Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Coming Westward In Early 2015

By Ishaan . January 26, 2014 . 7:19am

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, known in Japan as Monster Hunter 4 G, will be released in the west in early 2015, Capcom have announced. Here’s a message for fans from producer Ryozo Tsujimoto:



Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is in development for Nintendo 3DS.

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  • malek86

    Uh? I wonder if Tigrex is gonna be the flagship monster in the west?

    • 하세요

      He already was a flagship monster in 2G I believe. He’s a basic monster in 4. They just know that the MH crowd is smaller in NA/EU so to draw in the fans, they have to show familiar monsters.

      In Japan, you can say “Monster Hunter Toilet Paper” and they’ll scurry over without contemplating what the hell it is.

      • Ace

        Tigrex is the flagship of Freedom 2. 2G is Freedom unite and that was Narga.
        But I hope they have a totally new flagship monster.

        • 하세요

          Goa was the flagship for 4. I don’t see them using Shagaru for this, so it may be something from the desert.

      • malek86

        No, he was flagship in MHF2. Unite had the Nargacuga.

        But MH3U switched to a Rathalos, a very old monster by now, even though the japanese 3G had the Brachydios. So it’s not like they couldn’t use a popular monster again.

  • TheExile285

    Its good that they announced it early instead of keeping people waiting.

    • Anthony Hadow

      Yes this is good to hear unlike some other games they went straight out and announced it

  • Nas

    I’m crying tears of joy.

    • Azure Flame

      Your not the only one my friend.

  • Anewme…Again

    I’m happy it’s coming, but it suck that we have to wait such a long times to play MH4.

    • TheExile285

      Better than a year wait with no confirmation right? Lol

      • Anewme…Again

        Yes, certainly better, but still not fun to wait so long.
        Oh well, i guess there’s enough good games i want to play in 2014 to make the wait bearable.

        • Kornelious

          You just have to look at the wait as a challenge….which I ACCEPT! >:)

          Our 2015 game list is starting to add up like 2014 :)

      • We have no choice but to wait!! Well, I’m glad it’s announced.

      • Kari

        Is more than a year. 1yr 1/2

      • Ric Vazquez

        Yep, that way those of us that have not finished MH3U can finisht it before it releases.

    • nihongogamer

      If they announce that Monster Hunter 4G Ultimate will be a Vita & 3DS double release I’d forgive the wait ;)

      • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

        Cant play locally with each other so that’s a no. Nintendo’s hosting the servers after all XD

    • konsama

      Man a whole year, but at least is a darn date. that’s a WHOLE new level of progress for them. Now this is totally breaking my plans to import JP3DS.


    • hazelnut1112

      I’m just glad we are actually getting it, and the best part is that we will get the more fixed version. Just happy it’s finally coming.

    • but seriously this announcement feels like a kick in the nuts for those who bought MH4 already.

  • Sentsuizan_93

    Thank you Capcom! ^o^/
    But that wait is so unbearable….

  • Go2hell66

    Damn what am i supposed to do til next year T_T

    • Anewme…Again

      Play Toukiden ?

      • Go2hell66


        • ishyg

          Try it first before refusing though.

          • Go2hell66

            i have, didn’t like it at all

          • yukisama

            me 2 , Toukiden AI is *SO* stupid unlike MH

          • MXC

            Um the are talking about the same friendly fire bombing cats that constantly constantly CONSTANTLY DID NOT KNOW HOW TO BOMB TO SAVE ANYONE’s LIVES?

          • ronin4life

            They can drive a tank now too.
            And you get 2 of them in SP.

          • nonscpo

            You should really give it a second try the demo is great, February 11 & 14 isn’t coming any faster for us Oni Slayers

          • ishyg

            Ok then.

        • KnifeAndFork

          God Eater 2
          Freedom Wars
          Toriko Gourmet Survival
          Fairy Tail Portable Guild
          Elemental Hunters
          Kaiju Busters
          Nano Driver

          • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

            Gaist Crusher is better than all of those

    • TheExile285

      100% in MH3U?

      • Go2hell66

        did that months ago

        • William Hsia

          make a MHF acc, 10% that shet.
          no money? PUNCH all gms, force them to make your acc free. BOOM insta profit

    • MaximDualBlade

      Study, work, have fun, visit other countries, enjoy time with any of your loved ones, make new friends, play other games, eat delicious stuff, being lazy, anything that you like.

