J-Stars Victory Vs. AR Demo Makes Goku Jump Out Of Jump Magazine

By Spencer . December 16, 2013 . 3:48am

imageNamco Bandai announced an augmented reality demo for J-Stars Victory Vs. will be out on the PlayStation Store on December 17. This demo app makes Jump characters pop out when you view an AR marker.


The December 21 issue V-Jump magazine will have a marker for Goku. After scanning it you can press buttons to make Goku do different actions. Pre-orders also get a bonus J-Stars Victory Book which has a Jump Comic style binding as a bonus.


J-Stars Victory Vs. comes out for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita on March 19, 2014. Here’s a look at the cover art.



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  • chibiwall

    meh… ugly cover

    • Kamakuma

      It’s fine. *pats* What matters is the content and besides if covers are what stopped us from buying games many games would have imploded from sadness. :’3

    • Raze

      I don’t care as long as the character shown in front of it isn’t the final roster…

    • Pdugna

      my only problem with the cover is that Tsuna and Himura got pushed into panels for nisekoi girl and Lala

      • The reason for that is because the characters at the front represent current ongoing series in Shonen Jump.

        • drproton

          TLR only runs in Jump Square.

          • Doesn’t change that it’s ongoing, though.

          • It’s connected to the first series so she as a character is classed as ongoing, monthly shonen jump or not, lol.

  • Bobby Jennings

    Such a tease

  • Rayhan PromisedGallery

    what does the text on upper right says?

    • Raze

      “The participation of Jump characters will be announced continuously”

      I think…

  • Peter Pain

    Its Nube

  • Croix Zapp

    toriko looks weird..

  • Guest

    Who is that Pink Haired chick who wears a yellow sweater. She’s the only one I couldn’t recognize.

    • BossBullet

      Lala from To Love Ru

  • Cephrien

    They cannot release this game without at least ONE D.Gray-Man character.
    Come oooon >.<

  • Learii

    no Yoh Asakura? that just sad

    • Larlle

      he’s not shonen jump

  • Alestaos

    Will this be released in west or will i need import

  • charles addow

    The cover is clearly not a final copy. Regardless of the cover art, i will be getting this QUICK!

    • TheGameTagerZ

      What makes you say that?

      • GH56734

        The “More characters to be announced later on” on the top right (it’s surely getting a redesign to fit in new characters), and the “CERO Rating Pending” logo below.
        That aside, and that’s my personal preference, what an ugly cover for a fantastic game :(

  • Bobby Jennings

    Such a tease. I can’t wait for March.

  • Daniel Jeanbaptiste

    Dragon Ball, HunterxHunter, To Love Ru, Medaka Box, Sket Dance, YuYu Hakusho, Bezzlebub and Rurouni Kenshin are the anime I watched. So I will be using those characters! But I want Gohan!

  • ミランダ マーク レスター

    wish either of this 1 this char. to be release

    Yuyu Hakusho – Hiei, Genkai
    Medaka Box – Zenkichi, Myouri Unzen
    Ruruoni Kenshin – Sanosuke sagara, senjuro hiko
    Beelzebub – Kunieda Aoi, Hilda
    KHR – Hibari Kyoya, Xanxus
    Ansatsu Kyoshitsu – Shiota Nagisa, Tadaomi Karasuma
    Nurarihyon no Mago – Nura Rikou, Tsurara
    Jigoku sensei nube – Kyosuke Tamamo
    Buso Renkin – Kazuki Muto, Tokiko Tsumura

    thats all i want for now….

  • rare

    idk why people call the cover ugly…it has alot of the coolest characters on it…but whatevs, just means more are gonna be in stock and i wont have to preorder to get it :D

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