Monster Hunter 4G Announced For Nintendo 3DS

By Ishaan . January 26, 2014 . 12:40am

Well, that was quick! Capcom have announced Monster Hunter 4G for the Nintendo 3DS at the Monster Hunter Festa 13 event in Japan. Save data from Monster Hunter 4 will be transferrable to the new game. Monster Hunter 4G is slated for release in Japan this autumn.

Update: Coming to U.S. and Europe as Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate.

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  • GiralGa

    Release it in the west please -.-

  • Go2hell66

    no wonder they didn’t want to localise the last one…

    • Robert Hendrie

      Lets hope that’s the reason. I really want monhun 4

      • Chon Pak

        Expect Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate in 2016. It’s a good thing we’ll probably get it, but waiting for so long really sucks. If Capcom would actually release a Monster Hunter game with G-Rank instead of adding it on later, then it would allow for localization much faster. However, the drawback is that we won’t get free DLC anymore….

        • niko

          You skipped a year and added paid DLC. Neither of those things makes any sense.

          • Chon Pak

            Oh it seems I did skipped a year, but it seems you don’t understand what I meant by paid DLC. I assumed that the DLC are free because of the profit they made by re-releasing the same Monster Hunter game with add-ons. Therefore, my suggestion that they “include the G-Rank initially” will have the drawback of the DLC being priced.

          • niko

            The DLC isn’t the main draw of the game. It might not even be in the game. If you are calling the actual G-Rank “DLC” then you’re not a MH fan and not in the people who are going to buy anyway. A MH Fan will play 4 to death, then G-Rank to death, and easily get enough out of both games. It’s not even something that is questioned as being a problem.

          • Chris Evan Jonance Ingeniero

            FYI MonHun series never had a paid DLC

  • Carocaro4

    you know what this means right? haha

  • Spider-Man

    Wow Capcom. Guess this will be 4 Ultimate for the West.

  • tiffanie4bsb

    what about the us, me and my husband cant get enough of it!!!!!!!

  • malek86

    Guess MH4 is not gonna surpass MHP3 now, not if they skip the localization (which they most likely will). Maybe that could be MH4G doing the deed.

  • sinGestalt

    I’m actually realllly looking forward to this, and of course, like others are hoping the announcement for this versions localization will come soon too. While it only seems like it’s been a couple of months that it’s out, seems part for course for the span of times between each version. I remember when Freedom 2 came out that Freedom Unite was only like a year later too. Now here’s hoping it doesn’t take until 2015+ for the rest of us :c

  • 永次

    Great. When will they open the pre-orders?
    PD: This is developed by Byking like MH, MH2 and MH3?

  • Roll Caskett

    Sigh Capcom will never learn

  • Lemski07


  • Ben Green

    I don’t care i just want this in english NOW!

  • Zeonsilt

    At least,this is not a re-re-re-re-release like Street Fighter.

    • Kurizu208

      Don’t tempt them! lol

  • Link

    Monster Hunter 4G release Fall 2014 in Japan
    Monster Hunter 4Ultimate for 3DS and WiiU First Quarter 2015 in US/EU.


    • 永次

      Will you need to wait 1 year more? I would not be happy, I would boycott the release.

      • Link

        I’d wait another year rather than not have it released at all. And atleast with 4G we would get the complete package ala 3G was instead of just vanilla MH4

  • tubers

    How likely is it to have an MH4 GG? That’s right. Double G.

    I hope MH4 G comes to the West asap.

    • Ishaan

      That would be G2 or G 2nd, like in the second generation.

      • chocodino

        I think he means it like in Monter Hunter Frontier GG [after the release of MHFG, and of course MHF]

  • Adrián Alucard

    4G will be the easy version of MH4?

    3U was very very easy compared to Tri, and I didn’t liked it…

    • Link

      The G versions are the “complete” versions. Meaning G Rank and that stuff. 3U was made easier in order to better appeal globally and its seemingly worked.

    • Heisst

      3U had G rank which was harder than anything in Tri.

      • Adrián Alucard

        Nope. High Rank monsters in Tri are tougher than G Rank monsters in 3U

        I’ve never beat Jho in Tri, but in 3U is super easy, even alone (at least for me)

        And I can beat my nemesis (Barioth) easily in the G Rank, but in Tri I still sweat while hunting it in normal rank

        • Heisst

          ”High Rank monsters in Tri are tougher than G Rank monsters in 3U”
          Don’t be silly, the sheer fact that G-rank is a higher rank than HR means it’s automatically harder.

          Look it up on the wiki, monsters get new moves and lose weaknesses. G-rank Jho is also a whole different story than HR Jho.

          • Adrián Alucard

            I have both games, I know what i’m talking about

            I played until the last day of Tri (online) and I spent +700 hours in 3U

            Capcom made 3U easier, thats all. and they didn’t lose weakness they gained


          • Heisst

            Nope, nearly every if not every single monster got a new attack as well as lost a weakness like Silver Rathalos’ head now bounces off anything, even purple sharpness, which wasn’t the case before 3U.