  • Kuromadou

    ((( ALL OF MY TEARS )))

  • still one year huh, thats too long to wait T-T

    • Azure Flame

      I have other games to kill time lol. When MH4U comes out, I’m never leaving my room.

  • Shadowman

    WOOOOOOOO!!!!! You can never keep a good hunter down!!!!

  • GriffithOfTheHawk

    I called it a long time ago :)
    No need for a Wii U version, the game already has online mode. And 4 is already full of content i can’t imagine whaht will be of a G version !

    I guess it’ll be released in March 2015 (end of fiscal year) and that’s a long wait. I wonder why they can’t do a wordlwide release like Pokémon X & Y ?

    It’s such a long wait that you can expect a NEW 3ds model in the meantime.

    • Eder García

      “I wonder why they can’t do a worldwide release like Pokémon X & Y ?”
      the logic reason is priority on Japan 1st remember, MH is bigger than Pokemon and Final Fantasy there, but other reason might be that now that the game will include all paid DLC for free, Capcom knows that the western market don’t like those kind of practices they are doing recently (release a game, paid DLC later, then months later release an update game with all paid DLC for free)

      • GriffithOfTheHawk

        MH4 has paid DLC in Japan ?! They’re not free like the additional quest of MH3u ?

        Or maybe by DLC you mean “expansion”: the G quests ?

        • NeoPancho

          Nah, all the DLC is free, it works the same way than MH3U,

  • Well, this sure explains a bit. They probably had it planned to make an upgraded version for a while now.

    • flameraver64

      They’ve made an upgraded version for every numbered entry, it’s kinda like Pokemon in that sense

  • Sentsuizan_93

    Wait… MH4G comes out in Autumn in Japan, so the wait between the JP release and a NA/EU release is…. Still far… ;_;

    • Anewme…Again

      Yeah, they probably could have release a bit earlier if they wanted.
      I’m guessing MH4G will be released sometime in September/October in japan and sometime during Febuary/March in the west.
      That’s 5-6 months difference, i’m sure if they really wanted they could release that game earlier in the west.
      Well, at least we get it.

      • 하세요

        It’s probably a better marketing choice. September/October is usually when a new CoD or something else popular in the West comes out. Why try to compete sales with those when they can wait awhile for that hype to die down.

        • Anewme…Again

          You’re right, i didn’t think of that.

      • flameraver64

        It’s not that bad, though. The shortest localization of past MH games was 6 months for Freedom and Freedom 2 (the NA versions came out 6 months after the JP versions). 5-6 months will definitely be short, and it’s better than like the 2 year different for 3U.

  • 하세요

    That was indeed quick. Welp, I’m glad everyone gets to enjoy the best generation in Monster Hunter so far! The servers are probably separate so I won’t be able to hunter with any NA/EU players :( I’d join the 4U crew but…the data transfer…some of these weapons/sets were tough as hell to get. Don’t want to do again. Gen 4 is rough.

    • KnifeAndFork

      Nintendo probably said something to them… “Hey….a little help here guys? We only help advertise your last game like crazy”

    • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

      The MH3U servers are worldwide though.(Nintendo’s)

      • ronin4life

        Between EU and US last I checked.

        Not Japan IIRC.

        • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

          LIcensed DLC being the reason

  • makubexnas
  • makubexnas

    damn it capcom, you finally make the right decision…..

  • Stewart Mogg

    Guess I better invest in a circle pad pro for my regular 3DS then…

    • 하세요

      The only reason people get the Circle Pad Pro is for the camera, right? The lock on in MH4 was improved drastically, so there’s literally no reason for a second analog stick. At all.

      Unless you’re left-handed, I think.

      • Bobby Jennings

        Yeah, I’m left handed. Couldn’t even play Kid Icarus.

      • Stewart Mogg

        I’m just going by my limited experience in MH3U, which put me at a disadvantage when playing with the WiiU version without it.

        • 하세요

          In 3U, the lock on was nice but the camera had that stupid “tier” thing so you HAD to press up / down to get to a certain perspective. In 4, the camera is 100% freeflow, so you can lock on and it’ll put the screen right where you want it to be – directly on the monster.

