Rune Factory 4 European Release Cancelled

By Ishaan . January 20, 2014 . 6:40am

The European release of Rune Factory 4 has been cancelled, Marvelous AQL Europe announced this morning.


In a statement sent to Eurogamer, Marvelous stated: “While MarvelousAQL has made every effort to secure the title’s release for this territory, it is, unfortunately, not possible to do so at this time.”


The statement continued: “MAQL and MAQL Europe would like to thank everyone for their support and enthusiasm for their European releases. Please look forward to announcements on new MAQL titles over the coming months.”


Marvelous AQL did not explain why the game’s European release has been cancelled, but the first potential reason that comes to mind is the closure of Neverland Co., the studio that has developed the Rune Factory games, ever since the first title. It is possible that without Neverland, the necessary modifications couldn’t be made to the game for release in Europe.


In a statement late last year, following Neverland’s tragic fate, Rune Factory series producer Yoshifumi Hashimoto—who works at Marvelous AQL—stated: “As of now, it’ll still remain a secret as to what kind of title we’ll be releasing next, but I can say that the staff members are still doing great.”

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  • Riseabovethesky

    Madness! D:

  • My sister loves this game so much. Perhaps Nintendo could step in to cover this? It always sucks when a game’s localization gets cancelled.

    • British_Otaku

      Nice as Nintendo stepping in sounds, I get the feeling that if Marvelous wanted to or rather could stay on schedule, they would have called up Zen United, Nintendo and whoever could help out before they had to say the release is cancelled.

      • Thatguy

        JPGAMES.DE: Are there any plans to release titles of the Rune Factory sage, like Rune Factory 4, in Europe?

        Geraint Evans: You are actually the first people I’m telling, that Rune Factory 4 will be brought over to Europe by us. We will be announcing it officially in the very near future.

  • Barrylocke89

    Oh boy…It’s one thing to have an SMTIV situation where a games in limbo, but full-on cancellation? Sorry Eurobros :(

  • Never really got into this series, but I know that there are others in Europe who did. *sigh* Sorry, y’all.

  • cloudcaelum

    Dat region lock, dat no account system… I will never support you Nintendo, fix these sh!ts!..

    • ecoutercavalier

      Most people don’t get mad about this stuff until a game doesn’t get localized like this.

      I hate to sound like a Nintendo shill, but if you bought a 3DS beforehand, then you voted with your wallet saying region lock was okay. If you have a problem with a game not being localized, the blame is entirely on the publisher at this point.

      • andref

        As you may or may not recall, the Wii U is also region locked so I highly doubt people not buying the 3DS is going to send a message to Nintendo to remove region locking. I doubt they would even consider people not buying a system is due to not wanting region locking

    • Herok♞

      There is in fact an account system but I don’t see what that has to do with anything right here

      • Ferrick

        oh i don’t know, the fact that now EU can’t play certain games because the localization to their region has been shafted isn’t already obvious on why it’s such a retarded thing ?

        • Herok♞

          Still that really has nothing to do with accounts, after even thought they have them, no one ever said that automatically makes them universal. After all you forget that Persona 4 Arena was purchasable on the US PSN but it still failed when it was played on a European system, which shows that accounts clearly aren’t the solution for a problem like this and thus are irrelevant.

          • Ferrick

            right, let’s use the only game that is region locked as a defense against a system that region locks their whole game system

          • Herok♞

            Right because I clearly said that to defend the system when all I was saying was that account systems do nothing which was the original comment I made said

  • Astraye

    Between RF and no information on SMT IV, i think it is time i start to economize for a 3DS US. Fucking region lock.

    • Randgriz

      Yeah, lets just keep pumping money into US stuff – im so annoyed i cant get certain things in my own region. Connected online but so broken offline.

  • Yuuki

    thank you nintendo, now i cant play this game…

    • OlimacFTW

      Nintendo doesn’t own Marvelous.

      • Arcana Drill

        Nintendo make portables with region lock, which means that europeans cant import. Ironic, the game have a version in english but many people cant play it.

        • Yuuki

          the think i dont get through is why they wont bring it over?
          they released rf 3 in english only too, if i remember right.

          • They did…talking of that game how did it do around here? not good I suppose.

          • British_Otaku

            150,000 in Japan was apparently a milestone over there, it probably did well enough in North America for Xseed, but Marvelous Europe have some sort of circumstances in the way of the localisation.

            Odd, that they can’t even push for one of those cheap “digital releases” that Capcom considered recently.

