Atelier Ayesha Plus Adds New Boss And Hard Mode

By Spencer . January 6, 2014 . 1:06am


Tecmo Koei has an enhanced port of Atelier Ayesha in development for PlayStation Vita. Like the other "plus" games Atelier Ayesha Plus includes all of the downloadable content for the PlayStation 3 game onto the Vita cart. In addition, the Vita version will have a new boss and hard mode where enemies have more HP.




Another new feature called panel attack turns over panels when you clear certain tasks in the game. Gust hints that there may be some kind of bonus when you turn over all of the panels. Atelier Ayesha Plus is slated for release on March 27 in Japan. The game has not been announced for the West yet, but so far all of the other Vita versions were released as PSN titles.


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  • Some are clearly PS3’s footage.

    • Romancer Ecclesia

      How’d you tell the difference?

      • Look at the button’s icon.

        • Sssomething tells me it’s just more likely that they won’t bother to change the button prompts, since other than color, it’d be the exact same thing.

  • so we have
    Atelier meruru plus
    Atelier totori plus
    Atelier rorona plus
    Atelier Ayesha plus

    Can’t wait for Atelier Escha & Logy plus!

    • TheExile285

      Hopefully they just make the future Atelier games multiplat from now on.

      • Nitraion

        Agree otherwise it might piss off some people someday

        • Sigfried Silverblade

          I’m frustrated already. Having bought both Totori and Ayesha for PS3, I now know better to simp0ly wait for them to be released for Vita for the same price with extras.

          • Keksus

            I’m pissed off because I have no way of playing the better version.

          • Nitraion

            Do yo mean yo don’t have Vita?
            same but i planning buying Vita Tv

          • Nitraion

            Lol look at my trophy i platinumed all atelier series….
            i know some of plus addition looks kinda meh to me but better version is always better

          • easter

            Wish they would release physical versions. My 16gb can’t take anymore :(

      • Learii

        you mean sony multiplatform lol

    • New Atelier Rorona, not Atelier Rorona Plus.

  • Zoozbuh

    So this seemed to be one of the least popular Atelier PS3 games so far… I’m curious, was it JUST because of the lack of dual-audio voices? Or were there other factors which made it a worse game? I’ve personally only played Rorona and Totori, so just wondering for future reference xD

    • Slayven19

      What does dual audio have to do with japan? Honestly the game isnt any worst than any of the rest of the series. Its still basically you play one youve played them all, which is good or bad depending on who you are.

      • Ladius

        He was talking about the game’s western reception, and while Ayesha keeps the key traits of the Arland Atelier games it has a good number of differences in terms of alchemy, battle system, art direction, narrative and progression. You could end up loving it even if you disliked the previous trilogy, and that’s especially true for those who weren’t interested in the management parts.

        • Zoozbuh

          Yeah I never specifically said I meant the Japanese release. And hmm that’s interesting, it actually sounds like Ayesha might appeal to me a little more. I do love the series in general though and I plan to get them all eventually :3

        • Slayven19

          Well yes what you say is true then. However only the look and characters are truly whats different imo. However I did like ayesha more than the previous trilogy but they still play the same as its still about alchemy.

    • It’s a shame if it’s considered the least popular one so far, cause Ayesha has to be one of my most favorite games of the series. The only thing that’s weird to me is how they changed weaponry and equips in the game compared to the Arland series.

    • Ladius

      Mostly the dual audio controversy that made lots of people skip it altogether, since the game itself is wonderful. It’s less focused on the management than the Arland games (while stil having plenty of non linear quests and crafting), but it has a rewarding plot, an extremely inspired setting and a killer soundtrack, easily my favorite from Gust this gen. The art direction by Hidari is a perfect fit for the game’s atmosphere, too.

      • Lucky Dan

        They bought the rights from NIS when they were translating and dubbing the game halfway, T-K thought they could get away with it by releasing a half-assed game since NIS refuses to finish it cause T-K wouldn’t pay or give some profits to NIS by making them do all the work for scot free(can tell by half the cut scenes unfinished, badly translated etc etc)

        but in the end the sales show they results, they give us a half-assed game when people were waiting for it then customers will give you half-assed sales when the target audience for this type of game are anime watchers.

  • Mitsukiix

    it still won’t fix the problem, atelier games get easier with each new title.
    compare both ayesha and eschatology to salburg and gramrad and you’ll see how hard it is to manage time in those.

    • Slayven19

      The time management getting easier isnt a problem because if not for that people wouldnt buy it.

      • Sigfried Silverblade

        I know I wouldn’t. Can’t handle the pressure.
        Games get easier to cater to a broader audience.

  • I’m a bit disappointed. I wanted one or two “new” playable characters for the Plus version, just like Atelier Rorona Plus. Oh, well.

    • TheExile285

      Well this is the first batch of news. If there is new stuff, it’ll probably be announced later.

  • Aldorr

    not “all” plus titles – we do not see the announcement 4 portable Rorona yet

    • TheExile285

      That isn’t a “Plus” game, it’s a remake. I’d expect both versions of it to come Westward late 2014 or early next year.

      • Trinity

        Of this, I have little doubt. I actually have both Totori and Meruru Plus and I tried the console versions, but these are the type of games I’d play on my Vita. I’m still buying the Lodgy game, if only to show NIS that people want it.

  • Nitraion

    Hmm now i dunno i should buy escalogy or not..
    sure i don’t have a Vita but i planning to buy Vita TV….

    • shinserph

      I’m thinking the exact same thing. I have a Vita ,and with those “plus” showing up, I hesitate.

