Guilty Gear’s Dizzy Makes A Cameo In A DOTA-Like Game

By Spencer . December 25, 2013 . 2:41am

What Sega is doing with Chaos Heroes Online is pretty interesting. They licensed the rights to the PC game better known as Chaos Online in other regions and added Sega crossover characters. Selvaria Bles from Valkyria Chronicles and Ulala from Space Channel 5 are exclusive to the Japanese version.


Now, Chaos Heroes Online is getting guests from Guilty Gear. Dizzy from Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus is in the game.



At one time, Sega held the rights to Guilty Gear with Arc System Works. This happened when Sega and Sammy merged, but Sammy was the owner of Guilty Gear. The rights are back with Arc System Works and the Chaos Heroes Online cameos are the first collaboration with Sega since Arc System Works reacquired the rights.

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  • Zeonsilt

    Not only Selvaria,but Alicia too.
    Holy God,give me a Sol and i’m sold.

    • Go2hell66

      probably just a matter of time. this game has everyone in it

  • Darvit

    They also have Sol in it, along with Ragna and Noel from Blazblue in it. You can see their videos on the channel too.

  • Go2hell66

    Ragna and Noel are in there too

  • ivanchu77

    Hopefully she appears in guilty gear xrd too

    • z_merquise

      Yeah. As soon as I saw Dizzy’s pic in the thumbnail, I thought it’s another roster update.

      It could be a nice Christmas present for me if Dizzy is revealed as a playable character in GG Xrd.

      • hng qtr

        Christmas is also Dizzy’s birthday. It doesn’t seem like ArcSys is announcing anythig today though.

        • z_merquise

          Yeah, I remember that. ArcSys also made Noel’s (Blazblue) birthday in Christmas as well. Seems like both have some similarities like playing a huge role in their games’ story, being related to the main characters and all that.

          • Magicks

            Interestingly, a few weeks before the GG characters were announced to be in Chaos Sphere, Ragna and Noel were also introduced into Chaos Sphere as well. SO NOW I CAN PLAY THEM BOTH. ;__;

          • Tyler Beale

            Noel: (I hope he notices me…)
            Ragna: …..

  • Herman Alexis Melo Navarro

    volvo fix doto !XD

  • LuciferD666

    Cool. and(phew), I thought that Dizzy was the only one selected for the cross(like other games I know). Thanks to the comments I know otherwise now.Nice finds guys(and can’t watch the video for some reason).

  • Lucky Dan

    Is this based off the champion’s 300 game where some particular gaming site *cough* Kotaku *cough*said it ripped off lol but didn’t do research on the history of MOBAs?

    Where LOL heroes are based off the original DOTA heroes bar the latest ones (which also ripped off numerous games and anime heroes/villians) and in respect DOTA actually borrowed name and fightning styles from other games/anime.

    For example Lina inverse from Slayers, Jaina the ice mage from wow and Rikimaru from Tenchu and a whole assortment of other heroes ripped off from Warcraft franchise.

    • John Lawson

      Kotaku and all the writers who call themselves “journalists” are pure Cancer

  • Lilith

    Oh Dizzy I forgot how hnnnng you were.

  • Z3

    I tried to play the game on the SEA serves and boy it is dead.

  • Servant BerserCAR

    I hope the OST is made by Daisuke Ishiwatari

  • John Lawson

    Aaaaand there goes another MOBA I really want to play besides the King of Fighters one.
    Too bad I live in the US and KoF is Region Locked and this one is probably the same

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