          It’s eons better, I assure you.

  • Bobby Jennings


  • YES! I don’t care its on 2015! They’re actually bringing it here! I will continue to enjoy Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate until that day finally arrives.

  • Glad i just bought @ 3DS Xl just recently… So many good games! Now monster hunter! Awesomeness

  • Guest

    we have to wait such a long times cuz it’s MH4G not the normal version

    Hah! Thought so! I have guessed and gotten it right before with Rosalina’s Smash Bros character reveal. Now if this works, I’m going to laugh my ass off. *starts chanting* MH4U will be announced for Wii U within the next month.

    EDIT: Sorry, I sound less like a **** now.

    • 324234

      Told us what? That we’d get the updated G version of 4 that was just announced..just like how we got MH3U? You psychic you.

      • Click the link. I was guessing they were ignoring MH4 for this one. Btw, I realise I came across as a **** now, so I apologise. I just couldn’t stop laughing at the fact my guess was right. I do tend to be a sore winner sometimes. -_-

  • PreyMantis

    YES! YES! YES! (X1000)

    I had a feeling this was going to happen after that 4G announcement. I’m glad it’s coming.

  • Lemski07

    WATDAFQ its almost still a year away. ANGRILY TEARS of Joy Y,,Y

    THEY should just announce it halfway or near holiday this year.

    • Tylor Boreas Makimoto

      Except people would be complaining ‘Where’s MH4, Capcom?’ the entire time. Now, they at least have a firm period (I’d say March, like 3U) and can stop complaining about no news at all.

  • Namuro

    Wow! Finally, the western hunters will get to join in the hunt in the new lands!

    I’m torn, though… I wanted to get the English version as well, so that I can read all the story and the extra info in the game like the Monster’s data and such. But on the other hand, I want to be able to transfer my data from the Japanese version, and be able to play it soon.

    Still, a very good news indeed!

    • 하세요

      I am NOT doing that Gold Rajang / Rage Jinouga + Shagaru fight again for rainbow color schemes. One of the most stressful battles I’ve EVER had.

      Plus, most Jump / anime promotions will be altered due to copyright stuff.

      • yomachaser

        I still don’t get why they cut those items in the west. I mean Jump magazines come out here and manga like Inuyasha come out over here so what was the big deal having his sword?

        • British_Otaku

          Presumably, they would have to re-negotiate contracts and rights for both the North American and European releases, not just with the original rights holders in Japan but also the rights holders for the manga and anime in all relevant countries.

          Capcom has done it before with Tatsunoko vs Capcom (and Marvel vs Capcom if you think about it for like 2 seconds), but there is no guarantee that it will be feasible to do especially when most of the appeal comes from the game itself, not having a Detective Conan nod even if I am getting MH3rd for that alone.

        • JonathanisPrimus

          InuYasha isn’t a JUMP manga

          It’s licensing issues. Why should Capcom bother to license the likeness of an anime series that has little bearing on how the game sells?

      • Namuro

        Yeah… I was so happy after clearing that last quest. I don’t really want to go through that again. LOL

        Also, you’re right about the extra stuff & promotions. I think A LOT of DLC items will be left out for the western release.

        Y’know what? I’ll bet that once the western release is out, there’ll be scripts from the game available online. I can just read that instead, and stick to 4G!

        • Gyro Zeppeli

          Capcom could do what they did with Tri and replace DLC items with fanmade items.

          • Namuro

            They totally should do it again. Fans always like to take part in the making of the game, that’s why things like Kickstarter works, even if all they did was funding the project. It shows a sense of involvement, and it becomes something more personal to the person, something they could care for.

            CAPCOM really need to focus more on fans interaction like that to establish a strong fan-base in the West, and set up a permanent home for all the Monster Hunter games to come!

          • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

            Ouya exists.

          • Namuro

            You mean…Monster Hunter games should be made for Ouya?

          • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

            No I mean kickstarter goes through lots of stupid shiz

  • MikelAL93

    Thank god I got a 3DS just in time for MH4U! I still need to get myself MH3U for Wii U, though. :P

    • Symbol de Au

      More like a year before MH4U. You got it just in time to have to wait for it.

