Take A Closer Look At Tales of Zestiria With Its First Trailer

By Ishaan . December 21, 2013 . 12:08am

Namco Bandai have released a trailer for Tales of Zestiria, the next game in the Tales of series, set in a medieval world. Zestiria’s plot has a focus on dragons in particular.  




With Tales of Zestiria, Namco Bandai hope to emphasize exploration with a wide variety of terrain. Additionally, producer Hideo Baba has said that the game’s battle system has been designed with fan feedback in mind.  


Tales of Zestiria will be released worldwide on PlayStation 3.

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  • Crimson_Cloud

    For some reason, I can’t sync with the two main characters. Maybe not really a fan of their design. It will be interesting to see the improved battle system though.

    • I’m not the most positive fella about the game but give them a chance. We heard like 3 lines of each character !

      • Crimson_Cloud

        Of course, like I said above I didn’t form a definite opinion. I don’t throw a final judgment until I play the game myself.

    • Rick

      I’m digging the girl’s design. Not so much the guy’s.

    • NightzeroAX

      Slay is like a mix of Colette and Flynn. Its weird but it’ll most likely grow on me.

    • megaten666

      Just don’t give me the selectable protagonist crap from Xillia 1 and it’s fine.

    • DanielGearSolid

      All you see is how they look so far, their personalities might blow you away

      • Crimson_Cloud

        True, it’s not like I formed a definite opinion. I just said that their design is not to my liking. There have been plenty of times where I fell in love with the character later on because of the personality or some other virtue.

  • EQeE

    It looks so damn good. I love the design of that girl.

  • The graphics look so much better in motion (and not off-screen). While it’s definitely Xillia esque, there seems to be some cellshading? It brings the enviroments to life and make the game look a little more polished.
    Won’t lie, pretty much the only thing that made the game relevant to me was that I heard Go Shiina will be composing alongside Sakuraba. Hope it’s more of the former

    • Surf

      Dunno how long its going to take Bamco to realize Sakuraba is washed up. It pains me to say that the true weakest area of most Tales games is the music. Because they refuse to get a new main composer. Sakuraba has been doing the music for these games for way. too. long. And he’s no Uematsu or fine wine. Its not getting any better with age. He’s last great work was Vesperia. And before that Abyss (which had the help of Motoo Fujiwara from the jrock band Bump of Chicken). But now…. naaaaaah. But that’s just my opinion. A lot of people still probably like his work. But frankly its worn out on me the last 7+ years.

      • Honestly? They should start getting new people into the development period. New designers, new composers, new style.
        Sakuraba, Fujishima, Inomata. I love you guys and done some of my favorite RPGs but let new people do new stuff with the franchise.
        Just my two cents.

        • megaten666

          Inomata should stay. I like her art style too much :3

        • Ladius

          It’s pretty much what they’re doing, considering Okumura’s major role in Xillia 2 and Zestiria and Iwamoto’s involvement in his first mothership game. Of course they won’t send off Fujishima and Inomata, but they’re toning down their role while making sure the series’ style stays consistent.

          • I dunno, I’d like something like Legendia again. I know I’m asking for one of the most hated titles to be repeated but I loved it. It had horribly bland battles and dungeons, yes, but everything else was unique and very soul inspiring.

            I think they should let Go Shiina and Iwamoto do a full game themselves. Just saiyan!

          • M’iau M’iaut

            I am afraid Legendia was just too experimental for both the fans and the creators themselves. Between the differences in how the maps were run and that almost half of the playtime was in those character post game events, there was just too much for folks not to like. The near repeats of Collette and her hunny didn’t help much, either.

          • I can’t blame people for not disliking Legendia either, I can see where they come from.
            The game is rigged with poor game design and not-that-well-executed ideas.

            With that said, I’d definitely not call Shirley a near repeat of Colette :p While they look and share a similar political status, their characters are very different (Colette loves the world and people, Shirley only cares for Senel and is the only thing stoping her from being the exact opposite; a genocidial blondie).

      • $1392518

        Did he do Xillia? Because I finally popped in the CD with the US release, and wasnt impressed…

        • He’s worked in every game except Legendia. So yeah.
          Edit: Derp forgot about Innocence!

          • Surf

            And ironically Legendia has been said to have one of the best soundtracks in the series. Despite the game itself being….. not good. Go figure. The one game he didn’t have his paws on.

          • You can’t blame the guy. Between this, Golden Sun , Valkyrie Profile and Star Ocean he’s probably tired of doing RPG themes. Imagine doing unique town, event and battle themes for over 15 years…

          • Surf

            I can give him that. I’m just baffled at how long its gong to keep going on like this when Graces and Xillia had what like 3-4 notable tracks that i cant even remember now out of the 4 discs soundtracks. That’s extremely sad. I don’t mind the art. Its not like its bad. Each iteration of Tales the character style is the same but different and refreshing in ways. I’m kind of glad to see them take this medieval take to the series as a contrast to the two last games. Which pretty high tech/modern. Xillia 2 moreso than 1. I always wrote it off as it just being Japanese traditions and business practices. They usually don’t just get someone new to work on an established series or ip.

          • It’s definitely a japanese tradition thing. I’m positive if I didn’t play every single Tales out there (with the exception of some of the newer ones) I’d not be tired of the designers and overall overlapping development staff.
            It’s not just the art and music, many plot themes are painfully reused through the series and dragged down to the ground (sympathetic antisocial extremist villain, racism is bad!!!1, the church is satan, energy supply problems, the “enemy from one thousand years ago” sealed in a pepsi, etc, etc).

            Hahahahahaha but oh well, I take it with a little of fun cynism. Most of the time, at least.

            I hope for an overall staff change, or partial one even. But I know it won’t happen deep down.

      • Rick

        Xillia was the first Tales game I’ve played and the less than stellar soundtrack really stood out to me. Seemed like I was hearing the same 2 or 3 themes in every area. Though that one jazzy song (world sinking into darkness I think it was called) was amazing.

