Freedom Wars Interview On The Game’s World

By Cheng Kai . January 27, 2014 . 5:25pm

At the Taipei Game Show, Siliconera caught up with designer Toshiyuki Yasui and Sony Computer Entertainment producer Junichi Yoshizawa to discuss Freedom Wars, an upcoming multiplayer Monster Hunter-style title for the PlayStation Vita.


Freedom Wars takes place in a dystopian setting, where humans live in underground cities called “Panopticons,” while the surface world lies in ruins. In order to main order, crimes are heavily punished, with millions of prisoners serving time and prison sentences extending up to 1 million years in some cases.


As part of the game’s story, your job will be to earn your freedom. This is done by undertaking life-threatening rescue missions against giant enemies.  Successfully completing these reduces your sentence by a little each time.


Freedom Wars’ development team includes quite a number of recognizable names who’ve worked on other major titles in Japan. (Yoshizawa served as Associate Producer for Patapon, and Yasui was also game designer for God Eater) Is there any chance we’ll see that reflected in the form of cameos in the game?


Yoshizawa: A Patapon cameo appearance, huh? Well, that might be possible… I don’t know for sure!


With regards to character growth, will the growth in Freedom Wars be focused on the main character themselves (learning abilities, leveling up and gaining better stats), or will the growth be purely equipment-based, with minimal or no reliance on character levels?


Yoshizawa: We’ll be announcing more details on that in the future, but at the moment, we can confirm that there will a weapon customization and upgrading element.


Shift, the studio that made Namco Bandai’s God Eater games, is involved in the development for Freedom Wars. There are clearly some similarities between the two titles. Were there any lessons you learned from making God Eater that could be applied here for Freedom Wars?


Yasui: Well, the thing is, we’re basically a group of Japanese gamers who would very much like to make a game that everyone all over the world could play and enjoy.


So if there’s anything we learned from that previous experience, I would say it’s that we learned a lot about the presentation style, in terms of expressing and presenting games in a very Japanese way.


What we’d like to do is essentially capturing the essence of what makes “Japanimation” so popular worldwide.


In most games of this genre, there’s usually a single-player campaign and a separate multi-player mode with missions meant to be tackled by a team of players. In Freedom Wars, every time you clear a mission, your total prison sentence is reduced. So would it be possible for players who never touch the single-player story campaign to somehow “clear” the game simply by playing the multi-player missions so much that they’ve reduced their sentence from 1 million years to zero?


Yoshizawa: You could certainly do it that way. But you could also do that in any number of other play styles, through other objectives found within the game.


If a player successfully reduces their sentence from 1 million years to zero, is that the end of the game? Or is there more to do after that?


Yoshizawa: Okay, so what’s happening now is that everybody is extremely focused on the game’s premise of having the player reduce his prison sentence down to zero. But here’s the thing: the sentence can be added to. [the room erupts with laughter]


So if you get careless in the game, you might just end up getting a ridiculous number of years added to your sentence! That’s something we think players will look forward to finding out [laughs].


A big part of Freedom Wars’ gameplay revolves around using the Ibara (that’s the whip-like tool you use for hooking onto the environment). How was the idea behind the Ibara tool conceived? Also, will the prisoners gain new abilities that make use of the Ibara?


Yasui: Originally, the Ibara was conceptualized as just a simple red line established between you and the enemy you’re attacking, so as to communicate to your teammates that you are currently locked in engagement with this particular enemy. Other players who see the red line would go “ah, so you’re taking care of that enemy. Okay, I’ll head in that direction instead.”


The Ibara tool is issued to the player by the Panopticon governing body, and once certain conditions are met, you will be able to upgrade the tool.


There’s something I don’t quite understand about Freedom Wars’ universe. The game takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where there are not enough minerals and resources to sustain human civilisations—and yet, the objective of the game’s missions is to save more humans. Normally, in such a scenario, you’d think that having fewer civilians in a Panopticon would mean less strain on the available resources.

And it’s not like you’d absolutely need human soldiers to fight the Abductors—after all, the technology to create combat-ready Accessories (which are android helpers who aid you in combat while out on the field, but who serve as your prison warden when you’re back in the Panopticon) is available. So why is it that rescuing civilians is the core objective in Freedom Wars? Is there something deeper at play here?


