Senran Kagura 2: Deep Crimson Announced For Nintendo 3DS

By Ishaan . January 7, 2014 . 3:41am

Senran Kagura 2: Deep Crimson is coming to the Nintendo 3DS, this week’s issue of Famitsu magazine has confirmed.


Like Senran Kagura Burst, the sequel will be a side-scrolling 3D action game (or a brawler, if you prefer), and is being developed by Tamsoft, the same studio that developed Senran Kagura Burst.


Famitsu’s report mentions that Senran Kagura 2 will have boss encounters on a 3D field and that the game will also have two male characters added to it.


Update: More details available here.


Senran Kagura 2: Deep Crimson is slated for release on August 7th, 2014 in Japan.


Note: Screenshot from Senran Kagura Burst.

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  • Ethan_Twain

    Okay, nothing too shocking here. Senran Kagura has been a pretty popular new IP, I expect we’ll see it continue to release across both the 3DS and Vita for the next couple of years. I don’t see this surviving for more than a couple years and becoming a long standing pillar of the company or anything, but for now the going seems to be good.

    • Shippoyasha

      Well, why can’t it be a long standing franchise? It just has the perfect blend of serious backstories, some of the funniest character banter of its like in the business, tons of great action and some legendary fanservice.

      If Marvelous plays their cards right, they can keep the series going for a long time.

      • Ethan_Twain

        In my experience most fanservice-centric IP don’t last as long as similar products that prioritize differently. Although you list a lot of merits, not everyone agrees on those. The reception in particular of the narrative and action parts of the game has been… mixed.

        I totally agree that if the general consensus was that every part of the games are as good as you’re saying, then the franchise would have a much rosier future. But most people don’t seem to see it your way. And if most people see the games as just a fanservice vehicle rather than a competent action game or an interesting story, then the outlook gets rather more bleak.

        • Shippoyasha

          I’m not sure I agree that people are ‘mixed’ on the storytelling. Almost every discussions I have about the story has been positive or people surprised about the depth of the plot and how fun the banter is.

          Also, I don’t see why fanservice by itself can’t be a positive vehicle on its own right. It’s not exactly fair to say this game series goes only by the fanservice when it has so many elements to it and content to boot. Even the online multiplayer is considered a success on the Vita game.

          I think games can have proper depth and be appreciated for the fanservice as long as it’s done in fun and entertaining ways. As much as any action game flaunts violence or over the top action scenes. I think it’s worth taking another look at the ‘fanservice’ like it’s something innately negative. I think a good case can be made that it’s just as legitimate as any other element to enjoying a game.

          • Ethan_Twain

            Although the critical community certainly has their biases as a whole, I feel like any random sampling of posted criticism (available here: ) will show that there ARE concerns about certain key elements of the game design. Even Siliconera’s own playtest (written by Jack I believe) reflected reservations about the process of actually, well, playing the game.

            Here’s the bottom line: Senran Kagura is niche. Never has any chance of becoming much bigger than it already is – the mainstream rejects too much about it. So if the franchise tries something new and the hardcore fans don’t like it, that’s it. Hardcore fans are all the game has – there’s no fallback audience. If the franchise tries to branch out into more expensive/ambitious development and the audience doesn’t expand with it (and it won’t), then that’s also a death sentence. If a console transition goes badly. There are a LOT of ways for a niche franchise like this to die out – it happens all the time.

            I think Senran Kagura is fine just doing what it’s doing for the duration of the 3DS and Vita lifecycle in Japan, but it’s anyone’s guess after that.

          • Shippoyasha

            You do have a solid point. Which is why I don’t think Senran goes console anytime soon. Or if it does, it needs to make a splash while they are at it

            Which is why the portable releases are so smart because they can rake in the money releasing it this way instead of worrying about catering to other types of gamers to break even. Also, Senran at the moment is solely a Japanese franchise with some hint at going world wide. So it’s still a pretty healthy otaku centric series as it stands. I think it can do well if the Japanese buyers remain receptive to it. So far it’s been doing very well and I hope the numbers keep improving.

          • Rolling Guy

            Okay, not researching before posting this has bit me. :P

          • Symbol de Au

            It’s cool man.

  • refrain

    The Famitsu leaks also said that there’s a Senran Kagura game for Vita too. And also one more title for Sony system. The Vita game is about cooking rhythm battle. If you lose, your character is… err… you know….
    Also, The Vita game is DL only and the 3DS game will have… male characters in it.

  • Zak Ledward

    “This game will be getting two male characters.”

    Done. Fuck it. First Skullgirls, now my Senran Kagura. Next thing you know it Yuru Yuri is going to have a third season with an entire male cast and K-ON is going to put in male leads. Why can my tomato soup never stay tomato soup nowadays?

    • Shippoyasha

      I just hope it’s someone like Hanzou or some characters we already had in the series already.

      I won’t mind a trap I guess… It’d be kind of funny if they add in fujoshi bait with handsome hunks. But yeah, I would rather have seen 2 more girls instead.

      That said, new male characters are a nice challenge I suppose. I don’t really oppose it as long as they are fun to play, fun to fight against and add fun elements to the storytelling.

      • Zak Ledward

        If this game pulls two Traps, I will take back everything I said. Traps are my only exception to the “All-Girl” rule, because well TRAPS ARE GIRLS RIGHT!? That and if the characters are bad ass enough that I forgive their “male-ness.” If they’re just perverts to add more “fan service possibilities” to the game, I ‘m just going to cry.