        Though I’m probably going to pass on this one. While the setting does look great, Xillia didn’t impress in the story department and that’s kind of the reason I play games nowadays.

      • NightzeroAX

        Have you heard his Dark Souls work?

        • Surf

          No i haven’t as I don’t play the Soul series.

  • Surf

    Huh. Slay seems to be left hand dominant. Didn’t notice that the first time I saw the trailer. For some reason I always find that cool.

    Something about the graphics are very appealing too. Xillia style but they have this dark cel shaded like outline reminiscent to Vesperia. Really digging it.

    • PreyMantis

      Left-handed? Cell-shaded? Side-stepping? Tales of Zeld– Zestria.
      Hehe… It just kinda gives me that Wind Waker/Skyward Sword vibe, which is awesome. The main character also kinda reminds me of Link, just missing his hat.

      • Luke and Yuri were left-handed as well. So that’s not new to the Tales series. But I can see where you’re coming from with the rest of it.

  • DigitalFowl

    Sidestepping confirmed. Day One Buy.

    • Timovisch

      Only if there’s usefull free-running like in Xillia. And yes side stepping was pretty usefull in Xillia. :)

      • M3LTY-BLOOD

        side stepping = TOG

        Not xillia.

        • Tatsuya Fabre

          All of the recent ones have it. In Xillia hold down L1 and move left or right as you attack. Much improved in Xillia 2.

          • Timovisch

            This pretty much yea. :)

  • I wish I could be excited for this, but the medieval fantasy setting is kind of turning me off. I much preferred Xillia 2’s style and setting. Everything from the sense of fashion to the technology and the world. It kind of reminds me of Fullmetal Alchemist, almost. Zestiria just seems very plain in comparison.

    • Xillia 2’s theme is a bluff. There’s a very limited amount of areas that actually use the modern setting and instead decide to reuse a lot of Xillia 1’s assets to save money.
      Still, yes! I’d love an actually well realized modern setting! Xillia 2 was a huge tease it hurts.
      Maybe they’re afraid it’ll overlap with SMT I dunno.

      • That’s disappointing. Xillia 2 looks really interesting judging by all the trailers and gameplay videos I’ve seen, and even some of the stuff we’ve reported on ourselves.

        • Xillia 2 is a lot better than xillia 1, and it has enough new content to take longer than xillia 1 to beat, it doesnt has as many cities, -cities-, not maps, as xillia 1, even tho u also have xillia 1 cities to revisit (and if i remember correctly, you dont even have to go throught them all in the main story) in the 2nd game.

          Also, where xillia 2 is strong is in the story and characters with the evolved ver. of xillia 1’s gameplay, you are really right to be interested on it, imo its the best tales of i’ve played and i’ve played them all, it has the best story and character development, to a point where it makes xillia 1 feel like it was just a preparation for xillia 2…

          Also multiple ending and choices in skits and all that.

          • Yeah, that’s precisely why I’m interested in it—because it looks different from what Tales games have done in the past. I’m probably going to end up reading Wikipedia to get an idea of Xillia 1’s events and skip straight to X2.

        • Ladius

          Don’t worry, the game should be as you expect. The overall reaction to Xillia 2 from importers and fans has been extremely positive, and considering this fanbase’s tendence to negativity that’s really something.

          Regarding Zestiria, the setting will almost surely have some twist considering the story of this series’ worlds.

          • THere is always a story twist in tales of games haha

        • Xillia 2 is probably better enjoyed if you don’t play the first game. You’re pretty much forced to fight a huge chunk of the bosses again and the areas you revisit won’t be as cringe-worthy once you get there.
          Plus the battle system is muuuuch better than the first game.

          Still, in terms of theming, I stand there’s about -one- town that fully has modern feeling. Everyone else may be wearing clothes that look less fantasy, but they still use magic and swords. The entire plot is about magic and mcguffins too. It feels awkwardly forced to see all these cellphones and HDTVs when essentially the tone of the game is contradicting it.
          It’s kind of sad because I really wanted a modern style Tales.

          Now, if you want something that touches upon technology (reading your previous comment) and realizes a less fantasy setting MUCH better, try Abyss. It’s not “modern”, but it’s more like medieval steampunk. Really hard to pinpoint but it works VERY well! And unlike X2 the setting and plot come together perfectly instead of being a huge tease.

          My personal opinion is: Xillia 2 is a great game, but don’t go in expecting a fully realized theme because it couldn’t be more half-baked.

          • Ooh. Okay, that’s good to know, because I’m not very interested in Xillia 1 at all. I’m probably going to wiki up a few details on the story and what’s going on with Ludger and Milla and co., and then skip straight to the second game.

            The entire plot is about magic and mcguffins too.

            You know, that’s exactly where Final Fantasy XII lost me. It started out as this really interesting story about political intrigue, and then went off into the magical mumbo-jumbo that so many games use when they can’t come up with better backdrops for their plots. It’s too bad, really.

            Now, if you want something that touches upon technology (reading your previous comment) and realizes a less fantasy setting MUCH better, try Abyss.

            Laura actually keeps nagging me to play Abyss, and I would, but the main character sounds insufferable. And this is actually right out of Baba’s own mouth. I remember him talking about the game in an Iwata Asks a couple of years ago, and he made the protagonist sound terribly immature and annoying. He even said there were people who were put off by Abyss for that very reason.

            Man… I just realized, Baba just isn’t very good at selling Tales to non-Tales fans, haha. But then, I suppose that isn’t the intent either. They’re happy with their creative direction.

          • Xillia 2 is mostly an unrelated original story to the first game (with a couple ties, mostly lore expansion and development on the original characters). Definitely is useful to know the first game’s plot to know certain key details.

            FF12 plot made me facepalm at that point so hard. I couldnt wrap my mind why they decided to do that. It gave me so many contradictory feelings. I kind of feel they try to add and “epic” feeling to the ordeal but it ends up killing the writing.

            About Abyss, Luke being annoying to most RPG players is probably understandable. He’s less of a badass hero and more of a human who has to face certain crude realities of the world. Being a teenager that never seen much of the world he whines. A lot.