Yasui: This is actually explained in the game itself… we can’t quite talk about it in detail yet [laughs]. But when you see it explained in the game, it has something to do with, “Ah, I see, so this energy can be used in such ways too, huh?”


Yoshizawa: If you look closely at the trailer for Freedom Wars shown today (it’s the same one as the first full trailer, except with Chinese subtitles) and examine all the various keywords thrown around, you’ll notice that pretty much everything is controlled by the Panopticon governing body—including the actual numbers of the population itself. The total number for the labour force, even the total number of casualties.


That level of control over the population is one part of the puzzle. What Yasui just said… and the keyword in the trailer, are hints to a mystery that we hope you’ll look forward to finding out more about in the full game.


In the trailer, we see a male protagonist with a female Accessory. Are those genders fixed?


Yoshizawa: Nope. Both the main character and the player’s Accessory can be male or female.Please feel free to play around with the options for customising your avatar and Accessory—as a set—when the full game is out.


That’s one of the key features that separate Freedom Wars from other titles in the genre, where it’s already quite common for the player to customise his or her avatar to taste. In Freedom Wars, since it’s a pair you can customise, we hope that players will have fun expressing their sense of fashion in the game.

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  • MXC

    “Both the main character and the player’s Accessory can be male or female.”

    Now this has really caught my interest.

    • Shinobikens

      Oh boy my number one concern has been addressed. I am pleased

  • Earthjolly

    So I can put my guy into a dress? Anyways this is really looking interesting.

    • Enma_Kozato

      I’d be up for a Siliconera dress-totting male squad. We could pick out each other’s outfits and occasionally partner up the female squad.

  • TheExile285

    “But here’s the thing: the sentence can be added to.”

    Ohoho, this is interesting.

    They still haven’t shown much of the game yet. I’m guessing they will have some type of Event for it soonish.

    • Dinoegg96

      Mission accomplished = -1,000 years
      Mission failed = +50,000 years xD

      • Ric Vazquez

        Damn XD

  • neocatzon

    Patapon enemies could make good bosses, really.
    Much everything about the world will be explain in game, so we have to wait. No spoiler this time.
    So, does this mean bromance and yuri are a possibility?

    • JoJo_718

      Grappling and then barraging with bullets a Ciokina?! sounds pretty cool, alongside a Kat, Alias, Raven or even a Dart costume.

      • neocatzon

        Weird, now I want to see Kat as a Patapon..

  • MasterScrub

    I have a mighty need for this game.

  • Kornelious

    Localization…Seriously someone figure out how many times I’ve said that on this site X(

    • cyberkinghardy

      it’s in english already..if you live in the west, either you import it, or wait for the R1 version..

      • Farid Belkacemi

        The TGS demo was in English but the Asian and Japanese versions will only be available in Chinese and Japanese : it was confirmed during the show

        • cyberkinghardy

          isn’t it weird? playing english demo yet jap and chinese only on the release? or are they just trolling with those video that they posted on youtube..
          i believe this will have a jap voice + english/chinese text..something like that

          • tubers

            I guess they were expecting a some international guests during the recent Taipei convention.

          • Farid Belkacemi

            I certainly hope so (Japanese dub + English text) but it doesn’t look that way :(

  • tubers

    If I become rich enough in Panopticon, I hope I can change my Android into a geezer or a kid.

    Zip lining geezers sound amusing :P

    • Ferrick

      i don’t know, i think i would shit myself if i see oldies zip lining here and there

      • tubers
        • Ferrick

          … that’s not as bad as accidentally seeing your mentor (80 years old) fully naked, as she walks out of the bathroom

          • tubers


          • icecoffemix


          • Ferrick

            it’s impossible… especially when you see those two mini newton cradle hanging around and clacking on each other by gravity

          • TheExile285


          • icecoffemix

            *stab own eyes*

          • tubers

            That’s just worse lol!

  • cyberkinghardy

    If Shift was involved, why didn’t they release also an english version for God Eater 2?

