Mind Zero, Acquire’s Persona-Like Dungeon Crawler, Will Be Localized For The West

By Spencer . January 30, 2014 . 3:30pm

imageClass of Heroes was Acquire and ZeroDiv’s take on Wizardry. Mind Zero from the same two companies shares more in common with the Persona series. The PlayStation Vita RPG puts you in the shoes of Kei, a high school student who signs a contract with a Mind. These powerful entities can be summoned in battle to attack enemies, but having a Mind also means Kei is being hunted down by the government.


Aksys will bring Mind Zero to North America as a retail and PSN game in North America. European gamers can also pick up Mind Zero via PSN. Siliconera covered Mind Zero earlier check out the opening movie, how the battle system works, and details about the story. The English version of Mind Zero is slated for spring.

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  • Vitor Duarte

    Digital only? We waited all this time and we get a digital version?? Which will most likely be priced at 40€. Very sad with this one.

    • Anewme…Again

      *Sigh* seriously didn’t take long for someone to complain…

      • Vitor Duarte

        Don’t get me wrong I am very excited for this, truly I am. But I also know how things are, especially in Europe. Persona 4 Golden here in Portugal is only available on PSN, for 40€, the same I paied for my UK physical import. I’m glad the game is coming out in English, but these digital -only releases can destroy my enthusiasm quickly. Which, doesn’t mean I won’t get the game as soon as I can.

        • Nightmare637

          so how much is 40€ in $?
          I just think its harder to see the problem if I don’t know how much is being spent in my currency.(I’d check myself but for some reason or another Google refuses to loud -_-)

          • pimpalicious

            About $54 I think.

          • Vitor Duarte

            You will be paying 40$. Even tough 40$ is 29€, so now you see how ripped off we get. A retail release is priced at 60$? Well, here the same game, sometimes even in the same chain store is 60€, 70€ for big titles like CoD, GoW, GTA and so forth. Digital games are suposed to be cheaper.

          • Nightmare637

            wow that sucks, yeah I wouldn’t pay that much…. Ok I would, but I wouldn’t be happy about it.

          • Lester Paredes

            The conversion rate is about $1.60 to 1 Pound. I think.

          • Vitor Duarte

            We were talking about euros, not pounds :D

          • Lester Paredes

            Oooohhh… well, I know even less about that so let me scuttle off to my corner…

      • Lester Paredes

        While I agree with you, he’s got a point. It’s a tough pill to swallow when all you’re not getting anything tangible. I mean, sure, they can charge what they like and if the game is good, I’ll pay it because the game will be worth it. But, good or not, I’ll still wince when they take my money. lol.

    • Tinye

      Not to be an optimist but.. the fact that JRPG’s are being localized at all, whether digital or physical, is always good news! Even if it’s not great news, good news is good news.

      • Vitor Duarte

        Nice perspective. I didn’t thought of that. I hope more games get localized.

        • landlock

          It is a shame actually because Rising Star Games usually picks up whatever Aksys Games releases for Europe. They won’t be able to now. Guess I’ll import it then personally since that’s an option.

    • The game has been reviewed pretty poorly… I’m surprised we’re getting it at all.

    • chibidw

      “Aksys will bring Mind Zero to North America as ****a retail**** and PSN game in North America.”

      • pimpalicious

        Digital only in Europe.

        • Vitor Duarte

          I seem to have misread that particular line. If there is a physical release in NA, I may import a copy. Thank you for bringing that to my attention chibidw,

          • pimpalicious

            That’s one thing I’ll always like about the Vita over the 3DS. There are none on Vita yet, but Europe got a couple PSP games I wanted that were never released here so I’m glad to have the option again.

    • MaximDualBlade

      If the game file is small, it isn’t such a big deal, if it’s more than 1GB, then I get you fully :S Of course I prefer a physical copy

  • Sentsuizan_93

    Didn’t see that coming at all.
    Time to buy another memory stick……

    • TheExile285

      You never know, could be a small download. I find it easier to back up Vita games I’m not constantly playing to PS3.

      • Anime10121

        lol Wish I could do the same, but with all the installs, demos, and game data on mine, my PS3’s already fighting for memory :/

        • Sigfried Silverblade

          I know what you mean.
          It’s past the time I upgraded my PS3’s memory.

