Freedom Wars Will Have A Simultaneous Release In Japan And Asia Regions

By Cheng Kai . January 23, 2014 . 2:49pm


At the Taipei Game Show today, SCE Worldwide Studios producer Junichi Yoshizawa announced that Freedom Wars for the PlayStation Vita will launch in Japan and Asian territories simultaneously sometime in 2014.


Not only that, but since Freedom Wars takes place in the not-so-far-flung future of 102013, where nations are replaced by prison cities called Panopticons, at launch players in Asia can also pick to play for their own country in real-life, for the purpose of the online metagame. After the stage presentation, a brief group interview session with Yoshizawa and game designer Toshiyuki Yasui was held for media representatives in attendance.


Siliconera attended the presentation and the very first question we asked was about something we think many of you reading this would be quite anxious about localization plans.


At the stage presentation, you announced that Freedom Wars will launch simultaneously in Japan and Asia. Is that just in Japanese?


Junichi Yoshizawa: The game will be released in Japanese and Chinese.


What about an English version? Will there be one?


JY: At the moment, we’re currently focusing our production efforts on the Asian release, which will come first. As for the game’s release in Western territories, please look forward to hearing the details on that in a future announcement.


What I meant to ask was when the game launches in Asia, will there be an English version?


JY: At the moment, the simultaneous Japan and Asia launch for Freedom Wars planned is for the Japanese and localized Traditional Chinese versions.


Also at the presentation, you talked about the war being waged between different Panopticons to "recapture" from one another, and shared that players in Asia will be able to experience that online. Can you provide more details on that?


JY: Well, at the beginning of the game, players can choose which Panopticon city they belong to. And these cities that they can pick from are the ones we showed you on a map image at the presentation — there’s Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, etc.


And then what happens is, to help their city develop, what players can do is log-in and embark on Volunteer missions on a daily basis to recapture from other cities (note: in the game’s universe, every time you embark on a mission, you are considered a Volunteer).


We’ll have more on Freedom Wars soon.

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  • British_Otaku

    Thanks for asking about the English release so many times, I imagine this won’t be hard to play if they don’t localise it.

    “Is that just in Japanese?”

    “What about an English version? Will there be one?”

    “What I meant to ask was when the game launches in Asia, will there be an English version?”

    Nice of them to localise into Chinese on day one as well I guess. :P
    The game looked a little rough before, but the swinging and team elements could be really fun.

    • Bigabu Beaze

      Dont jinx it man!

  • Sentsuizan_93

    So there is a chance of this coming over? Sweet! ^_^

  • KnifeAndFork

    Why do they always say please like that it sounds condescending

    Please bear with it

    Please understand

    Please be excited

    • Pedro Furtado

      Wasn’t the interview originally in Japanese? Isn’t it a wish to be respectful, a difference in culture and also a translation issue?

      • Micrll

        Agree with a bit of all 3. Japanese tends to have more ways to make things ‘polite’ with the grammar compared to English.

    • Shippoyasha

      Don’t blame Japanese PR for the way Western PR has desensitized us to those words. It’s a shame too because I hope for gamers to not demonize western PR as cynical all the time and there should be more of a sense of trust.

  • revenent hell

    I do hope this does get localized but …. I think ya’ll asked about an English release two to many times…..

  • TheExile285

    >”Freedom Wars Will Have A Simultaneous release”
    *Gets SUPER excited*
    >”In Japan and Asia regions”

    …..Welp, should have known better. At least they confirmed the English version (not that there should been much doubt).

    • SerChief

      My exact reaction too!

    • ronin4life

      I knew only bits about this, so an English version wasn’t something I ever wondered about. Then I saw how the meta game online worked in this article and thought maybe it wouldn’t happen. Then I saw the Announcement of an announcement of English details.
      So I had a weird rollercoaster of an info ride with this article…@[email protected];;;

    • Micrll

      It sounds like from the interview that a English version is very much potentially on the table, wish we would start getting more simultaneous releases in NA though (along with poor Europe can’t forget about them).

    • MaximDualBlade

      Those titles should be illegal XD I was having breakfast and I actually spit a little when I read the beginning, I was like ” yes! justice” and then I read the rest of the sentence jajajajaja
      The localization is pretty much confirmed and come on Sony, market more your games! This game seems really interesting, it could sell more than a few Vitas.

      Edit: I just read the whole article and the concept of retaking your city seems even more interesting. Looking forward to this game. They have lots of months to polish it more

    • Kumiko Akimoto

      Time to go into a coma until they announce it

  • Alter

    actually i prefer it in Japanese that’s why i made japan psn region account.
    i’m glad its not decided by location (GPS).. Japan all the way :3

  • Istillduno

    This all sounds like PR speak for “We haven’t even considered an English release”

    A shame since it looks interesting too.

  • Ryan Chiu

    I swear to gods, there had better BE an English version.