        • Alicemagic

          Heavily disagreed. The only way for a male character to work in Senran Kagura would be a joke character whose “sex appeal” borders on fan disservice (Haznou, for instance), or just plain old not having sex appeal at all. The latter contrasts with the game’s “theme” and just feels out of place, though- but then again, so would any playable male. You yourself said the primary problem with males is “breaking the All-Girls rule”, in which case you shouldn’t go back on your word, as if saying “oh well here’s a male which actually appeals to me, that’s fine then”. That would invalidate everything you’re trying to say.
          Moreover, a trap in Senran Kagura would very obviously be exploited for his sexuality, in which case the risk of actually messing up the target audience and primary appeal is very real, unlike a joke character, which harms nobody and changes nothing, at least relatively speaking. The only worse imaginable scenario would be for the male to be a completely personality-lacking vaguely-protagonistic archetype whose entire purpose is being a self insert.

          • Zak Ledward

            Ah, I guess I never mentioned that part about myself. I will put up rules that probably don’t exist and will form a reality around myself that fit the laws that I created (for myself). I will attempt to judge all things in my “reality” using the “laws” that are present. But if something comes along that I agree/adore/LOVE (e.g. Traps in an all-girls game), then I will happily change the “laws” in order to make “reality” reflect that. EXAMPLE: “All-Girls” game gets a Trap character. The “All-Girls” game then turns into a “Female dominated” game. If more male/trap characters that I agree with are introduced, I will even push it to become “Sexually Balanced” game. And other stuff like that.

            Meh, Traps are awesome whether they’re straight or turned, though that is my take on them.

          • Alicemagic

            You’re basically saying you’ll amend your own arguments on trivial things like it ain’t no thing. I somewhat agree with your initial points, but by now, it doesn’t seem like you really care, like your initial post wasn’t about how men simply wouldn’t merge with Senran Kagura and clash with everything it stands for, but with how you don’t want men out of sheer personal preference and will change your mind altogether once your personal preferences are the ones being pandered to (“traps”).

          • Zak Ledward

            Exactly, I am selfish to the core. I will stand where it seems to be morally correct but its really me just placing myself where I believe my standing to hold the most power; in reality I’m just doing whatever makes me happy or serves towards my goals.

          • Alicemagic

            It’s good that you’re self-aware, that’d make it easier for you to understand that your opinions aren’t worthwhile. It bugs me to see Senran Kagura being “supported” in the form of the drivel you previously spouted, as opposed to showing that you actually care about the franchise. It deserves better than that.

          • Zak Ledward

            Worthwhile? All opinions are driven by some form of desire/inner feeling, some are just easier seen then others, and some desires can be seen as self-less or selfish; it depends on your own morality and outlook. Care for the franchise? Of course I do, they provide me with an enjoyable game system along with enjoyable character designs. I’ve loved their characters ever since I found the first game and have only grown to love them as I’ve gone to the Vita game. Just because someone gave an idea of something they COULD put in and I said I liked it and would support it DESPITE it breaking my previous rule, just says that.

            It’s like this: You don’t like donuts so you say you won’t eat doughnuts. But then you like bananas. So someone offers you a banana doughnut. You can eat the banana doughnut fine, but you don’t want donuts. You break your rule of not liking donuts, by finding the loop hole that allows you to enjoy the doughnut while also enjoying the banana you like.

          • Alicemagic

            I’m not “perceiving” your opinions and desires as being selfish. It’s not a matter of my own morality; I’m literally reiterating what you said about yourself earlier. Your “care” for the franchise, based on that and everything else you’ve said prior, extends to whether or not you panders to your own personal preferences. You’re not the voice of the “donut industry”, and you would gladly accept a “donut” provided it’s altered for your needs, subsequently screwing over people who don’t like “donuts” being sprinkled all over their whatever-food-analogy-applies-to-the-actual-franchise, the kind of people who would realize that “bananas” and “donuts” are practically the same thing and equally as harmful to the subject matter, for reasons I’ve already explained.
            You’re either “selfish to the core” (direct quote) or “capable of presenting worthwhile opinions that aren’t fueled exclusively by your own desire”. Those aspects contradict, so pick a field and stay with it.

        • Well, you can’t just say traps are girls. It’s about how they identify. But yes, in a game like this, they’d still be created to fill in all an otaku’s waifu and yuri fantasies.

    • CirnoTheStrongest

      Pretty sure Yuru Yuri will never go that route. Really disappointing Senran did this…

    • Kornelious

      Amen brotha

    • British_Otaku

      Is there really a problem with a game with a mostly/100% male/female/whatever including a few characters who aren’t the standard whatever unless the universe established that only female ninja or characters exist in the series?

      I know nothing about Skullgirls so no comment on that, but here a few odd male characters shouldn’t do any harm to the dynamics especially if they pick Kiriya-sensei and/or still focus primarily on the girls.

      • malek86

        I guess you weren’t there for the Idolmaster 2 scandal. And those guys weren’t even playable.

        I agree with you myself, but apparently all-female casts are serious business among otakus.

        • Rolling Guy

          Why yes. Yes it is. Because hot yuri fantasies are plain hot and the men there ruin the balance. If it’s Kiriya and the head of the rival school then I’d be okay with it. I’m not even an otaku anymore. :

      • Duo Maxwell

        While it’s too soon to jump to conclusion, I don’t remember any good thing about adding a male character into the all female games. Unless they manage to make those character interesting, it would be the same beta male characters to trigger the pervert scenes all over again without even doing anything meaningful.

    • Crevox

      Many, many, many people have been asking for a male character in Skullgirls. It’s popular fan opinion, and it trumps yours. Besides that, the lore has supported it from the beginning.

      There’s male characters in Touhou too, does it hurt you to know that?

      • Duo Maxwell

        The male character is just there, and if you count the turtle, there are only 4 of them. They are not playable.

        The reason game studio keeps adding male character into the whole female cast game so that the otaku could self-insert themselves into that.

        See Queen’s Blade, Queen’s Gate and the next Heroine Wars game.

        • Jettythesunfish

          “The male character is just there, and if you count the turtle, there are only 4 of them. They are not playable.”

          Well, Unzan is SORTA playable in Hopeless Masquerade.

