Famous Persona Fans Talk Possibilities For Persona 5 During Atlus Talk Show

By Sato . November 27, 2013 . 11:33am

This weekend, Atlus revealed Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth, a 3DS game featuring chibi-style characters; a dancing rhythm game in Persona 4: Dancing All Night; and the long-awaited Persona 5. The event was followed by a talk show, hosted by voice actress Tomomi Isomura and a freelance writer named Mafia Kajita, who shared some of their thoughts on Persona 5.



The above is a look at the teaser of the Persona 5 reveal from this weekend, which was replayed during the talk show.


“It’s finally here, a main-numbered title,” starts Mafia Kajita on the Persona 5 discussion. “I was really expecting it, with the red background. After blue and yellow, we now have red, as I’m sure many of you also expected. However, we can’t really tell what kind of game it will be. Visually speaking, there’s the phrase ‘You are a slave. Want emancipation?’ along with what appears to be chairs from school, so we can get an idea from that.”


Kajita mentions that he always felt like a prisoner back in his school days, so he feels that the teaser could be a symbol for something similar to that, but on a whole other level. Meanwhile, Tomomi Isomura also adds that the number of chairs could mean that the story might revolve around five characters who are the “slaves” or it could simply just be for the number “5” in the title.


According to Kajita, whenever he plays Persona games, they always take him back to his school days, and bring back a lot of emotion from that phase of his life. When he first played Persona 3, it was as if he was facing his very own Persona, as he personally feels that the series brings out a form of self-projection in those who play the games. With the hints given from the teaser, Kajita believes that Persona 5 might bring out a whole other feeling of being “free” when all is said and done.


Next, the two hosts talk about what appears to be the new color of the upcoming game.


“Wouldn’t you consider the color red to be one of a violent or fierce nature?” asks Kajita. “Up until now, we’ve had Persona 3, which had somewhat of a deathly vibe to it, then Persona 4’s bright and cheerful ‘pop’ vibe. Perhaps Persona 5 may reflect something along the lines of an angrier vibe?”


Persona 4 was a very cheerful game, so I don’t think they will make it any more cheerful than that, so I agree, it might not necessarily be too dark, but I believe it’ll be something with an overall darker tone,” agrees Isomura.


“One more thing, about the time setting,” says Kajita. “Since the world of Persona 3 and Persona 4 are connected, it makes you wonder if Persona 5’s story takes place before or after the events of the previous games.”


Kajita also talks about the overall setting of the game, as he mentions that Persona 3 had a more urban setting, similar to that of Odaiba in Tokyo, while Persona 4 had a much more rural setting. While he believes that Atlus won’t be going back to another rural setting after the previous title, he wonders what could be next, and amuses himself at the thought of it possibly taking place overseas.


So, what kind of setting would you like to see in Persona 5? The game is slated for release in winter 2014 for PlayStation 3.

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  • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

    I can already tell these motherfudders havent even played Persona 1 or 2.


    • Yuuki

      all those hate from 1 and 2 fans, you know 1 and 2 arent that much better?

      Story wise sure, but gameplay wise they are horror.

      • DragKudo

        I found them fun and challenging. It’s probably because i like old rpgs. The music, characters, demon conversation, and story was good enough to take my mind off whatever bad gameplay there was.

        • Yuuki

          i like old rpg too, but the gameplay of persona 1 and 2 feels far to “fixed”

      • ShadowDivz

        I couldn’t even get into the 2nd.

        I liked Tatsuya. And the story was okay. But later on it gets pretty complicated and the names used for things seemed like gibberish.

      • M’iau M’iaut

        I bought Persona when it first came out for the PS1. Knew of the series and wanted to try something which at that time was extremely Japanese for what had come stateside at that time. My judgement then (after trading it in) was even by early PS1 stanards, the game played and looked so darn rough.

        • I personally liked how it relied upon character positioning in combat. That system was a blast to mess around with. But yeah… Overall it was a rough game.

