How Island Days Blends A Dating Sim With A Tower Defense Game

By Spencer . January 31, 2014 . 2:57am

isla1 Makoto Ito from School Days returns and he is stuck on a deserted island in Island Days. The game has two goals, to find a way off the island and start a relationship with one of the girls stuck with you. Players decide if Makoto should spend time with one of the heroines to raise their affection for Makoto or forage for food and weapons.


The weapons and food you pick up are used for the battle part, which plays like a tower defense game where you protect your rations. You place heroines on the map and can equip them with weapons like an ax, knife, spear, bow and other items you found. The food you save carries over to the next battle, but if your food supply is low you’ll have a disadvantage in the next battle. Building relationships has its perks since the affection level heroines have for Makoto powers heroines up. Also, the heroines you choose for the battle part are more likely to show up the next day.


Speaking of the heroines, they are returning characters from School Days. Island Days is slated for release on May 1 in Japan.


Kotonoha Katsura



Sekai Saionji



Hikari Kuroda



Otome Katou



Karen Katou




Noan Murayama


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  • Dragon24680

    That depressing ending of School days…

    • Shippoyasha

      The entire show was like a slow descent into Hell…… Loved it.

      The games are even crazier at times. It’s just hilarious how a Days game is even on a Nintendo system considering what depths the franchise can go to.

      • Kumiko Akimoto

        Meh the last crazy game they had was cross days other then that summer days and the other thing after it were pretty tamed from what I’ve heard. Plus most of school days is just harem and drama

        • Shippoyasha

          Yeah though bad endings are risky. They just find a way to punish you for messing around too much. I love that about it.

      • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

        Nay, its oddly fitting, underneath every nintendo game’s colorful guise is a thematically dark and macarbe tale.

        I’d liken Nintendo to the Brothers Grimm.
        Earthbound exemplifies this.

        Island days has a group of colorfully ugly people, who’re all axe murderers.

        Yay. Fits right in there.

        Get’r done

  • Thatguy

    decide if Makoto should spend time with one of the heroines to raise
    their affection for Makoto or forage for food and weapons.

    Answer is… of course food and weapons. He will need this. For self-defense reasons.

    • British_Otaku

      Kotonoha defending the North and Sekai defending the south.
      Makoto digs a bunker and hides there, till the battle is over.

      • Thatguy

        But… they will find him anyway.
        And they will launch a boat. Nice boat.

  • Saphiren

    I REALLY hate the School Days anime, but I hope this game is better.

    • British_Otaku

      It’s one of my favourite anime, I suppose the animation wasn’t the best and everyone was an asshole but really the second part is a strength of the series. :P

      Visual novels are built off misfits and trying to please everyone, the Days (games) series has everyone having this potential to go nuts as well as more neutral “love at first sight”/”childhood friend” types.

      If by better, you want it to be a more generic harem or love story, I guess that is bound to be possible, but School Days would have been a much more boring show especially next to the source material if it went for the dull approach.

      • Saphiren

        I really hate the characters. I really hate the story, the animation, almost everything except the ending. But what I think that destroyed my enjoyment it’s the fact that the show is OVERRATED in the anime comunity.

        • British_Otaku

          Fair enough, liking a cast of characters isn’t a requirement for everything contrary to what people and I usually think. Have you got any specific beef with a character?

          “OVERRATED” in the anime community? I haven’t seen anyone recommend it in the same way that Fullmetal Alchemist (Brotherhood), Death Note, Code Geass or Cowboy Bebop are recommended… I wouldn’t say that it is underrated in it’s defense, but the work seems to be slammed by most people who came in hoping that it was your ordinary guy surrounded with girls show.

          • Saphiren

            My reason to watch SD was the “OMG MAN YOU NEED TO SEE THIS THE ENDING OMG!!” that everyone was talking about. I watched it and I LIKED the ending, but ONLY THE ENDING. The rest was poorly made. Maybe I was expecting something different, not only a poor harem with a dark&edgy ending.
            It’s just my opinion, but I respect who like SD and I can see why they like it. :)

          • British_Otaku

            Sure. I imagine most people were introduced with the show by either watching the ending first or something screaming that the ending is worth watching.

            The ending is the strongest part of the show for me, but I was introduced to it by someone casually dropping the name in a list of recommendations.

            I followed it as a love story at first, picked up on the warning signs as it went on and enjoyed the short instances of drama and greatly enjoyed the climax in a 6 hour binge or something. Finding out that I could choose one of over 20 endings in the visual novel (which goes for an anime angle in presentation), some even more crazy and some aiming for the more plain endings was a brilliant surprise. :P

            I suppose I recommend you watch Ouran High School Host Club. It is more typical for sure (I tend to like subversive works) and it is even in a shoujo magazine, but every episode is fun, all of the characters are fun and get their moment. It is a strong subversion of the harem concept as well. Great animation and music as well.

          • Saphiren

            I saw the VN Endings too, they’re awesome! I recommend Kami Nomi zo Shiru Sekai if you haven’t watched it. The best harem.

          • British_Otaku

            Ah… The World God Only Knows.

            I didn’t know that was a harem and you can see I like my harem subversive, but something about a 2D-type must be a good watch. I’ll have to get the DVDs someday soon, not that it means I’ll watch it this year with my backlog.

            Repeating isn’t cool, but look into Ouran High School Club yourself. I can’t say I’ve seen that many stories, but it is my best harem. :P

          • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

            I wouldnt call TGWOK a serious harem,rather its a guy who likes games, who goes about ruling the world by pulling a fast one on gals by his excellent implementation of gamification

          • British_Otaku

            I already know we are throwing the term “harem” pretty loosely. :P I’m chasing TWGOK because of all of the other elements first, before having a cast with mostly girls or whatever.

