A Glimpse Of The Witch and the Hundred Knight Gameplay

By Ishaan . January 27, 2014 . 11:07pm

The Witch and the Hundred Knight is a couple of months from release, and NIS America have shared a new gameplay clip from the game, alongside a batch of new screenshots.



The Witch and the Hundred Knight involved a swamp witch named Metallia. Unable to travel beyond the borders of her swamp, she enlists the help of the Hundred Knight to help expand the reach of her swamp further across the land.


You play as the Hundred Knight and do Metallia’s bidding, exploring the world, destroying obstacles that prevent the swamp from spreading and more. All throughout, the Hundred Knight also questions Metallia’s true nature in his head, wondering just how she survives in the swamp and why she’s shunned by other witches.


The Witch and the Hundred Knight will be available on March 25th in North America and March 21st in Europe.


witchhk_01 witchhk_02 witchhk_03 witchhk_04 witchhk_05 witchhk_06

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  • $51888021

    I feel like I haven’t really heard anything about this game from Japan (where it’s been out for a while now). Does anyone (honestly) know how the game was received over there? I don’t wanna pre-order it, only to have another “Time and Eternity” on my hands. My god, do I regret that.

    • WyattEpp

      Come to think of it, what ever happened to Battle Princess Arcadia? We haven’t heard anything at all about that since it came out either….

      • Göran Isacson

        Adding my support to this request. I thought that game looked quite charming, but it looks like it just faded into oblivion…

        • zferolie

          Same here. Both this game and Battle princess looked quite good, but I can barely find any information on either of them.

          The only things I have heard about this game was that they have been patching it to fix issues. As for Battle Princess… I heard one guy said it’s bad… but I still hope it comes here because I want to play it.

          • Ikusahime was actually pretty bland [edit: overreached here, originally saying bad — changing to more accurately reflect the game].

            I’d say it might be worth it to check out if it showed up as a 20$ PSN digital only, but the game was not very fun, the mechanics didn’t feel good and were difficult to use correctly.

            I could see some potential in the formula but as the game was published, not worth it.

          • Göran Isacson

            Ah, downloaded and played it, I take it? I have to admit that some of the trailers made the game look very “floaty”, like you moved around sluggishly and the battles looked a bit “samey”. Like there wasn’t much variety or tactical skill involved. That about sums it up?

          • I actually made the “mistake” of preordering. Got the BGM soundtrack disk as a first release bonus and I’ll admit, that was actually worth it.

            The game does indeed look good, has great music, and the VAs do their job pretty well, but yeah, the actual gameplay did not feel very good.

            Fundamentally it presents basic levels in a “Score as well as possible!” format, grading you on damage taken, how high you can rack your combo, how fast you clear, etc, and in that vein even encourages level replay.

            The problem is that the gameplay does not feel responsive to the degree that it feels rewarding to try and meet those goals. It’s extremely simple and definitely on the slow side. I think if the game played at 1.25x – 1.30x the current speed it would feel a lot better, but the guarding and stuff still felt “soft”.

            Additionally, the mass army levels felt too divergent from the rest of the game play and just did not really make sense as a mechanic. It was interesting, but so kludgey that I just ended up hating everytime I had to do it.

            In the end I shouldn’t have said “Ikusahime was actually pretty bad,” what I should have said is that it was “actually pretty BLAND”. It’s not a horrible game, but it in no way, shape, or form, met the hype and expectation that the material around it suggested.

            It’s very engaging visually, but falls short on the gameplay. The leveling and item enhancement also just felt tacked on to make it RPG-ish, like NIS was afraid of deviating from the RPG formula. For as much as the weapon enhancement and leveling mechanics worked for Witch and Hundred Knight, they really don’t mesh right with Ikusahime.

            But I’d say it might be worth your time if it showed up on PSN as a 15$ download title. It’s not horrible, but not a showcase game by any stretch of the imagination.

          • Göran Isacson

            Ah, I see. So isntead of replaying stages because it’s fun, you replay them to grind and it just becomes a slog? Too bad. I was afraid that the game was a bit too slow, but I thought the large variety of characters could atl east make it varied too. Shame to hear that the leveling and crafting systems are just tacked on too: I take it the game is mostly jsut about getting the most powerful weapon and then mashing your way through enemies?

            Still: is the story at least charming/fun/interesting? I’ve braved mediocre gameplay for charming stories before.

      • Ladius

        I guess they don’t want to trample us with too many announcements, but I think Arcadia is definitely coming. I read a glowing comment from one importer, it looks like a really nice game even aside from its great art direction.

      • KuroNathan

        I heard that it was incredibly slow and clunky…

    • Ladius

      It was very well received, in fact it’s one of the few non-Disgaea NIS games that became successful in term of sales.

      There’s no reason to worry about this game being like Time and Eternity: the former one is from NIS’ Prinny Team, which has proven its worth before, while the latter was from Image Epoch, a developer which has been often disappointing in terms of quality. T&E’s issues were known long before the western release, if you followed the importers’ debates.

      • DyLaN

        If only IE other PSP games like 7D2020 and Sol Trigger came out of Japan……

    • I really enjoyed this game, played it all the way through and a bit of new game+ as well. The story was charming, funny, with some pretty dark moments.

      The actual game play feels like the original Legend of Zelda brought forward in time to a system with much more power. This really is a hidden gem of a game and I can’t recommend it enough.

      And I know what you you’re saying about Time and Eternity. I actually imported that game. Blah.

  • Dark Zerato

    The 1st picture. BDSM confirmed.

  • I’m still not convinced. March is already jam packed with new games so not getting this one won’t be an issue for me.

  • It mildly annoys me that they chose what was one of my least favorite levels to show some game-play from. Not really informative at all. They could have shown almost any other stage for better effect.

  • Slickyslacker

    Despite having heard almost nothing about the game from Japan (as everyone else below has bemoaned), it’s decidedly a niche game, so I’m surely going to love it to death. The 2.5/4 perspective and artwork depth during gameplay reminds me of Little King’s Story, one of my favorite games.

    I hope the collector’s edition doesn’t sell out before I can pre-order it…

  • Yan Zhao

    What is the gameplay actually like? It looks like a MOBA game without the MO part. And I dont like MOBAs. If it was more like an action RPG though I’ll probably give it a shot.

    • Ladius

      It is an action-jrpg, it has nothing similar to MOBAs in terms of mechanics.

  • IshimaruKaito

    this game looks sooo weird but sooo fun….lol

  • k.b.a.

    so i don’t play as metallia…

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