    • tubers

      AFAIK BAmco’s the IP handler.

      • cyberkinghardy


  • Definitely looking to be one of the best games. So can’t wait to customize my character, and accessory =^_^=

    • Kai2591

      I hope blonde twintail drills is an option ;)

      • neocatzon

        Someone just announcing his fetish.

        • Kai2591


      • Damn right lol =)

  • So if there’s anything we learned from that previous experience, I would say it’s that we learned a lot about the presentation style, in terms of expressing and presenting games in a very Japanese way.

    I would hope that they’ve learnt more than that. God Eater’s physics, even in God Eater 2, still feel very loose and sloppy. I know people argue that the game is meant to provide easy satisfaction and make the player feel good about themselves, but that doesn’t have to equate to bad physics.

    Just something as simple as running in GE feels off. It feels as though you’re floating across the ground, rather than actually running against it. The Aragami physics could use an overhaul, too, judging by the demo for God Eater 2.

    What worries me is that Shift have developed three God Eater games so far, and each one has only really displayed improvements in terms of presentation and content. Actual gameplay is still almost exactly the same as it was in the original God Eater, which is surprising, considering GE2 was in development for…three years?

    They haven’t had their Monster Hunter Tri moment yet, where the team decides to scrap everything and start over from scratch. That said, since they won’t be able to re-use any God Eater assets or technology (hopefully) for Freedom Wars, I really hope this is a more refined game.

    • MaximDualBlade

      That’s why this is another game.

    • tubers

      Sprinting seems worse in this game specially in animation.
      If you’ve observed the latest gameplay, there seems to be little reason to actually run since you can use the Thorn even for Ground movement (unless they gimp the thorn in retail where it drains so much energy when you use them).

      I guess the time you’ll be really sprinting around is when carrying Civilians (w/c don’t look enjoyable IMO). I hope Allies can just “pass”/”grab” Civis to and from each other via Thorn.

      If you’re already kinda miffed with the ground physics, I think you’d even be more so with how the air “physics” (zip lining from surface to surface).. it has an “unrealistic” float in between and IMO is deliberate for giving players window for targeting onto other surfaces.

      If SCEJ is also working on the game, then I guess we can’t just blame Shift if the game fails to meet your running/walking/sprinting expectations.

      • I haven’t had the time to check the new videos out yet, but if that’s the case, it’s rather disappointing. I was hoping Freedom Wars would be a “better God Eater,” for lack of a better description, given the similarities between the two.

        I don’t want to blame SCEJA because we don’t know for sure what their level of involvement is. For example, we know that when Nintendo publishes a game, their producers are very hands-on and in constant communication with the developer, whoever they may be. There’s always a constant back and forth, since every manager at Nintendo is a former game designer.

        In the case of SCEJA, we can’t be certain just how involved they are, or how hands-on they are, when it comes to tweaking the finer aspects of the game. As a publisher, though, yes, it is absolutely their fault if the game ends up not feeling good in people’s hands.

        • tubers

          Yeah. This game won’t ever likely be for you at this point. I doubt they’d change the “physics” at this rate but who knows.

          In that sense we can’t really blame just one either since we don’t know w/c one is getting noosed w/ the project.. for now.

          Maybe they’ll disclose later on how much collaboration work they did with the game design and programming.

          As far as I’ve read with twitter posts, there are more concerning matters like invisible walls, shooting controls (some where clamoring for R instead of Square) and “cut scenes” when an Abductor actives and deactivates thus disrupting the flow of the gameplay.

          • There are apparently quite a few issues with the game, including how the map and UI are presented.

          • tubers

            Yes and there will be another somewhat closed -conference on Feb 1.

            IMO, they really need to get a lot of feedback if they want this thing to even sell close enough to other games like SS, Toukiden and GE 2.

            That 1m wish is unrealistic unless this is F2P or having both a full length movie and an anime TV series.

            I don’t think an SEA + JPN simultaneous release would do that much.

          • IMO, they really need to get a lot of feedback if they want this thing to even sell close enough to other games like SS, Toukiden and GE 2.