          • Ladius

            RF4’s US version had pretty decent sales for a niche game despite a rather slow start, ending up with 47k copies sold in 2013 according to NPD data leaked on NeoGaf. I have no numbers for the previous RF games in order to make a comparison, but on 3DS RF4 sold better than other niche jrpgs like the Etrian games, Soul Hackers and Devil Survivor Overclocked.

          • I meant the previous rune factory game for Europe since the first three was released here.

          • Arcana Drill

            maybe is cause the developer of RF closed… licensing stuff i guess?

          • Yuuki

            doubt it, since they already had a tentive release date.

          • Arcana Drill

            well, i think the best way of discover is wait to sites try to contact marvelous or flood their twitter with questions.

          • M’iau M’iaut

            That still would be a possibility. If a bankruptcy judge or whomever is the appointed executor is in the mix, they may have decline the rights.

          • Yuuki

            not really, for one main reasons.
            The licensing wouldnt cost them a singe yen/or not much but the possible intake could be better then nothing and would help cover more open expenses.

          • M’iau M’iaut

            Yet the release would also leave any rights holder open for potential future liabilities from software bugs, loli sex lawsuits, etc. Then again it could just be a bean counter thing.

      • People are just angry because they can’t simply import like they did with the DS. At least Nintendo can make a few US sales off Europeans if they decide to buy a US console *shrug*/

      • Yuuki

        they dont, but they implemented the damn region lock.

        • OlimacFTW

          I’m aware of that, but officially Marvelous is the one to blame.

          • Yuuki

            i can understand marvelous, but i cant understand why nintendo made a damn region lock.

          • AuraGuyChris

            But it’s like Marvelous doesn’t want to release their games across the Eiffel Tower.

          • Enzo

            Region-lock has several benefits for several groups. Those benefits do NOT extend to consumers, which is why I think you don’t understand the reason why it exists. Different levels of the chain have to worry about different things. The main company, Nintendo, would have to worry about the political level. Retailers have to worry about profit. The local headquarters would have to worry about the ratings of the games.
            edit: I just post this and I automatically got one downvote. Must have been a mistake or the person obviously didn’t read anything of what I said and just downvoted.

          • The thing is 3ds shouldn’t be region block, if the game developer wanted to, they can make their GAME region block instead. RB the game, not the system.

          • Enzo

            I don’t know if this is true or not, but I heard that the part that makes the 3DS region-locked is the cartridge, and not the system. I’m not 100% sure on that given that the eShop is also region-locked.

          • konsama

            It’s the company who chooses to region lock the games IIRC, that’s why digital games can be region locked too, RL’s are not tied to the cart.

            Nintendo only gave the (fucking) chance to companies to region lock the games to their will, but IIRCS, is not a requirement for the actual 3DS, just that every single company has put it on rather than go the PS3 way and not region lock anything despite they have the chance.

          • mirumu

            That’s correct. There’s one cartridge that actually is region free on 3DS, the guide to the Louvre. As I understand there’s a few bytes in the data for 3DS games that determines the region. Some hackers recently found that overwriting those few bytes with a different code allowed games to work on any region’s 3DS. It doesn’t allow copied games to play so there’s no piracy angle there.

            I see too the following article claims even the version of the Louvre app downloaded from the eShop is region free.


          • Kumiko Akimoto

            Yeah right you should probably be looking at the localization company not the system company

          • landlock

            Technically Neverland are to blame for going bankrupt but that maybe a little harsh.

          • well consumers should be blamed too for not buying enough games from them making them bankrupt lol

  • Virevolte

    I was still pondering about buying this. But it seems the choice wasn’t even mine to begin with.

  • benhofb

    This is awful. I am so sorry Europe… You guys are going to miss out on one of my favorite 3DS games. I just hope that other titles don’t end up doing the same.

  • karldeck

    OK, do anyone know the status of SMT 4, because I don’t want to buy a american 2ds until Persona Q gets localized.

    • British_Otaku

      No one knows what is going on with SMT4, perhaps the next EU Nintendo Direct will touch on it (been saying this for months) but if a cancellation happens for that too…

      • Ouch My Head Said Dionysus

        Nintendo’s doing SMT, not Marvelous. That’s a world of difference right there. Keep the faith!

  • Thatguy


  • Arcana Drill

    Seriously? i mean i’ll have a 3ds from the US by this way, but from someone who had maaaany european consoles/portables… this sucks. BADLY.

  • Adam Zaorski

    That’s why me and my girl friend got ourselfs 2 x american 3DS.

    I wouldn’t wait for Shin Megami Tensei, she wouldn’t wait for Rune Factory.

    All because of the dumb region lock.

    • Ouch My Head Said Dionysus

      Here here.

    • Mordina

      I will follow your example next time.