            Needless to say, I think the game plays his character wonderfully. While his development has some awkward pacing, he definitely is one of the more relatable, human-like characters in the Tales series I seen. He doesn’t turn exactly into “resolute Hero” cliche development you see every game/anime ever, so bonus points for that. I really don’t want to spoil anything major but the fact he didn’t want to kill humans was a really nice touch.
            I personally consider Abyss to have certain writing hiccups (pacing isn’t that good and can be a little overwhelming when the infodumps happen) but overall it’s my personal favorite Tales in terms of plot narration.

            Oh god this is a horribly long rant but I need to say this. Even if I love the game there are certain plottwists that couldn’t be more forced or retarded. Oh and the battle system is considerably weaker than the newer titles.
            The game is so very ambitious. The things it gets right, it gets them solid. The things it does wrong make you feel like facepalming. I STILL would recommend everyone to give it at least one playthrough. It’s a unique title in the franchise considering the writing and overall execution.

            Oh and yeah, Baba is a pretty good troll when it comes to promoting the games. Hahahahaha!

      • Wth? Did we play the same game?

        And that last sentence… seriously? hahahaha

        • Ah, very mature! Being condescending clearly makes an argument that much stronger. Good to know!

          • Sorry, sorry, i would normally say more …erm, mature things was it? but… haha, probably i took a bad attitude but well, i just liked how u gave things for granted there, bluff, saving money… or even thinking about overlap SMT :P. Let me try to talk a bit why i said that then,…

            I mean… a bluff? really man? did you play it? 100% understood it?, I cant believe someone would say that kind of stuff, its a much more complete game compared to X1, and anyone can see that, even if u dont like, i dunno, Ludger the cat or w/e… You gotta admit its a game that brings a lot of new things and much more refined than X1, with all the side stories and all that… sigh… Even if they used the same engine, it wasnt a game “to save money”

            I cant wait for people to get it next year already

            Also, i doubt Tales of games would eeeever change something because they would “overlap” something, especially since they normally create characters base personalities based on already existing and popular “cliche” personalities, and twist them to their way a bit.

            Its like saying the red apple became green to not overlap a tomatoe, its just a… no, what i want to say is that tales of isnt a series that changes depending on it’s surroundings, popular stuff and all that, they really like to go their way, for example, i think even in japan, as well as here, Yuri is probably the most popular MC in the series, because of his “bad attitude” personality and “my own justice” thing, but even then, since Vesperia they havent made any other “bad guy” MC, on the contrary, asbel… jude, ludger :P

            Imo they went this fantasy way because, as they said, they want to say THIS IS A TALES OF GAMES to the world, i know i read this somewhere, and well, phantasia was a bit like this, wasnt it?, as well as the ones that came after it, it was fantasyish but not as well refined as here.

            And well, this is my pov of what you said

          • In no part of my post I ever talked about quality or how it stood compared to Xillia 1. I’m talking about theming and how the modern theme was executed in Xillia 2.
            Xillia 2 presents you with a pretty modern town, nice clothes and setting but then does nothing to elaborate on it. The core of the game is eventually reduced to a fantasy game with a superficial modern tone.

            And I meant it when I said overlapping. SMT is a series that talks about characters and inner problems like Tales, there are differences (major ones, like SMT using greek deites while Tales using mostly gnostic ones) but if they narrowed the temporal setting to a similar one they might be having some overlapping problems.

            In fact what you said makes that even stronger; fans expect fantasy from Tales and different things from SMT. Tales becoming closer to it would probably not be something they’d want. The fans would feel alienated.

            Just my thought. Wether Xillia 2 is a good or bad game (I think it’s good, mind you), I was never talking about that. Just how very poorly executed the modern themes are.

          • Guest

            “Talk about characters and inner problems”?
            You know for anyone playing all the mainline SMT games would be angry with that statement right?

          • Akemi Nakajima


          • makubexnas

            hitoshura. the most badass MC in all jrpg.

          • Akemi Nakajima

            Look at the down vote.

            Can you guys just give a respond before downvote? I don’t get it.
            This is why we can’t have nice thing.

          • M’iau M’iaut

            Ishaan and I will box Wildy’s ears later on twitter.

          • >83

    • Pockystix

      honestly, they can’t all be the same. And to be fair, we got 2 games in a row like Xillia, doing anymore would sort of be treading the same ground.

      Granted, I don’t think Tales of should really stray into the FFXIII level of techno-craziness. It’s one of those series that has kind of had a mix of fantasy and technology for a while.

      • Mm. I don’t think Xillia 1 is quite the same style as 2. Xillia 2 is the only one in recent memory to adopt that technological approach to its world. Maybe it’s just the fact that I grew up on RPGs that never shyed away from technology, but I just feel like those make for more interesting settings, personally.

        I don’t have anything against medieval settings when they’re given a unique flavour of their own. Dark Souls is one example. The Last Story is another. Even Radiant Historia.

        • Pockystix

          oh, definitely

          I don’t think there are enough RPGs with modern or magic-tek settings, but it also makes such settings more unique. So, it’s a trade-off, really.

        • *contains xillia 1 spoilers

          Wait you are confusing the things, xillia 1 and 2 happen in the same world, the stories just start in different places, and since its characters from, well, each side with very different enviroments it just makes it look that way… and this is actually big spoilers if u havent finished xillia 1

          • Kitestwinblades

            The end of Xillia is one of those things I wanna talk about with everyone but just cant xD So painful, I’ve been loaning out my copy.

          • very different enviroments

            That was kind of my point. Very different environments and cultures. X2’s side is far more interesting to me.

        • Nitraion

          i am for one wanted RPG like shadow hearts again it mix of real world in world war and something 40-80 ish
          i really like it….

          • Yeah, I much prefer more down-to-earth settings I can invest in. There are very few times when the anime aesthetic has worked in a medieval fantasy setting. More often than not, it comes off as clichéd. But then, I suppose Tales is a celebration of familiar anime archetypes, so this might even be intentional.