          • Hound

            Character positioning was done incredibly in Lunar: Silver Star Story (released 1 month after Persona 1) & Lunar II: Eternal Blue if you’re interested.

            (not bashing Persona 1, just mentioning a game that does a good job at character positioning at the time that wasn’t Action-oriented.)

          • And I appreciate the recommendation. I’m always looking for new games like that, and despite my misgivings over the Lunar series (Dragon Song probably wasn’t the best to start with) Silver Star Story sounds like it could be a blast.

      • Bri-tastic

        I think the characters deserve a bit more love. The story was interesting, and I wouldn’t have cared about Persona 3+ at all if it weren’t for my previous obsession with 1 and 2. Seriously, Baofu is the greatest. As a fan of the early Persona’s I just want to see more of a connection between 1,2 and 3,4, 5? (Besides little cameos most people don’t get the reference too.)

        *I do love P3 and P4, don’t get me wrong, just want to see them close the divide a bit.

        • Hound

          They better not do more than cameos. It’s been 5 years since persona 4 was originally released, and it will be 6 years after Persona 4 first came out before Persona 5 is released.

          I’d rather see the series take the P3 or SMT approach where knowledge of past games is unnecessary, but cameos and references are there for fans.

          One incredibly common question that was once asked every time a numbered game would come out is “Do I need to play the previous games to enjoy this one?” The answer should always be “Not at all. You’ll certainly enjoy the game. And I’m sure the old ones will have you appreciate the series even more.”

          • Bri-tastic

            I can see that. I guess I just wish they’d closed the gap sooner. I like that people who haven’t played one can play any other (kind of), it’s easier to introduce the series to people that way. But most people won’t play the originals, which in a way is their loss I guess? I think the ‘war’ between Persona 1,2 fans and 3+ fans could have found a bit of peace in something a bit more solid to connect all the games.

            That being said, I like the direction they have made since 1/2, but I do really miss Demon negotiations :/ (Although I’m glad they’re not in newer Persona’s, I already get stressed trying to decide to eat the fridge food or not.)

          • Hound

            Removing Demon Negotiations helped Persona have its own identity, in my opinion.

            Persona 3&4 came out with negotiations removed, social links established, a dog pile mechanic, and a functioning high school setting. Persona 1&2 were distinct, but not enough to stand completely apart from the Summoner/Hackers or the MegaTen series.

            Now, “Persona” is its own entity.

            The MegaTen series holds filmly to its established mechanics, Summoner became an action rpg, Survivor is a SRPG, and Devil Children is a cute SMT for kids (unless Persona Q is supposed to begin a series of spin-off games that do that…)

          • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

            Persona 5 seems like a return to form after P3’s excessively moody crap and persona 4’s happy go lucky stripper tea time

            P5 seems like pure angst XD

            P2 and P1 had excellent premise and characters

        • LightZero

          I agree with you. It annoys me to no end to see how isolated P1/P2 is from this. It’s always P3/P4 but no one wants to talk about the games that help shaped this spin-off series.

      • Kaetsu

        I agree with Yuuki. Persona 1 plays/controls like a nightmare. P2 is alright in terms of gameplay but 3&4 make things WAY more enjoyable.

      • Mirai

        I think its safe to say that it was Persona 3 and 4 that made this franchise so popular weather they like it or not and that’s primarily thanks to the social links feature they added in. They added in something different into a JRPG and not only was it well recieved but now alot of other JRPG’s have a similar feature. (I’m not saying P3 was the first to do this, it was just the best recieved amongst gamers at the time.)

        • Hound

          “now alot of other JRPG’s have a similar feature,” really? I recall umm.. Thousand Arms

          • Mirai

            What I meant by similar feature is more JRPG’s have added extra events where you socialise with other characters in the story but is not part of the main story, I didn’t mean the exact same as social links.

          • Serge

            Fire Emblem (support system), Tales of (Skits), Rune Factory (Quests), Conception, etc. : )

    • M’iau M’iaut

      Let’s not start the 20 billionth conflict of the Mega Shin Persona Megami Ten Civil War please. Thanks.

