Clown Miku’s Still Pretty Scary, But The Music’s Nice In Project Diva F 2nd

By Eugene . December 28, 2013 . 3:30pm

I’m torn right now. I’ve listened to Karakuri Pierrot, one of the songs that will be included in upcoming PlayStation 3 and Vita game Hatsune Miku: Project Diva f 2nd. And I kinda like it! I really do. But there’s still something infinitely disturbing as hell seeing her with that clown face paint.


This might be one song where I turn part of the module off. Nonetheless, here’s some screenshots of her and the other Vocaloid pals in some songs that will be present in Project Diva f 2nd. Check them out below.



025 026

027 028


029 030

032 207

208 210



059 060

061 062


063 064

065 076

Envy Catwalk is the song where you’ll get to wear the nekomimi ears from Chat Noir’s outfit. Ok now I can’t get Nekomimi Mode out of my head. (You have been warned)



131 133

134 137


138 141

Familiar and classic song Two Faced Lovers will let you wear the Conflict module, which we mentioned was re-made for Project Diva f 2nd.


169 170


174 175

Something I’ve never been able to say either in Japanese or English without tripping up is Paradichlorobenzene, which is Len’s little number. There’s no way to say that three times fast.



095 098

104 106


107 108

Meiko’s red hot and fiery Blazing module goes with ‘Kowase Kowase’, which in this case could probably be safely translated to mean ‘To Destroy, To Destroy’


Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F 2nd will be out on PlayStation 3 and Vita March 6th in Japan.

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  • tipsd9video

    Isn’t Len’s song Paradichlorobenzene?

    • ekibyougami

      > パラジクロロベンゼン (Parajikurorobenzen / Paradichlorobenzene)

      This writer tends to get his facts wrong most of the time (he even got his release date for Project Diva F 2nd wrong twice in a row before — even though there was an embedded video showing the exact release date)

      Let’s not forget his “Romeo and Juliet” instead of ‘Romeo x Cinderella’.

  • Jazlynn Lim

    Len’s song is Paradichlorobenzene. And MEIKO’s translate to “Destroy, Destroy”; it’s a verb in the imperative form.

  • dark-kyon

    Miku brunette with hime cut is pure win,you only need to look some scan of miku in this game to think what is thinking sega making these project diva mirai in 3ds with chibi characters,simply miku standard>>>chibi miku.

  • negineBIT

    If you truly understand Karakuri Pierrot, the clown outfit is not scary though. The module makes sense and it is a sad song, after all.

    Psst, don’t just listen to Miku’s version of this song. Luka got her version(remix) too!


    • Pdugna

      I don’t really find the clown face scary at all….maybe watching to many horror films and shows makes me numb to that stuff…I do like how it can look Artistically pleasing though.

    • Yuzuki Yukari

      mmmmmmm GigaP, one of my most favourite Vocaloid Ps. I really want to see one of his songs on Project Diva some day (kinda wish we got this version of Karakuri Pierrot instead of the original too)

    • chibidw


  • ivanchu77


  • Ryo-kun

    I’m severely disappointed that there will be only 40 songs in total WHY SEGA

    • Demeanor

      Mmm 40 are a bit more than what we got from the first release of PDf, but since many of them (roughly 50% so far) are “lazy remakes” of older (tho quite beautiful) songs, I can kinda see where you’re coming from. Still, it’s quite a bit to chew on, and videos have been fantastic til now imo.
      Allow me to recap the stuff we know so far:

      *** NEW SONGS ***
      – Akatsuki Arrival
      – Kochira Koufuku Anshin Iinkai desu
      – Narisumashi gengaa
      – Karakuri Pierrot
      – Envy Cat Walk
      – Kowase kowase
      – Glory 3usi9
      – Decorator
      – Nisoku Hokou
      – Suki Kirai
      – Cantarella – Grace Edition – (Kaito V3, I consider it new)

      *** LAZY REMAKES ***
      – Romeo to Cinderella
      – Colorful x Melody
      – Sennen no Dokusouka
      – Packaged
      – Uraomote Lovers
      – Paradichlorobenzene
      – World is Mine
      – Spica
      – Luka Luka Night Fever
      – Miku Miku ni shite ageru
      – Melt

      • Ryo-kun

        Yes the remakes are really lazy approach IMO. I was expecting completely different PVs (and I’m sure many others did too) but SEGA’s just like “lol no”. I mean, the pre-F PVs were mostly lacking in the creative department. And so I thought with the way they’re redoing the PV they could easily put in more than 50 songs.. But nope. Just 40 songs in total. This has been a disappointment after disappointment. At this rate I hope they put no more old songs because new songs>old songs unless properly remaked.

        Melt is… Quite new actually. But we have to see the full video for ourselves first before any judgement can be made. By the screenshot so far, the stage seems new. But the old stage seems there too (Just see the screenies to know what I mean)

      • icecoffemix

        Should have called this F 1.5 :/

        Edit: Oh, it’s not all songs, just the known one. There’s still hope.

      • wererat42

        Too bad Magnet will probably never make it in.

        • Demeanor

          Yeah, Magnet was the very first song I voted during the poll, best Voca song imo.
          I’m still keeping my fingers crossed for it!!!

  • I have a feeling I’m going to download the English Project Diva f on day one when it comes out… and then pick this second game up as soon as it releases in Japan. Thank you for being region-free, Vita!

    I find the clown outfit funny! Perhaps it helps that I know who’s wearing it. Hatsune Miku would never harm anybody…right? >_>

    • DaiRaiOh

      But the first one has been out for a while now

      • Vita release is still to come. I don’t own a PS3.

    • Wappuli

      You just most likely have your order wrong. I’m pretty sure that Japanese release for f 2 is before the first one in English.

  • HassanJamal

    Soooo those star things. How do they work in this sequel. The first one was easy to do just by swiping the screen like crazy so I didnt miss one. How will this one work?

  • I need dis game!!

  • Just Tim

    Okay, just seeing Clown Miku just gets me thinking of having Miku cover an ICP song! :P

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