          • Anime10121

            I got a 500 gigger in mine’s and I’m not buying another larger one for my PS3, if I got a bigger one, it’d be for my PS4 period, as with the automatic game installs, I can see it running out of memory MUCH faster…

          • Sigfried Silverblade

            I see. Mine is still the measly 120 GB that came with the console. XP
            I’m leaving my Vita backup in the PC memory.

            Soo many game I want for Vita this year. Gotta choose wich ones to get retail.

  • Taedirk

    Meanwhile at Aksys: “Oh crap, Gamestop ratted us out. Quick! Send out promotional material!”

  • Crazy_O

    First thing looking for the publisher… Aksys, sigh of relief. Recently bought Sorcery Saga and I was really pleased with the localisation. A chance that I get a playble version of the game.

    I don’t really care about digital only, I’m sorry for those who do and I don’t mind you voicing your opinion.

    • Thatguy

      Yeah… aksys…
      I am STILL waiting for some news about Fate/Extra CCC!

    • lordsofskulls

      I like physical myself but with most Ps vita other than limited editions all it is case and artwork solo it not bog loss and Ps vita actually fun in digital over 3Ds

  • Scipio



    Yes! More Dungeon Crawling goodness!

  • TheExile285


    • Pdugna

      I think I saw your post on the announcement on their site like right when it was announced.

      • TheExile285

        shhhh! ;P

        • Slickyslacker

          Ahaha, I did too.

  • brostar

    I’d be mad at the lack of a physical release but at the same. I remember that Vita games are small blue boxes with incredibly thin game carts. No manuals at all. It’s not exactly a big loss. Besides we get it at the same as NA. So I’m fine with that.

    • Scipio

      I still like them. I can’t buy a $70 32gb SD cart. That’s ludicrous.

      I do miss manuals though, a game case feels incomplete without one, not even my 3DS games have one, only Rune Factory 4.

    • Vitor Duarte

      The lack of manuals surely bothers me, but a box always makes a diference I’m afraid.

  • DarthSithZero


  • Dsvkb

    Ahh, good news. I was just thinking about importing it since the Japanese version is dirt cheap now. Definitely looking forward to this.

  • ThatGuy3190_7

    As much as I want to give it a try, something irks me about this game being dangerously close to Persona. Possibly because the Persona and Shin Megami Tensei is or seems very original and that another company is trying to imitate it.

    • FlobotingIt

      I agree completely. I might get it, but I’m put off by it’s similarity. I don’t like that. There’s just something about SMT games that’s just so different, that when this showed up, I was excited, but then I wasn’t as excited. If I had my say, I’d want this to be a Persona side game rather than a brand new thing from a different company.

      • ThatGuy3190_7

        The fact that the protagonist is dangerously similar to the main protagonist of Persona 3 isn’t really helping any. After seeing the gameplay, I was instantly reminded of Persona 1 PSP.

        • FlobotingIt

          I haven’t seen that much gameplay, but hearing that turns me off. I love the original Persona (the one on PSP, since Revelations was so… Yeah), but I just hate that it’s kind of like a blatant rip off after hearing that. Ugh. We’ll see what happens…

          • ThatGuy3190_7

            Here’s a 12 minute gameplay video if you are interested.


          • FlobotingIt

            Huh. Well then. This looks like a straight up rip off of the dungeon exploration from Persona 1 and the battle system from IV.

  • Rodel Christopher Prado

    If aksys can bring this over to the west then why not bring the sol trigger as well?the same genre and i think sol trigger have more interesting story.even if they go and put it to ps vita.i will surely get that.

    • Göran Isacson

      On the other hand, is this game even remotely related to Sol Trigger? like, is it made by the same company? Sometimes the answer is really just as simple as different companies wanting to invest different amounts of resources into localizations (that is to say, some don’t want to invest anything at all…)

  • Rinne111

    great news day one when it becomes available in Europe

  • ragingmerifes

    The year of unexpected localizations.

    • Kango234

      Seriously, I was just about to ask if this was always going on without my knowledge due to how frequent they’ve been getting announced.

    • Keko

      And I don’t want it to end.
      Today is Mind Zero.
      Tomorrow: Monster Monp-oh, wait!

      • Martian Wong

        Dont let it, I am hoping Capcom will bring Monster hunter to Vita.

        • Randgriz

          I really want that Dragons Dogma vita game to be localized.