        • Zak Ledward

          I can agree with you on the “personification” idea that Queen’s Blade and Queen’s Gate presented. I have doubts though that this is what they will do as this is the 2nd game in the series and seems a little weird to add in “THE PLAYER” into the cast. If that’s what happens though, I’ll leave my review until AFTER I’ve seen the dialogue they built for him.

      • Zak Ledward

        The argument was about Senran Kagura, not SkullGirls. In terms of SkullGirls however, I know that my opinion does not hold enough weight to overrule the vote that was put out by over a thousand people, I simply stated that I was unhappy with the choice of characters the populace had in the voting process (Big Jazz(?) was not voted on however so he does not count).

        I’ve been with Touhou for over 4 years now and I know of the existence of the VERY SMALL AMOUNT of male characters in Touhou in comparison to the female characters. In my opinion the presence that the other female characters have is enough to almost completely drown out the male characters in Touhou. Hell, 99% of the manga, movies, and art done on Touhou is of the female characters. It’s enough to make me forget that there are even Male characters in Touhou sometimes. It’s a question of presence I guess, if they have little to NOTHING to do with the story (like Rinnosuke does with EVERY DAMN GAME) then I’ll eventually forget they exist and will go on with the idea that the game is “All-Girls.”

    • XiaomuArisu

      male characters is your reason to hate the game?
      Thats just stupid

      • Zak Ledward

        While putting in male characters into “any” game won’t kill it for me, I’m “sensitive” in putting them in a relatively “all-girls” game. To me, all-girls game are a rare precious garden. Introducing male characters is like introducing a foreign plant into that garden; while not guaranteed, it has a chance to invade and dominate the garden. It’s something I’ve learned to fear after frequenting the internet and realizing how anger-inducing the actions of a single male can be in the world of an “all-girl” universe.

        Also, I auto-assumed the male characters would be “new” characters and not Kiriya, Hanzou, or Yumi’s Grandfather (can’t remember his name), although up until now they only played supportive roles in the game so they didn’t break the “all-girl” rule.

        To be real though; I love All-Girl games, because I love women (mai waifu). I prefer the beautiful over the manly, and that comes to affect my tastes in games and my reaction to news like this. Wouldn’t it at least weird you out a little bit if you had a group of friends and then suddenly someone else decided to bring in two people that are COMPLETELY DIFFERENT from the entirety of the group?

        • Barrylocke89

          If it bothers you that much, there’s always Touhou y’know.

          • Audie Bakerson

            Nah, Story of Eastern Wonderland, the second game and first “proper” one, had a male.

          • Barrylocke89

            SHH! You weren’t supposed to point that out. Most Touhou fans don’t actually play the bullet hells, and the ones that do rarely go into the PC-98 games :P

        • k.b.a.

          how would you feel about an all-women game? with all those good old fashion real world woman problems?

          • Zak Ledward

            Objectives: Successfully go through your period day without getting caught.
            -Find a man that will stick with you forever (super hard mode)
            -Live out your dreams (super hard mode)

            As expected, the idea of making a game purely on the life of a women is definitely out there, though if the design is nice enough (character design) I’ll throw myself off a bridge.

          • k.b.a.

            lol not as the main point of the game, but rather as the topics of conversation as opposed to whatever moe is comprised of. i only ask because anime etc tends to depict women in a different light then girls… and thus uses girls more because what makes the girls they create interesting is developing as people with usually no basis in reality. which is ok. but it’s usually with a side dish ‘oh youth! what crazy antics!’

        • XiaomuArisu

          Why should I hate two people just because they different?
          Worst case I ignore those 2

          • Zak Ledward

            I’m not saying that you have to hate them. My point is that a foreign entity coming into a new environment will cause a reaction, specifically this will cause discomfort (to me).

          • XiaomuArisu

            Remember the times when fighting games had only males?
            Was pretty weird putting females in those games back then

          • Zak Ledward

            Back then I was a person that played FPS games and thought that the epitome of beauty was dead bodies on a battlefield and muscular men. I now think the opposite and revel in the sight of beautiful women and things that reflect the feminine form.

            I’d go along the whole “Times change” thing, but then that could be used here as well “Male is the new female,” whatever. To be real, I’ve changed to come to like female characters more than male characters and I’d like to stay that way. Even if the whole topic is sound I’ll just be all like, “Fuck it, I like it this way.”

    • Sentsuizan_93

      Explain Kiriya then.
      He wasn’t playable in Burst OR Shinovi Versus.
      For all you know, the Male characters could be enemies, or support characters. Jumping to conclusions because 2 men are added is just laughably pathetic.

      • Zak Ledward

        Enemies would probably be the worst case scenario for me. That role in itself opens too many doors for the internet to abuse; hell the fact that Kiriya, Hanzou and whatshisname exist in itself is enough for the internet. Personally, I wouldn’t mind Kiriya, he shows his shit in Shinovi Versus so I have no fight with him (same with Hanzou and Yumi Grandfather).

        Taking your “support role” though; I highly doubt they’d announce two new “male” characters for this game and then make them silhouettes/non-playable characters, it’s too anti-climatic.

        Its the pure fact that they’re adding “males” to the game. It breaks the “All-Girls” universe that the game presents. Kiriya and Hanzou are exceptions since they’re not playable.

        • Landale

          It’s “All-Girls”, except for the exceptions. But there can’t be any more “exceptions” because why? There’s nothing dictating that these characters must be playable. They’re obviously fairly important, but important characters do not have to be playable.

          • Zak Ledward

            Hmmm, I guess I should say whether I can forget they exist or should I say, “If I can picture Senran Kagura without them being in it, then they’re safe.”

            IDK, to be frank its 6am, haven’t gone to sleep yet, tired. For all I know, these characters they are introducing could be the greatest male characters of all time; the second coming of Kenshiro. Thing is I’ll keep bitching about it until it changes my mind, and when it does I’ll stare at my feet and whisper my apologies to the world (wouldn’t be the first time).