  • M’iau M’iaut

    Can understand and accept the feelings so far folks. Just keep things on topic and let’s not make it personal between the community. Thanks.

  • British_Otaku

    I’m starting to consider getting a third 3DS and not waiting for localisation if it takes over 2 months (between America and Europe – with or without an announced date) in the future.

    I’m not the RF fan in the household, my brother (who couldn’t believe that a follow up in his one of his favourite series released in 2012) is, but the waiting game has never been fun…

    • Abysswalker90

      You’re being part of the problem though. If region locking translates to people buying more consoles, monster corporations like Nintendo will just keep at it.

      • neocatzon

        A bit off topic but it makes us wonder. With people buying more 3DS thx to region locking, why did Nintendo still fail to meet their expectation..

        • Herok♞

          You have to remember the vast majority of consumers don’t buy a second console because of region lock, since most people who have an issue with it don’t have a 3DS to begin with.

          • neocatzon

            Just a thought, since they insist on keeping the region lock it must be a part of their sales strategy, no matter how small and there’s must be a way to calculate that (o great statistic).

        • Abysswalker90

          I thought the 3DS is selling pretty well, doesn’t it? I know the WiiU is failing completely, but not the 3DS..

      • British_Otaku

        Who said I would buy a first hand console? Nintendo shouldn’t get a penny for their miscalculations aside from the games if I can manage to buy first hand copies a year or so after the original release.

  • Servant BerserCAR

  • Kotorin


  • Randgriz

    Ahhh europe, love living in europe – reads headline- WHAT!?

  • ecoutercavalier

    I’m pretty sure I can see all 8 stages of grief by checking through the various posts in this comment section.

    • I didn’t even know there were eight…

  • SirRichard

    And just when things seemed to be getting better, of course this had to happen.

  • PreyMantis

    Man, the bad news about Nintendo just keep adding.

    • Tarkovsky

      Not really Nintendo’s fault if a third party dev is not interested/does not have the resources to localize/release a game.

      • TheExile285

        But it is Nintendo’s fault for having a pointless region lock on the system

      • PreyMantis

        I agree with TheExile285. It’s partially Nintendo’s fault because of the region-lock. Although, I still doubt that even without the region-lock, it’s going to make much difference on whether they localize it or not.

  • RagingTiger44

    I thought US had it bad with JRPGs not coming over. You guys in Europe seem to be in a worse position. While I was not interested in this RPG, I understand it’s terrible to hear a game you were looking forward to get cancelled.

  • Namuro

    Well, that’s a pretty bad news right there… I may have to get a US 3DS at this rate, but then I’ll have three 3DS… I think that’s a little too much. I could barely find time to play between the two already.

    But ya know what? With all the fans raging about the region lock issue, maybe the thing that Iwata mentioned that he wanted to ‘surprise’ the consumers this year might be the cancellation of region lock!

    Now, THAT would surprise a lot of people, and in a good way!

    • British_Otaku

      It would be a pleasant surprise, but I see them being more likely to use a game announcement or price drops than something as niche as letting people play what they want even if it is a strength of all current rival platforms.

  • AxionAzure

    That’s exactly why I think the 3DS region lock is a freaking shot in the foot…

  • otakumike

    And this was a pretty fun game too…

  • Armane

    I was actually going to buy this because for once I wouldn’t have to expect the next Rune Factory to be announced or even released before we got it. Guess I’ll just boycott their games altogether; because there’s no reason they couldn’t slap the NA version on the eShop.

    • Enzo

      I don’t think you know what you’re talking about.

  • konsama

    And region lock will strike again, this kind of news suck just terribly.

  • artemisthemp

    To bad Runefactory 4 wasn’t releases on say PS Vita or another Region free system.

  • Enzo

    Both of my comments I made here got downvoted, even though I am only telling the truth. I feel like too many people lack the capacity to think of anything beyond how it is like in their own shoes. “Region-lock is retarded” and “No point in region-locking” are comments that show this clearly. I am not talking about those who don’t like it, because region-lock is definitely anti-consumer. However, claiming it’s good for no one shows a lack of understanding on why region-lock exists to begin with.

    A company can’t do whatever it wants with its games. It can’t disregard laws, potential lawsuits, and the other companies it has to work with to get the sales they do. For example, if a system is region-free, it runs the risk of a consumer getting a game they normally would not be allowed to purchase able to, simply because the ratings system are different.

    Another problem is with the content in the game itself. Cultural items that are normal in one region may be considered offensive in another. That in itself can not only harm games sales, it can also cause some customer service problems with the local company’s headquarters.