      • Slickyslacker

        Today is Mind Zero.
        Tomorrow: Fairy Fencer F!
        (…Pretty please…)

    • Hinataharem

      Hope it continues its good streak

    • MaximDualBlade

      I know. For me it will be 1 game per month starting in February: Toukiden, then FFX/X-2, then Demon Gaze(at last!), then Soul Sacrifice Delta, now this game. Way more than I can play with the thing called “real life” in the way, but as any gamer, I’ll surely buy them all XD

      • Sapitntapit

        I wish it were that easy. I have like 6 coming out just this month.

        • MaximDualBlade

          If I had 6, I would still only pick one or two. Especially if all 6 are JRPGs

    • Ric Vazquez

      This is one I wanted, get hype my people.

    • DarkLight

      This the reason I bought a vita lol.Hope we got more localizations,you know maybe a PSO2 localization?

  • HellMuT

    Opening movie in the linked article is no longer available.

  • Juan Andrés Valencia

    I really want to play this but I do have a major question… is the ending that bad?

  • Keko

    It’s happening! I’m glad the Vita is getting more and more love.

    • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

      Getting these JRPGs / VNs localized in 2k14 is actually a really good start for the year. Hopefully it’ll get new stuff in Japan too~.

      • Randgriz

        Western developers dont even know the vita exists, all were getting are indie games and kickstarter hopefuls. (Which isnt bad, just most of them are small experinces)

      • Ric Vazquez

        Agreed dude, much love for JRPG.

  • I’m so happy to be a Vita owner!

    • Kay

      Me too! I just got mine at Christmas and it’s been awesome

  • BaoZakeruga

    Will pick it up whenever I get around to buying a vita

  • Kornelious

    Thought for a sec that this was a comfirmed Persona Q localization :(

    • Akemi Nakajima

      You gave me a good laugh lolol

      • Kornelious

        Hapiness at my expense, should i be happy or sad? lol

  • Chido55

    This I checked before and I find it interesting. Might pick it up, my Vita demand more games.

  • new_tradition

    I was iffy on the 1st person POV with dungeon crawlers, but I’m pretty sure I’m gonna cave for Persona Q, so this game might be a good starting point to get used to the idea.

    Also, I recall ZIZZ studio is doing some of the music for the game, so I’m pretty stoked for that ^^

    (Now to to actually obtain a Vita…)

    • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

      You could always start earlier than that by getting Unchained Blades or Etryan Odyssey. The latter in particular is an excellent first person dungeon crawler~.

      Both available on the 3DS which I infer you have one considering you’ll get Persona Q~.

      • new_tradition

        I like my story and characters though, but that Millenium Girl remake might be worth checking out. I remember trying the demo for the fourth game, and it overwhelmed me @[email protected]

      • Kamakuma

        Wow… You reminded me that I still need to go pick up my copy of Etryan Odyssey. xD I completely forgot about it. >.<

  • Michael Richardson

    Ah, I love my handheld systems!

  • Lee Chueng

    It’s finally happening!!

  • Valtiel Ikari

    I been interested in this game for some time, has any one try it yet? is it fun? I don’t care if it’s a Persona clone if it’s fun and the story is engaging and the gameplay is good.

  • Strain42

    I know many people (myself included) see this game as “Oh yeah, that game that’s like Persona.” but the truth is, I’m not using that as a critique. I would honestly say that’s the only reason this game is even appealing to me. Excited to hear it’s being localized, and it’d be nice to have some more Vita games.

  • Ben Lyd


  • British_Otaku

    A digital release only in Europe? I suppose being a Vita title which I don’t hear much good about makes me unlikely to get it in the first place. I like these guys a bit more for not making me wait for that news, no guarantee that I won’t import from America if there is a limited edition.

  • Excite! Pity I sold my Vita because there weren’t that many interesting games coming out for the system I did however get to play Persona 4 and a few others. IF by chance the Vita TV shows up in the US I would happily purchase one.

  • AlphaSixNine

    Vita wins this year so far

  • Kamakuma

    I remember when this first came out honestly. And seeing ads and the like about it and was welp this isn’t coming here… Then this! x’D I think I like Karma atm. x’3

  • Guest

    Nice!!! I heard it was similar to Persona though not thaaaaat good but still ok, so I’ll definetly give it a chance after a price drop

  • Now this is one localization I don’t Mind lol =^_^=

  • icecoffemix

    Please fix the no-ending bullshit they pulled on Japanese release of this game Aksyss.

