Hakuoki: Sweet School Life Spreads The Love To Vita On March 27

By Spencer . December 11, 2013 . 12:39am

hakuo5Idea Factory is bringing the Hakuoki series to modern day with Hakuoki: Sweet School Life. You still play as Chizuru, but instead of being in feudal Japan, you’re in a regular high school. Well, not totally regular since all of the other Hakuoki guys are and you’re the first girl to be admitted to this all boys school.


Hakuoki: Sweet School Life will be released for PlayStation Vita on March 27, 2014. Aksys has been bringing over many of the Hakuoki games overseas, so perhaps this is on their radar.


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  • While it’s sad that Yone isn’t drawing for this game, the new CGs are lovely and the new artist seems to be doing his/her best. I imagine this will have a good chance of being localized, since it’s on the Vita and Hakuouki fans have been requesting it on the Aksys forums.

  • new_tradition

    Wait, I’m confused, I thought that PS3 version was gonna have a School Life segment. Is that different from this game?

    • Kumiko Akimoto

      No that was just a little fan service story but it was so popular i guess that they took it and made it into a full game

    • The PS3 version only has some short SSL bits—almost like little comedy sketches.

  • Kumiko Akimoto

    This better be on their radar or I’ll summon a hoard of demons to come teach them a lesson

  • Hmm, I’m starting to get tired of all the Hakuoki stuff. I really enjoyed the PSP game, but now it seems like they’re milking the heck out of it.

  • “the first girl to be admitted to this all boys school”
    Aaaaaaawwwwwwwww Yeaaaaaaaaaah

    • Servant BerserCAR

      I’m not sure if the girl can survive in that school (from nosebleed overdose, I mean).

  • TrueDefault

    I’m a bit interested… scrap that, I’m a lot interested!

  • Nanaki


  • Mordina

    I’m not that keen on games with school settings or even modern times.
    But heck, I want this one.

  • harmonyworld

    Nagakura with glasses?
    Oo~ Weird!
    Oh so weird!
    I almost didn’t recognize him!

  • Sesshomaru

    I must have this!!!!! I MUST!

  • Aerii

    An actual straight up otome game with no broader appeal? I’d love to see one come stateside for once, but we’ll see if it gets localized.

    • celery

      Hakuoki games have been localized by Aksys for PSP, 3DS, and they’re working on one for PS3 right now if I’m not mistaken. They also localized Sweet Fuse: At Your Side~

      • Aerii

        I know. But those are mainly historical drama and action adventure, no? Male reviewers have essentially described them as not too girly to enjoy and with not that much romance. They have broader appeal and downplay the romance, in other words. Not straight up, pure unadulterated otome.

  • serpentear

    My main problem with hakuoki series is the useless braindead heroine. I hate her with passion.

    …the cgs lovely as ever though. But not enough to convince me to buy vita for this.

  • piichan

    i kind of want this…but still wating on the fan disk

  • Haunting Horror

    Looking good! I’m glad they decided to do a full game with the high school setting, even though I don’t care much for that kind of setting. I guess it being with characters whose original story is far from a high school one is where it gets its appeal.

    And I’m so glad Chizuru will be dressed as a girl instead of having her disguised as a boy. She’s so cute and one of my fave heroines, so that’s a plus! ^_^

  • eli-boo’s waifu


    Now I have to get a Vita….

  • Chim_era

    love :)

  • artemisthemp

    Now I just wait on localization news

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