            My favourite one is still a reverse harem and doesn’t even play it that way. >_>

          • Shippoyasha

            God Only Knows is a masterful parody of harem and even submissive girls tends to make Keima (the protag) into a total fool in which the game is on for him to woo them or for him to get wooed by them. Too bad the anime skipped the mid part (animating them later as OVA) probably because the anime studio is in dire need of money. To me, KamiNomi is one of the most fun rom com harem types that is easy to recommend even for normally non romance anime fans.

          • British_Otaku

            I’ve seen a lot of those OVA going with limited edition volumes. I would want to track them down, but I bet they have big gaps between them.

            I had heard of a good amount of that otherwise, but reinforcing why I won’t conquer my backlog this year is just brilliant.

        • Go watch Ranma 1/2 before you say that.

        • Shippoyasha

          I think most School Days recommendation tends to be snarky though. The animation and story is a tad awkward at times but it was the violent ending that got the buzz not to mention the Nice Boat censor controversy.

          I still thought it was decently fun but like most adaptations, the original games are the best way to go.

      • Yause

        I felt the opposite about School Days. It was fun to follow on a weekly basis, but the pacing and story structure deteriorated through the second half. Of course, I’d heard of the game endings (the shock value put School Days and 0verflow on the map), so it was obvious where the writers were going. However, the execution was too clunky and deliberate for my liking.

        On another note, the drama surrounding the delayed finale was a show on its own. IIRC, a high school girl axe-murdered her father the night before, so irritated fans called her every name in the book, saying that she should’ve waited until after the broadcast before committing the crime (!!). Shortly after, 0verflow offended fans by promising a “free” screening of the episode – the caveat being that one could only get in by presenting a brand new, unopened copy of the game (which 0verflow would then unseal to stop people from sneaking in) at the door.

        • British_Otaku

          It is only 6 hours, so I should really look into revisiting it. I can’t say I remember whether the pacing (can it really feel poor for a short series you can finish that quickly?) or structure felt poor or otherwise.

          The drama behind the delayed finale is another thing yeah, I heard of the murder but not of how 0verflow offered a “free” screening to people only with a brand new copy… Trying to profit off old fans again and get new fans to buy one. Pretty sleazy, the worst I’ve had is having to preorder something and show the receipt to get a signature or something like that… I could cancel it and it was more effective at getting people to consider buying the stuff than getting fans to buy something which is nice.

  • Kumiko Akimoto

    Probably in the same way h games blend defense tower gameplay with dating sim/fucking elements.

  • Ric Vazquez

    Kotonoha is my only option, cause only she has the right amount of plot >.> <.<

  • xe7en

    The girls from SCHOOL DAYS!? Seriously though, this could be fun… lol

    • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

      I hate all their designs, especially the shorty’s

      • British_Otaku

        Um, fair enough. I come to Days to see what happens next more than the design even if you have a point.

  • ronin4life

    Hearing about this game hurts my heart…
    Is there really a series about SEVERAL homocidal crazy girls in a High School(Not that the setting really matters…)

    Just thinking about the possibility of such a show freaks me the HELL out, let alone it being a real series, LET ALONE the idea of watching it…
    That Mirai Nikki exists and what VERY little I know about that is already stressful enough…

    • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

      Mirai Nikki isnt very realistic. You should read about real yandere’s lol

      • British_Otaku

        By “real”, he means that Mirai Nikki exists (and that it is engaging and creepy on the side).

        I still need to finish my English volume collection before I watch the show. If only TokyoPop didn’t croak (though they are around in places) before they finished that series and many others…

        Licensing limbo isn’t cool.

        • ronin4life

          Yes. Licensing limbo Sucks.
          Poor SGT. Frog… T_T

    • Guest

      Well then I don’t know if I should tell you this… but… :P
      All Overfl0w games are connected creating a big family tree, started by Tomaru Sawagoe, main protagonist and antagonist of the series… to skip the creepy and spoilery parts, not only they are homicidal but also most of the characters in School Days are blood related as established in previous games :P

      • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

        Owo, you actually got me to an illicit a genuine Wtf at that XD

      • Seraph

        Wow, Tomaru Sawagoe goes around a lot.

      • WyattEpp

        Jesus, how do I even read this? Because if it works the way I think it does, he had a son with one of his own daughters, who then bore like…the entire cast of Sister Princess with one of her myriad half-brothers (and several concubines on the side).

        It’s like looking at the pedigree of European royalty.

        • Guest

          Yes :P
          If you follow the Inou family line (Hajime – Rio – Risa) you’ll see he has a son with his great great great granddaughter.

      • Juan AndrĂ©s Valencia

        No wonder why everyone’s a fucking sociopath, look at that family tree, there’s so much incest and yanderes that you have to wonder who allowed them to breed.

      • XypherCode


      • Guest

        oh my god….there is a lot of history there

  • Ren Yuumei

    “a tower defence game” …wat

  • DarkLight

    Ugh,I hate that makoto.

    • biskmater

      Well, the guy is not inherently an asshole, blood relations not-withstanding, It falls down to how you play him.

      • DarkLight

        Well he kinda still is to me anyway XD.I ended up watching the anime before playing the VN and well you can see why I hate him.

      • Kelohmello

        I dunno, Cross Days has alot to say about that.

  • Strain42

    The idea of a dating sim coupled with a tower defense game sounds pretty awesome…this particular execution of that concept does not. I’ll go build my own dating sim/tower defense game! With blackjack! and hookers!

  • Chestnut Bowl

    Is today April 1st?

    I’m honestly disappointed this won’t be an eroge, despite the plethora of erotic content in the Days series.

  • Croix Zapp

    is there an option for the player to kill makoto?

  • Areuto

    Did they get on the island in a nice boat?

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