    • Ryuki

      Wait what? No ending? Mind explaining this? o.o

      • icecoffemix

        It end in cliffhanger, thus why so many 1 star review on amazon jp. :/

        • Göran Isacson

          Ooooh, that’s a turn-off from buying right there. still, I wonder if they can really be persuaded to write a whole new ending to the game just for out market…

          • icecoffemix

            That’s why I don’t understand why they localize this instead of myriad other option. Aren’t they afraid of losing their western fans localizing game which pull something like that?

          • Göran Isacson

            Could simply be that they didn’t have to pay much for licenses/resources to localize the game, and they figure it’s worth the investment to get their audiences more obscure JRPGs? Even if the endingi s rageinducing…

          • icecoffemix

            I imagine so since the game bombed and sold for bargain price shortly after launch iirc. Maybe they think the player will associate the game with developers instead of publisher, I hope the audience is that naive since I don’t want Aksyss losing fans.

    • DyLaN

      …………..Localization don’t work that way.

      • icecoffemix

        Lots of example where localization add features/extra in the game.

        • DyLaN

          But I honestly doubt they will go out of their way to shoe in a new epilogue.

          • icecoffemix

            Yes me too, but it has happened before.

  • Varnes

    So much vita love, my wallet can’t handle it!, good news is if the Vita Slim makes the UK sales go up maybe we can get even more games

  • Learii

    more JRPG <3 oh thx japan keep them coming please

  • lordsofskulls

    OMG!!!! o.o i was thinking about this game less than a week ago and how it be awesome to play it on PS Vita XD


  • Been following news on this game since the announcement of the JP version. While the concept was obviously inspired by Persona, Acquire seemed to have put a lot of heart into this game and I’ve been meaning to get it at some point. Glad Aksys picked it up and I’ll be getting it once it’s available on the PSN.

  • awat

    this is awesome, my vita is so happy now *A*

  • Ash


  • Prinny Dood


  • artemisthemp

    So another game, where US get a retail unit, while EU is left with over priced Digital

  • Rodel Christopher Prado

    I am still hoping that they localize fairy fencer f and sol trigger…i woukd really like to see those games in english..*sigh..no matter if its on vita or ps3..i will be more than happy to own those games!!…oh NISA..AKSYS OR XSEED!!…

  • Vitonofrio del Rosso

    i approve of this!

  • Ouch My Head Said Dionysus

    Aw yeah!!

  • Paulette

    Hey, great news ! Thought it would not come due to low sales in Japan, but I guess it actually makes it cheaper to license… Don’t care if it’s “inspired” by Persona, if it’s good on its own !

  • Scarletmoonwish

    Yeah a new game for my Vita…. I’m so excited, hope this is release by time I finish my play-through of Persona 4 Golden. Hope there is some sort of pre-order bonus for the US retail release.

  • Adam Zaorski

    Good news. I hope the game is good.

  • Ric Vazquez

    My prayers have been answered with this one.

  • Amagidyne

    Think I’ll be checking this one out, it looks interesting. Between this and Conception II, looks like my Vita will finally be more than an expensive Persona 4/Dangan Ronpa machine.

  • Clairis Cannon

    OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!

  • Rinne111

    What about Fate/Extra CCC?

    • ThatGuy3190_7

      Don’t forget about XBlaze Code:Embryo.

  • lordsofskulls

    ;3 dreams come true can’t wait. Last week I was hoping this game is coming to USA ;3

  • Sav

    first person battles suck.

    if this had 3rd person/being able to see ur character this would be much better.

    • DyLaN

      It not fully first person battle. It switches between 3rd person and first person POW in battle scenes.

    • revenent hell

      There are people who like first person battles and gameplay and for those who do we will enjoy a good game.

  • Yan Zhao

    This was unexpected, but definitely welcomed. We need more JRPGs. Hope more follow suit soon.

  • Haha! Wow, and I just imported it last week. My luck is just grand. :P
    That’s okay, I’m up for double-dipping. The game is quite fun and it’ll be great being able to understand more of the story with the English version. :)

  • [S]unjay

    Awesome! I’ll definitely get the retail copy. The Vita is definitely living up to my dream of being the ultimate JRPG machine.

  • Oltheros

    I think I see what Aksys is doing here…game wasn’t that well received in Japan (and its price tanked on amazon Japan) so the license was probably pretty cheap…at the same time they might be banking on some sales due to the persona similarity.

    I just wish they wouldn’t go dumpster-diving for titles to localize. If they spent any time researching the game they’d see it wasn’t well received. They could do something like..I dunno fate CCC, that’s just me though.

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