            Could also be the sense of “change” that is coming with the introduction of two new “male” characters. Or at least, a change that I don’t want, for whatever reason. Whatever, all-in-all I can say that my comment was just my fresh-from-the-oven thoughts on this article, without any proper thought process put into it. I can only say it is my opinion on one of the changes they mean to bring to SK and that it won’t amount to any REAL change in development, because my comment is just another Youtube comment.

          • Landale

            Well, presence and importance are not necessarily bound. They could be there, constantly, and mean nothing. They could be almost never seen, and be among the most important characters in the series. Honestly, if they’re ninjas, and skilled ones, it’d make sense for the latter to be the case.
            Honestly, it’s even entirely possible for dead characters to have importance. Maybe these guys were around and did something well before the game’s time period, and what they did relates to the current events.

        • k.b.a.

          stop. worrying. about. what. the. internet. thinks. the internet when given the chance will “abuse” literally, LITERALLY, everything that exists, has even existed, and ever will exist. it will abuse things that do not exist and are in a constant state or may or may not exist. dial back your internet use and play the game you want to play. live your life and your fantasies for yourself man!

        • British_Otaku

          If by abuse you mean fanfics and doujinshi, those guys had it covered from 2011 without using any of the four male characters (Kiriya, Hattori Hanzo, Ikaruga’s brother and Suzuki) in the series from the start. As you can imagine, people will just invent self inserts, crossovers with other works, generic floating boners or change characters to serve their fantasy if characters don’t exist.

          “All-Girls” universe? You just named three male characters (out of four) who have been in since the beginning and basically said that despite a number of them being strong fighters and established ninja, there are only girls in the series. :P

          Also you said that you wouldn’t mind established characters in the first paragraph but you are only fine with Kiriya and Hanzo as they aren’t playable in the last one. >_>

          • Zak Ledward

            This is true. I guess even without the “male” characters that will be introduced in this game, the internet can do whatever it wants. What do they say, Hentai Logic?

            I might have not mentioned it in this comment, but to me it is a matter of presence. Not literal presence but the sense that if you think of Senran Kagura, that persons face will come to mind. So long as you can fool me into thinking there were no “male” characters by minimizing “male” interaction or maximizing “female” interaction, I don’t give a damn. Also off topic but is the last male character I’m forgetting the leader of Hebijou? I remember him, but he’s technically “dead,” right?

            I guess I might have been self-confused at that part. I am okay with Kiriya, Hanzou, and Yumi’s Grandfather because they have a small “presence” (not literal presence, but a felt presence), which I might have accidentally translated into being “nonplayable.” Again, this might just be me having a bitch-fit over a small change and I’ll get over it for the sake of playing the next Senran Kagura, AND HELL, they could mutate my view of SK to include males and I won’t have a bitch-fit like this when the next “male” character announcement comes up. Just an emotional person having an emotional moment.

    • Symbol de Au

      I remember someone long ago made the argument that by the logic of no male characters in Skullgirls there should be no female characters in Smash Brothers or King of Fighters. I disagree with that argument though because male terms are inclusive, female terms are not. You can call a group of actors and actresses actors but you can’t call the same group actresses. That’s the way language works. The way pretty much every language works actually.

      That said I don’t have a problem with male characters in Skullgirls.(I’ve never even played it) I’ve just been meaning to say that for a long time.

      • Zak Ledward

        I guess SkullGirls was a bad example. I attempted to use the title itself as the basis for my argument when the winning characters were announced back in the past, but people just brought out that it was the name of the main objective and could be properly obtained BY a MALE, but could only be used by a FEMALE. The game originally presented itself to me as a all-girl roster fighting game so that’s how it stuck in my mind, thus I assumed rules that were apparently not there (e.g. girls-only game). I do have to point out though that the male characters in SkullGirls are DLC so the game is 100% playable without the DLC and thus is different from Senran Kagura which will probably build the story line with dialogue and interactions with the “new” male characters, thus they will have a much bigger presence then “DLC-only” male characters.

    • All but confirming my suspicion that there isn’t a single person on this earth who actually plays SKB for the gameplay

    • Maksim Tsirulnik

      You do realize that all it says is that “the game will also have two male characters added to it.” It doesn’t say the two make characters will even be playable. They very well might be and the game still wouldn’t be any different.

      Hell, there already a male characters in the series since the very first game. Kiriya who is a teacher at the Hanzo Academy and he isn’t playable either.

      And if you want to consider the anime as well, there are three more characters that show up. Asuka’s grandfather (Hanzo himself), Ikaruga’s brother, and the principle of the opposing academy (Dougen) who was even the big bad at the end.

      • Zak Ledward

        Reading it over, that is the case, I guess I will apologize for my quick assumption. I will agree with your assumption though that there is a high chance that they will be playable as I don’t see the reasoning in announcing new characters that won’t even be playable (though Samurai Warriors 4 is doing this).

        I’ve said this before in one of my other replies, it is a matter of presence and importance in a way. Even in K-ON and Yuru Yuri, there are times when there are male characters, though these are lessened to that of supportive roles like: Male student A or Clerk B; something like that. I am aware that Kiriya has been with Senran Kagura since the beginning but it is the presence he holds within the entire series that makes me forget he’s there, or at least, not consider him when thinking of Senran Kagura (which results in a picture of all women, not a bunch of women and one guy).

    • OlimacFTW

      You know, I find your commentary a bit funny considering your avatar.

      • Zak Ledward

        Name: Hidea Fumio Game: Josou Sanmyaku

        I like Traps, they break the laws of sexuality and the universe

        • OlimacFTW

          Yeah, I agree with you.

    • Lalum

      Considering the guy said he wanted to wrap the world in happy boobs I don’t think you have to be worried that male characters will take over the game. Also Big Band and Beowulf rock.

  • 永次

    Pre-order? Check.
    Ok, all right :)

  • This is a good chance for them to polish with what they did in Burst. As much as I liked some bits of it, it really wore me out faster than I expected.