          • SeventhEvening

            I’d do anything for another Shadow Hearts.

          • Nitraion

            Yeah i hope in the future there is similar JRPG theme
            somebody with worldwar freak,40-80 lovers and also love JRPG lol
            because relate/learning( a bit) a world war history and 40-80ish through JRPG is fun

    • Ryo-kun

      … or there will be another world like usual (it’s tales after all) Maybe they will put the modern setting there.

    • Samsara09

      Well,we need more info…but tales of usually does good settings.

      • Well, as others have said before, perhaps there’s more to the world, but Baba’s comments about a traditional fantasy focused around dragons aren’t really making it sound very interesting to me. Do we really need more dragons?

        • Samsara09

          well,they will put some unexpected spin on this.Tales of tend to break cliches,remember?

    • brostar

      Great… now you made me want a RPG with the same setting as Fullmetal Alchemist.

    • Wolfe

      So, because it’s not the usual science fantasy steampunk rehash that’s the standard tone for the JRPG today, you have a problem with it? There’s any number of titles that fit your criteria. Any Final Fantasy today will do. Go play one of those. Some of -like- the class JRPG fantasy.

    • Slickyslacker

      It’s like comparing FF VI, to IV or even V. The steampunk/technologically advanced setting of the world, when contrasted with a more traditional, fantastical setting that the rest of the series (prior to it) had maintained. Tales games have always taken place in “developed” worlds, so to speak, and Zestiria is taking a more FF-ish approach. I’m excited to see where they go with it.

    • Kitestwinblades

      Even though it seems kind of medieval I can see them putting in lot of interesting stuff. Human dragons, Party members with guns, ancient tombs with super technology, floating cities with waterfalls… I wouldn’t put anything past them xD

      A lot of tales games in the past have protagonist born into loyalty and while there are also some that don’t, they have a knight heavy style to them. Not all of them- like say Loyd or Senel. Even some of the party members look knightly at times but there will ALWAYS be some party members that just breaks everything. Along with towns and mechanics :3 I like to think of Tales games as a little of everything.

      We just haven’t see anything out of character yet.
      I would be pretty disappointed if they made a completely bland medieval game for their 20th anniversary. I’m expecting zany characters not even wearing armor and some kind of bizarre plot twist xD

      • Exkaiser

        I dunno, how many Tales heroes are knight-esque? Cless for sure, Stahn a little bit, and Veigue.

        Personally, Veigue always reminded me of a Celtic hero.

        • Kitestwinblades

          There’s Asbel let alone all of the male party members of Graces. Flynn From Vesperia, Chloe from Legendia, and Leon from Destiny. The antagonist cast of Tales of the Abyss were known as the Oracle Knights and 6 highest ranks knights were God-Generals. I read there was one called Kunzite in Tales of Hearts that looks pretty wicked. An actual knight but looks like a cross between Megaman X and dark knight Cecil xD

          Zelos and Kratos are pretty close with the sword and shield thing but weren’t actually considered knights. But that’s just it- a lot of their characters designs carry some heroic or knight look. It think its just the lack of heavy armor.

    • I’m usually fairly put off by medieval settings in general, with some exceptions; but I always appreciated Tales titles (the ones I played) for putting a nice spin on them. I’m curious to see how classic/traditional medieval they’ll go and how much of their own vibe they’ll add.

    • Tienron

      it’s so weird cause i never liked the designs for xillia 2 i find them so plain it just looked like clothes i see everyday but just a bit more flashy. i’ve never really liked the real life clothing approach they went for, but i guess maybe that’s me i’ve always liked tales for their back in the day clothing style!

  • fyi1191

    I won’t be surprise if Slay pulls a triple/double wield later in-game. From the trailer, he’s a genius with swords.

  • $1392518

    Is it just me, or did the proportions of the characters get better?

    • zweii

      It still looks off to me. Those heads are just too small for that body.

  • Maumac77

    Just the fact that Go Shiina is also working on the music in the game means I will buy both a JP copy and a localized copy just because.

    • Right~? Go Shiina alone assures my money.

  • Loli Summoner

    Just gonna say it. The new protagonist looks lame :T and I don’t like the fact its gonna be about a freaking dragon….really? a dragon…that’s sooo original,but tales lore has always kept me interested(other than tales of abyss,its was soooo boring) .But maybe just because its about a dragon it might be still interesting, we will just have to play the game to find out ourselves.
    I’m still excited BTW.

    • David García Abril

      This is the first time the “Tales of” series deals with dragons like this, so let’s give them the benefit of the doubt.

    • DanielGearSolid

      Is there anyway you can elaborate on what makes him look lame?

      Btw the story criticism, cmon man, you dont know anything about it yet

    • BlakShiranui

      Can’t be lamer than Asbel and Graces’ story.

    • Sakurazaki

      Holy downvotes Batman. :(

      I actually agree, and it looks like a couple others here have commented on the same thoughts, so it’s something notable. A friend of mine mentioned that Slei/Slay/Thlei looks like a “friend of a main character” in Tales standards, which was totally what I thought about him. He looks very normal/second banana-y compared to most Tales MCs, especially with the brown hair, happy/calm demeanor and the pudgy look.

      IMO, he has a very unheroic/confident air to him (especially with him smiling like a kid in the concept art), which may change with more future info.

      That said, this is probably what Baba wanted, and I’m still probably going to love this game.

      *waits for the downvotes*

      • Hinataharem

        No. No down votes for you

  • Ryo-kun

    Man, I’m really liking what I’ve seen so far. So hyped. I hope the gap between localization isn’t too far.

    • Betrayer

      It’s a worldwide release, They announced that when it was first announced.

      • Norris

        The game is said to be release worldwide, not simultaneous worldwide release. There’s a difference.

