Force by ATLUS!?

    …..Da more i hear, da more excited i get.

  • Lolzandstuff

    I was sooo scared to never see a persona or a SMT game localized ever again… Considering how Sega love to act as we don’t exist in the west these days… But now… Sega, its been a while since I last say this but… I love you.

  • Testsubject909

    So basically.

    Sega purchased Atlus. And by doing so. Atlus might be the one to save a lot of older Sega franchises.


    Hum… What is this sensation? Excitement?

    Well… Either way. Praise be to Atlus!

    • DyLaN

      7D2020 and the Shining series comes to mind.

  • Testsubject909

    Saaayyyy… Atlus? Care to localize Phantasy Star Online 2 for us?

    • ShawnOtakuSomething


  • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

    While it’s true that Sega was never known for excelling at JRPGs I believe they never got all the credit they deserved for games such as PSIV, Wonderboy in Monsterworld and Skies of Arcadia~.

    • J_Joestar

      Would love another Skies of Arcadia,

      • Yeah a Skies of Arcadia, done by both SEGA and ATLUS could be interesting!!!

      • ShawnOtakuSomething


  • DyLaN

    Good to know. Now plz say something abt DeSu2: BR.

  • icecoffemix

    I see that you guys has pinned icon for pinned news now. I was thinking of underline or highlight but this is pretty nice. :)

  • TiAn

    So, they’ll make a new Sonic?

  • akiko_sakuraba

    On the opposite side, how about a revival of the classic Snowboard Kids? Or maybe at least put the games on the Nintendo Store…

  • Atmo

    Sonic x Etrian Odyssey incoming!

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    I Think Jack frost would fit well with Sonic team… hee ho

  • H_Floyd

    Shining Force Nao

  • lordroto


  • > Sega have never excelled in RPG titles

    Wow. Is this what sega thinks of themselves?

    Sega has made absolutely wonderful RPGs. I don’t know why on earth would they say something like that?

    Any way I hope atlus gives them some confidence to release their games in the west .

    • 하세요

      Valkyria Chronicles is hands down my favorite RPG franchise.

      • Yeah it is one of my favorite rpgs too. Hopefully sega will localize VC3 for psp and vita or better make a VC3: Golden!

    • LightZero


      I highly enjoyed Skies of Arcadia and Valkyria Chronicles

    • Göran Isacson

      I suppose that what they meant is that they haven’t been able to build a big franchise like Shin Megami tensei, a franchise that persists instead of burning bright and then just sadly fading away, leaving heartbreak and desolation in their wake.

      Valkyria Chronicles, man. Never forget.

  • FlobotingIt

    Can we hope that Valkyria Chronicles 3 can come stateside on the PSN?

  • Brandon Hunt

    Dear Sega dont you dare screw up Atlus we will kill you.

  • FFmax

    Shining Force, Valkyria Chronicles 3, and another Skies of Arcadia. I pray that at least one of these happens.

  • Ramón Navas

    Sonic RPG? Sonic RPG

  • Callonia

    I hear Skies of Arcadia guys.

    • leingod

      Skies was awesome. I still own my DC copy!

      • Callonia

        Same, and got the Gamecube’s director cut as well xD

  • Ric Vazquez

    As long as Sega don’t mess the Atlus franchises and they localize them it’s all right.

  • Darkbeat

    Va… Valkyria Chronicles pls.

  • MrTyrant

    Yeah I know Im one of those few but I wish more Sakura Wars. For those who don’t know they are exactly like visual novels but the latest game of the series had a gameplay similar to Valkyrie Chronicles but with steam-powered Mechs.

  • Cyberjin

    Valkyria Chronicles! got damn it!!

  • shadowind

    As long as I get some new Phantasy Star games set in Algol plus next-gen remakes of the originals as well as new Shining Force games, I’ll be willing to forgive Atlus for the way they’ve screwed over Europe constantly over the years.

  • Mastema

    Shin Megami Taisen.

  • AuraGuyChris

    Foolish Sega.

    You’re allowing Atlus to take over your IPs. Soon, Sega will be nonexistent. Bold move, Atlus.

  • leingod

    Shen – freaking – Mue? Skies of Arcadia would be awesome too.

  • 3PointDecoupage

    An Atlus-made Phantasy star? Yes please.

  • Guest

    As long as I get to summon Sonic as a persona or demon in next Persona or Shin Megami Tensei game, I’m happy XD

  • DemonKingAsura

    A Segata Sanshiro game by Atlus.

    Make it happen.

  • cloudcaelum

    Good to hear. Thanks for Persona 5 but…

    Now! Valkyria Chronicles 4 for Vita, or PS4, just not for f*king mobile!!!

    • THis for the love of god this…

      I love this series, such a shame it didn’t get the attention it deserved since Sega cant advertise anything but their sonic games worth a damn.

      Still want VC3 on Vita or SOMETHING tho… i don’t care where, i just want it :'(

  • evilmajikman

    Shenmue 3 or just do the other Kenka Banchou games.

  • Misurino

    But don’t even try to make something bad with Arcadia, or I kill you all :))))

  • fenix7

    I want them to localize more Valkyria Chronicles and make more VC games!

    And Maybe a new Dark Wizard game or re-imagine? like how Xcom was re-imagined? Any1 here remember that game?

  • Jeffrey Thrash

    So not only does Atlus and Index Corporation get to continue doing what they do best, but they also get to bring back a classic SEGA franchise? I am liking the sound of this!

  • Zulithe

    New Sonic RPG? :3

  • sharpshot909

    Skies of Arcadia sequel. MAKE IT HAPPEN!

  • miju

    World Destruction / Sands of Destruction remake and make the gameplay not suck.

  • Kid Kuma

    Sega has never excelled in rpgs……. wasn’t pso dreamcast considered ground breaking? Don’t people still even play the original series till this day? What you meant to say was they don’t excel in sending their good stuff over seas.

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