    Last example I’ll give is that in certain regions, games cost more than in others. If a consumer starts buying only from a different region, the retailers in that region will start seeing decreased sales. Those decreased sales will result in the retailers not being as happy and ordering less copies, which gives the game less exposure. This is also an issue.

    These are all possible problems that can be faced when a system becomes region-free. Nintendo especially doesn’t want to run into that problem due to the fact that they are still considered a family company and aren’t as hung up about satisfying every consumer need. Sony and Microsoft, on the other hand, thrive on it so they are willing to do it and take the risks for the chance at getting more customers.

    edit: I’m almost positive now that the same two people are just downvoting all of my comments here because they don’t like what I’m saying.

    • TheExile285

      Every current gen system but 3DS and Wii U are region free atm >_>

      • Enzo

        Of course. Those “current gen systems” you’re referring to are from Microsoft and Sony. It’s probably best to remember that they weren’t always region free. Nintendo feels like there isn’t much to gain by making a region-free system, while Sony and Microsoft feel like customer satisfaction is a better route to success.

        • Ladius

          It’s worth mentioning that handheld systems were region free till DSi and 3DS, including Nintendo ones such as Game Boy, Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance and OG DS.

          It’s no surprise gamers are angry with Nintendo about this topic, considering they’ve introduced region locking in the handheld space in the same timeframe when their competitors are going region free even with their home console platforms, despite that market being traditionally region locked since the first hardware generations.

          • Enzo

            I think Nintendo’s mindset prior was that a handheld could be taken to another region and that it should be encouraged to be taken to other regions and still able to play games. Now with the Internet being a very popular medium for purchasing, I suppose they felt like protecting themselves or something.

            However, it doesn’t change the fact that Sony and Microsoft haven’t always been region-free. I’m simply trying to make the point that it isn’t so black and white. I personally would prefer a region-free Wii U and 3DS.

          • Ladius

            I think no one is against Nintendo making money, and by now everyone understand the rationale behind region locking, regardless of it generating real profit or being actually harmful (both in terms of mindshare and actual sales) to those who still insist on what is factually an outdated practice.

            Aside from obvious issues of consumer convenience (that should never be trivialized), it’s also problematic to see a global company that uses globalization to its own advantage and yet tries to introduce more and more policies in order to price gouge its customers and preventing them to use globalization to their own advantage. The fact its competitors have abandoned this practice even in a context where it was accepted as normal (home consoles) when Nintendo introduced it in one where it wasn’t makes things even harder to accept.

            Of course the attempt to limit the good sides of globalization to major companies is a big issue that goes far beyond region locking videogame systems, but shouldn’t be ignored even in those smaller situations.

          • Enzo

            I think Nintendo could benefit more from not having region-locked systems in the current market, but I don’t quite blame them for making their decision given the fact that this is their first time being so involved in online, I can see the rationale behind it. I think next time, they wont have it. No guarantees, it really all depends on what Nintendo decides to take from this generation.

    • Ferrick

      >defends a retarded concept while adding something that’s not exactly true
      >gets downvoted
      >decides to insult the majority because they didn’t agree

      yeah, because that helps your case so much right ?

      • Enzo

        You say I said something that’s not exactly true. If you’re going to say that, I would love to see what you mean. What I said above is not supposed to be universal truths. They are potential risks. I also didn’t insult anyone. I used the phrase “lacks the capacity” which may sound like an insult, but it’s more of a statement than anything due to the fact that I keep telling people how it is like on the other side but they make comments like “region lock is stupid” in response. My case is valid, but it doesn’t mean that region-lock hasn’t been the source of many people’s anger and/or sadness.

    • MrSirFeatherFang

      Alright, we see your thoughts on region-locking. However, everyone has derailed this far enough. Not just you, but many people are not even talking about Rune Factory 4 anymore.

      Guys, stay on topic and stop with the childish insults.

      • Enzo

        Normally I would have made this a reply to someone who was talking about region-locking, but it’s pretty much everything that’s going on here. I’m not really even trying to “defend” region locking, just defending the fact that it isn’t something totally useless.

    • they can just implement region block in the game not the 3ds system itself. So if the developer think their game should be rb they can do that

    • mirumu

      It doesn’t sound like you actually live in a region affected by region locks because they’re actually pretty ineffective at the kind of things you’re suggesting they’re good for. People just alter their consoles or import the consoles too. Needless to say that has other less desirable side effects.

      Distributors certainly don’t like people importing behind their backs, I know of real examples of this happening and the angry phone calls that resulted. That said, some countries consider region locks anti-competitive to begin with and are firmly on the side of the consumer and importer. On the whole though this is a fairly small market. The only people hurt by it are those who are unnecessarily gouging. I honestly don’t have any sympathy for any retailers or distributors doing that because their business model is fundamentally broken. This is simply how the market works.