      • Steven Higgins

        All that means is that they aren’t waiting to see JP sales numbers before considering localization. They’ll do it even if it bombs, which it won’t but still…

  • 紅蓮

    Can anyone who have finished Xillia 2 give us an overall review? (without spoiler). I stopped playing sometime after defeating the red god bird because the pacing is bad, the character developments seems stagnant and I hate how they change the color balance when they are in alternate dimension.

    If I look back to the previous games in the tales series, I can’t really find any of them to be really compelling. While Xillia was okay, graces f was quite bad, I only like the future arc to be honest. Vesperia has one awesome dude named Yuri Lowell, but apart from him, the cast and the story failed to impress me.

    I’m busy with Kiseki series at the moment and I found the characters and plot to be way better than any Tales series I’ve played {Vesperia, Graces f, Innocence f (dropped), Xillia & Xillia 2 (dropped)}. Tales is better in terms of graphics and how they can hire big talents to do stuffs (i.e. Ufotable and Hamasaki Ayumi), but I found the basics (plot & story development, character design, directing) to be poor.

    Sorry if anyone thought me to be bashing tales series and trying to push kiseki series, to be honest I used to like tales. And If it’s actually improving, I’m thinking to go back and give another shot. But I just can’t find a good reason to do it.

    • Detrimont

      it just sounds like you don’t like the Tales series in general….

      • 紅蓮

        Probably because I’ve put my hands on stuff I consider better? Well, if you consider me not liking Tales series in the first place, it’d be weird for me to bought vesperia, graces f, xillia & xillia 2 (Famitsu DX edition for the last 2), to the point where I obtained the platinum trophy for xillia lol.

        Tbh I want to try the early series praised by lots of people, unfortunately I don’t have consoles when I was younger, and i don’t have much time to be spared atm.

        Anyone finished xillia 2? Still looking forward to hear more about your views on it.

        • Tatsuya Fabre

          I finished it and working on the plat at the moment. It’s my favourite game in the series and I think it excelled in every area.

          Most of the characters were established in the last game so there wasn’t much development but that meant they could focus on other aspects of the story. I felt that Ludger had quite a bit of character and really didn’t fit the common silent protagonist stereotype. He had to make some big decisions and not all of these were made by the player controlling him.

          I actually preferred the good ending over the true ending, I found it fitting with the whole alternate world/time theme. I also liked that the story was a lot darker than previous games because it really allowed for some fresh themes in the series.

          I kinda agree with you about Kiseki having better story but Tales does gameplay down to a fine art and that keeps me liking the series.

          • Ladius

            Not to mention Kiseki probably beats pretty much every jrpg series out there regarding the depth of its setting and overarching plots, considering they are the series’ focus and Falcom has had six (seven next year) meaty and extremely wordy games to develop them.

          • 紅蓮

            True that, I also felt it they forced to drag on the ripened characters. The side stories I’ve seen looks more like an epilogue while the alternate dimensions with the “what if” situation sounds good in the early part, but it failed to answer my expectation. I actually think they should’ve set up a totally different set of side characters instead of hiring the casts from Xillia

            And the negative part of us controlling Ludger’s decisions actually makes us feel that he doesn’t have his own personality. I don’t know about the development in the later stages, but up until the point I played, he’s as plain as a puppet. Bannam’s decision to make him not to have any dialogues in your first playthrough doesn’t help at all.

            Gameplay-wise, especially battles, I don’t have any complaints. I am a fan of tactical RPG, but Tales’ battles are good enough.

    • Ladius

      The consensus about Xillia 2 is that it’s a major improvement over Xillia in pretty much every way, so you should definitely try it. It’s apparently the darker Tales ever developed in terms of narrative.

      Other than that, I think the Kiseki comparison is really unfair, considering that series is far more story driven and narrativelore heavy than pretty much every other jrpg series still alive, even more so considering the shared world and intertwining plotlines between major story arcs.

      If anything narratively less powerful thank Kiseki is “bad”, your criticism should be aimed at 99% of the jrpg genre rather than Tales (especially considering Tales still do far more than lots of other series in terms of character development and settings).

      • 紅蓮

        Sounds promising, I think I’ll pull the disc from my shelves and give it another go if I managed to finish Sen no Kiseki before end of year holiday ended.

        I do play games for the story and I found Kiseki overwhelming any JRPG I ever played my entire life, so it’s kinda hard to play something else after playing one (I started playing Xillia 2 after finished Zero no Kiseki Evolution).

    • Loli Summoner

      Character design poor? wtf? I mean they’re are some characters that look lame(I don’t like the way the new protagonist looks) but the character design is FAR from poor.

      And don’t try to sugar coat it by saying “sorry if anyone thought me to be bashing(even though that’s basically what you’re doing) ”

      Btw that’s like a bitch slap to us fan to say tales has poor plot and story development,bad character design and directing.
      I don’t care if you don’t like tales…really I don’t, but if you’re gonna come in a page about tales and say HI GUYS TALES HAS POOR blah blah get ready for retaliation.And no that “I use to like tales” bullshit don’t work.

      • 紅蓮

        So you’d rather live in denial of the bad parts of the games you like? I’d rather point those out, and accept them as they are. If possible, maybe someone can relay our opinions to the PR team, so they can address their problems and give them another point of view to retrospect and make the future games even better. Well, to be honest I just want to know whether there is a worth to go back and finished my Xillia 2 copy or not.

        I know I’ll face some retaliation, but I believe I can have good exchanges of views with some open-minded people like Ladius and Tatsuya Fabre up there.

        And btw, by the term “character design”, I meant that as a whole part, not just the art, but also their personality, background story, etc. Liking the art or not is a matter of taste, but being a memorable character with deep impression is different.

        • Loli Summoner

          Live in denial? what exactly am I being in denial about? please tell me. Stop trying to make it seem I think tales or “games I like” are perfect in every way.

          I know tales had some bad games,parts and characters (only one I can think of that fans didn’t like much was graces..idk why though) and If you read my commit towards you, you can see I don’t like something about the new tales game but hell I’ma accept it because I am a tales fan.