      • yomachaser

        He just got 3 so a good chunk of the year will be burned finishing that off.

  • FlameEmperor

    Capcom…….. You don’t know how much I love you right now………

  • Peace Legacy

    …getting the G version right off the bat like this
    …t’is day is a glorious day for us international hunters

  • Eder García

    im getting interested in playing this game but 2015? daaaaayum

    • kthanxyousuck

      It’s still in development.

  • Altsein

    will it have online play or just local?

    • Ace

      Should have both

    • Tylor Boreas Makimoto

      Considering he said you could play with your friends over the internet in the video, I’d say yeah, it does.

    • 하세요


    • It will have both man. This is finally a feature many MH fans, like myself, have asked for in a portable entry of the MH series. MH4U will be the first portable title to have both without the use of the Wii U to connect online. So it’s awesome!

      EDIT: Ah wait, there’s the MH Vita game, also playable online. But that’s a subscription game.

      • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

        OG MH4 has online too.

        Frontier GG seems like it came out on everything but the Vita so far. I didnst see frontier chart on Vita.

        • Ah right the first MH4 had the online. Should’ve added that.

          I meant that MH4U will be the first MH entry in the WEST that will have online without the use of Wii U. Yeah, should’ve said that.

      • Altsein

        Who’s to say that MH4G won’t have subscription?
        Didn’t MH3 had one for Japan on the Wii? Anything can happen.

        • That was MH3. The moment they made the MH3U for the Wii U and 3DS, they removed that option. Yes, anything can happen but seeing as how there were no subscription features in those, it’s safe to say there won’t be subscriptions for MH4U.

  • Khoko

    I’m happy but I feel like this could easily be done this year. They’d only have to translate text and while there is a bunch, I just don’t see how they need a year to do. I still think Capcom Japan needs to start working closer with Capcom NA/EU. Lots of Capcom games could release much earlier if they did.

    • Heisst

      That’s because MH4G comes out in japan in autumn 2014, we’re lucky we’re getting it this early.

      • True, true. It’s better than nothing… which is awesome!

      • KnifeAndFork

        Should be a global release

    • kthanxyousuck

      It’s not a year…it’s technically only a few months since it doesn’t come out until Fall 2014 in Japan.

  • British_Otaku

    Wonder if we will even get E.X. Troopers localised in 2015. >_>
    This guy was a producer on that one iirc.

    • No, Tsujimoto didn’t work on EX Troopers. That was a different person.

      • British_Otaku

        I recall someone involved with Monster Hunter being a producer for E.X. Troopers… After another look, it seems I mixed him up with Shintaro Kojima:

        Though Tsujimoto was playing E.X. Troopers to promote it along with fellow MH staff veterans:

        • Yup! EX Troopers actually had quite the assortment of staff working on it. Check this out:

          • British_Otaku

            I still haven’t seen any other works with Dai Sato’s involvement, but I hope his stuff has a similar flare to it. Eureka Seven looks good.

            Anpo topped RE5, by having boulder punching in space for no real reason in E.X. Troopers.

            Off topic musings aside, I hope Capcom look into localising some more of their 3DS library. I think it beyond too much to ask for Gaist Crusher, but E.X. Troopers come on… Ace Attorney 1-2-3 is a shoe in.

          • Ace Attorney should be a relatively simple matter of making a few modifications to accommodate whatever requirements NOA/NOE have for the west and plonking it on the eShop. I’d be more than happy with that. I still have the original games, but well… DS games look butt ugly on 3DS, and I certainly won’t complain about the widescreen presentation either.

            I’d love to see E.X. Troopers, too, but I remember Sven talking about how hard it would be to localize that game because of the manga-like text boxes, and how the text was effectively in the form of textures. If it came down to a choice between Gaist and E.X., though, I’d easily pick the latter. Gaist looks a little too bland to me.

          • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

            You dont have an XL?

            Reg 3DS Colors are just a little washed out is all lol

          • No, no XL for me. I like my portables to actually be portable. :P

          • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

            XL fits in my pocket lol. But you dont really need one if you modify your 3DS. if you’re concerned about ergonomics

  • SetzerGabbiani

    Yessssss!!!!!! All my monies!!!! Just the news I wanted to hear after a depressing week. Set up that pre-order asap Capcom!