            You know what… I’m going to have to disagree on that point. This game is going to sell a certain amount regardless of how good it is, because it looks flashy and cool. It’s style over substance, and for a lot of people, that’s enough.

            Actual polish only starts to matter once you’re trying to really break out into the mainstream. And given the lack of competition on Vita, I’m fairly certain Freedom Wars will have no trouble selling to people who don’t want to buy another platform to play MH on.

            But yeah, 1 million is hardly realistic. That’s not going to happen. When did they say that? I might have missed it.

          • MaximDualBlade

            Man, I dont know if you want´/don’t want the game to succeed or just to please you(excellent reason, because it’s your money)

            This game will never be MH and that seems to be your main interest. . Seems like you are waiting too much of a game or you are trying too hard to like it. It will have flaws, that mucg I can assure you.

            Let’s see how the game evolves, it has like 6 months to get in good shape for you.

          • I don’t want the game to be MH. I have MH already. Why would I want another game exactly like it? I want the game to have good controls and to feel good in my hands when I play it, unlike God Eater.

            And no, this isn’t about “the physics are different in the God Eater universe”. The physics are clearly sloppily coded. You can choose to believe it’s deliberate if you like, but I’m afraid that would be awfully naive.

          • MaximDualBlade

            It’s your opinion and I don’t want to change it, just don’t be too demanding on this one. It isn’t MH , nor GE, it could very well end up being a pleasant experience for you, or not.

            You are focusing on negatives only, that’s my point. You could show some interest on the ideas, like the story, the panopticosn seem like a fun idea, instead of “I hope this is different than GE because I dislike how the physics in that game feel to me.”

            I know you are basing your thoughts on that this is a collaboration with Shift the GE developer and the amount of gameplay we have seen to date, but give it a chance.

          • XiaomuArisu

            Isnt it naive calling a game sloppy coded because you miss the weight? SS,GE,FW and Toukiden want to be different. Just because they dont use the realism MH uses doesnt mean they are bad coded. In GE for example you can evade and defend mid-combo. With weight it would be slow. The Aragamis are supposed to be godly strong. They are fst even with their massive bodies.They dont want to be grounded in realism. Dont forget that.

          • You’re ignoring my entire point. It’s not just about the weight. Look at the running animation. Look at the Aragami animations. There’s a lot of cut corners in these games. Weight is one issue that adds to the problem, but it isn’t the only one.

            Considering that God Eater is among one of Namco’s highest-selling franchises, one would think they would treat it with a little more respect. Instead, it looks like the vast majority of the three years they worked on GE2 were spent on visual improvement rather than actual polish.

          • XiaomuArisu

            Im pretty sure they respect it
            But it seems you love MH too much
            Your free to like it
            But saying that the other games are without respect or bad programmed…Well your a fanboy~

          • tubers

            I guess that has some merit but only because I think AoT “happened” (junk boxart, questionable game quality but seem to have sold well).. Then again I think a good/quality/polished game would garner longer legs through word of mouth than a game with lower quality.

            Their intention is pretty much clear w/ that “boom” spouting and 1m sales aim. I don’t know how that isn’t mainstream enough as far as Sony handheld software goes and wouldn’t warrant “actual polish”.

            Lack of competition on the VITA doesn’t seem to be appropriate. It seems to have more MP JARPGs of similar PV to compete with.

            BTW: “1 million” source:



            What’s your sales projection of FW, btw?

          • AoT is definitely a factor, yeah. That sold on brand, but I feel part of the reason was also that it sold to a different audience. It wasn’t targeting the hunting games market.

            A quality game definitely benefits from word of mouth and enjoys longer legs. When I said “mainstream,” I meant actually reaching that 1 million audience. The point at which the game is an actual phenomenon.

            Lack of competition on the VITA doesn’t seem to be appropriate. It seems to have more MP JARPGs of similar PV to compete with.

            True, but how many of these pose any real threat? Soul Sacrifice’s art style held it back and God Eater hasn’t really done much to improve upon itself. Toukiden got off to a good start and is a more polished game than GE2, but it’s a relatively new franchise. So Freedom Wars is effectively trying to break into a market where there’s plenty of room to improve.

            What’s your sales projection of FW, btw?