          BTW I should add.
          Why are you asking people if you should you go back to Tales of Xilla 2? if you said (the pacing is bad, the character developments seems stagnant and I hate how they change the color balance when they are in alternate dimension) Seems like you wouldn’t enjoy the game regardless of what anybody will say.
          Its like me saying “Hey guys should I give the new DMC another chance? even though I hate the new Dante, I hate the story,I don’t like how he fights,I don’t like any of the other characters,don’t like the stages but I just wanna see what you guys think,I might give it another go if you guys like it.”

          • 紅蓮

            If you’re not living in denial and you can really accept the negative sides from Tales series, then why are you so furious when I stated the bad parts of Tales series? Other people replied to me did not deny the facts I’ve stated. Or is it simply that you don’t know how to have a good and positive dialogue, and only able to attack other people verbally instead of discussing the topic? Actually, looking at your replies, I only see you quoting my posts while not giving your opinion on Xillia 2. Have you actually played it? If not, how can you possibly say that you like it or not? Speak sense, or not at all.

            Why would I ask people about their comments on Xillia 2 if I found them to be not good? Because I left it in the middle, and there is no guarantee that it’ll stay bad, while some people here commenting Xillia 2 to be a good game, even claiming it to be the best tales series ever. Of course this piques my interest. It gave me questions: Did I abandon this game too early? Would I see something great if I give this game a 2nd shot?

    • arkarian

      graces f is quite bad? it has my favorite combat system out of any game i’ve ever played, and i’ve played hundreds of games. but i suppose that’s only my opinion.

  • Charmchar

    I’m really digging the main female lead design, she looks amazing and exciting to me but the male lead on the other hand just looks boring as hell.

  • Masa

    main character looks so plain and dull
    How hard could be too make him look a little unique, he looks like every male anime lead, still my fave tales lead ever is Yuri, loved his dark ronin look.

    • Wolfe

      Yuri looked so generic anti-hero and uninspired. How hard could it be to make him look unique, he looks like every male anime lead.
      See? Generalizations are fun and easy.

      • Masa

        What other main tales lead looked like Yuri?

        • Arrei

          It’s not about Tales leads specifically, Wolfe was probably referring to the oft-used long-haired pretty boy and anti-hero = wears lots of black tropes.

          Point being that Yuri sure didn’t look like a unique protagonist, until he started talking and being, well, Yuri.

    • DanielGearSolid

      Plain and dull? Yuri is a cool character for sure, but you wont know that by just looking at him. His personality plays just as big a part as his look. If the characters looks bother you that much, change his costume.

  • Chiupon

    wow i’ve never seen a game trailer almost 100% exactly like this before

    tbh it looks worse to me every second

  • Curan_Altea

    Story and setting overall unimpressive. Not bad just… Eh.
    Male character design is fine, don’t dislike it. Love the female one.
    Short snippet of combat looked interesting.

    Hope we learn more soon.

    • Wolfe

      Really? You can tell me what the story is from that snippet? Or you just like to be pessimistic so you can ride the ‘I told you so’ cart later on?

  • It’s the same trailer, just in better quality. l_l

    Slay’s head still looks huge contrary to his body, though.

    • KnifeAndFork

      Actually his head looks tiny compared to his body

    • DyLaN

      Uh no. There are several new scenes that are added into it IIRC.

  • ivanchu77

    geez, i´m not a hater of that type of design or something, but the main character design is sooooooooooooo overused , seriously, every single time is always the young pretty face swordman archetype, why not something different for once? i mean, how about a JRPG where the main character looks like this, for example? :

    • ChiffonCake
      • MrTyrant

        But a Nier kind of character in Tales could be amazing. It’s not very common and only veery few jrpg in story had main characters like that.

        I like Ludger design in Xillia 2 and I was hoping at least something more interesting in design or personality for the next main character even if he is a teenager.

        • KnifeAndFork

          It wouldn’t sell

      • Wolfe

        I’d remind you that in Japan, Nier had two versions. The premiere featuring a ‘big brother’ character who fits the Japanese mold of beautiful youth. The hulking father character was the only option for it’s western release.

        • ChiffonCake

          Is that supposed to change the fact that Dad Nier exists?

          • Wolfe

            Nope, but it does go to show that cultural relevance and marketing is still in play.

          • David García Abril

            No, but it does show the fact that Japanese gamers don’t like the Hulk kind of body type, for the most part.

    • KnifeAndFork

      Think about it though…. When is the last time you ran across a Japanese male that was built like that?
      Heck, the average Caucasian male isn’t even built like that and certainly not even the average military soldier nor were the average medieval knight. Function over form.
      Art imitates life.
      There is a marketable appeal for the developers making pretty boys as fangirls squeal for that sort of thing. It is also a reflection of J-Pop / K-Pop and J-Drama male leads.
      Not to mention that also has an effect on the average Japanese young male that goes for a lithe and trendy fashionable style with permed hair, thin body type and even cosmetic surgery.
      Overly muscular males is not a turn on in Japan and is the go to stereotype for the homosexual look (see comedian Hard Gay for example as well as Cho Aniki and Muscle March).
      So it’s really about hitting the right demographics.

    • Wolfe

      There’s more than enough of these super buff protagonists in western gaming as is. Part of the fun of the JRPG is the escape from manjaw and superhero looks. It’s not like you are suffering from a lack of choices, if this tribute to the 70s body building scene is what you’re after.

    • DyLaN

      Sorry, but tht wouldn’t appeal to the main audience of the japan JRPG gamers. MC of this build is usually found in bara genre which is a niche within the yaoi genre.

    • Ferrick

      do you mean to say that you forgot sabin existed ?

  • Asclepius

    that landscape reminded me of xenoblade (specifically bionis’ leg)

    nah, good landscape btw.

  • Otoya


  • iamakii

    Reminds me of Breathe of Fire. *cries*

  • MasterScrub

    Can’t say I’m a very big fan of Slay’s design. Not like that matters too much since there’s always a ton of costumes in Tales games anyways.

  • MrTyrant

    Landscapes are beautiful and I really love where this is going both in gameplay and exploration.