  • malek86

    Ok, so the 3DS is getting the new side scroller with even male characters in it. And the PSV is getting the super boobies game with stripping.

    I guess Marvelous understands each platform’s primary target?

  • $51888021

    Aaaaand it’s an official announcement! Yaaay!

    Seriously, though, I hope they put a higher percentage of time and energy into improving the actual gameplay mechanics, now that they’ve got the “super-jiggle” thing down. Senran Kagura wasn’t terrible altogether, but it was very lacking as a game.

    • Shippoyasha

      I thought it was pretty good as a game though it does have its flaws and nagging points. It was a lot of bang for the buck as well. Tons of content, extras and pretty lengthy story paths.

      As far as beat-em-up genres go, it was quite a bit more well featured than many games of its type. But I have no doubt they will improve the gameplay for sure. More enemy types, more emphasis on defense (like some of the harder fights in Shinovi Versus) and such will improve things a lot.

  • “The game will also have two male characters added to it.”

    Everything will change.

    BUT, I want new girls as well. Please? Thanks.

    • British_Otaku

      Not necessarily, if the male characters were still the minority and even just one of the two were Kiriya-sensei who at most has a “father” like relationship with Hanzo’s bunch, nothing changes aside from one/two of 13-15 characters being male.

  • Barrylocke89

    Are the male characters going to have enormous bulges to keep everything equal opportunity?

    • Ereek

      I don’t see the problem with this. Equality! Fanservice for everyone!

      • Symbol de Au

        I’m not sure if you’re joking but trying to add equal amounts of male and female fanservice to a single work is stupid and pointless.

        • Arcana Wiz

          why? and lets say probably 10 female – 2 male. This isnt equal. And it wouldnt be pointless, it could appeal to women interested in the series but turned off by so many boobs bouncing.

          • Yes. I want bouncing males as well.


          • Arcana Wiz


          • Symbol de Au

            And why should it have to appeal to women? Also I was responding to someone who said “Equality!” I myself never said it was equal, and it darn well shouldn’t be.

        • Ereek

          I’m not joking. Why shouldn’t there be fanservice for females? Games aren’t gender-exclusive. Females can play something like Senran Kagura and enjoy it – maybe not for the same reasons as someone who is sexually attracted to females, but still enjoy it.

          If the male characters aren’t simply there to be shallow perverts and are developed members of the cast, I see absolutely no reason why there shouldn’t be two more males in this series if it isn’t changing the definition of the game. Which it’s not.

          I suppose these complaints are reminiscent of when people complain about interesting games because they are otome.

          • Symbol de Au

            Sure they can play it but that doesn’t change the fact that the game wasn’t made for them and it shouldn’t have to cater to them either. That last sentence makes no sense at all to me but Otome wasn’t made for men and adding female characters does not make men(most men) want to play those games.

            On a seperate note, trying to add equal parts male and female fanservice only turns off the real audience for the game. Are you not acquainted with Aesop’s fables? You can’t please everyone.

          • Ereek

            Please tell me how two male characters in an all-female cast is “equal.”

            Actually, don’t. I’m not even asking for equality. I play Japanese games of all types knowing exactly what to expect from them. Two males is not changing the basis of the series, as males have always been prominent in a subtle way in Senran Kagura. Two males is not some ridiculous crime that is “defiling” what the game stands for and tries to produce. If I wanted true “equality” I’d say that there should be just as many males showing off just as much skin, but I’m not. I don’t care about true equality in gaming.

            What I’m saying is that one or two male characters, possibly added as female fanservice, is not going to ruin the series or change what the series is. And there is nothing wrong with some added fanservice for the non-targeted audience.

          • Symbol de Au

            “Also I was responding to someone who said “Equality!” I myself never said it was equal, and it darn well shouldn’t be.”

            ^From my other post. You’re the one who said equality. I never said this was equal and I’m glad it isn’t. It shouldn’t be. The game is made for males it doesn’t have to do anything for females whatsoever, and if it wants to do something for females then they should completely change what the game is about because adding a couple males isn’t pleasing anyone but men like you.

            Yes there is something wrong with that. I haven’t played Senran Kagura but it seems the type of game to force you to use every character to unlock everything. Forcing the target audience to deal with something set in place for the minority is a problem.

          • Suicunesol

            I disagree. This whole equality thing is totally besides the point for this game. When you like a certain dish because it was made in a certain way, then suddenly somebody changes the recipe to please more people, like removing beef from hamburgers to please Hindi people, or adding meat to a vegetarian pizza, that would change the food for you, wouldn’t it?

            “And there is nothing wrong with some added fanservice for the non-targeted audience.” This is also against the common belief. Many, many people absolutely hate it when fanservice–any at all– is added to a game that doesn’t rely on it.

            So, while I don’t think the addition of two male characters will change the tone much (not to mention that there is already a prominent male character), I also understand why people would be anxious.

          • I quite disagree; because a recipe can be adjusted to please everyone personally. Just like the game can. Maybe they’ll add the male characters in a way to please straight female fans (that are already part of the audience) and not make the male fans feel so butthurt/offended.

            The difference you mention is fanserive added to a game that doesn’t rely on it. . . except these games do. It’s built into the DNA, and expanding on the fanservice (for the guys and adding more audience) is not bad. It may make them more money even. And if people think the male fans’ spot here is ever going to actually be intruded on, they are dead wrong. They should feel real comfy even, because gaming won’t stop catering to dudes first so getting so riled up is doing nothing but driving up one’s blood pressure.

          • Symbol de Au

            “I quite disagree; because a recipe can be adjusted to please everyone personally. Just like the game can.”