  • yukisama

    Before people start bitching about why is it coming out in 2015. We are getting the Ultimate version which has a ton of new content and improvements. The wait will be worth it

    • konsama

      And it’s only 3-4 months at most after the JP release, that’s a lot better than usual.

    • Anthony Hadow

      Ah, but your forgetting this game has a ton of cameo costumes and what not probably most of them will be cut. Quite a shame because i would use some of them.

  • XypherCode

    Well…the investors meeting is coming up on the 31st…..coincidence?

  • Tylor Boreas Makimoto

    Well, that’s a surprise. 3U must have sold well enough to greenlight this, which I find great.

    • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

      3U sold very very very well.

  • cloudcaelum

    Ok any news about Toukiden for 3DS?

    Always same game with some minor chances and even less, there is no more underwater battle… And i can’t use my MH3 account? Fak, should i do same sh!t things again? No ty.

    Ok, half joke, time to buy 3DS in 2015. :P

    • XypherCode

      …you were serious, weren’t you? xD

      • cloudcaelum

        Ohm, %80 serious. :P

  • Herok♞

    This is interesting this is the second time we are getting an updated version first and not the original(first was Bravely Default) not sure if I like or dislike this trend

    • Symbol de Au

      Senran Kagura Burst was before Bravely Default and it was pretty much an updated version.

    • British_Otaku

      Isn’t it ideal that we get the definitive release if they aren’t immediately confident in the first one or something?

      It is more often that we got the original version (see Tales of Symphonia GameCube or Tales of Vesperia Xbox 360) and had to wait a whole generation or so for a HD remake to make the best version of the game avaliable.

    • ronin4life

      The west isn’t so big on handhelds, so the trend of releasing a game and then updating it a year or so later doesn’t seem like the best way to treat the market.

      We all know why Capcom does this with MH in the first place:because they can get away with it. In the West, not so much.

    • kthanxyousuck

      I appreciate it. They’ve done it a few times in the West with games like Dragon’s Dogma and Super Street Fighter IV. Most people couldn’t justify essentially buying the same game twice.

      Why would you want to buy the same game twice?

      • J_Joestar

        yes, as much as i liked DD, i still can’t justify getting DA as a full priced game when i still have DD.

  • SetzerGabbiani

    They are going to pimp those Legend of Zelda sets HARD to sell this game. The Mario Felyne costumes too.

  • It’s nice that despite 3DS sales not being as high as Nintendo hoped, software is still selling really well, both in Japan and in the west. Just about everything worth buying on 3DS appears to be getting localized. It’s a welcome change from the later years of DS and PSP, where a whole bunch of stuff just got left behind in Japan.

    • There’s a thing in Japan I’ve had my eye on called Fantasy Life that I feel may not come over due to Animal Crossing competition, but I feel that with MH4U coming I’ll be tied over for all eternity once it’s in my hands.

      • I’ve been saying this to everyone that talks about Fantasy Life for the longest time–give it some time. There’s no way that game isn’t coming over. It’s a shoo-in, especially because of how well Animal Crossing has done.

        • niko

          I agree, people need to remember that these companies don’t want to compete with their own product. Level 5 has a bunch of things to release, they need to space them out.

        • I’ve been hoping that is the case due to the audience for AC but I say you can’t be completely certain. And I know that any announcement of localization would have to wait to space things out from other games, so I’ve been hoping the game gets announced this year as I think that’s more realistic.

        • Distant_arcana

          Under a rock here, but what is fantasy life?

          • It’s an RPG-cum-life sim developed by Level 5. Think of it like… Animal Crossing meets RPG. You have different jobs you can take on, all the way from more mundane ones like chef and alchemist to knight and wizard and whatnot.

          • To add to what Ishaan described to you, I like to think of Fantasy Life as what Rune Factory is to Harvest Moon. Basically, Fantasy Life is like Animal Crossing’s own case of Rune Factory. lol

    • KnifeAndFork

      I’ll never understand this: people don’t buy handhelds or consoles just for the sake of the hardware: they buy them for the games. If there’s no worthy games on the console then yeah not a lot of people will be motivated to run out and buy them duh common sense. The state of some of these consoles struggling is a direct result of the publishers and the console makers fault for not having proper titles on there that people want.
      So when a publisher like Capcom of Sega of anyone else is hesitant to release their games on said console until the consoles sales improve well it’s a catch 22 because the consoles sales won’t improve until you release games for it! Hello……McFly….