      The idea of cultural issues being a problem doesn’t hold water either. This is the primary reason Iwata’s has given for region locking in the past, but it says more about his understanding of world markets than anything. If a country objects to a game they will simply ban it. This happens fairly regularly across the world. If someone imports a game they themselves find objectionable then more the fool them. I think it’s safe to say however that those who do import are fairly comfortable with what they’re importing.

      I realize you’re trying to play devil’s advocate here, but there simply is no even remotely valid justification for region locking. It’s a concept left over from a bygone era that has no place in today’s world.

      • Enzo

        I was really only arguing that region-lock has its purposes, albeit a small one. I was also trying to get people to see that while an individual who buys a product only experiences the negatives of region-lock, there are those who do or MAY benefit. Of course, I am in the camp of region-free systems have more benefits than region-locked on both sides. Nintendo, I think, is playing it safe because of the impact the Internet has on pretty much everything about the video game business now.

        • mirumu

          Yes, I see what you mean. I think that is Nintendo’s intention, but I do think it’s fairly misguided of them. I’m hoping that it’s something that will change in due time after the comments Iwata made recently about re-thinking how they do things.

  • Hikari Langley

    They really should have at least released the eShop NA version to Europe. It’s not like anything would actually be different.

  • CH3N9

    If not this time, when!? At least give an explanation dude! Don’t leave us hanging!

  • JuVu

    I remember when the news about Neverland’s bankruptcy came in, and every European fan was concerned about RF4’s arrival in Europe. “It won’t be affected”, they said. Yet, here we are. Can’t believe this is happening. We’re living in 2014, this kind of bull**** should have died a decade ago.

    “Please look forward to announcements on new MAQL titles over the coming months”

    Yeah, please, do tell me why the **** I should look forward to anything from you anymore after this.

    I’m sorry, the anger, sadness and disappointment I’m experiencing right now are just so overwhelming I can’t express them without resorting to profanity.

    • JMaster3000

      I bought my 3DS cause of Rune Factory series :)
      After hearing about banktrupcy of Neverland i was depressed for some time, but at least i would be able to play RF4…… WELL FUCK NO! I raged a lot today but now i cooled down.
      Btw i’m selling my 3DS now cause of the sour 3rd party support in Europe. I wanted to sell my 3DS afer i beat Rune Factory 4 and keep the copy of the game forever with me but it seems i can’t now.

  • Learii

    this bad for Rune Factory fan in European since Rune Factory 4 is the last game if I not wrong

    • Enzo

      Based on the wording of the article, it isn’t completely hopeless. I think it may be possible that the IP can be bought out and continue to exist, so it doesn’t have to be all bad.

  • Sentsuizan_93

    I may not be a fan of this series, but hearing news like this is upsetting, especially when it’s release was mere months away.
    Add in the regional lockdown and this really doesn’t help the fans of the series in EU at all. And to those thinking that the reaction to this news is “silly”, spare a moment of thought to the number of potential buyers that would be upset by this. I really don’t want to resort to buying an NA 3DS for one game, and I don’t want to resort to hacking, which (if you’re not careful) will result in a bricked console.

  • This is indeed NOT Marvelous =(

  • gquain

    Why am I to blame because I live in Region X instead of Region Y.
    It has nothing to do with the language.
    If it cannot be localized as a physical copy, let us download their US e-shop version. What’s so hard?
    Why do you torment me so much?
    Why do you force some of us to import the 3ds version because we didn’t fail to believe in EUs policy and environment concerning these games?

    • Mordina

      Hear ye hear ye!

    • Bryan

      Tell that to pokemon X and Y! Why can’t I get mega transformation for mewtwo in Y on my X system?!

      Sorry, had to when you used X and Y region as an example…

      (I imported Japanese 3DS just to play Japanese games… I know the pain. Sorry man.)

  • Serge

    What happened to Natsume?

  • Guest

    If only people bought the earlier installments, we wouldn’t have this problem right now. This is more to do with low sales than region-locking. Even without the region-locking, I doubt it’s going to change.

    • I rather hear what they have to say than to assume it was all on sales.

      • Kamakuma

        I second this! *desk slam* And I remember my old Rune Factory 2 days… My friend sat a DS in front of me and held a sharped pencil to my side and told me to play it. (Highschool*shot*)

        *blows bubble pipe* Ah… I’ve been a fan since. ^-^

    • Ladius

      This is quite the assumption considering all previous RF games have been localized to Europe, despite most of them being for a region free platform like DS that allowed fans to import the US version without hassle.

