Ragnarok Odyssey Ace’s Expansion To Add A Prison For The Gods

By Eugene . December 12, 2013 . 4:32pm


Ragnarok Odyssey Ace—which is coming to the US early 2014—is getting its second major update already in Japan. Called the Aesir Stockade Update, this adds an entire new zones such as the World Tree Tower and new questlines to follow for the online action-RPG game.


The update will of course bring new ACE skills and updates to your Halomonas weaponry. The update will center around a prison area for the Gods where you’ll get to beat them down for new loot—which raises the interesting question of where do these guys hide that loot if they’re in prison?


003 004

005 006

The expansion is expected on the 19th of December for both the Vita and PlayStation 3 versions.

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  • Norbert Gespenst


  • DanijoEX ♬ the Cosmic Owl

    The wait is worth it.

  • Kornelious

    I wonder if we’ll get these right away or if we gotta wait.

  • Vyse Legendaire

    Hopefully we get these in a timely manner here in the USSA. A man can dream can’t he?

  • AkiraScare

    anybody know if there is a big difference in the graphics from ps3 to vita… ive been looking for comparison but cant seem to find them….

    • TheExile285

      PS3 version isn’t out yet but I doubt there will be a big graphics difference.

      • AkiraScare

        yeah thats wat i though… now wich one to buy ps3 or vita?!

  • tubers

    “which raises the interesting question of where do these guys hide that loot if they’re in prison?”

    Who doesn’t want to do Titan cavity searches, right? xD

  • TheExile285

    Pretty interesting level design.

  • DanielGearSolid

    Yet another ps3 rpg. I am a happy camper

  • MaximDualBlade

    I know Tom comes to this website too, I’m hoping we will get this expansion on the cartridge when it releases overseas?

  • I played a demo for the original game and was kinda eh about it. But I don’t have a lot of games for my vita so I might get this one.

    • The Original has been obsolete since Ace was first released. That first game will also be largely inferior by the time this hits the worldwide market next year.

  • Dark Lord Ash

    “update will center around a prison area for the Gods where you’ll get to beat them down for new loot”
    So now the attention has us going toe to toe with the gods themselves. Awesome, looking forward to infecting Odin with the back of my hand, or sword or whatever. In regards to the update itself, is it going to be a PSN account download or a patch?

  • ekibyougami

    And R3 STILL doesn’t have the 1.10 update =_=
    For a game that got released on the same date for both R3 and Japan, the former is just far too way behind.

    Then again, I no longer expect much from the Asia PSN since their management and their so-called “communication manager”/staff are just atrocious.

    For those curious what the 1.10 update is all about, here’s a copy pasta:
    (credits to Yukirai from gamefaqs)
    Version 1.10 Hello Norn!

    Norn’s New Features

    Login Bonus
    Get items by logging into your PSN through Norn. The items you can get are Prismatic Dust, Norn Tickets and higher quantity potions (green large
    x9, yellow large x9 and Odin’s Sprits x4). These potions won’t conflict
    with the original when setting your potions.

    Norn Tickets can be gotten when you go do quests with other people in online play. You won’t get tickets for doing quests in single player.

    Prismatic Dust to Emperium exchange
    Norn will convert all Prismatic Dust to Emperium at a 1:1 ratio. Emperium is
    used to exchange for items and Old Card Albums. You can get Prismatic
    Dust from Login Bonus, Domovoi Thief/Ranger in Yggdrasil Tower or by
    completing various sections in your Mercenary Book.

    Yggdrasil Flower x2 (1 Emperium)
    Yggdrasil Flower x10 (5)
    Yggdrasil Flower x20 (10)
    Super Weapon Skill Change Ticket x1 (3)
    Super Weapon Skill Change Ticket x5 (15)
    Super Weapon Skill Change Ticket x10 (30)
    Outfit Upgrade Ticket x1 (3)
    Outfit Upgrade Ticket x5 (15)
    Outfit Upgrade Ticket x10 (30)
    Halomonas Reset Ticket x1 (5)
    Character Rename Ticket x1 (5)

    Card Album and Old Card Album
    A Card Album will cost you Norn Tickets and will give a random card from a
    particular chapter based on user selection. You’ll get a monster card
    from Chapter 1 if you select Chapter 1. The chapter selection goes all
    the way to ACE Chapter 4.

    Old Card Album is the introduction of the new A1-A3 cards! These are extremely upgraded cards of the old 1-10 rarity cards and they even beat out some gold desert weapons combinations. This will cost 5 Emperium to get from Norn when the option to exchange for this appears. This option to exchange for OCAs will appears when GungHo announces this event via Norn’s notice area (PSN access is required).