      • Hound

        TO WAR!

        I mean.. I appreciate the Mega Shin Persona Survivor Summoner Trauma Odyssey Revelations Last Bible Devil Children Nora to Toki no Koubou Historia Tokyo Mono Hara Shi Princess Crown Catherine games..

        But NOBODY will get me to care for Power Instinct >.>

        • Bri-tastic

          Aw, that’s too bad. Power Instinct was some mad arcade fun for me back in the day.

        • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu


          I bought every atlus DS game under the sun XD

      • LaserVision

        What? You want to deny people the chance for some Final Fantasy style snobbery? How dare you?

    • Shippoyasha

      Can’t blame them too much. Both are very old titles from an entirely different era than the PS2 days. Both are considered antiquated classics and many jumped aboard with Persona 3 or 4. It’s like how many Final Fantasy gamers jumped aboard with Final Fantasy 6 or 7. I only expect us Persona fans to have the fortitude to play these classics even at the loss of visual or gameplay advancements of more modern titles. Though PSP rereleases helped a bit.

  • Shippoyasha

    Red doesn’t have to indicate violence or seriousness though. It can mean passion, romance, life and all sorts of positive aspects.

    Also, I wonder Atlus may do a Persona game taking place near Kyoto or Osaka/Kanto regions and have characters speak in dialects. That’d be a total trip for sure. Osakan people being known to be more off the cuff and emotive people than Tokyo residents could play into the passion element. Just a train of thought.

    • Hound

      That’d be fun since Atlus US tends to localize Japanese dialects in a New Jersey accent. Would be neat to see how they’d treat a game where a MAJORITY of characters speak in an Osakan dialect XD

    • M’iau M’iaut

      Yet that specific red and general palette do seem to evoke Nocture. And slavery and the ball and chain don’t have many positive connotations. By moving back even to a P3 level of dread, they can keep P4 almost as its own IP and use it for things like Miku dancing.

    • Consider the ball and chain imagery when you suggest red as a “romantic colour”…. =/

      • Bri-tastic


        • HEYO!

          50 Shades of Red….eugh xS

          • Ric Vazquez

            More like 5 shades of red lol

      • Magicks

        Romantic you say? Balls and chains you say? Marriage?

    • Serge

      The last time we had a Red theme in a Persona game, the whole world was destroyed… And then we had some unfullfiled love, but i think the part when the world was destroyed was more important.

  • Pdugna

    Wait….this could take place BEFORE P3/4? Holy crap didn’t even think of that….maybe chances at P1/2 cameos after all :D Would love to see those characters upgraded to be visually pleasing.

    • Bri-tastic

      Do you mean in-game graphics wise? Because Kazuma Kaneko is a God and with how dark P3 was, I was disappointed he didn’t do the character art :/ His style was part of the reason I fell in love with Persona.

      • Pdugna

        In-game and updated HD Cutscenes would be awesome

      • Sardorim

        P3 had hope too. Such as with Aigis. The Answer also showed grief through Yukari who at her lowest was willing to damn everyone to bring back her first true love. Than later her acceptance of his passing and her becoming Aigis’s best friend and even giving her a place to stay after everyone else left to go their own way.

    • Serge

      I must be the only one, but i would really like to see Ixquic again, she must be in her late 20’s by now.
      Also, bring back Philemon.

      • LibraryOfAlexandira .

        It’s whoop-ass time!
        – Ahh… The moment when she met Maya… Classic.

    • konsama

      I’m not sure whether P2 and before on the SMT universe fit in the same as P3/4, especially with that videogame Junpei gives MC that even addresses names and stuff from IS.

      • ChiffonCake

        That’s only in the localization. In the original japanese, the MMO instead referenced the original Megami Tensei.

        • konsama

          OOhh interesting, i had no idea about it.

      • Dansar

        Well, Mitsuru’s company is business partners with the Nanjo Group, so there’s that.

