First Look At The First Part Of The 3rd Super Robot Taisen Z

By Spencer . December 24, 2013 . 11:25am

Namco Bandai announced The 3rd Super Robot Taisen Z and the game will be split into two parts. Here’s a look at the Prison Time chapter, which includes mecha from Macross Dynamite 7, Rebuild of Evangelion, and many, many more series.


The 3rd Super Robot Taisen Z Prison Time Chapter comes out on April 10 for PlayStation and PlayStation Vita.

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  • tubers

    Wonder when they’d stop with the SD/chibi style.

    Guess it’s cheaper to use older SD/chibi templates.

    • César H. Sandoval

      It’s just the visual style the series uses and is loved for, and it also avoids scale-related problems when you have Mazinger who’s 13m tall and Chouginga Gurren Lagann who’s the side of the entire moon on the same game.

    • Lynx

      Because licensing, recognizable style, scale and easier to do animation with?

      The 3D games generally get more flack because BB/Banpresto isn’t that great with 3D.

    • Calling the Z and onward sprites chibi is pretty unfair imo. They’re 1/2 SD by now looking at how detailed they look and how the body scales got reworked on over the years.

      • Max

        I honestly don’t think they even qualify as Chibi. They are not that “childish” looking.

        But I completely understand his point. It almost turned me off of the series a bit.

  • MasterScrub

    Yooo my boy Souske Sagura! I might just pick this up.

  • MrTyrant

    Oh boy! Gundam Unicorn, CCA at the same time? duuude how is gonna be? I’m happy that Gunbuster returned to us and Gurren Lagann has his final form.

    Now where is Asakim?

  • Nice Boat Quatro

    Hey the leaf eater is here!

  • Göran Isacson

    Apparently this is supposed to be some sort of “final” game in a series? As someone who’s only followed the SRW franchise by youtubing JAM Projects awesome songs and watched various vids of over the top mecha attacks, are the SRW games organized into sub-series with beginnings, middles and ends, or do they mean this will be some kind of “final” SRW game for the whole franchise?

    • Most SRW games are selfcontained, like Final Fantasy. There are some with sequels tho, the alpha series(alpha1-3+gaiden), the first SRW(1-4), the still ongoing OG series and Z. So yeah the Z series had a beginning with Z1, a middle with Z2-1/2 and presumably the ending with Z3-1/2.

      • Göran Isacson

        Aah, that explains it. Man, considering how enormous mecha anime tend to be in scope when the endgame rolls around, I can only imagine what crazy stuff will happen in a game where SEVERAL of them rolls into endgame… Big O and Gurren Lagann AND Getter Robo in the same game, all going into finale-mode? Everyone are tomatoes AND the Dinosaur Empire team up with Anti-spirals and whatnot? Sure sounds like the stuff fan-fic wet dreams are woven of.

    • Lynx

      Sub series.

      To date, there have been 3 major continuities.

      Classic: SRW 2, 3, F and F Final.
      Alpha: Alpha, Alpha Gaiden, Alpha 2 and Alpha 3: To The End Of The Galaxy

      And this is the final chapter of the Z saga.

      • Max

        What about the MX? What is it’s statues among the fans?

        • Lynx

          From what I understand, MX, despite being easy, is still one of the better stories.

          It’s less about some world destroying threat more so than it is about personal relationships that the characters form over the course of the game.

          • Max

            I see. I guess that’s why it felt easy even thou it was Japanese which made me worried how in God’s name I’ll finish it (I actually still haven’t but plan to)

            It wasn’t the first SRW game I played but I mostly loved it because of the rush of playing Grandizer, Mazinger and Gundam all at the same time. Grandizer is very popular in the arab world.

            The 1st one was on the PS1 but can’t remember which one. It was 3D and more like an action game than strategy. I loved it because you play Combattler V, another popular show.