      Also, there isn’t any public sales data about Rune Factory games for the European market to justify this line of thought (and no, Videogamechartz isn’t a reliable source in any way).

  • Pdugna

    Man if this happens to SMT4 I think alot of people in Europe give up on buying Nintendo systems.

  • Scipio

    This coupled with SMTIV’s situation and the months between release dates in both NA and EU for many of their first party titles really has me questioning the reasoning of Nintendo.

  • Peace Legacy

    Even though I live in EU 3DS region, I specifically order online US 3DS on day one of its release, knowing fully well how the EU regions always get the short end of the stick
    While that has allowed me to play titles like RF4 freely, or get games earlier than other people, it creates slew of other problems like how I am not allowed to play local multiplayer with other people around me since their games have different region (50/50), or how having to buy more expensive e-shop card due to online retailers’ jacked up price (the console and games itself are always cheaper or equal price, even with all the shipping fee though… so there is solace in that).
    …but still, you just can’t win the system

    • Actually the jacked up price can be solved if you change your console region to Canada Alberta which allows you to use your European debit/credit card…the only issue is I don’t know if you can change your region after the NNID update.

      • Peace Legacy

        …not sure if I can still input debit card in though since I live in Australia (Australia use EU 3DS) and not EU itself
        …the mere fact that you can’t input zipcode of your debit card into the 3ds registering bit since the US region got 5 numbers but AU got only up to 4 is… so sad it is actually funny somehow
        Retailer like Play-Asia who sells these E-Shop cards for extra 10 dollars, are my only hope

        • If I recall correctly a couple of my Australian friends been doing this method since they imported their US console. You can just use a random Canada Alberta zip code and it will work without any hitches, even I been doing it without my bank questioning it. That input is really just a door to your purchase. You should try it out with a cheap eShop game to see if it works

          To be honest I hate paying more than I should, especially if it’s some sort of cash card.

          • Peace Legacy

            To quote my favourite Rune Factory waifu:
            “You’re AWESOMESAUCE!”

  • Mordina

    Great… this is just great. And yet again a game that won’t get released here in Europe… I really regret buying an European 3DS, I do always think that I should always get the US versions when I know things are region locked, but no, I wanted the Fire Emblem Awakening 3DS and it’s still the only game I have for it. There really is no benefit in being in Europe when it comes to games. I feel depressed right now :( Oh how I wished for the 3DS to be region free like the previous one. *le sigh*
    Oh sorry, just feel kinda down right now…

  • Max

    I doubt localization couldn’t be done without Neverland.
    There were probably other reasons for this decision.
    Either way, a shame for EU RF fans.

    • Will Jay

      In most cases to my understanding, you pretty much need the original developers to be helping out unless you want to take forever to code. The exceptions are when games have very simple file structure, but that may not be the case here.

      Of course, that’s just what I’ve been led to believe.

    • Nam

      What localization? The game is already localized. Just look at the NA release.

      Localized and working. Translated and fine.

      Just take that. Certify it. And release it with a different region code, and I would happily throw my money at it.

      But now I wish I had never even bought a 3DS.

  • NeoPancho

    That’s 40€ i will be saving then… i would have prefered to buy the game… oh well…

  • $23890725

    And as always European get´s F-ed in the ass when it comes to games we love and want.

    “Please look forward to announcements on new MAQL titles over the coming months.” No thank you MAQL if it´s not Rune factory 4 for EU you can go F off and I don´t give a shit about your other crap titles like Runbot or puzzle coaster.

  • I heard about this last week and I knew it would break some hearts. Sorry, Euro-dudes. It’s a really tragic/dumb situation all around.

    • From whooo…? [shifty eyes]

  • ChiffonCake

    Damn, that really sucks. Sorry to hear that, our fellow European friends.

    Nintendo, get with the program and get rid of region locking.

  • Pinkemon

    Whelp, no fuzzy eared bishie for me I guess. :U I’m disappointed, but I probably should’ve seen this coming a mile away.

  • Klarktastic

    Glad my 3ds is from the US (I’m Portuguese and live in Portugal). I
    predicted stuff like this would happen. It happened quite allot with the
    original DS. Europe gets nothing.

  • Kaetsu

    I may not live in Europe but this is still disappointing to hear. If they can’t ship out physical copies to Europe why can’t they put it on the eShop?

    • 하세요

      That still requires certs. Localization is not, almost never, only about translating.

  • AkiraScare

    Damn (TT_TT) Europe (TT_TT)

  • Proof that region locking is killing smaller companies. English-speaking europeans could have imported this game to play on their european 3DS…But no, they can’t, now that it blocks foreign games.