      • Sigfried Silverblade

        Just wait. I bought Totori for PS3 because there had been NO MENTION at all that the Plus version would be released outside Japan.
        It was released on the PSN two weeks after I bought it.

        Then I tought that Ayesha might not get a Plus, since it was considered a new trilogy.
        Bad decision.

        Now, I’ll always wait for the Plus version.

      • Ladius

        Unless you really prefer playing on handhelds there’s little reason to hesitate: those Plus versions have extremely minor new features (mostly DLCs and costumes), they are digital-only and rather pricey and they are delayed compared to the original game.

        Also, since Atelier is already extremely niche if people start boycotting the PS3 versions they could end up skipping new localizations, and then they wouldn’t have any English script to use for the Plus ports, too.

        • Sigfried Silverblade

          My reason to hesitate is that retail games here where i live (Brazil) are too expensive. If I’m gonna buy digital, why not wait for the version with extras already?

          • Ladius

            I’m sorry about your situation, I heard you Brazilians have it rough with videogame prices :( Have you tried importing from US and Canadian sites? I have used for years and I have never had any issue.

          • Sigfried Silverblade

            Prices are the way they are due to import taxes.
            I’ll give a look at the site you suggested, but here, the government seems to believe that high taxes on games protect the country’s economy.
            Except, of course, that we do not have any national videogames to protect. XD

            Edit: sheesh…
            “*ATTENTION TO ALL BRAZIL CUSTOMERS* Due to numerous shipping problems with parcels that are being shipped to Brazil effective immediately all parcels being shipped via Canada Post air mail to Brazil will no longer have insurance coverage. We will not stop shipping air mail to Brazil but all parcels shipped in this matter will be at the buyers own risk. Video Games Plus will not be responsible for any loss parcels shipping Canada Post air mail to Brazil. “

    • Ladius

      As I said in another thread, skipping Escha & Logy could be a really bad idea considering Atelier sales are already extremely niche and Tecmo Koei could end up stopping localizations if they drop under a certain quota.

      Also, the Vita ports have an extremely minor number of new features (aside from Shin Atelier Rorona, which is a full remake and is on PS3, too), and unless you prefere handhelds to consoles there’s little reason to wait for a port.

      Escha and Logy seems to be a wonderful game in its own right, too, and as a fan of this series I don’t want to wait another year to pay full price for a digital-only Vita version.

      • Nitraion

        I know i probably keep buying PS3 version though not as fast in previous title..
        but this kind announcement might kinda suicide to English consumer IMO

      • dark-kyon

        You are right,can be really sad if the people skip escha and logy ps3 to wait for the plus version what maybe never make to the west for bad sales of ps3 version combined with the bad state of ps vita in general,especially in the west.

      • Lucky Dan

        But it was the only reason why they bought the rights off of NIS in the first place. The only thing people were worried about was the standard they didn’t give the consumer. WE told them by not buying the half-ass game which they did supply us.

        but I’m still wondering why didn’t they release a free DLC to unlock the Japanese voices they did it for DW8 they did it for DW7 they have Jap voices for Dead or Alive 5 and also Ninja Gaiden 3… All they had to do is announced that the Japanese voices would of been DLC and the sales would of tripled in a heartbeat.

    • Razzlero

      The vita versions in generally don’t really add that much, (They get slightly worse loading times from what I noticed.) and you would be waiting a long time.

      Not to mention if people don’t buy the ps3 version then it will be seen as unpopular and the vita version won’t get localised anyways.

    • Lucky Dan

      Don’t hold your breath Vita TV isn’t doing that well in Japan.

      • Nitraion

        Nah i don’t care…..
        as long i can play handheld game i interested on TV

  • CycloneFox

    I skipped this one because of the lack of Japanese voices. I hope, they put japanese voices in the Vita version at least, as it is a real pain to play this series with english voices, which don’t even exist other than in the main stuff.

    Other than that, it’s great news to get a Vita version, as this series is the perfect fit for this platform. The game system fits to a handheld-device perfectly and the graphics look awesome on the Vita.

  • Ric Vazquez

    Me….wants it.

  • Uggh… I need a new Memory ;∆; )/ ~ goodbye moneey~

  • Aristides

    I hope TK doesn’t forget about new Atelier Rorona. Bring on the Vita ports!!! =D

  • leingod

    Does Ayesha have a time limit, too?

    • Jesse

      Yeah, it’s three ingame years, though it’s plenty of time to get pretty much everything done, though having a guide helps. ^^;

      • leingod

        Oh, I know… time in Meruru was also very forgiving. It’s just that I like to explore and grind without worrying about time limits :/

  • Kornelious

    This is good and all (And the west will most likely get this) But i hope Gust hasnt forgotten about New Atelier Rorona……And while i’m at it, WHERE IS FAIRY FENCER F NISA!!!

    • brostar

      If Fairy Fencer F is as crap as the Neptunia games are I hope it stays in Japan.

    • Pipe

      what has fairy fencer to do with Ayesha?

      • Kornelious

        Nothing, i just felt this was the closest i’ve got to an NIS article…….

        And if that’s your opinion brostar then what are you even doing here

  • brostar

    Yeah I don’t think I’ll bother buying a console Atelier game for while if they keep releasing them on Vita. I just wish Tecmo Koei would lower the price for the digital download version of Totori Plus and Mereru plus. The prices for them are way too high for a digital game. Especially seeing as Vita games retail for about £29.99 on release and TK apparently wants £31 and £35 for a digital release. Might just import the Japanese ones if they have physical releases.

  • SerChief

    YESSSSS! cant wait!!! XD

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