            Sure if you completely change the food to please those that didn’t like it they might accept it but then it’s a completely different food. No matter what you do to a food you’ll never get everyone to like it at once, and most won’t even give the new food a chance because they were never interested in it in the first place.
            Straight females are already part of the audience? Part of the audience as in “purchasers and fans of the first games”? Then why should anything be changed to try to please them? They’re already pleased with the way the first game was made. I doubt any of them said “If they don’t add some male fanservice I’m not buying another one”. Besides what percentage of buyers were straight females in the first place? Unless you mean they’re part of the audience as in “potential buyers” because if so I would find it hard to believe they make up a large enough percentage to be catered to. Even if they aren’t stepping on anyone’s toes why bother risking it to cater to 2% of the audience?

            “Maybe they’ll add the male characters in a way to please straight female fans (that are already part of the audience) and not make the male fans feel so butthurt/offended.”

            Describe the way they can do this, if you haven’t thought of it I doubt the developers have, and considering people are already “butthurt” at the simple mention of this I doubt that’ll ever happen.

          • No, not at all. Because you can prepare a burger with beef for one person and vegetarian for another. Really, they’re not encroaching on the target audience or those that already bought the game. And frankly, MMV have been pulling moves like this for a while (doing whatever they can to expand an audience in the cheapest and most simple way possible). I just can’t see how this is really a bad thing, because if you don’t like dudes, you can ignore them and if you do, well now you have them!

          • Suicunesol

            Well, no. In this case, everyone gets the same recipe/game. You can pick off which ingredients you don’t want. You can pick off the beef from your vegetarian pizza. But a lot of vegetarians really don’t want meat anywhere near their pizza, or even in the restaurant! So when a vegetarian restaurant introduces meat into the menu, there are going to be some lost customers who are totally disgusted by that. In the case of Senran Kagura, the people who will complain are the people who love the T&A and don’t want man-bits involved.

            But this is totally moot. One of the guys is DLC. We don’t even know if there is any fan service aspect to them, which becomes a totally different argument altogether. They could be clean like Kariya and Hanzou.

          • Symbol de Au

            I know exactly what you meant but they’re not making two separate burgers, they’re making one game. They can’t separate it into two games to please separate groups of people. It’s one thing. You can make one burger for one group and another for another group but both groups will never like the same burger.

            I’m sure you’ve heard of this:


            “if you don’t like dudes, you can ignore them”
            It’s pretty hard to ignore half-naked people male or female. The only thing that makes that statement reasonable is the fact that the only male character we have information on is DLC so he’d be easy to ignore. On the same note since he is DLC we’ll be able to easily see if the market for males was really big enough to bother with…assuming sales numbers are shown. I guess we’ll find out when that happens.(Though I hear DLC sales are rarely counted or rarely released to the public or something like that.)

            Also to be fair I guess it is like making two separate burgers since DLC is separate to the main game.

          • Zak Ledward

            I’m pretty sure if there was fanservice for females in a game (assuming this “fanservice” is something like hot bod CGs and men cupping each other’s jaws) it’d kill sales for the male side. Fanservice games (and those that incorporate fanservice) are pretty much one-way rodes. Either you like/can deal with/can ignore the fanservice or you just don’t play it.

          • M’iau M’iaut

            Sounds a lot like WildArms tweets about loving crap VN games simply because they have some vapid moeblobs. :P No worry — I care for yas both equally!

    • I’m a girl, and I approve of that greatly.

    • MaximDualBlade

      ooooh yea like the tanuki no kintama in japanese folklore :O Equality is fun then

    • Landale

      Enormous bulges you say? Actually I happen to know of a man with amazing speed and strength with enormous bulges and is prone to losing his clothes, he’d fit right in.

      • Or.

        • Symbol de Au


          • I know, it’s terrible.

            But it’s fitting, too. o) From Koihime Musou where all the main characters are females. And then… there’s this man.

          • M’iau M’iaut

            Mention that he is voiced by Norio and watch opinions change. :P

          • Zak Ledward

            Norio Wakamoto could voice Asuka or Homura and I’d still buy this game, hell I’d buy more copies, hell even the OP sound disc with solo by Norio Wakamoto.

          • M’iau M’iaut

            My notation was that Alexandrina’s picture from Kohime Muso is a Norio Wakamoto character. With him giving just about the most completely overboard performance of his ‘hard gay’ gimmick.

        • Linhua

          … WOW. Cannot unsee. =

    • I hope you mean the kind of bulge I think you mean, and I really hope they do. x’D

  • Zurashii

    I want platforming in my ninja schoolgirl game.

    • British_Otaku

      Indeed, the terrain wasn’t completely flat but it was a waste of having so much aerial mobility and the 2D perspective not to have some jumps to make or collectables to find. The second screen could find more use than objectives which are usually kill everything too…

  • British_Otaku

    Please have Kiriya-sensei be one of those male characters!

    • AokiShizuku

      Kiriya-sensei for top tier.

      He’d destroy everything.

      • Demeanor

        Well, I think Hanzou would give him a run for his money.

  • I wonder if the 2 male characters are going to be playable, NPCs, or some bosses? Dunno if the Mysterious Girl with two Ninpos will be in this game or the new one coming in Vita, but if not, and that these male are the only new characters, they better be playable.

    Ideally though? 2 male characters and a new School introduced.

  • Mitsukiix

    i hope the male characters are pretty like grell.

  • Renaldi Saputra

    if the girls have big boobs, then the male will have big…. ummm.. any idea?

    • Duo Maxwell

      They will be a trap.

      • Actually, that’d be awesome. o)

      • Renaldi Saputra


  • Greg

    While this is great news, I was hoping on hearing more about the overhaul view system they were talking about adding for the 3DS version. Not sure if “boss encounters on a 3D field” is the same.

  • Alicemagic

    “The game will also have two male characters”
    M-maybe they don’t mean playable characters, but like bosses or story characters. That would be… fair?
    Maybe love isn’t dead. Maybe bears don’t shit in the woods.

  • Demeanor

    Two MALEs??? Wow, how… unlucky… XD DAMN THEM! XD

  • idrawrobots

    Do want!

