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Monster Hunter 4 Has Moved Over 4 Million Copies In Japan

By Ishaan . December 3, 2013 . 9:41pm

Capcom have shipped 4 million copies of Monster Hunter 4 in Japan thus far, the publisher has announced. This includes sales of the download version of the game.


As of last week, Monster Hunter 4 had sold 3 million copies at retail. Download sales have no doubt pushed that number considerably higher, but it’s hard to say by just how much.


That said, Capcom must be expecting big things from Monster Hunter 4 this Christmas and New Year’s if there are now 4 million copies of the game out in the wild. It should be very interesting to see how  the game performs through its first holiday season.


Meanwhile, Capcom say they intend to continue promotional activities of Monster Hunter 4 in Japan in order to generate even more interest in the game. Monster Hunter 4 was released in Japan on September 14th.

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  • nothuzad

    and NEVER try to get more and more people from the West into it.
    Where the market has grown exceedingly well in the last 2-3 Years.

    Totally not like Capcom needs Money or anything.

    Sorry for beeing bitter :<

    • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

      The 3DS and the WiiU( the breadwinner here) were “smash hits” over here

      • ishyg

        Where’s your “here”? I don’t remember WiiU being a breadwinner in any case anywhere.

        • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

          Obviously in the territory it’s sold the most in

          • ishyg

            So in Japan? Sorry, I was confused with your sentence structure, and thought you were talking about the territory where you live.

      • nothuzad

        3DS is selling really well. Dont see your arugment there.
        Wont disagree with the Wiiu, but they still got around 1 Mio Units of MonHun 3 Ultimate moved to western WiiUs, even with the low Sales Numbers.

        • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

          Im talking about MH3U’s sales numbers. It sold the most on the WiiU 3DS also sold very well.

  • Joshua Myers

    Great now bring it over here

  • TheGioG

    Monster Hunter going strong as always. By the way, no need to worry about the American fanbase over here. We’re totally fine; just phasing through withdrawal symptoms thanks to our Monster Hunting fix.

    • DanielGearSolid

      Think its bad for you? Try being a MH fan while owning Sony consoles. They completely dumped us. Lol

      • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

        Try being a fan of japanese gaming in general as they pursue mobile master race. *stares at my Snes*

        • DanielGearSolid


          • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

            Sony just had to cock everything up last gen.

        • ishyg

          Agreed twice over. T_T

      • Namuro

        Well… There’s still MH Frontier, right?

        • DanielGearSolid

          Tripl… No quadruple meh

          • Namuro


      • manowaffles

        If one wants to love Monster Hunter, they can no longer hate Nintendo. Otherwise the pain and anger will burn you up inside till you spontaneously combust.

  • tubers

    Congrats to Capcom!

  • d19xx

    Profits goes to the development of the next MH game….. for iOS…

    • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

      noo, greenlighting more gaist crusher

  • Eder García

    this is good news for capcom, now where’s the release date for the US?

    • Ferrick

      if only you knew on what the money was being used for…

      • Eder García

        for Marvel vs Capcom 4 right?… RIGHT?

        • Ferrick

          no… for marvel vs capcom dancing race – dunka dunka edition!

          • J_Joestar

            On Mobile!

  • Namuro

    Nice! Time to convince more people to try out this glorious game!!

    • FlyingPony

      More fanbase in western is exactly what this game need. Go out all the way to show the others what they have been missing. This marvelous game!

      • Namuro

        Sir, yes sir!

    • Aetheus

      As a dude who has never played MH, I would totally pick this up. You know, if they’d be so nice as to localize it.

      • Namuro

        You should really give it a go, man! But this game is like Marmite, though. Play it once, and you’ll either hate it, or love it for life.

        Before getting the game itself, I would recommend you to try the game out with someone who knows how to play this game, so he can guide you. Don’t bother with the demo on the eShop, since it expects you to know how to play to a certain extent already (though, I got my cousin into this game through the demo, but then I had to guide him through everything). It’s best to get an experienced players to help you start off. A lot of new players are actually put off because they couldn’t understand the game, and feel lost without any proper guidance.

        Once you’re ready to roll, don’t hesitate and grab yourself a copy of “Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate”. Get the Wii U version, if you can, so you can get help online.