  • SetzerGabbiani

    Rating system aside, I don’t see why they can’t let English speaking countries in the EU and beyond get the American release in special circumstances like this. If it has to do with spelling (colour vs. color) that’s a bit insane.

  • Grr. You know, back in the era of the nice region free DS, I probably would have already imported myself the US version by now.

    The game would probably still be on my shelf because I’m busy playing Bravely Default, but that’s another matter entirely.

    If anyone knows of a good, reliable place a UK person can buy a US 3DS XL online inexpensively, please let me know.

  • Whelp, it look like going for the Japanese version instead of waiting for nothing was the right choice after all…
    And we can’t even blame MAQL Europe as they might’ve been doing everything they could.

    Still, the Region Locking is a really dumb move there Nintendo… even more so on a handled.

  • sakusakusakura_nyo

    That’s too bad for Europe. I really liked this game.

  • TheSwordUser

    What the fuck.

    The english translation is already done. Yes I know there’s FIGS but for crying out loud. Just few days ago I expected quick news about it after it’s been announced that Senran Kagura Burst will get a february 28th release (it’s being handled by the same company as RF4 for europe)…..and well, there’s the news, except it’s not pretty.


    • Ladius

      Niche jrpgs are almost never localized in French, German, Italian and Spanish, so an English-only release would have been far from surprising.

  • Lazulis

    Eventually, there’ll be magic to remove the region lock, but for now… :C
    It’s a shame, EU, I really think RF4 is the best in the series…

  • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

    You know, none of this would be an issue if Nintendo would catch up with the times and do away with draconic BS like region lock~.

    People shouldn’t look at anyone but Nintendo to blame for not being able to play this game~.

  • Scarletmoonwish

    Region locking For Europeans it won’t be that simple. Free region locking will cause
    less games to go over to European countries, and the people who don’t
    speak English but want to play the game won’t be able to enjoy it. The 3DS because free region locking, there will be no reason to localize
    games for that area because majority of them will be importing form
    America. If that happen more than this localizing company will become
    bankrupt. Region locking is put in place to protect sales; the
    international exchange rate plays havoc on a universal pricing system.
    People would only purchase the game from countries with the lowest
    valued currency; so only that region would get tax/export revenue. In
    short if everybody buy all their games from US due to not being
    patience, Nintendo is better off not selling anything relating to
    Nintendo in Europe.

    • mirumu

      That’s not how it’s worked in practise for any other region free platforms. I mean if that were true what you describe would be happening with PS3 games today and yet somehow Sony sells well in most regions and the bulk of PS3 games see a worldwide release.

      The reality is that the vast majority of people won’t bother to import anything if it’s available in their local stores and priced reasonably.

      • Scarletmoonwish

        But it is true, look at the price for a Brazil PS4, and a Xbox one. There a reason while those consoles are priced ridiculously high.

        • mirumu

          Yes there is a reason and it’s nothing to do with region locking.

          Here’s a breakdown of the PS4 price in Brazil from Sony themselves. The bulk of the extra cost comes from taxes imposed by Brazil. I’ve no doubt it’s the same for the Xbox One.

    • Ladius

      History proves this kind of analysis is wrong, though.

      Region free platforms have had at least as many European localizations as region locked ones, and in fact PS3 (the first region free home console) has the highest US-to-EU jrpg ratio ever seen, while Europe never got a chance to play a huge number of NES, SNES, PS1, PS2 etc games, all of which were region locked consoles.

      In fact, having a region free platform press publishers to release their games as soon as possible in every market in order to have as many customers as possible not resort to import, while region locking gives them as long as they want to publish there or to create partnerships, which often means having games never reach Europe at all. PS3, again the first region free home console, is the platform that saw NISA going for same-day releases in the US and Europe (often they release their games in Europe sooner), Namco giving Europeans Day One Editions and fast releases (like with Xillia and Symphonia Chronicles) when they didn’t even get the games in the PS2 days, and so on.

      Also, we should always remember we are talking about global companies that fully use globalization and market differences for their own gain, for example by exploiting low price Chinese workforce (of course this goes for every hardware company), and the idea that they can reap the benefits of globalization while preventing their customers to do the same is a real issue that goes far beyond region locking videogame systems.

      • Scarletmoonwish

        The fact, is most people are only looking at one side, Europe. Please tell me how people in Brazil who have to pay more than a Thousand dollars to buy a PS3, as my post stated before the sales tax for these consoles are outrageous high.

