I Get A Nendoroid, You Get A Nendoroid, Luigi Gets A Nendoroid!

By Eugene . December 27, 2013 . 5:00pm


The latest Nendoroid figurine to come from Good Smile is a super cute version of Luigi, with several customizable bits and bobs. Considering it’s “still” the Year of Luigi, this is a great way to round it off for fans.


The writeup over at the company’s official blog, Kahotan, does a great job letting us know what sort of thinking went into the design and features for Nendo Luigi as well, such as the extended base panel. And Luigi does get something before his brother-There’s no Mario Nendoroid yet, as far as we’re aware.


Some cool things to note include that aforementioned longer-than-normal base panel, three different expressions (Standard, shocked and smiling), a Goomba and Bullet Bill as well as a pipe for you to stick Luigi in. There’s also a jumping and dash set of clouds to help give Luigi (Or anyone else you prefer) the sense of movement.


Finally, unlike quite a few Nendoroid’s, it also comes with a free cardboard background so you aren’t stuck having to imagine the world or print it out yourself. Handy for those who want to have a all-in-one package for their workplace or shelf.


Nendoroid Luigi is available for pre-order from the Good Smile store for 4000 yen ($40).

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  • 하세요

    Why do I want this so bad.

  • Kurizu208

    I need this to live

  • James Beatty

    Cutest middle aged man you’ll ever see

    • Labi Chowdery

      ey don’t disrespect him like that he’s only like 26

    • ronin4life

      They have an Iron man one too.

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    The Year of Luigi continues.^_^

  • FlyingPony

    Sweet Luigi.

  • Shadowman

    So awesome…. O___O

  • Nanaki

    Those eyes scream “Hey! I’m-a Luigi! Why don’t you buy me?”

  • Jettythesunfish

    Chibi Weegee!

    So much kawaii desu!

  • that is seriously cute

  • サレム

    I thought this was the year of Rosalina

    • Jettythesunfish


    • Misty Dawson

      Not until the year of Peach.

  • JMaster3000

    Do i see maybe DLC for Project Mirai 2 here…..?
    Nah, thou there was a Miku Neno and Luigi making a pic posted on twitter.
    Would be cool if Luigi came as a cameon in Project Mirai 2.

  • Aoshi00

    Hm.. a bit too cute and the hoofs too little.. though I have an Ironman beanie ballz at home lol

    Actually I want this Luigi’s Mansion figurine from Club Nintendo, but it’s 1500 Coins and I’m not even half way there yet :(.. I would have enough if I didn’t get the 900-coin gold nunchuk earlier.. and I alrdy missed 1st year platinum gift of Mario & co. figurine :(..


    • Nanashrew

      Look at that smug face! I want one.

  • Nanashrew

    Why do I never have any money when these things show up! D;

  • legotetris

    AmiAmi’s estimated release says June 2014

    “oh” :c

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    I WANT ONE!!!!!

  • This is the best luigi figure, ever!!! i need it!

  • Chido55

    Bits and bobs.

    Why do I read it as boobs
    Luigi with boobs


    • porkiewpyne

      Thank you. It’s just great to know that I am not the only one…..

  • TaintedSeraph

    Not using the chance to call it a Nintendoroid. I’m disappointed, Eugene.

  • if there would be any one thing to request as a gift from my Girlfriend it would be this one!

  • ronin4life

    THIS is the real reason for the Year of Luigi extension.

    (in my eyes…)

    • Aoshi00

      It’s the Luigi’s Mansion figurine shipping in March too, but it cost 1500 coins from Club Nintendo :( if people keep saying nothing to spend on, that is it.. for Europe too..

  • Shady Shariest

    Wellp. At least they did something for the Year of Luigi :x

  • Logan Moll

    I would never spend money on something like this, but it’s so God damn cute that I’m almost tempted to. lol

  • miju

    Technically all Nendoroids come with backgrounds. It’s the piece of cardstock that lines the inside of the packaging. It’s just that we usually don’t get anything but solid colors with the word NENDOROID plastered all over it. IIRC Figmas have patterened box liners too but with a giant logo of whatever series the character is from in the middle and that the Pit/Pittoo ones have clear open skies.

  • ZeroLinkReborn

    So cute!

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