  • ivanchu77

    Why the hell are they including males? lol, it´s clear they are not going to be very popular among the fans of this franchise, more like totally hated

  • 하세요

    As long as I get to mash and kill things, I don’t care if I’m a alien robot with one eye and three arms.

    • Zak Ledward

      Wouldn’t Dynasty Warriors be more appealing then?

      • k.b.a.

        nope different game entirely

      • 하세요

        I enjoy the 2D aspect of this more. I’ve played enough Dynasty Warriors styled games that Shinovi (sp?) Versus bored be after about 5 minutes of my friend’s copy.

      • You do know females exist in Dynasty Warriors as well right?

        • Zak Ledward

          Ah, yes I know this (I own DW8). I was just simply suggesting a game that holds both the idea of “smashing” and “killing” things. First genre that pops into my head at the mention of these two things is a “hack ‘n’ slash” which auto-forwards me to DW. Of course you can also go Sengoku Basara or Samurai Warriors. Though in terms of a purely male dominated “hack ‘n’ slash” you could even go Ken’s Rage if you want (two females in that one though).

  • Ereek

    Downvote me all you want, but some of these reactions really remind me of that ridiculousness of the early Arland series fans where fans were claiming the heroine wasn’t “pure” anymore because she might or might not have a canonically implied male partner.

    • You’re telling me. People complaining about male characters in their all-gal games. Now I’ve seen everything. It’s starting to feel like people just want something or the other to complain about.

      Ah well. Another five minutes and people will know more about the male character in the game.

    • You mean, skeevy people were being skeevy? I cannot get over it.
      [I guess another problem there is the implication that titles with a female lead or cast are somehow always aimed (only) at (otaku) male audiences, and hence why Arland having the strong lolicon kind of made that worse to me. Entitlement out the wazoo.]

      • British_Otaku

        I don’t think that having a male character necessarily means that they are aiming for a female demographic even if the fanservice is quote equal unquote between the two parties. I just thought it made sense for established characters to not be forgotten just because what they have in their pants… >_>

        There may be an issue with the misconception that works with female casts must be aimed at (otaku) males with a single announcement of anything else being a problem. It is amusing that this is more or less the mirror response (motives being different aside) of when Destructoid commenters discuss female characters on boxarts or being playable. :P

        • That’s true, but my only general thought is a male must be a fanservice character and thus not aimed at straight guys. I guess time will tell, is all we can say.

          Can you kind of explain that second paragraph though? Mostly the first part. I get the feeling I somewhat know what you mean on the second part and iffin I do, I had considered that earlier.

    • Wtv

      Arland is okay. Sterk is a okay character. But talking about Escha to Logy is another thing, for example. Logyx is more important than Escha and she is just a girl for support. That also reminds me of Symphogear, where every girl fights with powerful enemies with magical powers…The only man can also fight without any power just because he is a man.

      These kind of things don’t need male fantasy. I don’t even watch shounes anymore because this is not something I like.

      And there is the worse possibility where the thing turns into harem.

      Of course we don’t know if this will happen with Senran Kagura without more information. I’m just saying that there are valid reasons for people hate male characters in these kind of things.

      And yeah, there is sometimes the stupid “pure” thing, but still…


      > where fans were claiming the heroine wasn’t “pure” anymore
      this thread got nothing on Kannagi’s threads some years ago

  • Neppygear

    Wow, male characters. This makes me feel… not really much. If they want to add dudes then just let them, jeez. Remember the series we’re dealing with, they probably won’t have the guys be all clothing damage-y or even playable.

  • M’iau M’iaut

    Hey guys. This thread is not about the political and/or social spread ‘inherent’ in games today or the political and/or social spread of the Senran Kagura series. Let’s end the off-topic rhetoric. Now please.

  • Ah, another Senran Kagura game. And now all is right with the World lol =^_^=

  • Kevin Schwarz

    Okay, who cares other than otakus about male characters in a game like this? That won’t change how good this game will be!

  • Hines Green III

    Honestly, I’m more interested in the fact of why is it so hard for males to become ninja in Senran’s universe. Ikaruga’s brother just didn’t have the talent and it does seem strange out of two whole schools can’t produce one male ninja. They never said the schools were all female anyway

    • British_Otaku

      Kiriya-sensei and Asuka’s grandfather exist.
      It means as little as mentioning that Naruto’s universe just happens to have much more male ninja, given that it is just that few of the female ninja are spotlighted/playable regardless of strength. The inverse is true here.

      • AkuLord3

        Don’t forget Black Shadow sama and other males ninjas that were known…they exist, just wasn’t about them.

    • J_Joestar

      maybe most male ninjas died because they get distracted easily on the battlefield, i know i probably would at least.

      • Hines Green III

        I know what you mean haha

        • J_Joestar

          it would be like…
          Girl Ninja: “Kyaaaa!” *jiggle*
          Me: O_O
          Girl Ninja: Take that!
          Me: *dies from Kunai to the face*

  • ChiffonCake

    …I really didn’t expect so much bitching about two male characters. Like, seriously?

    • Neither did I but then I remembered the people who flock to these Senran Kagura articles (mainly for only T&A anyway)

  • TheExile285


  • otakumike

    male jiggle physics….
    upvote if you want, downvote if you don’t lol

  • ive not yet finished burst but i am enjoying it, im looking forward to seeing how this one looks

  • Takane Shijou

    Looking forward to the co-op being added in. Enjoyed Burst quite a bit, but felt like co-op would’ve been quite keen added to it.

  • Shadowman

    Don’t care if there’s a third male character as long as if it coming out in the U.S

    • J_Joestar

      Well Burst sold quite well IIRC so it is fairly likely we will see this eventually, whether or not we can get a physical release may still be up in the air though.