      • I’m not sure what the point you’re trying to make was. My point was that it’s nice to have a stable portable platform that’s successful in both Japan and in the west again. Before 3DS, it’d been a few years since we’d had that, primarily owing to piracy and other factors.

      • LaserVision

        Yup. Couldn’t agree more. Exhibit A: Xbox One. Exhibit B: PS4

    • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

      But stuff like Time Travelers, Culdcept and EX troopers arent over here unfortunatley

      • xzeldax3

        I would kill to get Time Travelers T_T

    • Ric Vazquez

      True that

  • s6_miller

    Why are they calling it ultimate when the original version was never released in the west?

    • Heisst

      Maybe they think that people aren’t blind to anything that happens in Japan?

    • Ace

      Because calling it MH4 would confuse fans. Fans know the Ultimate series are the G series

    • British_Otaku

      I don’t see why anyone would ask for MH4, when the Ultimate releases are the definitive ones.

    • kthanxyousuck

      Monster Hunter is always called Ultimate in the west……

  • Chaos_Knight

    4G sounds like a Monster Hunter game for smartphones…

    Thank god we call it Ultimate here.

  • Quizler

    That’s great, all my friends had hundreds of hours pumped into mh3u so I didn’t really feel like I could get into it with them at that point, so I was waiting for MH4. I’ll totally get this game.
    That said, 2015 sounds really far away.

  • Crazy_O

    I don’t really understand why people like this game, but good for you!

    • Jonattas F.

      It’s so simple. MonHun is the BEST, that’s why! :D

    • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

      It’s a rewarding and challenging time sinker, that’s why. If games like Diablo and PSO have their appeal in the perpetual hunt for loot, MH has its appeal in the perpetual hunting of monsters to craft new and better gear~.

      • Crazy_O

        The only interesting thing I get out of here is that people can be real dicks about what they like. Can’t even say you don’t understand something but still be happy that others get what they want without being downvoted.

        • Draparde

          To be honest, there isint much you CAN say without being randomly down voted, you should probably ignore them XD.

    • NimbusStev

      I didn’t understand the hype either until I finally played multiplayer with my friends a few weeks ago. It’s surprisingly a really fun game, and being able to play online will make it even better.

  • O___________________________________________O


    I am going to get a new 3DS before this is released. Yes, I regret having my 3DS stolen but seriously, to see this….. I’m getting a new 3DS. Whether it’s a 2DS, a 3DS or the 3DSXL, it doesn’t matter! I waited for this moment and now, it’s revealed!

    All right, at least it’s still next year. Now my motivation to buy a new 3DS has upped even more!

    Don’t worry guys, I know there are other great games to get. I got ’em on my list: NSMB2, Shin Megami Tensei 4, Project X Zone, Senran Kagura Burst, Animal Crossing, LoZ: ALBW… yup, there’s a lot I know I’ll be getting soon. But seeing this has already upped my motivation to buy a new 3DS.

    • Guy Rainey

      … Probably not a 2DS for this one. Though many are happy with the virtual D-Pad on the touch screen, and the Circle Pad Pro Is a great option, neither are available on 2DS. It may be more expensive, but a 3DS + Circle Pad Pro XL is probably the best choice for this game. Though I’ll admit, I’m baised, as that’s what I have.

      • Well, I’m more keen on getting the 3DSXL actually. Before I got robbed, I was considering giving or selling my regular 3DS. Well… it is getting cheaper in the local stores so maybe I can work a little harder for those. I’m a lover for the bigger screens.

  • James Enk

    seriously how can you say no to the 3DS library

    • NimbusStev

      This is like the early DS days all over again. So many good games in such a short period of time!

      • James Enk

        yep, DS and 3DS remind me a lot of the original PS and the SNES

  • riceisnice


  • MrRobbyM

    Well that’s good news, sort of. I just got a Wii U a few weeks ago and I still haven’t played MH3U so that gives me a lot of time to finish it. Also, a year gives them enough time to consider a Wii U HD version.

