Meet Noire’s Video Game Parody Friends In Planet Destroyer Black Heart

By Sato . February 3, 2014 . 9:59pm


The Hyperdimension Neptunia series is full of game references, and the spinoff title Planet Destroyer Black Heart makes no exceptions. Dengeki introduces us to some of her new friends, ranging from a busty Metal Gear Solid spoof character to a Monster Hunter cat girl.




noire_23_cs1w1_x720 noire_24_cs1w1_500x500 noire_36_cs1w1_500x283

Ester is the Dragon Quest-themed self-proclaimed hero, who is out to look for all-things legendary. She’s a cheerful young and innocent girl, and a rather simple one (for better or worse). She doesn’t really think ahead of her actions, so she tends to find herself in trouble quite often. Her slime shield actually provides her with more defense than you’d expect.




noire_25_cs1w1_x720 noire_26_cs1w1_500x500

Moruu is a wild girl who takes her appearance from the Monster Hunter Felynes. Similar to Ester, she’s a pure-hearted energetic girl, who lacks common sense. She has a love for hunting and her wild nature just might come in handy for that.



noire_27_cs1w1_x720 noire_28_cs1w1_500x500 noire_33_cs1w1_500x283

Sango is a riff at the Dynasty Warriors series, which definitely shows in her apparel. She considers herself an absolute authority figure to go with a rather insolent personality, and she also shows a feeling of superiority towards small-fry enemies.



noire_29_cs1w1_x720 noire_30_cs1w1_500x500 noire_34_cs1w1_500x283

If you haven’t guessed, this one is based on the Vocaloid Hatsune Miku. She has trouble expressing her feelings and speaks with a robotic tone, but it’s okay, she’s really good at singing and it’s the only way she can express herself. It is said that she also uses her voice as some sort of weapon.





Rid is a cool and serious female soldier, who takes the appearance of a legendary soldier we’ve seen somewhere before. She tries to give off some sort of veteran image, but she tends to stutter a bit when she loses her cool. Unlike the Metal Gear icon Snake, she’s a bit of a coward and hides inside boxes for that reason. Oh, and she really loves those cardboard boxes.


noire_03_cs1w1_500x283 noire_02_cs1w1_500x283 noire_04_cs1w1_500x283 noire_05_cs1w1_500x283


Planet Destroyer Black Heart will be released on May 29 for PlayStation Vita in Japan.

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  • Shirogane Takeru

    Rid kinda reminds me of Laura more than Snake

  • Joshua Myers

    Will probably check it out

  • Vash bane

    makes me lolz

    and I agree with @shiroganetakeru:disqus (if I remember right) laura also does a few of those things.

  • Kami nii

    I’m gonna buy this in a heart beat, I want my Noire Yuri Harem with the 3 Goddess lol,

    Edit: Double Post Sorry about that :(

    • God

      I’m on the fence… The firs game had awesome writing but a not so good gameplay, Mk.II had a decent gameplay, but was worse in every other aspect compared to 1, Victory picked things up a bit, with fun gameplay and returning to the comedy of 1, but with a worse writing… and this is a spinoff, so going by the pattern, this could turn out to be extremely good or extremely bad…

      • refrain

        Re;birth1 is good

      • Kami nii

        agree with @refrain:disqus rebirth 1 was a good game, big improvement from the first one though IMO its a slightly different plot than the 1st cause there’s a lot of changes,

        • God

          How many “changes” are we talking about? And what did they change with the plot? It was already awesome! Please tell me at least they kept Neptune as she was in the original and didn’t turn her into the one dimensional character she is in Mk.II and Victory! i can live with them srewing other characters (though i wish at least Nisa was safe) and the relationships between the characters, but please tell me they didn’t screw Neptune!

          • Pipe

            No, Neptune was pretty much the way she was in HDN1 except a lot more lovey-dovey with Noire. There are quite a lot of changes but all of them are good and make the goddesses become friends way sooner then they did in the original game. They also added some really heartwarming scenes like the one where Noire and Neptune sit on a hill under a starry sky and feed pudding to each other.
            If you like Nisa I have to disappoint you though, she isn’t in Re;birth and neither is gust, they are replaced with the V makers.

          • God

            I can live with that (though i’m kinda sad Nisa is not on the game, she was seriously badass in the original), but mostly out of curiosity, do you mean friendly lovey-dovey, or yuri lovey-dovey? anyways, making the goddess become friends earlier seems like something that would either alter or shorten the game a lot, on a side note i heard they added the CPU candidates, is that true? and if so, how do they fit on the plot? I always felt they were unnecesary, but if they don’t alter the game too much it’s ok to me.

          • Pipe

            Friendly lovey-dovey, or yuri lovey-dovey, that’s hard to tell. Neptune said that Noire is the closest person to her heart, and there was also a scene where Neptune teased Noire by saying stuff like “But we are both girls, are you sure Noire …. well if it’s Noire I would be totally fine with that though” until IF interrupted that by telling them to save it for the hotel. It was really cute.