        • Ladius

          That has everything to do with the Brazilian government’s taxes and protectionist policies regarding hardware built outside Brazil, and nothing to do with region locking systems and software (Brazil is still a NTSC-U country for region locked platforms, it isn’t an autonomous region).

          I’m not saying this isn’t a huge issue, and I fully sympathize with Brazilian gamers, but it’s also a different one compared to region locking. If anything, a completely region free environment contributes to make protectionst policies outdated instead of enforcing region specific policies from companies and governments.

      • Mugiwara

        Well, at least you people got to play in English since from NES. Here in Brazil otherwise we started to receive localization only the past Gen, in 2006/7.

      • Scarletmoonwish

        and history also show that Free region locking hurt localization efforts as I said earlier.That is why some niche titles like Phoenix Wright is download only. Why should the comapny even try to localize the games, if fans will just go out and buy it straight form JP anyway.

        • mirumu

          Few people are going to import from Japan unless the game is in a language they can understand. Some of the Phoenix Wright games were released in Japan with both Japanese & English making them a special case, but even then I’ve not seen any evidence that importers hurt the non-Japanese sales of those games. The credible accounts suggest that the number of people who import for any specific game are too minuscule to have any meaningful effect on sales.

          If the market for a specific game is too small to warrant a retail release in a country then chances it always was, irrespective of any region locking.

          I’d argue the solution to these problems is not a system that prevents people from buying the game such as region locking, but a more viable way of delivering it to them that avoids duplication of effort. As you mention, digital downloads are becoming one such mechanism.

        • Ladius

          No, as I said history shows the opposite, and your Phoenix Wright example actually enforces what I was saying in the post you quoted.

          We had five PW games localized on cart on DS, a region free platform, while we got a digital-only, English-only (despite four previous games being localized in other languages in their PAL versions) release of Ace Attorney 5 on 3DS, a region locked platform.

          While the AA situation has more to do with Capcom’s questionable policies than region lock, it still shows how region locking doesn’t mean anything positive in terms of localizations.

  • Ric Vazquez

    Damn, another stab on the back of Europe, my soul cries for you people.

  • Amine Hsu Nekuchan

    I wonder why they can’t at least put the English version on the eshop, since I have learned that companies aren’t actually required by law to release in the native language of each country.

    • Ladius

      Either they don’t think it’s worth the time and hassle to go through the certification process another time (the game would have to be certified by NoE even if it has already been approved by NoA, not to mention PEGI and USK), or they can’t change even the tiny bit of code related to regions due to Neverland’s demise or other issues (unlikely, but can’t be completely excluded).

      There could be licensing problems, too (kinda unlikely considering Marvelous is the publisher in Japan, and XSEED is factually Marvelous US), or other issues we will never know anything about.

  • Detrimont

    Well this sucks.
    I imported RF 1-3 from the US because Europe released them years after they released in the US, and i’m sad i can’t do the same because of region lock. This better not happen with SMT:IV!!

  • Hinataharem

    I can’t express how sorry I am for you guys across the pond.

  • TrevHead

    The 360 had the best region locking system, IE let the dev choose to make their game region free or not, there were a shitload of super niche Japanese games like Shmups and Virtual On Force that were made RF to keep the western hardcore happy and prop up flagging sales.

    We were also starting to see PAL games unlocked for US machines which didn’t have any chance of getting localised over there, plus RF DLC until MS nixed it in the bud.

    OFC such a system probably wouldn’t have helped RF4 but if Nintendo are serious about sticking with region locking they need to do it in a way that helps niche games not harm them.

  • landlock

    That’s two strikes for Marvelous now first they stopped Rising Star Games releasing Arc Rise Fantasia in Europe and now cancelled Rune Factory 4. :(

  • Just make a digital release if releasing a box version cost you too much. We can read english, so just realse the damn game online. Beleive in your fans.

  • CamulaHikari

    And this is a perfect example of why I ended up with both an EU and US console. ._.

  • shadowind

    Look at it this way, at least Marvelous AQL Europe aren’t as bad as bloody Atlus when it comes to Europe PLUS we’re getting one up on our North American brethren in that we’re getting Senran Kagura Burst in physical form! ^_^ And besides, it’s only one game and Marvelous AQL Europe’s PR team could have handled things a lot better with that quote of theirs about how we should look forward to future announcements of their games for European release seeing as they didn’t think that there’d be such a huge bloody shitstorm about Rune Factory 4 getting cancelled for European release!

  • Kayriss Wins

    Hurtville, sorry Europe.

  • The Crystal Truth

    I say the whole region locking thing is still ridiculous. I’m sure the EU players would appreciate a NA copy (heck, even a JP copy) over nothing….

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