    • Wolfe

      Likewise. Looks like they took some cues from Xenogears.

      • MrTyrant

        Xenoblade would be yet there are other games with open maps.

        • Wolfe

          Well no kidding. But how many of them -look- like the leg of Bionis and happen to be from a JRPG?

  • Ric Vazquez

    The hype train will start running…now!

    • DanielGearSolid

      Im aboard

    • Wolfe

      All abooooooaaaaarrrrdddd

    • I bought my ticket!! ( ^.^)/*

    • Nanaki

      Will this train accept quardrapeds? I would like to attend.

    • God


      http://i.imgur.com/eL8eI.jpg (The fire is beacuse of the hype)

      • Ric Vazquez

        Love the pic, and we are off people, those left behind will have a chance at the next station XD

        • God

          Only if their hype is strong enough to resist the fiya, if not, they shall burn in the flames of hatedom!

  • Nitraion

    Hmm tales usually have “two planets” surprise i wonder if this tales has it too
    Xillia was classic+ steam punk world…

    i only remember tales of eternia has it too

  • Brimfyre

    The female lead reminds me of an anime version of a young Haley Mills.

  • DanielGearSolid

    How does one express their anticipation for this game?

  • Lloyd Christmas

    Is it just me or is the protagonist’s head too small for the rest of his body?

    • Wolfe

      It is. Appears to be a stylistic choice.

    • DanielGearSolid

      Its that jacket

  • DyLaN

    The backgrounds are absolutely gorgeous. Slay design ain’t that bad IMO. At the very least the cape looks stylish.

    On an unrelated note, is any1 else unable to access the Open Thread? It appears to be stuck on loading mode.

    • Anime10121

      This is unfortunately Derpus being Derpus. Same thing happened wig Gematsus OT last week. It never recovered…

      Honestly at this point, the only thing I can see Spencer doing is creating a new OT :(

      • Arcana Wiz

        3 million comments that will never will be recovered :(

        • Anime10121

          Yep and all thanks to Disqus glitchin out like crazy :(

        • MrSirFeatherFang

          Got it memorized? ;)

  • David García Abril

    They REALLY need to develop a new graphic engine for this series.

    They’ve been updating the “Symphonia” engine for far way too long.

    As for the design, the environments look pretty good, but I don’t like the two leads design. What’s with those feathers behind Slay’s ears?! And it’s not like a hairdo from a AKB48 member on stage fits a female lead from a fantasy setting story…

    • Ladius

      This has nothing to do with Tales of Symphonia’s engine or even with its art direction, it’s probably an update of the one used in the Xillia games.

    • DanielGearSolid

      I dont think you know what you’re talking about when it comes to the engine… I dont recall them making any mention of what engine they using public, so its safe to say youre just guessing.

    • Lynx

      This isn’t the Symphonia engine?

      Thats outdated as hell at this point. This is Xillia’s, aka the PS3’s engine.

    • Ferrick

      all that nitpicking

      symphonia engine ? yeah…. no, ufotable didn’t handle symphonia (apart from it’s anime), and it doesn’t look all that “symphonia”-esque either. If anything, it looks more like xillia (and that they’re using the same engine to boot)

      considering that we have no idea on the backstories of the lead characters, it’s highly possible that he’s a member of a tribe or something of the sort, but it’s nothing that glaringly awful nor amazing to the point where it’s of any concern

  • Sergio Briceño

    Welkin, is that you?

  • elementalknight

    want this game

  • Bec66

    I’ll now sum up most of the comments about the main character,
    “I don’t like his design and have only seen 2 minutes of footage on the game, WORST TALES LEAD EVAR!!!”

    • Anime10121

      You don’t have to know anything about a character to dislike their design :/

      • Bec66

        That’s not really what’s bothering me, if they don’t like the design that’s fine (Personally I think he could do without the earrings) but people seem to have already decided he’s going to be a crappy character based on what little we’ve seen of the game, that’s what’s been bothering me.

        • Anime10121

          Ok if that’s what you meant, i agree that people can’t judge a characters personality based solely on his/her design. While I can say that I hate both of their designs and think their the worst main character designs of the series this far, I’m still of the mind that I may love the characters themselves. Besides, this is the Tales of series, it’s not like we won’t have a bajillion of costumes to pick through any way :P

          • SeventhEvening

            You’ll also need to rake out a lot of cash for them, if the previous titles are any indication.

  • I know it’s still the Symphonia engine, basically, but oh lordy dem graphics look nice.

    Also that battle snippet looked pretty cool.

    • Whoops, that comment below got in my head, I meant to say the Xillia/Graces F engine.

      • Ryo-kun

        Well if I’m not mistaken, Graces’ engine is different from Xillia’s. You can see it from the artstyle used

  • Guest

    Why is he only wearing one belt?

  • Seizui

    I am actually glad that this is back in the medieval times. I wasn’t quite fond of Xillia’s setting. Then again, other factors came as to why I wasn’t fond of Xillia. I definitely want to see more of how this turns out.

  • Earthjolly

    Really digging the medieval setting and it looks a lot more diverse and explorable than the scenery in Xillia which always was surrounded by canyons. I swear during the battle scene the protagonist did Asbels Stampede Strike move.

  • Slickyslacker

    Well, this must mean that development is much farther along than I presumed. I’m anticipating an autumn 2014 release date, just like KH 2.5 (though I’m hoping for 2.5 to release sometime during the summer.)

  • QueenDecim

    Game looks good and all, but I don’t know how they could take such a back step in characters designs coming from Xillia 2. Such boring and mundane designs

  • Kai2591

    Nice cape.

    I like the graphics.
    Landscape looks alright.
    Heroine looks like the strong and independent type, yet pretty. I like.

    Here’s hoping a localization with Jap audio :)

    btw, is it just me or does the battle look like its seamless? as in, there’s no more traditional transition into a different map whenever there’s a battle? Is that new? I dunno cuz I’ve never played any tales games outside Vesperia.