    • Ferrick

      SCE games are often localized, with the exception of “Over my dead body 2”

      • TheExile285

        You mean Over My Dead Body 1? Lol

        • Ferrick

          there was ‘1&’ but i guess those two got erased by mistake lol

          • TheExile285

            Shhh! Don’t point out my typos! : V

          • Micrll

            I’m still holding out hope for Over My Dead Body 2. Given the still somewhat limited library / release schedule for the Vita I would say the chances are fairly high that we may see it in english.

          • Ferrick

            we can only dream mate, we can only dream…

          • Saphiren
          • Kai2591

            Huh…its THAT beautiful?

    • Ric Vazquez

      I hear you dude, me wants it too

    • God

      I can’t speak for the other gods, but until TWEWY2 is announces, i’m not gonna do any favors related to square enix, so screw you pal.

  • ronin4life

    That localization response sounds like a Confirmation to me.
    An announcement of an announcement vibe is what I got.

    • Ric Vazquez

      Aaah the Square Enix trend

  • AokiShizuku

    I can’t wait. I need a date! This will be the game that makes me dust off my Vita.

    • icecoffemix

      You don’t like Toukiden? or Danganronpa? or Demon Gaze? RO Ace? FFX-HD? Conception II?

      No really, genuinely curious, not trolling.

      • AokiShizuku

        Toukiden and RO Ace aren’t my thing, I prefer MH4. I’m not really into dungeon crawlers either so Demon Gaze and Conception II don’t appeal to me. As for FFX-HD I can already get that on PS3. I’m not saying that those games are bad, it’s just they don’t appeal to my taste. As for Danganronpa… I haven’t really looked into that actually.

        • icecoffemix

          Ah okay then, guess Vita will be barren in 2014 for you, as for me it’s gonna be hard to find time for all those game in 2014 (moreso if I also count Jap release). :P

        • Ladius

          Unless you absolutely hate adventure games and visual novels, I suggest you give a chance to Danganronpa. It sounds like a mix of Ace Attorney and 999, and the Vita version has new contents compared to the original release (never officially localized).

  • ishyg

    That online metagame sounds pretty interesting.

  • It seems freedom will come earlier to some than others lol

  • Earthjolly

    Man, I’m loving all these hunting games

  • Oh my, you can pick which country you belong? That’s really interesting, I hope we can still pick other than western country when the english version comes out

    • tubers

      Wonder how PVP would go?

      I imagine fighting Asia vs US/EU would be very laggy.

      I hope we aren’t just going to fight “ghost” player data (Tekken Arcades in SEA/Drivatars/RR3 avatars).

  • Kaetsu

    With this being made by Japan Studio and published by Sony, it’s most likely coming to North America.

  • AkiraScare

    In asia they get to chose asian regions… will europe and america get to choose europe/american regions? (0_o)

    • Anthony Birken

      Be nice if we could.

  • LBattle0819

    “Freedom Wars takes place in the not-so-far-flung future of 102013” LMMFAO

    • neocatzon

      Just numerous ice ages and civilization resets apart from today :)

  • PreyMantis

    That title… I should’ve known that there was a catch somewhere…

  • JoJo_718

    Sounds like they’re waiting to announce it alongside Gravity Rush 2 and other teased titles (INfamous , Bioshock?) to revitalize the console. xD

  • tubers

    So China vs Japan battle it out in a video game (Panopticons).

    Wonder if they can crush Japan in sheer force or does the JPN market still eclipses active Chinese VITA gamers.

  • Vash bane

    sounds interesting

  • I don’t know what this is, but I thought I saw Light Yagami in the thumbnail.

  • Kai2591

    I hope there’s Brunei in that map lol.

    Soon, my tsundere robo waifu….SOON.

  • tubers

    Video from a few hours ago in Taipei.

    • TheExile285

      cool, thanks for sharing!

    • Tincho Kudos

      Looks great! Can’t wait to view more

  • icecoffemix


    >Chinese only

  • Raze

    Should’ve been Eng for Asia like Ragnarok Ace….

  • Göran Isacson

    Oh man, a game that lets Chinese and Japanese players duke it out in competition with one another… this could get ugly. This could get REAL ugly.

    • s07195

      Well, it is just a game. Would rather have it happening in a game.

  • gretan

    why do they think asian countries only speak japanese n chinese.

    i feel the same rage like i felt when soul sacrifice is free in ps plus asia only to know that it’s only in chinese and japanese. (ノ ゜Д゜)ノ ︵ ┻━┻

  • Tincho Kudos

    Wow, the concept to develop your panopticon according the country you are sounds promising. Even more, when you consider this is side content, and not being the main focus of the game. Nice

  • Rinkawa Erion
    • Kaetsu

      Interesting. They must have the English script either complete or almost done. Now they just need English voice actors.

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