    The card pool is around 20-25 cards
    and is viewable before selecting to exchange for an OCA. You cannot
    select a specific card to exchange for as it’s all random chance.

    These cards will break the lv5 limit which naturally increases its stat
    benefits (Attack Up lv9 will give 80 attack). Assassins will see Double
    Attack lv8 if they obtain Haiti’s A1 card.

    Orc A2 (10 cost) – Orcish Spirit lv3 (HP+600, ATK+40), Critical Attack lv5
    Gold Mann Legbiter (15 cost) – Critical Attack lv5, Berserk lv4 (HP+500, ATK+35)
    Gold Mann Legbiter (20 cost) – Critical Attack lv5, Berserk lv5 (HP+600, ATK+50)

    Death Rock A3 (10 cost) – Scorpion Armor (HP+1500, AP-300, ATK+80, DEF+100)
    Silver/Gold Scorpion Hammer (10/05 cost) – Attack Up lv5, HP Up lv5 (HP+1000, ATK+35)

    Grendel A1 (15 cost) – Berserk lv8, SP Economy
    Gold Jara Willow Wand (15 cost) – Berserk lv5, SP Economy

    Daily Quests
    They’re only available until midnight for that particular day before the quests no longer selectable. PSN access is required to refresh the quest list to get the quests for the next day. You can extend the availability of these quests by changing your Vita’s clock. So if you get the quest 1 hour before midnight, then you’ll have 1 hour left before the quest will be unselectable. If you change your Vita’s current time back 4 hours, then you’ll get 4 hours back.

    The grouping for the job daily quests are:
    1. Swordwarrior and Cleric
    2. Assassin and Mage
    3. Hammersmith and Hunter
    *These are job specific quests (i.e. only Swordwarriors and Swordwarrior helpers are allowed to enter the Swordwarrior daily quests).
    **These daily quests will reward weapons of that tier as a quest reward with a set amount. Doing Swordwarrior quest #4 will give you 2 weapons (Balmungs and/or Fake Pole Axe) as a quest reward if you successfully finish it. Quest #1-3 will give the weapon tiers before the Balmung tier.
    ***Silver and gold rarity is extremely easy to get!!

    Monday: Swordwarrior and Cleric quests are available.
    Tuesday: Update with NPC for new daily quests. Swordwarrior and Cleric quests are now unavailable. Assassin and Mage quests are available.
    Wednesday: Update with NPC for new daily quests. Assassin and Mage quests are now unavailable. Hammersmith and Hunter quests are available.
    Thursday: Swordwarrior and Cleric
    Friday: Assassin and Mage
    Saturday: Hammersmith and Hunter.
    Saturday and Sunday: Boss Monster quest. These are successive boss fights and they’ll give more zeny than the usual X000 zeny quests.

    Also, they’ll throw in other special quests once in a while. These have a time limit as well, but can be remedied by changing your Vita’s clock to extend its duration.

    Other special quests we’ve gotten:
    1. Rare Weapon
    2. Rare Monster Search
    3. Valzrok’s Delimma A and Sand, Heat and Giant A (6 times the silver/gold rarity rate)
    4. Illusion in the Sands A and I’ve Blown It Sky High! A (9 times the silver/gold rarity rate)
    5. Epic Quests A (Crescent Scythe, Bloody Axe, Traitor, Bone Wand, Wrench, and Minstrel Bow)
    6. Epic Quests A (Muramasa, Light Epsilon, Sun Sword, Staff of Destruction, and Khaz Dryer)
    ***You CANNOT bring any potions with you on these quests. The boss rooms (items 3-6 on the list) will contain 4 wooden boxes with enough green gems to heal you to full.

    Item 1 on the list is just like the job specifc quests as above with the inclusion of Wyadd weapons. No job restriction for these quests.

    Item 2 on the list is a quaranteed encounter with either a Domovoi Thief or a Domovoi Ranger at the end of the quest. They won’t drop Prismatic Dust, but you can get their card.

    Item 3 on the list is a quaranteed quest reward weapon of 1 (Valzrok’s Delimma A) and 2 (Sand, Heat and Giants A) with that weapon being based on your job. You’ll get Legbiters if you finish the quest as a Sword Warrior or Scorpion Hammers as a Hammersmith.

    Item 4 on the list is a quaranteed quest reward weapon of 3 (Illusion in the Sands A) and 4 (I’ve Blown It Sky High! A) with those weapons being based on your job.

    Item 5 and 6 are just an increase in drop rate. Rarity drop rate is the same.

  • Ryuki

    Interesting, an area where the gods are locked up and we beat them down? I wonder if there’s a story to that than just the ole “Go beat these guys.”.

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