            Now that I think about it, that game’s gameplay wasn’t that bad, I wounder why would they not go for such gameplay instead of always strategy

          • Exkaiser

            A 3D action game for the PS1? All the games for the PS1 were turn-based strategy. There was the fighting game, Super Robot Spirits, for the N64 (No Combattler, but it had Voltes). Maybe you’re thinking of Scramble Commander, for the PS2? It was an RTS and had Combattler in it.

            I’ve… only heard bad things about the fighting game. It’s really unpopular in Japan- especially when Kikaioh came out the same year and was basically the same thing but better.

          • Max

            Honestly I don’t think it is.

            I’m certain I played it on the PS1 but I could be wrong. It was a very long time ago. It was like the robot would fly straight and you’ll only see his back and you would start attacking the waves of enemy coming at you. If I remember correctly.

            I could be wrong to call it a SRT game because maybe it wasn’t. But it had at least robots like Combattler V. Maybe I got confused with another game/series.

          • Max

            Also, even thou I don’t know Japanese, but yeah it did felt it was mostly about the characters. which is a Shame cause I love many of them but could not understand anything :(

        • One of my personal favorite SRW imo, have great casts and some of the best remix of the BGM in SRW games ever

  • Exkaiser

    Fairly underwhelming… I wonder if there are any surprise series yet to be revealed. It feels like they’re playing it really safe with this one.. Which is fairly disppointing since the Z-series started off with a bunch of offbeat stuff.

    Maybe it’ll have more originals than usual or something.

    • Lynx

      They said in the stream that the first part would be playing it safe. However, they also said that the second part would be the most ambitious title to date, iirc.

      I’m expecting playable Ashura to be honest. Given that we’re getting extended Myceane plot from the looks of it, as well as the development he/she/it went through in Shin Z and Z2….

      • If that’s the case I’m not gonna expect TTGL as a unit in this one either, daaamn orz

        Anyway ambitious or not all I really want is Gaiking and Godannar in a not Nintendo game, please Banpresto~!

        • Lynx

          It looks like they’re covering up to the end of GL with this. I can’t see them putting it off for another game. The last game had original material so I see them ending it.

          And honestly, I doubt TTGL/STTGL would be a unit. An attack, sure. It actually did things in the show and movies aside from a single attack (like Arc, iirc.) The scale however would be too much for an entire unit.

          Unless you include prequel novel Demonbane.

          • Yeah I meant seeing TTGL at all unit or attack or whatever ww

            That’s true too, but if they said that the second half is going to be that ambitious, I feel TTGL would fit in there better.

    • they should bring the squad system back or else it will be as boring as Saisei Hen again

  • IMO compared to Alpha 3, the roster of Z3 are not good enough to wrap up the series

  • Max

    I have two questions :

    Each SRW installment universe is different than the others, right?
    By that, I mean the Amaro in this SRW is not the same Amaro of MX, right?

    Also, can anyone tell how to buy the PSP ones of Z from the Japanese store?
    Anyone have a link for a “how to buy from a Japanese PSN store” that will really great.

    I like to have them ready to play on my PSP instead of an UMD (unless the price difference is vast in amazon)

    • greeeed

      have continue story just like alpha > alpha gaiden > alpha2>alpha3
      but not stand alone title like SRW A

      • Max

        I see, thanks.

  • Max

    Thumbs up if your a Gundam wing fan!

  • Lester Paredes

    It had me once they showed Roger Smith and Big O.

  • Vernauth

    poor char, he needs new mech
    sazabi and nu gundam combination attack!

  • Kevin Schwarz

    We need more bouncy heroines I say! So sick of boring originals such as crow or whatever his name was…

    • s07195

      Crowe was plenty fine as a character.

  • Yan Zhao

    Man the only series I want returning is Machine Robo, cause Rom Stol is the most epic character I’ve ever seen in a SRW game as a non-original character.

  • Dylan Neill

    The Gainax three! I wanna see Shinji grit those teeth!

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