Toukiden Producer Teases A Big New Project In The Works

By Sato . December 26, 2013 . 12:31am

Medieval Japanese hunting action game Toukiden will be available in a couple of months in North America and Europe. Meanwhile, it looks like producer Kenichi Ogasawara already has a new Toukiden project in the works, according to one of this week’s magazine reports. (via: Game Jouhou)


During the interview, Ogasawara revealed that Tecmo Koei are currently preparing for a new development for Toukiden, and mentioned that while the title has yet to be decided, it will be quite the large project.


In an earlier interview this month, Tecmo Koei vice president Hisashi Koinuma talked about future possibilities for next-gen Dynasty Warriors game, including a possible hunting action game based on the franchise. Could we be seeing some sort of collaborative hunting project between the two series? Tecmo Koei will be revealing more in future updates.


Toukiden is slated for release in February 2014 for PlayStation Vita in the west.

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  • JonathanisPrimus

    We’ve already seen a collaborative hunting Dynasty Warriors. That was Strikeforce/Multi-Raid. It worked once, but people hated the game so they ditched the sequel.

    • Alexander Marquis Starkey

      Actually Strikeforce was rather popular in Japan, and while the Western release of the first game wasn’t popular, it had a few issues performance wise but did make a few fans. The sequel fixed the first games problems and is also available on PS3. One issue is that it was on PSP so controls were weird but maybe they can pull of something with the Vita.

      • JonathanisPrimus

        By “worked once” I meant sales were good for the first game, but people hated the game so they ditched the sequel. The Japanese sales support that:

        [PSP] Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce – 384.896
        [PSP] Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce 2 – 103.387

  • TheExile285

    I just hope its not a Toukiden 1.5 -_-

    Also, Toukiden is only being released on Vita in the West.

    • mockturtle

      I know, I don’t think I can take that.

    • Rayhan PromisedGallery

      PSP is dead in the west, what are you expecting from that?
      And since this is KOEI, Toukiden expansion pack (instead of completely new game) is not that far from impossible.

      • He wasn’t complaining, he was pointing out an error in our report. We mistakenly mentioned both PSP and Vita.

    • Fixed! That was a typo.

    • Fango

      lol it defintely will be.

  • Duc PC-QB

    Toukiden 2
    Toukiden PS4
    Toukiden Musou
    Toukiden Mobile Social Card Game

    • Ryujin

      I’d be up for those first two. The latter, not so much.

  • Raze

    Maybe they can make LuBu as the hunted monster?


  • Tincho Kudos

    Toukiden: Xtreme legends

  • I quite like what I played of Toukiden’s demo. Or rather, I prefer it to God Eater, which I really don’t like because of how weightless the controls/characters seem. I don’t know if that’s a deliberate design decision or just a lack of polish, but it was present both in God Eater Burst and God Eater 2, and I find it very annoying.

    Toukiden, for whatever reason, doesn’t seem to have the same issue. It doesn’t feel quite as floaty, and the characters feel like they have more weight to them than God Eater’s do, which is nice, and not entirely surprising, since Omega Force have a lot of development experience on their hands.

    Curious as to what they mean by “big project”. I suspect it means we’ll see them go PS3/Vita instead of PSP/Vita next time around, since all of the other Warriors games are already on PS3.

    • MaximDualBlade

      Do you know if they confirmed a demo for toukiden outside of Japan?
      And different people with different games gives different tastes, they both seem enjoyable, but I’ll have to play them to judge correctly(Tecmo Koei, a demo please)

      A hunting game on a home console seems interesting, but don’t you think it would be safe to assume that if they do create a Toukiden 2 (placeholder name by me XD), it would be released at least by then end of 2014 and that gives enough time for psp toukiden players to transition from psp to vita? Doesn’t seem so farfectched.

      • TK haven’t confirmed a demo for the west yet, no, but I see no reason they wouldn’t release one. That’s the only way they’re going to sell anyone on this game. It’s so niche in the west, the best way to get people interested is to let them try it out.

        I agree people have different tastes when it comes to physics and controls, yeah. Enough people seem to enjoy God Eater, but personally, I find it unbearable. Toukiden’s physics, however, actually kind of remind me of God of War somehow. Some of the weapons feel very much like you’re controlling Kratos.

        As for Toukiden players on PSP transitioning to Vita… that wasn’t really the point I was making. It was more that no one seems to want to commit to games that are entirely Vita-exclusive, so I would assume Toukiden 2 will be multiplatform as well, and in 2015, a PS3/Vita release makes more sense than PSP/Vita.

        • MaximDualBlade

          I’m not hoping for great numbers, I just want to play the game in all honesty jajaja but you are right that a demo could help a lot to promote a niche game. Do you think it has the possibility to reach 100k units sold or too much?