        • Serge

          They were part of the same company, but the Kirijo group left the company to make experiments on humans beings.
          Also, at first, the Nanjo Group was supporting the experiments to create artificial Persona summoners (Aegis, Labrys, etc).
          There is an official Artwork that shows Ken using a website to search information about the death of his parents… Baofu’s website.
          There is a theory about The Dark Hours being some kind of reminiscence from the destroyed world in Persona 2: EP.
          There are other theories that explain the disappearance of Philemon; one of them is that Philemon is weakened after the events of P2: EP, because he and Nyarlo are part of the same coin, so if Nyarlo appears again so do Philemon. That also explain the fact that P3 and P4 characters don’t have Personas at full power (Wild Card) like P1 and P2 characters. And explains the fact that in the last two video games (P3 and P4) the characters needed some kind of artificial object to summon a Persona, unlike the fist two games.
          There are a lot of things that i’m missing, but i’m a little tired of writing in another language (my native language is spanish).

  • Pockystix

    I’m just hoping we get a FeMC and some yuri options

    what? A slime can dream.

    • Hound

      Hey, it worked with a male protag, so I don’t see why not.

      • Yuuki

        because they showed that they can do female protag too, and many fans want it back

        • LibraryOfAlexandira .

          Would be cool to have a selection of 3 protagonists, including one female protagonist where one of the protagonists you don’t pick still live in the story and act as a hero of another story that may have cameos in the the protagonist that you picked’s story. Three scenarios that you can choose from and influence each other slightly differently depending on which one you choose and after playing both you can unlock the 3rd protagonist who is the MC who brings the other two protagonists story lines together. Maybe it’s a bit compilcated and unlikely but it would be cool, if something like that could happen in Persona 5.

          • Yuuki

            so somewhat like suikoden 3?

          • LibraryOfAlexandira .

            Maybe… What’s Suikoden 3 like?

          • Yuuki

            you have 3 character you can play, in any order, once you play the last one they will meet and start the final chapter.

          • LibraryOfAlexandira .

            Oh… That sounds awesome. I should look further into that. Thank you.

    • transferstudentx

      lol nah its too dangerous to try haha too many unknown and dangerous variables to watch out from not worth the risk i think

  • Rake

    Overseas? I want to hear more..

    • Magicks

      I do too. Wouldn’t it be interesting if it suddenly took play in Korea/China, where the school system is pretty much just as bad in terms of feeling like a prisoner? But I guess it would be weird…

      • Rake

        Japanese transfer students in the West Coast of America~
        Being able to take trips back and forth from Japan and U.S.

        …Sounds like a sort-of interesting idea.

  • Alexander Aubert

    persona 1&2 vs persona 3&4? this is like a civil war

  • junir

    Interesting, Mafia made the same observation as I (and many others, no doubt must be thinking) about the significance of the red color in the trailer.

  • transferstudentx

    i have a feeling that next persona setting is in the future then, the far future dont you think its a possibility worth mentioning, alot more interesting than it being in the past thats for sure

  • Warboss Aohd


    Now DAT would be interestin’.

  • vileBrenman

    I know people are really interested in the theme but I really want to know some other things about persona 5 like how are they going to evoke their personas are they going to break some sort of chain and then the persona that comes out. also I remember a while back the persona team said something about them working in collaboration for persona 5. I really want to know who they’re working with.

    • Rabbit

      I like the idea of the characters breaking their, well, “metaphorical” chains in order to bring out their personas.

  • Tienron


  • I’m reeeeeeally hyped for this game! Really! Can’t wait to play it!

  • keriaku

    I’m looking forward to seeing how this builds upon what the team did with Catherine. Perahps having time progress naturally and a cell phone?

  • Rabbit

    Overseas? So like what Pokémon did with New York and France for Black/White and X/Y? Well with the whole “slavery” theme, I can imagine a MASSIVE academy to invoke a feeling of imprisonment, so a foreign theme would work well with that.

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