    • NeoPancho

      Yeah, that’s my point, i think there will be a Wii U version wich will arrive outside of Japan at the same time than the 3DS version, but it haven’t been announced yet (incoming Nintendo Direct?).

      About MH3U… it’s not a game for everybody, try the demo and if you like that, well, you have just found gold… you have hundreds of hours of hunting ahead of you!

      • MrRobbyM

        I actually played Tri on the Wii and played the demo on the Wii U. Felt different but it’s probably that I’m not used to the gamepad yet. I’m most looking forward to hunting with fellow hunters :)

        • NeoPancho

          I didn’t play the Wii version but for what other players have commented it looks like this one it’s a little bit easier because monster have less HP. They have plenty of HP in my opinion! ^_^UUU

  • Areuto

    WOAH YEAH!!!!! WE DID IT!!! YEAH! I waited for a year and a half for monster hunter 3 ultimate to get and waited for at least 3 years for 4 to hear 4 is coming. WE DID IT!! XD!

  • Anthony Hadow

    I might consider getting this but Im skeptical this will be the final version of it so I will wait till they release that of 4

    • kthanxyousuck

      Why wouldn’t this be the final version?

      • Anthony Hadow

        Well its possible they might release a wii u version and this series seems to do the street fighter thing release a version of the game hen release another version with a couple new things and slap on a new title. I would rather wai and buy the final version than to buy the first.

        • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

          It doesnt really do the streetfighter thing. Its just like… platform based

        • J_Joestar

          Traditionally, the G labeled version of the game is the final one.

  • Talearc

    CAPCOM. Please include Tonfa at MH4U.
    Need Faster Impact Weapon than Hammer and Hunting Horn
    Hope that’ll become reality

    • Namuro

      You can use the insect from the Insect Staff to do impact damage. It’s almost as fast as shots from a bowgun, if you raise your insect as a speed type.

      But yeah, I want the tonfa as well. LOL

      • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

        Tonfa’s are in Frontier GG, which you can play on all platforms.

        But you get FE characters in WiiU version

        In Japan.
        On subscription

        • Namuro

          Exactamundo, that’s precisely why I want the tonfa in 4G.

          BUT…GG needs something unique of its own to draw the crowds in, so it’s totally understandable if it stays exclusive…for now.

  • Cameron West

    I wonder what sort of new features will be added to MH4U.

  • KoRLumen

    At least we know it’s coming for sure, now xD Though frankly, I never doubted it :

  • sd28

    hell yeah

  • Spider-Man

    I’M SO HYPE!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Damn, those are some pretty good graphics for a 3DS game. Guess that’s what a AAA franchise gets.

  • Kamen Rider Rayz

    Meanwhile, Sengoku Basara 4……. :'(

    • KnifeAndFork

      Yeah that one stings

  • Nhazul

    Best news ever.

  • Kazekage Gaara

    Too many games….but at least I have plenty of time to reload the wallet for this gem :D

  • NeoPancho

    That’s quite some delay… Wii U version incoming! (I hope)
    In any case, i hope we can learn soon what is new in this G/ Ultimate version, the plain “MH4” is already a good improvement over MH3U.

    • Online standalone feature. There’s probably no need for the Wii U version ‘cuz it’s the MH game in the west that can finally go online on its own ;-D

      • NeoPancho

        I’m sure that Wii U owners wich doesn’t have a 3DS couldn’t care less if there is a 3DS version, they want to play it with their Wii U. So far MH is more of a portable thing, but i would rather play it with my Wii U;

  • Link

    Lmao I called it last night and I was dead on about the early 2015 release date.

  • Ren Yuumei


  • BaoZakeruga

    Persona 5
    Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

    2015 is gonna be a good year.

  • Junko Enoshima

    I’ve never played a monster hunter game, but this looks pretty cool. Also, I’m glad we’re getting the upgraded version!


  • nihongogamer

    2015?! That’s much longer than I expected. It’s not a story heavy game and there’s no voice acting to dub so what’s taking localisation so long?

    • Ethan_Twain

      Well, actually they’re waiting on the development of this version of the game to finish… they’re opting to skip version one and only localize the new and improved version. So it’s not like localization is an ongoing process that is going to take a full year to wrap up.