            Exact sales are tricky to try and predict, obviously, so I’m going to say more than Soul Sacrifice but less than GE2. If the game is marketed well, probably higher than Toukiden but probably still less than GE2.

          • tubers

            Sounds convincing. I don’t think it’ll sell more than Toukiden tho due to being a PSP multi-plat.

            Yeah, I guess it has quite a room to grow. Hopefully the game’s PVP is a substantial enough experience and probably the first on the handhelds after following MH’s popularity.

            I wonder if MP PVP has a sizeable market for Japanese handheld gamers. Don’t think it really exists outside fighting games. There are FPS PVP vita games but afaik, these really didn’t do too well in Japan.

            I would’ve been interested if Capcom made a Lost Planet for handhelds if they could’ve pushed for PVP in such medium (FW has some semblance with LP).

          • MaximDualBlade

            That cutscene skip of the abductor when it activates/deactivates must be implemented. I like to watch it 1 or 2 times, in the whole game, but skip scene should and even must be implemented in all games in my opinion.

          • tubers

            When I google translated some posts before, I think the dev was mentioning about something like a visual cue of urgency.. I think that’s helpful for beginners but should also be optional and have the option later to completely turn the cut-scene off since your Android Partner seems to report it by text and audio anyway.

          • MaximDualBlade

            I hope so too. Or at least just press START, let the creature transform, but that they let you move while the cutscene is going on. I don’t know if I make myself clear?

            The only example I have is Soul Sacrifice, where when you or any of your party members get close to an archfiend, a cutscene occurs for all the players, but if you press START, you regain control of your character, so you can position yourself wherever you want while the archfiend appears

          • tubers

            Well understood but I’d go as far as recommend the touch screen (tap once) since it’s more ergonomic (easy thumb reach).

            AFAIK, in ssD you can press the touch screen too not just start/select (SS 1).. it’s not very easy to press those with the 1K model.

          • MaximDualBlade

            It would be cool. I have the problem that my vita screen has issues so, any touch heavy game, can be frustating, like Dragon’s Crown, with that problem of mine was unbearable sometimes. People online though I was playing with the runes, but it was my screen that went completely nuts. And the menus?! geez, with a bad touch screen, Dragon’s Crown on vita was a rollercoaster experience XD I still played it a lot but they should make the touch with a “enable/disable” option :S

            With SS I had problems because the menus are completely touch heavy, but way less poisoning than my DC experience. I loved both games a lot, so shit happens XD My vita is like that car that only you know how to use well, and you love it anyways XD

            Talking about Delta… That release date is taking them a while. Less than 2 months for it’s japanese release. End of April/1st week of May perhaps?

          • tubers

            Hmm.. not sure about when SS:D’s coming.. It’s been pretty quiet.

            I am sorry to hear about your VITA. I hope you’ll find a way to fix it or at least find a good deal on a new VITA.


          • MaximDualBlade

            I’m waiting for the slim version. I know people make a scandal about the OLED, but as long as the screen works and I can play without handicaps, I could care less about OLED XD I spent a lot of my time playing ps3 on a normal tv. remember the fat ones, no HD the tri-color cables.
            Also when the HD-tv died, the good old standard tv kept me gaming for another month a year ago.

          • tubers

            That’s good to hear then!

            I hope the PSV 2K model gets a 179.99 U$D MSRP :)

          • MaximDualBlade

            me too and before summer if possible.

    • icecoffemix

      I don’t think they aim this to be MH, running like in MH wouldn’t work with the fast paced combat of their game.

      I think Toukiden is where you want it to be like.

      • Toukiden is definitely better, but that one’s not quite there yet either. Still, definitely better than GE. I was kind of shocked by how much more I liked the demo for Toukiden than God Eater.

        • icecoffemix

          Yeah, it’s still the first iteration. First MH was also quite rough compared to today, if Tecmo Koei can nurture the series it could be big IMHO.

          • tubers

            It would still depend since Toukiden could follow a different route in the future; for or against Ishaan’s preference.

          • icecoffemix

            Well I hope at least they don’t slow it down to mimic MH.

          • tubers

            I don’t see that happening but maybe they’ll be introducing more weapons that have more weight to them.

