Disgaea 4 Return Unleashes Peta Fire On A Poor Mob Of Zombies

By Spencer . December 26, 2013 . 10:57pm


One of the additions in Disgaea 4 Return is Peta tier spells. First seen in Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days, this level of magic exceeds Tera spells and each one summons a character in Disgaea 4 Return. Here’s a look at Peta Fire.


disgaea4re-023 disgaea4re-04 disgaea4re-05 disgaea4re-06 disgaea4re-07disgaea4re-01 disgaea4re-02


Disgaea 4 Return, like Disgaea 3: Absence of Detention has job specific techniques. All of the downloadable content is included in Disgaea 4 Return, which means players have extra jobs like Necromancer.



disgaea4re-07 disgaea4re-09 disgaea4re-08



disgaea4re-10 disgaea4re-12 disgaea4re-11



disgaea4re-13 disgaea4re-15 disgaea4re-14


Masked Hero

disgaea4re-16 disgaea4re-17 disgaea4re-18


Disgaea 4 Return comes out for PlayStation Vita on January 30, 2014 in Japan.


disgaea4re-19 disgaea4re-20 disgaea4re-30 disgaea4re-29 disgaea4re-28 disgaea4re-32disgaea4re-27 disgaea4re-26 disgaea4re-25 disgaea4re-24 disgaea4re-23 disgaea4re-22 disgaea4re-21disgaea4re-31 disgaea4re-38 disgaea4re-37 disgaea4re-36 disgaea4re-35 disgaea4re-34 disgaea4re-33

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  • sherimae1324

    im so getting this game!!
    and im 100% sure it will be localized! ^_^

  • Slickyslacker

    Okay, I’m definitely not the only person that immediately thought of PETA when reading this.

    • Jettythesunfish

      I’m pretty sure you were. Sorry, man. xD

      • Robert Hendrie

        No no they weren’t

  • Aah, I can’t wait. Disgaea 4 was… Not my favorite entry of the Disgaea series, but I think I’d warm up to it more when I feel less restrained and can play it and then put the game away at various points in the day, without losing anything. Truly why I like the games on portable.

    • TheExile285

      What is your favorite Disgaea game atm?

      • Really, honestly? I like all of the Disgaea games to varying quantities, but… It’s 3. I adore 3. I know 3 is apparently not the favorite of a lot of people, for various reasons– main one I hear is that no one likes Mao, but 3 was the reason I wanted a PS3. 3 was actually what got me curious about the series– even though I started with 1 (on the DS), and then moved onto the PSP port, 3 was what sparked my love for the series and the gameplay it gave, and what got me into all of NIS’s properties.

        3 ended up being the first game I got with my PS3– at Christmas, no less, shortly after the first slim model had come out. I played it to bits then– and when the Vita version came out, I played that EVEN MORE, to the point of actually being able to beat the first version of Baal.

        I liked the cast of 3– probably equal to how much I liked the cast of 1. I liked the gameplay it gave, I liked Magichange in it, I liked the variety in the generic between genders, heck, I really actually liked the English voice acting for 3, too! And I liked the story of it, which I know can be contested, but I enjoyed the development and reveal concerning it, and it didn’t feel as… overwrought as 4’s story ended up going (with so many “final” chapters).

        tl;dr I really liked Disgaea 3. I think my order right now can be 3, D2, 1, and 2 and 4 being equal fighters. I look forward to seeing if they do a 2D2 or 3D2, though…

        • Kitestwinblades

          I know this exact feeling! I actually bought D3 way before getting a PS3 so It ended up being my first game on the console too. It made me realize how much I like extremely zany characters in the Disgaea franchise and the voice acting really did add to the charm. I thought Mr. Champloo was pretty hilarious.( ̄ー ̄)

          • Pdugna

            BOOM!!! I’ll join in the liking of D3 the opening and the overall zany school theme are awesome.

          • Mr. Champloo is pretty much one of the best characters throughout the main story. It’s a shame his presence diminishes a lot in the post (and let’s not get into the Vita side-stories, in terms of voice acting…)

  • makubexnas

    peta spell really effectively make my pants on fire lol

  • Luis Es.

    It’d be cool if we could transfer our ps3 saves over to the vita version or something. Starting this game from scratch after playing d2 where grinding weapons and maxing weapons out and stats is made pretty simple.. I’m not going to enjoy getting a team together AGAIN in D4…So idk if i’ll get this one or not if it does come out in the states.

    • Sadly, it’s unlikely, since D4Returns will have new scenarios, and the generics moves from D3Returns, it’s hard to really transfer over saves like that.

      • Luis Es.

        Yeah i figured. Was just doing some wishful thinking out loud. I do love me androids A LOT. so maybe i’ll get it and just not do the post game stuff.

        • Haha, yeah. Sadly, it’s sorta like a New Rorona situation– the games have to be developed at the same time to have the save transfer. It’d be nice, but… yeah.

          I can see where you’re coming from with it, though. DD2 really streamlined things, especially with nixing the whole item rank part in order to get the same-rank boost. I haven’t played a lot of DD2’s post-game because I know a Vita port will probably be in the future…

  • Edgar Garcia

    It has been so hard not to buy Disgaea dimension 2 u_u and this is the reson why…the epic portable edition eventually comes. Love having the whole disgaea saga on my psvita plus the prinny games dood!

  • Shady Shariest

    Emizel for spellcasting?
    Ehh… Will roll a Succubi magi >:3

  • Arrngrim

    I’ll honestly say I’m way more excited about this release than I was for Disgaea D2. I enjoyed DD2, but when I heard about this….yeaaaaaah. I cannot wait to plug this baby into my PS Vita TV (pets the tiny white device).

  • LastFootnote

    “Disgaea 4 Return, like Disgaea 3: Absence of Detention has job specific techniques.”

    Huzzah! Best news ever! I really wish they’d start putting these in the console games.

    • komiko12

      Yeah, I wonder why they don’t implement the job skills in vanilla versions. Its just the same with monster skills just done for humanoids.

      • LastFootnote

        The human class-specific skills were especially unique and cool, too. Many did something that you couldn’t otherwise do or something that the class really needed. Like the Fighter’s ability to break equipment or the Gunslinger’s rock throw that hit an enemy 8 or 10 squares away.

        I remember when I first played Absence of Detention and didn’t know these skills existed. My female Cleric just suddenly had an ability called Overheal. Thinking it was a recovery spell, I tried it on a party member and it straight-up killed him. So awesome.

  • Syn

    I sure like the “plot” behind that fire spell ^_^

  • transferstudentx

    really cant wait for this port although i have the home console version mistake on my part i am still buying this

  • Darkon the DemonLord

    Yes, we can walk around with different characters again :D

  • Zak Ledward

    I swear, NIS makes the greatest character designs for their spell animations. I’D KILL FOR THEM TO ACTUALLY BE IN THE GAME, THOUGH! Fire Goddess, Ice Goddesses and Twin Loli from D2 Peta Fire, Ice and Star ;_;

  • Ben Green

    Disgaea games sell more in the west than they do in Japan, so i’m pretty sure this will get localized fast

  • I’ve mostly finished mopping up Disgaea D2. I’m ready for another round of Disgaea 4. Especially with all the bells and whistles on the beautiful Vita screen with old school sprite mode on!!!!!!!

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