Valhalla Knights 3 Gold Will Bring Players To Heaven And Hell

By Spencer . December 13, 2013 . 3:08am


Marvelous AQL added a new storyline to Valhalla Knights 3 Gold that involves and angel and a demon. The Rain of Blood falls, an omen said to bring destruction to the world. This also caused a Dimension Distortion which opened rifts into the Saint Place and Evil Abyss.



Saint Palace is a garden for the gods far away on a floating continent. Angels fled to this place to avoid an ancient natural disaster. Adventurers can prepare for their fight against demons in mock battles at Saint Palace. An evil god fittingly resides in the Evil Abyss. This demonic deity has people fight for its entertainment in an arena of demons. Winners can face the demon lord in battle.


Going along with the storyline, Valhalla Knights 3 Gold adds new angel and demon races. Players can also master Saint and Dark Lord jobs. Valhalla Knights 3 Gold will come out on February 27, 2014 for PlayStation Vita.

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  • DanielGearSolid

    Haven’t heard anything good about this game

    • icecoffemix

      It gives you PSX era nostalgia!

      For its loading time.

      • Arcana Wiz

        lol. This made me laugh XD

      • Ric Vazquez

        My day has been made by this comment lol

    • Arcana Wiz

      yeah, even siliconera that is more “considerate” to some games didnt write many good things :V

    • Ladius

      I have completed it some days ago, it’s far from a great game but it’s also a bit better than some people would have you believe.

      High loading times, low production values, too much backtracking, an uneven art direction and janky animations are its main faults (and they’re far from being minor annoyances, sadly), but if you are familiar with low budget jrpgs it’s a decent fit for anyone in the mood for an offline MMORPG kind of experience, it has a nice level of customization (Mages are overpowered, though) and, surprise, the plot with its absurdly corny cutscene direction actually has a fairly original story to tell, one of the most unexpected endings in recent jrpg memory and an amusing premise to the post game quests (I would go in more detail, but it would be spoiler territory).

      Fanservice is in there, but it’s completely optional and it’s such a small part of the game I’m surprised by the emphasis some reviewers gave it. Actually, using the hostesses is mostly pointless since you’re spending money to use shops when you can go to the free traders in the lower floor.

      • icecoffemix

        Not really pointless, they’re the fastest way to get advanced class card. I don’t like it but I have to get through the ridiculous stuff because of it, it’s easily ignorable though and I just regard it as mini game.

        Your description for the game is very true, it’s not really a bad game just average/mediocre which can be fun depending on your preferences.

        • Lucky Dan

          Ah you can get cheap skin fling by doing some quests that return your money, like the shops, and the star kiss guild you can hire extra lads and sell them off to slavery.

          However the hardest one to do is the injection place, that requires so much money.

          • icecoffemix

            Money is of no problem once you max a merchant class coupled with the coin purse quest exploit. :P

            The problem is the effin loading time it need to get to in and out of the shop AND get in get out of world map, since I give gift to avoid playing too much of that annoying mini game and you can only gift once every few battle. :/

            Btw, your avatar make me want to replay chrono cross lol

          • Lucky Dan

            There’s an FAQ that you must spend a minimum amount of money to do the skin fling quest.

            So you can avoid the gift giving crap, and you can do it multiple times on each woman. It’s a link to the Japanese website which is translated.

          • icecoffemix

            Yes I know, I’ve got the translated guide people shared on gamefaqs too. Problem is I’m kinda suck with the mini game and don’t really wanna play it over and over again.

            You have to do two perfect game to get one heart filled up while you can just do one perfect game or two half assed game and one favorite gift to get one heart filled.

          • Lucky Dan

            Sorry I think I typed the wrong thing, you don’t need to exit the shop in question, all you have to do is meet the requirements for the skin fling quest once you do that you exit to the base menu and she “offers” you to do the mini quest.

            You don’t have to leave and re-enter the shop and pay the fee all you have to do is meet the minimum dollars requirements before she offers her services.

            Very hard to type this in a safe way :(

          • icecoffemix

            Yeap, I know, you don’t even need to leave the hostess to do multiple mini game. You can do it ad infinitum in one session as long as you have the money.

      • Cant believe you are surprised by that at this time and age, considering what the’ve done with other games like ar tonelico.

        Reviewers just want to hang at something to make their reviews more “funny” “interesting to read”… and the best way is to write about something that “isnt common” that happens in the game… like this kind of fan service, talking bad about it or just their personal, REALLY PERSONAL opinion about it, readers are most of the time interested about that too, so can we blame them?


        Ive barely seen reviews, especially in more “serious” “more known” sites where they say: the FAN SERVICE IN THIS GAME IS GOOD! i enjoyed it a lot, i loved when i saw this pantsu, etc., cant blame them tho…. but we’ve seen the contrary a lot.

      • Lucky Dan

        Hostesses are useful cause they give you job cards after you completed their quests.

        Also the way Kotaku was ragging on the stripping quest what utter bullshit it’s only 1 freaking quest in the entire game that was DLC in Japan.

        Wish games could sue gaming journalist for defamation sometimes.

  • Derek E Nay

    Heaven or Hell. Fight!

  • icecoffemix

    It’s kind of annoying for VK3 vanilla buyer like me, what’s more even though I like the game as it is but it’s admittedly not a good game in itself.

    • Randgriz

      Youre right as soon as i heard about this update it totally deflated my ambition for the original version which i was playing through. I know thats bad but man all these updates and revisions come thick and fast these days.

      • icecoffemix

        I had finished the game and was playing through post-game, but I probably will sell the game once I’m finished.

        I’m not sure if I will buy gold edition if they release it in english.

        The best gesture from them is to provide this as free or moderately priced DLC (aka expansion pack) for vanilla buyer, but it’s not gonna happen. :/

        • SolRevr

          I’d buy it as DLC for $10 or less.

          If they could make the load times near instantaneous then I would go back and play it some more definitely.
          It seemed decent except for the load times.

  • Sentsuizan_93

    Heaven or Hell
    Let’s ROCK!
    Whoops, wrong game….

    • Arcana Wiz

      oh my you dont know how i’m hyped for GGxrd.

  • FlyingPony

    Valhalla Knights 3 was a mess, and I surely hope this Gold version is addressing all the problem VH3 had.

  • Arcana Wiz

    Well i will wait and see what this expansion will fix,then maybe it’s a game to buy after a price drop to pass the time when there is nothing better to do :P

    • Vash bane

      I heard it speeds up the loading time …but that’s one of the only things I remember sadly :(

      but apparently a lot of players (last I heard months ago…XD) that the loading time was long

  • Gretchen, stop trying to make VK happen! It’s not going to happen!

    • mockturtle


  • Kornelious

    It looks a little interesting but we probally won’t get it

    • Lucky Dan

      If you like grinding get it, if you don’t, don’t bother.

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