          God eater 2 seems fun but I need to play it to be able to understand your point of view. I want a demo for that one too, because I’m certain it will come overseas, and that’s a hunch of course. From the gameplay videos of Toukiden I haven’t felt that God of War vibe, so it’s clearly a case of “I have to know to know”(that wasn’t a misread I wrote that jajaja)

          Even in 2014 a psp release for toukiden seems like stretching the thing in my opinion and I woud gladly play Toukiden 2 on ps3 but Vita needs those exclusives and Toukiden seems like a nice exclusive to have. I would probably end up buying both versions. As long as they put hard work on the sequel I’m ok with it

          • God Eater 2 and Toukiden both have demos, actually, so you can try them both out if you have a PSP or a Vita. I’m sure there are demo translation guides out there that you could refer to as well, if you just want to run around and get a feel for the controls.

          • MaximDualBlade

            My Vita screen is really damaged so, I can’t rely on the touchscreen too much and changing accounts on the vita requires you do that whole format like thing that disables the “use the buttons and the touchscreen” and leaves me only with “use only the touchscreen” so changing accounts is too much of a drag :S but I’m still hoping for a western demo

          • tubers

            This. The best, if not just a great suggestion.

    • Ryujin

      Pretty sure God Eater is deliberately made to feel floaty. The whole game, to me, seems to be a “shounen anime protagonist” power fantasy of sorts. Wooshing around all over the place, swinging around impossibly large weapons with incredible ease, etc. The addition of Blood Arts really seems to drive that point home. At least, in my opinion. Either way, I’d say the floatiness is what they were shooting for.

      • No, I agree. God Eater’s gameplay does seem a lot more loose and non-committal than Monster Hunter or Toukiden’s (or even something like God of War for that matter), and I can only imagine that it’s deliberate after three games turning out that way.

        That said, I don’t see why it has to be like that. I understand Namco’s trying to make a game that’s more casual than Monster Hunter. Really, that’s what most of their anime games are like, but I don’t think that necessarily needs to equate to feeling floaty and loose.

        Just as an example, even when you’re just running around in God Eater, it feels like your character’s floating across the ground while moving their legs. It doesn’t feel like you’re actually running on the ground, which is a very odd sensation. I’d expect that from a low-budget game by a smaller developer, but not from one of Namco’s best-selling franchises.

        • Ryujin

          Yeah, I see your point. I personally don’t have any issues with the game, because (again) I view it as “Shounen Anime: The Game” (I’m exaggerating, obviously, but you get the point). Having movement feel “weighty” would imply that it requires effort to sprint and jump, which may not be the kind of feeling you’re trying to evoke when you give your characters these superhuman abilities.

          Maybe weapons like the Buster Sword and Boost Hammer could benefit from a greater sense of impact when you hit something, but beyond that I’m perfectly happy with the way GE’s gameplay feels. This is mostly a matter of preference, of course, but to me GE is a nice change of pace compared to similar titles like Monster Hunter and Toukiden – precisely because combat is as ridiculous as it is.

        • Earthjolly

          Toukiden or Soul Sacrifice?

          • What do you mean?

          • Earthjolly

            Which one to you seems a better experience?

          • I haven’t played Soul Sacrifice, so I can’t say, unfortunately. The art style put me off very quickly.

    • tubers

      Deliberate design most likely as a contrast to the grounded, heavier and slower MH.

  • Rayhan PromisedGallery

    Toukiden Musou/Toukiden : Demon Warriors

  • I’m gonna buy toukiden, GE2 (if it get localzed), and Freedom war (if it get localized)!

    • MaximDualBlade

      And Soul Sacrifice Delta, you might or might now have forgotten it, but I didn’t so don’t worry be happy. My gut tells me ge2 will be localized and I wouldn’t be surprised if they announce the localization date of Freedom wars really close to the japanese release date like Soul Sacrifice, basically a month and a half

  • Toukiden 2, what else. Maybe in a different era this time.


    >about future possibilities for next-gen Dynasty Warriors game, including a possible hunting action game based on the franchise.

    wtf? are they trying to avoid Strikerforce existence for some reason?

  • cloudcaelum

    Just do it for Vita, Not PSP game with high quality graphic version, a natural Vita game.

    • TheExile285

      Toukiden on Vita does have high quality graphics though :V

      • cloudcaelum

        You did not understand…

      • subsamuel01

        The PSvita game gets scaled down so it can crossplay with the PSP. If it was built only for the vita it would look a lot better, that’s what he meant.

  • Ramen_Ronin

    I just pre-ordered Toukiden: Age of Demons for PS Vita at GameStop this week and can’t wait to get my hands on it. I hope this news means they’re working on a big budget PlayStation 4 version of Toukiden!!

  • Michaelius

    imho it’s going to be expansion pack as they typically come out 1 year after main game was released.

  • Could be a PS4 game due to the success of the Vita title

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