          • icecoffemix

            Why? I’ve heard they fasten the game’s pace after suggestion from demo/beta tester (iirc it was initially feel too much like MH) and since it’s working for them why change it back?

          • Again, you misunderstand. This isn’t about speed in the slightest. What I’m talking about has nothing to do with speed.

          • icecoffemix

            Not talking about you actually. If it’s about adding weight to weapon and character (which will inevitably affect speed) which you explained below, then I think it’s not necessary for Toukiden, might be good for GE though.

          • tubers

            I just think that the weapon themselves can alleviate the need for speed (i.e. dual knives).

            Fasten the whole pace and we get less variety (another GE). I don’t think it’s a great idea.

          • icecoffemix

            I said to not slow down not quicken it, and MH actually got a lot faster (relatively) compared to the first game on PS2 which shows that there’s a room for wriggle if they want to anyway.

    • XiaomuArisu

      Floating? Well GE is supossed to be fadter then MH. Maybe you are just used on MH speed and think that GE feels weird?

      • tubers

        He wants it changed not get used to.

      • It’s not about speed, it’s about “tightness”. Every hit, every action has an impact in Monster Hunter. You feel the weight of your blows, your feel the difference in weight between different weapons, you feel the weight of your character when you move around and jump, regardless of whether you’re playing a lightweight or heavyweight class.

        As an example, look at Devil May Cry. Even in DmC, there’s a clear impact while using Rebellion, the sword. Rebellion is a more lightweight weapon than either the axe or the scythe, but you still feel the weight of the weapon when Dante swings it. It feels good to press a button and have the game convey this sense of force back to you as you perform an action.

        However, when you actually do use the axe, it’s immediately apparent just how hefty it is. Dante slams it down with such force that the entire ground trembles. Again, it’s a very conscious decision to give the weapons completely different feels in terms of heft, speed and impact.

        The same holds true for when you use the Devil Trigger or when you’re running or platforming. Every action feels like it has a natural, believable force behind it. The animation, the physics, the sound all come together to create this very convincing feel of strength and speed.

        God Eater is unfortunately lacking in this department. Running feels very floaty. When you’re moving, it feels like your character is cycling his legs in place while the ground slides around underneath you, which is such an odd feeling, especially in areas where there’s lots of things around, which makes it very noticeable. The most obvious example of this is the base.

        Meanwhile, enemies don’t have that attention of detail lavished upon them either. Large enemies don’t quite seem to have the appropriate weight behind them, and their animation doesn’t feel nearly as fluid and convincing as it does in Monster Hunter. In MH, every monster is inspired by a real-life counterpart, and the amount of effort that goes into animating them is ridiculous. In God Eater, this is absent entirely. Aragami animations feel very “hand-animated” and fake.

        Then there’s the weapons. When you hit something, you see all these flashy light effects and explosions. And yet, the actual impact of the weapon itself doesn’t seem to be that heavy. You don’t feel like you actually swung that thing with enough force to make sparks fly like that. Nearly every weapon does it, too, which kind of reduces the “wow” factor.

        Meanwhile, in the gun form, bullets don’t appear to have as much of an impact either. They don’t feel like they’re hurting the enemy, but you still see these flashy light effects and explosions upon impact. It just feels very… fake.

        Some part of this is probably deliberate, since I’m sure they want to try and set themselves apart from Monster Hunter. That having been said, I think there’s a happy medium between MH and GE, and despite having made three games so far, Shift don’t seem to have found it.

        • tubers

          “In MH, every monster is inspired by a real-life counterpart, and the amount of effort that goes into animating them is ridiculous. In God Eater, this is absent entirely.”

          Then all the more challenging for GE developers for some Aragami as we can’t reference real life Jumping Tank Monsters, Hannibals, and other “Halflings”.

          They don’t have an excuse for the Monkey, Alligator and the Wolf/Big Cat types tho.

          • Well, of course it’s a challenge. But that’s something they need to keep in mind while designing their monsters.

            Also, I would argue that it’s much harder for the Monster Hunter team to animate their creatures, precisely because there are real-life references, and if you aren’t accurate, you end up in that uncanny valley situation.