        But! If you can afford to, you can even jump straight to Monster Hunter 4! …as long as you have a friend that’s willing to help out. My cousin tried the Ultimate demo first, and loved the game. Later, he bought a 3DS LL, and went right for Monster Hunter 4, despite having only played the Ultimate demo, and having zero knowledge of the Japanese language. Yet, he managed to do quite well; able to take care of himself well enough to advance through some of the earlier quests by himself. It’s really not that hard to get into the game, once you grasp the basics.

        I’ve also made a translated guide to Monster Hunter 4 (Menus, Shop’s menus, weapon craft trees, items, skill guides, food guides, quests, online quests, you name it), which I feel would be enough to help those who cannot read any Japanese (it’s not complete yet, but enough to get you going for sure). If you happen to get Monster Hunter 4 someday, let me know, I’ll mail you the translated guide!

        • KoRLumen

          Obvious enthusiast haha. Respect!

        • Aetheus

          I know a few dudes who’ve played (or who are playing) MH3, so I guess I could pester them for noob guidance.

          Although I’m generally pretty good at picking up the core of a game on my own (or at least I think so), so I’ll probably spend some time dicking about it solo.

          I actually wanted to buy MH3 when I got my 3DS, but decided against it since I heard MH4 was already out. I didn’t realize that there’s been basically zero news on localization, though. I’m assuming this is one of those franchises where localization is pretty much assured (eventually), though? Like Pokemon, FF, etc.

          • manowaffles

            Not really. The list of Monster Hunter games that never leave Japan is more than 2x that of those that actually come West.

            We have gotten Monster Hunter (PS2), MH Freedom(PSP), MHF2(PSP), MHF Unite (PSP), MH Tri (Wii), MH3Ultimate (WiiU/3DS), & MH Dynamic Hunting (iOS/Android). [7 games]

            In Japan they have MH (PS2), MHG (PS2/Wii), MH Portable (PSP), MH2 (PS2), MHP2nd (PSP), MHP2ndG(PSP), MH3 (Wii), MHP3rd(PSP), MHP3rdHD(PS3), MH3G(WiiU/3DS), MH4(3DS), 10 seasons of MHFrontier Online (PC/360), 5 seasons of MHFrontier Forward (PC/360), MHFrontierG (PC/360/PS3/WiiU; Vita is also expected in 2014), MH Online Beta (PC), MH Diary: Poka Poka Felyne Village (PSP), MH Diary: Mobile Felyne Village (Mobile), MH Diary: Poke Poka Felyne VIllage G (PSP), MHi (Mobile), MH: Phantom Island Voyage (Mobile), MH Frontier: Egg Run (Mobile), Minna to MonHun Card Master (Mobile), MH Hunting Card (TCG), MH Dynamic Hunting (iOS/Android), MH Massive Hunting (iOS/Android). [25 games depending on how you count MH3PHD & the Frontier series]

            I think my hand has a cramp after all that. Even taking all the spin-offs, Subscription based MMOs, and such out of the equation, we have 6 main series games to their 11(10 if you count MH3PHD as the same game as MH3P). Half of the 6 we do have are for the PSP! No other Western system has gotten more than 1 MH game.

      • manowaffles

        In all fairness, we have only had MH3U for 9 months so far. I’d love to hear word that MH4 is coming to the states, but I will be satisfied if we get it no later than late 2014.

  • FlyingPony

    Capcom, do you know a good way to increase that figure even more?

    Bring it to US and Europe.

    • SMT

      Remember, with MH3U, Siliconera knew about its localization an entire year in advance, but could not say anything…
      I’m really really hoping all of these stories about MH4 are their way of teasing us and building up a hype until Capcom officially announces it. It would be foolish not to translate it, though sadly that’s not a guarantee… but I’m optimistic. MH3U sold well so it’ll be a while until localization for this happens.

  • InfectedAI

    Wish they were bringing the Fire Emblem costumes to Monster Hunter 4 instead of Frontier. Can’t wait for this to get localized.

  • malek86

    I don’t think they sold a million download copies of MH4 (last I heard, they were at about 350k) so I wonder how they reached 4 millions. Maybe they have shipped a lot of copies hoping for Christmas demand?

  • manowaffles

    I can understand localization taking a while, but please, for the love of all that is good an holy, announce MH4 for the West!

    It’s ok if you tell me I’ll be waiting a year, but I must have it!

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