Dragon Quest Monsters 2 Has A .hack-like Dungeon System For End-Game Players

By Sato . January 9, 2014 . 4:00pm

In the original Dragon Quest Monsters 2 for Game Boy, you advanced through the game and received keys to unlock new worlds. The upcoming 3DS remake of the game will be adding the twist of allowing you to randomly create your own dungeons using various materials and keywords.


Once you unlock the key shop of Malta castle by clearing the game, you’ll have access to as many Magic Keys as you could ask for, and you can then add your own “words” to them, as well.


The original Dragon Quest Monsters 2 also had randomized keys to unlock different worlds with bosses, but players never knew what to expect. Some keys had worlds with rare monsters while others had common ones, making it a bit of a game of luck.


In the 3DS remake, depending on the material and word combination used to make the keys, the resulting world you’ll get will differ, along with the type of quests they’ll offer. This makes it easier to remember what combinations you can use to make the worlds you want.


After making a key, you’ll be able to check what kind of quests and monsters will appear in the world it can unlock. Additionally, the keys you make can be shared with others through the Nintendo 3DS StreetPass feature.


This will be the best way to power up your post-game monsters to make your ultimate team, and according to Famitsu, there will be a “little more” to it than new grinding areas.


Dragon Quest Monsters 2: Iru and Luca’s Marvelous Mysterious Key will be coming out on February 6, 2014 for Nintendo 3DS.

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  • Byron Kerrison II

    Just like using previously acquired words at the Chaos Gate in Mac Anu. Seems interesting…

    • Dsvkb

      Or just entering random combinations of words and hoping for the best.

  • deadMastershiro

    When i read this i thought the gameplay would change to .Hack style.

  • KiTA

    … It’s not “.hack style”. It’s Roguelike. Hell, it seems to be just a modern version of the original DQM2, which predates .Hack by a decade. Bah.

    … God, I hope we get this and DQM1 Terry’s Wonderland in the US. :(

    • Slickyslacker

      Not to mention DQ VII 3DS.

      • KiTA

        Yeah, DQ7R having DQM2 style key worlds was how we knew DQM2R was coming.

      • Keep bugging Nintendo about it on your Club Nintendo surveys!

    • lordroto

      We will

      • KnifeAndFork

        Wishful thinking

        • lordroto

          haha the stars are just lining up this year

  • Derek E Nay

    For a second, I thought the image had Geno in it.

  • awat

    localize DQ VII for 3DS this year sometime in 2014 Please :C

  • DranzerX13

    No one should upload any more Dragon Quest Let’s Play videos to YouTube. Square-Enix of Japan have been actively taking down Let’s Plays of Dragon Quest X. I got a copyright strike just for uploading a fansubbed trailer for DQM2 3DS remake. I will be uploading all my imported DQ Let’s Plays to Dailymotion.

    • Anthony Hadow

      Well I haven’t seen this for myself but if it is Square Enix this doesnt bode well for the franchise. However, if this is Nintendo going after your videos than its just Nintendo being very bad towards consumers.

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