  • Suicunesol

    I’m kind of disappointed that it’s a sidescroller. :/ I think Senran Kagura is a franchise that would thrive by having many different types of games of various genres with the overall theme of T&A. The first 2 games for 3DS were side-scrollers, so I wanted to see them tackle something else like a strategy game or a turn-based RPG.

    The cooking game is a good start, though.

    • J_Joestar

      well it is supposed to be the main continuation of the series so it isn’t surprising that it keeps close to the original.
      Maybe with later spin-offs it would be more viable to use different genres.

      • Suicunesol

        Well, the thing is, who can say what is and is not a spin-off? Just because the original game was on the 3DS? Shinovi VS. has arguably expanded the ninja universe far more than the 3DS game did what with the huge number of playable ninja girls.

        So maybe it’s better to think that all of the games are part of one series rather than Shinovi VS. etc. as being spin-offs, especially since all of the games so far have come from the same developer, involve the same characters, all in the same universe.

        • J_Joestar

          Well they kinda did say that the main series will remain on the 3DS, whether or not that means the SV is treated as canonical sidestory or not i have no clue (it likely will be as it would be a lot of content/characters to just throw away).
          All i’m saying as they probably don’t want to get too experimental with different genres and such for the direct sequel to the original game.

    • British_Otaku

      How often do series just into multiple genres and spinoffs within just three years of starting up? Doesn’t it make sense for a sequel to the first Senran Kagura (Both Burst and the original game in Japan are more or less that), after Shinovi Versus + New Wave and aside from the Dekamori Senran Kagura game and EV to be a sidescroller?

      Your Senran Kagura in the vein of Fire Emblem could be coming any second. It is odd for anyone to dismiss a direct sequel after all of the other stuff.

      • Suicunesol

        Rarely. We never see series go into multiple genres within three years of starting up. However, I don’t believe Senran Kagura is a franchise that is deeply characterized by its gameplay. It can be expanded into other genres very easily. That is why I would like to see a main “numbered sequel” featuring a different kind of gameplay.

        Also, I don’t see how much more they can improve their side-scroller formula. :x Side-scrollers are inherently repetitive.

        • British_Otaku

          Why should they experiment with a main “numbered” sequel though? The whole point of the 2 at the end presumably is so that I and others can tell at a glance that this follows Shoujotachi no Shinei/Burst: Guren no Shoujotachi.

          Aside from innovating with new ideas in the same core concept, franchises don’t experiment to the point of genre jumping unless they are called The Legend of Zelda 2 (which may be good, but using some of those ideas in a top down template would be more welcome).

          Tamsoft and Marvelous agree with you, the SK concept can be a mobile card battling game, or a side scrolling beat em up, or a cooking rhythm a 3D Dynasty Warriors-esque title.

          I mentioned how the formula can be improved in a response to Kelohmello above but to cater the point here… Side-scrollers aren’t inrepetitive, but due to poor execution or bad ideas, I can could call SK repetitive.

          What if the sidescrollers gave us platforming, freedom to run from most encounters excluding traps, a series of unique skills per character to get through the environment or fight and collectables to find from exploring like Dragon Ball Advanced Adventure or Astro Boy Omega Factor? They need to mix up their games.

  • Hmmm. These two male characters could just be background characters. . . or they could be looking to expand the audience here. >’D

    Pretty sure Free! showed that women are pretty capable of investing in fanservice too~.

    • miju

      Except Free! was gross because they were nippleless.

      I vastly prefer how fanservice in males were done in Kill La Kill.

      • Lol, to me, it depends on how the nipples are done – but I usually have to have them to some extent. It’s too awkward to me if they don’t exist.

        But for me, nipples are the one thing that artists mess up the most, no natter the characters gender.

  • Kelohmello

    I hope they fix the major problems present in the first game. Namely, the low framerate, if it can be helped, and the repetitiveness, particularly the lack of variety in terms of attacks the characters have.

    • British_Otaku

      Interesting platforming, objectives and not locking every sequence into a shinobi barrier may help a bit. Even with the limited combat, it would feel a good deal better if it resembled Dragon Ball Advanced Adventure even a little bit more.

      Run from side to side, beat up enemies to make it easier to get to your objective or sideroutes to collectables, occasionally trapped but still have the option to use the environment to your advantage as it isn’t flat and a number of aerial maneuvers and counters to make you feel like a ninja/ a Dragon Ball character.

    • AkuLord3

      It already was fixed on SV so i think they can easily transfer that to the 3DS

      • Kelohmello

        They’re two completely different games on completely different systems though. There’s a variable amount of reasons why gameplay elements won’t just transfer over that simply.

  • wererat42

    Probably nothing to get worked up about, but it seems like an odd decision. Like putting male idols in Idolmaster.

    Besides, there already were two males in the series: Kiriya-sensei and Hanzo.

    • British_Otaku

      Four male characters as of the first game in 2011, Hattori Hanzo, Kiriya-sensei, Suzuki (guy who confesses to Asuka) and Ikaruga’s brother ranging from god-tier shinobi to wimps.

      Why wouldn’t we expect one or two of them to be playable when they have so much potential and a few are even relatives of major characters? >_> It doesn’t seem that odd.

  • AkuLord3

    Pretty much Skullgirls with the introduction to male characters in the game again with these comments (can’t wait for Big Band to be finished). Wait and see, it will be cool, people whine and bitch then accept when they fully see, not like the game is turned into a all male game so i’ll still have Yagyu goodness AND! i hope Kiriya-sensei is one of the playables

  • Lifesong

    A few male characters are fine as long their clothing still explodes the same way.

    • leingod

      I’d actually avoid the game if that happens.

  • Rashaan Butler

    I don’t think people should worry about their yuri ninja fantasies being ruined. I believe one of the two male characters has been revealed already. Ikaruga’s brother Murasame will be playable if you have a save file from Senran Kagura Burst, or if you purchase him as DLC later on down the line. Besides it’s just two male characters, most likely ones we already know about, so I believe the focus will remain on the girls.

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