  • Best Tales game confirmed. I love how the two main characters look, and they actually showed a dragon at the end lol. Environments were pretty too =^_^=

  • KrazyBean

    Another reason why I slap myself for buying an Xbox 360. I’m fed up of missing all these JRPGs. Oh well. I have a PS4 now so hopefully the trend will continue on there in the future.

    • fenix7

      no reason why u can’t get 1 now!

      • KrazyBean

        True, but I don’t like having too many consoles (I have a 360, PS2, PS4, Wii U and 3DS already so adding a PS3 will be a bit much now to be honest)…plus my account is not exactly flowing with money.

        • fenix7

          Like the above poster said, u are missing out on a lot of gems! If ur short on cash, I would have gotten the PS3 now at black fri or boxing day and gotten PS4 after a few yrs and the price has dropped some. And I don’t rly count 3ds as a console haha, thinking of picking 1 up eventually.

          Guess u could still wait till just before they stop making the PS3, and then getting it for cheap haha.

    • Ladius

      f you like jrpgs you’re doing yourself a big disservice by not buying a PS3, especially considering its lowering price tag and the way you can easily find many games at a fraction of their original cost.

      Games like Valkyria Chronicles, Disgaea 4, Tales of Graces f, Tales of Xillia, Atelier Ayesha and The Guided Fate Paradox are a great way to start your collection, and considering we have yet to receive Tales of Xillia 2, Atelier Escha & Logy, Persona 5, Tales of Zestiria, The Witch and the Hundred Knight and lots of others it isn’t like you won’t put your hardware to good use in 2014 and 2015.

      PS4 will surely have its share of jrpgs, but it will probably take some years before its lineup starts to resemble PS3’s.

      • fenix7

        Good suggestion of games! I want more of Valkyria Chronicles!

  • 하세요

    Looks interesting. Nothing really breathtaking in my eyes yet. I guess I need a full battle sequence to be sold immediately. I’m a little picky with my Tales games.

  • Trevor Nicolaysen

    Looks like where Grandia meets Xenoblade. Weird. Kinda cool.

    Was that Stampede Strike?

  • cj may

    this looks like a interesting setting felt like i was watching shadow of the colossus with out the colossus :P or xenoblade with all those open fields,though it’s to early but i wonder if we’ll still have our magical six supporting characters only saying that because the combat camera seems more down and 3rd person unlike the usual arena style

  • Luis Ibal

    Looks amazing

  • eilegz

    the game looks interesting but the graphics really need a better job, other than that the gameplay looks improved or different so im kinda excited

  • Very much liking the looks of this one! Can’t wait to see more of it!

  • Steven Higgins

    Tales. Dragons? GIMME!

  • Anthony Birken

    Really liking that Asbel-like style~

  • Both characters’ designs were already pretty interesting, but their personalities look quite charming as well. Kind of digging the setting so far too~.

    I can’t wait to see who’s going to design which characters (especially looking forward to dem Inomata designs!).

  • I’m excited. I always love seeing new Tales games. It’s one of my favourite game series, so I’m eager to see how this one turns out. Other than that, I don’t really have much to say other than I like the protagonist designs and want to know more about their personalities. Oh and the leading lady is probably the most gorgeous Tales lead I’ve seen.

  • Will John

    I know this might be a longshot but, didn’t it seem like that fight was on the overworld? As in no run into enemy and load battle stage for fighting?

    • mike dickson

      oh it is man thats why this bad boy is a down one buy for most people

  • Kevin Schwarz

    Isn’t this the freaking same teaser we’ve got like a month ago?

    • Ryo-kun

      Umm, no. 11 days ago does not equal to a month ago and even if it is one month ago, the trailer we had seen was not a direct feed like this one is (It was taken from a nico nico broadcast using video camera, and then again, this trailer is longer and shows us more of the area, so it’s not exactly the same per se)

  • mike dickson

    hearing the theme of the game excalibur must surely be in the game

  • Jirin

    Tales + dragons: Awesome.

    When Namco says they based the combat on fan feedback it makes me worry they made it more button mashy and made it more geared around limit-break type stuff where you occasionally get abilities that completely trump the normal abilities that are more fun to use.

    Tales is on a streak of good games though. As long as they don’t go by focus groups and make the mistakes SO4 did.

  • エリン

    I don’t see anything particular medieval about the setting so far… (which is sad, because I was looking forward to a medieval + dragons JRPG)

    Ah. I see Alicia wil be assuming the mandatory role as “annoying-heroine”, present in all Tales games (유∀유|||)

  • Somethinger2

    There will never be a buff MC because that’s not their target. There’s enough twinks roaming around acting like that as is, let’s keep it that way.

    However, there usually are those as sides. If anyone was a real tales fan, the most notable one would be Kongman. If they could include a mustache’d axe user like that, i’d be in love. If we’re still on the bigger side of characters, there’s Eugene. There are a number as NPCs and story characters in various games, but who cares? It’s always like that.

    Tsk, psuedo tales fans. People can love games and nitpick, but one thing that keeps them as a fan is, they still love it regardless. I’m looking at you, Xillia localization. Too many freaking liberties. I love the crisp smoothness, but I hate the failed arte names. They didn’t even bother, at some points, they just started making things up.

    And to boot, there haven’t even been many dragons aside monsters, especially in tales.

    Top of the memory with dragons :
    In Destiny, the ship was a dragon, a spiky mechanical one.
    In Rebirth, Shaorune was transportation and other things, precursor to Ba’ul.
    Vesperia features summon spirit alternates, entelexias, Ba’ul being a dragon and being one. The other part of it would include a dragon as an extra fight, which isn’t a surprise since it gets brought up.

    And since people bring up FFV, well, that death was just plain sad. So many deaths in FFV, but for some reason, Aerith has to be a ground breaker.

    Generic? Big bad dragon, usually a common monster or final boss, never partied or on the side of “good”. As if that isn’t generic. Anything past a recent movie has that, even books, etc, etc, you name it.

  • artemisthemp

    Looking forward to see the EU CE

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