            As an obvious example, look at monsters like Barioth or Tigrex or Narga… they’re all very cat-like. I’ve actually grown up with cats my whole life, and it is astounding just how accurate the MH animations are.

            Like, really, really astounding, especially considering that they put that level of detail and effort into portable games. I can’t even begin to imagine how advanced the character models and rigs for those monsters must be.

          • tubers

            Good point.

            IMO by using actual reference (animals) you both have a starting base and you know where you’re end target is, where you should be headed.. where a person would relate “Ah it should really move like that” -instinctively.

            That is quite a leverage IMO.

            Tetrapod Tank? Demiurge (soft extending legs)?

            Seems harder to do “convincing” animations of if the features at awkward from the start.

            Do I make it move like a stiff robot? Or something more organic? How much “weighty”? It will be hard to be “convincing”; where would be this good middle ground of what’s already present in nature and yet artificial?

          • Ferrick

            pretty sure the monkey, wolf, and alligator are based off real world mythologies

        • MaximDualBlade

          I see your point but this is your personal opinion ,but to try and debate your point. It’s most likely deliberate and obviously not to all the gamers tastes. The same could be said about any game

          If you want to get metaphysical(correct term?) in the God Eater universe, physics work differently as the Monter Hunter universe, so that’s why they are 2 different series and not copy-paste. This is just a theory because we need confirmation from both developers and I have not played neither of these series.

  • DanijoEX ♬ the Cosmic Owl

    Hm…mhm…I’m liking the character and/accessory customization option mostly.

  • Kai2591

    Waifu Wars

    • Sounds about right

    • Ric Vazquez

      LOL,looking forward to it.

  • JustThisOne

    Hmm.. *rubs chin* Maybe the energy is people.

    • XiaomuArisu

      Soylent green

      • JustThisOne

        Haha, you got it. Although, in this case, I was thinking maybe more on the Matrix side. :>

        • XiaomuArisu

          Mr.Anderson…We have expected you!

  • MaximDualBlade

    Really excited for this game, it has a lot of potential, and it’s up to them to use it right. Has the game a confirmed pvp? because honestly with 8 players, you could very easily do some kind of interesting pvp, ranging from capture the flat, to kill each other XD

    Of course I’m not saying they neglect the pve aspect, but a pvp seems like a nice experiment. I don’t know what you people think of this?

    also I hope the story is serious and not so waifu intense XD Or at least a good mix , because it seems like the androids are potential love interest(in the year 101000+ it seems normal ) and I hope we can customize intensively our character and our android. Someone here said he wanted an old man or a child as his android and I think that sounds fun XD

    I also hope you can change the gender of your character anytime you want like in Soul Sacrifice, because it’s horrible when there are costumes that are gender specific and you cannot change.

    • tubers

      If there’s waifu “material” then it shouldn’t really be out in the main story.

      Just keep that kind of business inside your own prison cell. BTW, you can get an upgraded room if you do good enough (recent update).

      • MaximDualBlade

        I read that too. I hope I can get a nice comfy room for research :).

        • tubers

          “Research”.. right.. LOL xD

  • Steven Higgins

    I would just like to start by saying, I am not a fan of the Monster Hunting genre at all. In fact, I downloaded the MH4 demo, played it once and then said “nope” and deleted it. That being said,

  • italodance

    You have to ask more questions about offcially release date and does it come to the west with eng-dub or subtiles or not?

  • Damm, I fall in love for this game each time I read every single Review about it!
    And this:
    “Yasui: Well, the thing is, we’re basically a group of Japanese gamers who would very much like to make a game that everyone all over the world could play and enjoy”
    Makes it even better and obvious is going to be localized soon!

    • MXC

      IIRC, Sony is involved with this game so just like SS this game will most likely be localized.

  • Hikaru Lighthalzen

    no info’s for the demo yet?

    • tubers


  • Dkmariolink

    Now… To make a best friend, or a waifu… The decisions man.

  • God

    The very first thing i thought when i saw “Ah, I see, so this energy can be used in such ways too, huh?” was of the Matrix and using humans as batteries…

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