            Also, Lucent Narga, who is harder than anything in Tri BY FAR.

          • Adrián Alucard

            I find more easy the monsters in 3U whatever rank that monsters in Tri. And i’m not alone i’ve read in miiverse a lot of people complaining abot how easy is 3U compared to Tri

          • Heisst

            That’s because what they did make easier was LR since Barroth was such a wall in Tri.

            However G-rank completely destroys Tri, even the -ggies are a threat at first since they are twice as fast and wreck the player’s pathetic HR armor at that point. And as said before, Lucent Narga overwhelms any challenge Tri ever had, goddamn that bastard.

        • ronin4life

          Maybe you just got better at the game?

          • Adrián Alucard

            nope I played both simultaneously during a short time, Tri was always harder than 3U

  • rob1610

    And still no word of a Western release…

    Nevermind. xD

  • British_Otaku

    I hope some of that One Piece and Zelda DLC is still in, otherwise I’ll keep putting it off as I have been.

    • 하세요

      I can easily see the Mario and LoZ DLC returning, but most, if not all, anime DLC gets altered somehow. The gear itself stays, but they change the design.

      • British_Otaku

        Even for the Japanese version, it will be altered?
        I’m sure that sounds possible for MH4U (which I didn’t know about 3 hours ago when I posted this), but what are the odds of that content which was timed free DLC popping up in MH4G from the get go.

        If I liked MH more, I would have imported, but I held off as I anticipated that I would be missing on too much for the game to “feel worth it” if that makes any sense. I know it is mostly minor stuff missing.

  • Heisst

    From the people I asked who streamed the game on Twitch, MH4 has endgame issues where there’s simply not enough stuff to do as there’s less monsters than 3G. Hopefully we get this version.

    • 하세요

      The G games always have more content as it’s a fusion of all the generations and previous ones’ monsters and areas. The mechanics added in in MH4 were just so much better than 3G that I, as well as many others, couldn’t go back to 3G.

  • Cephrien

    Maybe this is why we haven’t gotten it in America and Europe yet.
    We’re getting the G version?

  • 하세요

    Oh my gawd transfer data! Yep, sticking to Japanese.

  • Namuro

    I literally squealed out loud when I got home and saw this announcement!

    Can’t wait to see what they add in!

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    hmmm…capcom you renewed my interest

  • Skyer Ist


  • Kornelious

    Alright! No wonder they didn’t release it in the west. Monster Hunter 4 ultimate…can’t wait!

  • Fango

    i totally did not see this coming

  • Kaihedgie

    Did you even buy the game?

  • Anewme…Again

    Don’t need to buy the game to know this is just an updated version.
    Every G before were just updated games.

  • Kaihedgie


    That doesn’t answer the question though

  • yomachaser

    Updated with assloads of new gears and beasts you mean!

  • Go2hell66

    MHP2G was a pretty huge for just an update…

  • Anewme…Again

    What was the question then ?

  • Emsa

    I have the game. Bought it when I thought I would have time to play it but have barely started it yet. I definitly want to get into it, but now with an upgraded version in less then a year? Motivation sinking, I’m new to MH games so I can’t really see why I would pay full price for an update, I’m not that invested in it. When Fantasy Life released their update, I could buy it cheaper, when Bravely Default update released, I could buy that cheaper as well. Not giving their users the opportunity to update for cheaper is what you can call “Capcom’d”.

    And you sound like you expect no one here to have bought the game, but from experiece I know there are a lot of importers visiting this site.

  • Kaihedgie

    Did he buy the game or not

  • Anewme…Again

    Oh, i thought you meant someone else with that.
    The games isn’t even out yet that would be hard to have bought it.

  • Kaihedgie

    I mean the original

  • ofedenhall

    Doesn’t really matter if he bought the original or not. Capcom is forcing hand, 4 will stop being supported and the community will move on.

    It’s a pretty dirty move to be releasing a G game this soon.

  • Kaihedgie

    Yeah it kinda does matter.

    If you didn’t buy it, then it doesn’t really affect you at all

  • Ishaan

    It’s not soon. It’s coming a year after the original, which is in line with most of the rest of the series.

  • Kaihedgie

    How can you even be concerned if it wasn’t even released here in the first place?

  • ofedenhall

    So I shouldn’t be concerned that a company is trying to shake the most money they can out of people, even if they haven’t done it directly to me?

    Yeah ok

  • BlueTree

    I think you’re at a potentially interesting point, so rather than use the lovely online phone in system that is up/down voting, I want to sort of chime in with you and propose a few ideas I think are related to what you’re saying:

    I’d propose using different language/terms than what’s going on here, because the person you’re speaking to, I’m seeing a trend, is sort of incapable of seeing that their lack of investment in these games shows an unwillingness to actually explore what’s going on. They’re very entrenched in that old idea of “update is a metaphor for bad.”

