Even The Monster Hunter Pachinko Game Is Customizable

By Eugene . January 19, 2014 . 2:00pm


Capcom is teaming up with Sammy Corporation (a subsidiary of Sega Sammy) for a pachinko money-eater Monster Hunter game. Like most others, it’ll have moving bits and bobs while tons and tons of metal money balls cascade around including a Grush moment  while fighting as a special possibility.


There are all the things you can expect too, like questing and choosing who to team up with to take down foes. The game shows off the ability to select party members for your perfect party as well as the ability to customize your character. Because that’s totally why we’d be playing a Monster Hunter game, right?


Don’t ask us what they’re talking about with the numbers—even we’re not versed enough in the world of pachinko to understand it, though supposedly this is meant to suggest to people how “easy” it will be for you to win at the game.

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  • konsama

    Where’s MH4 for the west? If it goes out till september it will surely be my last MH, im sick of capcom taking ages to localize MH games and finally doing when japan is alredy getting the next one, and on top of that their epicly ambiguous PR on the subect.

    Tying to return on topic, that pachinko machine sounds lolz, does the hunters will fight according to your play, or just random AI movments and by some looks, it will use more content from 2nd gen MH.

    • Tarkovsky

      Just like how not every single anime, manga or movie from Japan gets localized for overseas audiences, Capcom or any other Japanese game company have no obligation to do so either. Why should they localize a game that will not make them any profits.

      • konsama

        Based on what? I agree MH is a niche title in the west, but that won’t change the fact the game sells, and it does pretty well, its got a fanbase not that big but very loyal like dark souls ones, to name one. If they started selling the game as a niche title rather than trying to sell like it’s a CoD in the west, the game will truly give them profits.

        And from there, my point enters, if they at least gave a release window of the game, or didn’t took that long to localize, don’t you think most followers would silently and happily wait for the localized version instaed of importing? Don’t you think the western fans that even preordered the japanese version and the lots of people that imported a JP 3DS just for it would have preferred waiting and in such case increasing the sales profit of X country rather than japan’s?

        Yes they are not obliged to localize games, but then the companies shouldn’t start acting so blindly with their “game no sell, we no send” shitty attitude when they finally bother to do anything and people won’t turn the head because they found their own way already.

        I could even go and put SMT4 for europe as another example, but i will stop at it.

        Or are you implying we should just stick to their terms and just stay waiting like a kid? Industry works both ways, we are as guilty of what they offer based on our money spendings, but THEY are the ones offering, and there’s a KNOWN community of people that would be very willing to pay for the localized product, which not exists at this point and again, there’s not even a darn date or even season for one to say “hey i can’t wait for MH4 or whatever to be out, but i know it’s out this X month”, and in Cpacom’s case, this is not the first time this happens, it happened back with MHP3rd, it happened with MH3U and doing it once again with MH4. And i’m just speaking of MH in this case.

        Why am i still waiting stupidly and not moved on then? Cuz i really, really enjoy MH games, to even stupidly follow their shitty PR ways and “Stay Tuned”s when Sven was still around (can see why he left capcom, who would want to keep being the public face and voice of such company). In any case i been considering this last weeks to cave in and import a JP3DS, yes what i shouldn’t do, but also the only option they give me due to their lack of communication and epic region locking possibility on Nintendo’s side.

        Then I’m not even going to talk about anime, manga, etc, yes, they come from the same country, but they are not the same industry.

        • Tarkovsky

          I’m sorry but they DO belong in the same industry, the entertainment industry. The only difference is in the way they are presented. Just like you complaining about a game not getting localized, there are countless people complaining about anime, movies and manga not getting the same treatment too. They are all different mediums of entertainment. A game is not a piece of tech like an IPad or Galaxy Note.

          Also you do realize that the world is not perfect. In a perfect world, all mediums of entertainment would be made accessible to people all over the world.
          Not all Western games make it to Japan either. Just to name a few, Japan did not get any of the XCOM games last generation nor did they get any of the Dead Space games and Deadpool. And if it weren’t for companies like Square and SpikeChunsoft bringing over games like The Witcher 2, Diablo 3 and etc. to Japan, most of these games would not see the day of light in Japan. Not to mention, they also get most Western games at a later date.

          With regards to waiting, if you want something, take action yourself. Don’t rely on others to take action for you. If you were unemployed, would you sit around complaining about being jobless and wait for companies to come hire you, or go out and seek these companies and apply for a job? If you really want want to play Japanese games then go and learn the language. That way, you’ll never ever have to worry about localization problems again. Instead of wasting your time complaining about localization issues and what not, spend it productively. There are so many free resources on the web that it doesn’t cost much to learn a new language.

          In the last generation(XB360, PS3, 3DS and Vita), the only games that Capcom have failed to bring over to the West are MonHun 4, Sengoku Basara 4, Gaist Crusher and Ex Troopers. So you’re saying they should localize the 2 latter titles as well?
          Every other title from DMC to Resident Evil and Dragon’s Dogma have more or less been released on the same date as Japan.

          MonHun 4 is not a hugely popular series in the West. The previous game sold less than half a million copies on the 3DS in both NA and EU combined. What makes you think that it will sell any better?

          Game companies are ultimately just a business. Certain decisions have to be made to benefit the company financially or else they would just go bust.
          I still remember how many people were crapping on Capcom when they announced that MonHun 4 would be for the 3DS and not the Vita. And look at what that decision got them? 4M copies sold just in one country. Pretty stupid decision eh?

          Capcom are not perfect obviously(a human is in charge after all), sure they occasionally make decisions that don’t pay off, but they are not stupid either. How else would they have lasted for 31 years?

    • Spider-Man

      It’s only been around 9 months since 3 Ultimate got released. They’re either waiting for 4G to be released or a Wii U HD game. Though hopefully they give us 4 soon.

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