      Honestly, I kinda like this trend of getting the extra good version of Japanese games. Bravely Default that’s coming out is actually the bonus content version, and now when Monster Hunter comes out it’ll be the bonus content version. Getting these version two games means that the eventual western release is the best it can be, and for a lot of these more niche games it really is important that they put their best foot forward.

    • kthanxyousuck

      The game won’t release in Japan till about Sept or October so it’s not really that long of a wait.

  • SetzerGabbiani

    Can’t wait to collect every Charge and Switch Axe in this game! Still working on my collection in 3U!

    • Namuro

      Oh boy, are you in for a real treat! The new axes in this game are gorgeous, especially the one you made from Goa Magara.

  • Wesley Kenneth Houpt Mattingly

    And to think people shat all over me for saying I would wait for Ultimate, seems like its a moot point since all we’re getting is Ultimate anyways, lol!
    Didn’t take them long to announce Ultimate either. Wish they were going for Wii U too, or something else. I prefer MH on console. But I did just purchase a 3DS XL for Bravely Default, so I am set.

  • LexKitteh

    I actually felt a little touched that Ryozo Tsujimoto made the effort to tell us in the west also, the same day they announced for Japan, that we would have the game. I feel Capcom USA would have left us waiting with no mention for a long time.

  • WyattEpp

    2015: I become a shut-in

    • M’iau M’iaut

      You and a whole lot of us, Sir.

      • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

        When X comes out, everyone will be a shut in.

        I took 2 months off from work to finish Xenoblade .___.

        • Lumi

          2 entire months nonstop?

          • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

            Yes. Went full on shut in.

    • SetzerGabbiani

      Right there with you. Still a shut-in on 3U…the light…it burns!!

  • Raltrios

    Thank god. Does this mean we’ll be getting that sexy black/gold 3DS XL? Because if so, I’ll finally be able to upgrade.

  • Jenny W

    I hope they put this on the wii u also.
    Casue the 3ds version of mh3u is hard to play.
    They will have to make a new data transfer for the 3ds.
    and replay tool for the wii u.

  • Jenny W

    When is the creator of monster hunter gonna learn.
    That not all hunters live in the same town’s,city’s,state’s,region’s.
    I mean seriously come on now.

    • Namuro

      So…what’s the problem? Since you can play online in MH4.

    • Like what Namuro-san said…. What’s the problem? What you just said is already solved with the new online feature for this game. So pretty much anybody like me from the Philippines and people in the US can finally play together thanks to the online feature. THEY LEARNED THEIR LESSON already.

  • So we won’t get any MH4 at all? i find the announcement of 4G is way too early considering it is just 6 months after MH4 come out.

    • It’s better than nothing. It’s the same game plus with added stuff like, obviously, the G-Rank quests, that new desert area and other stuff they haven’t announced. Better than nothing.

      Plus, we have felynes! So don’t worry about it. We are getting the same game with added stuff. It’s like Bravely Default West release.

    • but it’s going to be already 1 year after MH4 when 4G released

      • i seriously wonder how the Japanese fan feels about this especially when they had MH4 already

        • J_Joestar

          Well i doubt a G game was unexpected, and at least saves from 4 can be transferred to 4G

    • fireguardiancoty

      Looks like normal Capcom behavior to me. Next thing you know they’ll release it digital only.

  • cj may

    happy days!
    time to lock in 100s of more hours next year!.

    • J_Joestar

      just 100? ;)

      • cj may

        100s :P

  • Draparde

    Just you wait Insect staff, next year we’re gonna have lots of fun together :)

  • isotrex

    early 2015?! WTF?!

    I guess it’s better than nothing?

    • J_Joestar

      that is still significantly closer to the Japanese release of the game compared to how long we had to wait for 3U.

  • Ban The Jackass

    I can barely contain my hype. Please hurryyyyy, come to me MH4U! Would be nice if there’s some goodies with the physical game.

  • SlickRoach

    I think I may just die from overhype exposure. This is the best gaming news I’ve read since…I don’t know, the first trailer for Pokémon X & Y.

  • Shindoi Hayato

    Right around the time I’m moving back to Japan…

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