    I think revision, REVISION, has resulted in a lot of very amazing games. We wouldn’t have a lot of the video games that people are fond of without this notion of taking the old and making changes on a range or scale. Either major changes or even slight, quality of life, tweaks. Revision is an amazing way to let the people who have interacted with your art/product have some sort of voice, while still maintaining the creator’s voice. In this case, we should be judging how substantial the changes are if we are interested in making a judgement, and challenging the laziness of these old ideas.

    I enjoy revisions/sequels. They good stuff. I think it’s good to view them on a case by case basis. I bought Metal Gear Rising on PC and the only thing that changed from the console version was slightly better performance, but I didn’t think less of my original purchase of the game at all. So I think you’re on to something challenging the notion of some people on this update.

  • Kaihedgie

    It’s up to them whether or not they want to buy the update. You act like it’s a crime to buy an update, goodness forbid people actually want more out of a game they already like a lot

  • Anewme…Again

    A year ?
    MH4 was just released in september of last year.
    That’s just around 4 months

  • XiaomuArisu

    That is soon
    Its like Capcom trys to be EA which is not cool
    They could
    A) Make game work on sequel
    B)Make game new content with DLC(Download not disc locked)
    Instead they do this

  • Ishaan

    They’ve only announced it. It’s coming out in fall. Save data will be carried forward into the next game. They aren’t dropping support for anything, just giving people a heads up in advance.

    Monster Hunter isn’t like other games. It follows an MMO model. You let people know about expansions ahead of time.

  • Nightmare637

    “slated for release in Japan this autumn.”

  • Ishaan

    All right, enough. This is nothing new. It’s been happening with the series for a good five or six years now. The game is being released more than a year after the original.

  • Kaihedgie

    Well damn, you made my argument sound 10x better than I could have worded it.

    But yeah, that really is the case. People actually do go back and play older revisions of games they played before. There were definitely aspects and features that people miss in updates or things they felt was done better. Heck, Capcom even made this a feature with letting you play as previous versions of certain characters.

  • MrSirFeatherFang

    Animated gifs are not to be posted. Thanks

  • Kuromadou


  • Randgriz

    Maybe you should take out the “That was quick!” Part in the news – then maybe people wouldnt feel like its a quick release.

  • yomachaser

    Why the downvotes he’s right.

  • SilverSpades

    So, this is the whole story…

    MH4 released in Japan September, and then 4G is announced to release in Fall 2014, provided with the ability to carry saves into the updated version.

    We know Capcom to do this with their MonHun games (Freedom, Freedom Unite, 3, 3 G/Ultimate)

    …So what’s the problem here?

  • BlueTree

    It’s something I’ve thought about a lot, so you’re not alone heh. It was a very good question you asked, but it’s also hard to conversate when the conversation becomes a battle rather than an invitation to think.

    I’m pretty familiar with Capcom style revision because I actually like Street Fighter’s revisions from the past. I would never have played Street Fighter Alpha 2 without games like Final Fight, and every Street Fighter 2 game since World Warrior.

    Those features are amazing, it’s lame of a person to sort of marginalize what you presented there by just taking them for granted in a sentence.

    I would actually just ask anyone to look and see how much more there is to think about once we got away from “omg update.” Pretty sweet stuff, heh. I’m still not done with Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, kind of glad we get these at a slower rate lol. But the environment here is different too.

  • Ishaan

    Well, it is admittedly a quick announcement, but I don’t particularly see anything wrong with it. Everyone that plays MH knows 4G was an inevitability. It doesn’t really make a difference whether they announce it now or later.

  • Randgriz

    Damned if you do, damned if you dont…

  • Kaihedgie

    It’s much easier to hate and knee-jerk than to actually put thought into anything, let alone stop and consider

  • BlueTree

    Well, one thing I want to say before going. I think it DOES actually affect people to have a game like this come out, even if they never buy it it affects the market that they will be buying video games in… but I don’t think it’s a “good” or “bad” thing. I’m just reading that whole exchange and it’s pretty sigh worthy how stifling that old way of thinking can be.


  • MrSirFeatherFang

    Nah, it’s cool. The article on it is waaaay back who knows. Aaaand it hasn’t been updated on the rules (last I checked). Just wanted to let ys know ;)

  • MaximDualBlade

    It still doesn’t make it cool. That person didn’t insult the company, so his comment is valid

  • XiaomuArisu

    You are a fan,right?
    Just a feeling I get…
    Well other compaines update per DLC or Add ons
    Capcom still uses the “Release game after some months release same game with more content”
    Nothing wrong with liking MH but but those Capcom tactics are annoying

  • Khoko

    Because, MMO expansions aren’t the same price as the regular game unless the company is in maximum money grub mode. cough* Blizzard *cough

  • yomachaser

    Dude do you play MH? These expansions are huge,it’s not like they’re asking for full price for a new area of the map and a few upgrades, it’s generally more new stuff than the first game had stuff period!

    Blizzard has never given as much stuff in an expansion as Cap does with MH. If you don’t play the series don’t chime in.

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