            The game has lots of new scenes so it’s not really shorter. I played it longer then HDN until I finished everything.

            Candidates can be created but they are optional. They have no relevance in the story but they can help in the final fight.

          • God

            Sounds good to me! A little sad they changed the story instead of simply expanding it, but i can live with it, i hope it gets localized, even if Nisa, the heroine of justice is not in it…

  • I’m loving all the characters. So glad this game exists lol. Hopefully we’ll get a localization announcement later this year because its day 1 for me =^_^=

  • xXDGFXx

    I really hope this is higher in priority for localization than the Neptunia remakes. I want to play this first on my vita!

  • Serephitus

    i so want this

  • Nerroth

    I’m surprised there hasn’t been an article here yet for the recent Geki Noire character trailer:

    • Loli Summoner

      NEP-NEP <3

  • cyberkinghardy

    6 more missing special characters missing on this one.

  • disgaea36

    no point when they are gonna charge you for all those characters. I’m still crossing my fingers for fairy fencer

  • Shady Shariest

    That. Is a cute catgirl. The game is coming to Vita.
    How quickly could i learn to read Japanese…

    • wererat42

      Every other Neptunia game has come over so far, so odds are it’s going to get a localization… but don’t let that fact prevent you from learning the language.

      • Shady Shariest

        Yupo! I have currently gone trough TWO terrible courses in Russian in TWO different schools. I know the alphabet now… Might be a good time to switch…

        At this point its all about the capacity of ones brain: Lackluster Swedish, bad Russian, near-native English and Native Finnish is all ready more than most people know…

        • God

          Learn languages on the internet, it’s easier.

    • brostar

      As someone learning Japanese looking at the screenshots. I’d say… medium fluency. Easy kanji and a lot of kana. So… probably shouldn’t be too difficult.

      • zazza345

        There are lots of 2ch/anime/internet references though, and they can be hard to grasp unless you’re a bit more into the language.

  • DyLaN

    Repost frm OT:
    Seems to be related to Lily Rank system:

    Ai Masushima (CV: Satomi Akesaka)

    >[Her] goal is [being] Shijokai’s Top Idol!

    Weapon used: Microphone
    Likes: Idol Activities
    Dislikes: Strict Tsukkomi
    Game genre in which she excels: Idol Raising Games
    Special Ability: Dancing

    “From now on, it’s my stage!”

    Aiming for the top, the newcomer(?) idol who is active in Gameshijokai. At a first glance she looks innocent, but just out of sight her real, dark true personality can be spotted [note: I couldn’t read a part well, so it’s part-guesswork]. However, she doesn’t follow through, because it’s not the result she generally wants.

    Bio (CV: Amika Takahashi)

    >Virus hazards accidents, leave it to me!

    Weapon used: Gun
    Likes: Rocket Launcher, Reading ([can’t read])
    Dislikes: Anything sticked on the ceiling
    Game genre in which she excels: Horror Games
    Special Ability: Ventriloquism (Using the puppet on her shoulder)

    “Maybe I should rapid-fire the rocket launcher…Better not.”

    An expert sent in the past to deal with virus outbreaks. Proficient in the use of gun and rocket launcher, it seems she’s accustomed to fighting on the battlefield. She has a peculiar personality, and tends to overcome obstacles using the rocket launcher.

    >Yeah, better keep your rocket launcher for the final boss.

    Brossa Aizen (CV: Yuka Terasaki)

    >The first flower that blossoms on the glittering stage

    Weapon used: Rapier
    Likes: Opera
    Dislikes: [can’t see]
    Game genre in which she excels: Strategic Simulations
    Special Ability: Acting

    “I shall dedicate this victory to you”

    A beautiful glrl whose strong point is acting. She’s a respected girl, however can also be mistaken for beatiful boy due to her gallant behaviour. Since her speech and actions are always theatrical, and also because of her charisma, there are many people she leads in the field.
    (ignore the left section)

    Dengeki Scoop! Another Scandal by Noire-sama! This time is the discovery of cohabitation!?

    Vol. 557’s scoop about the Kiss mechanic was only the tip of the iceberg… A tip-off has arrived saying that Noire-san is “cohabiting” with someone! The photos sent by an anonymous source that show Noire-san in a questionable room of about four and half tatami changing her stockings, have caused an uproar among the citizens of Lastation. What in the world is Noire-san doing!?

    >I think Noire is just *ba dum!* changing her stocking.

    Info on the game plot/setting:

    – The game is set in Gameshijokai (lit.: The World of Game business), a similar world to Gamegyokai;
    – The four goddesses are fighting for haegemony;
    – When Noire is almost able to get control over the entire world, someone steals their powers;
    – The goddesses set aside their differences and try to solve the situation;
    – The story begins with a certain encounter.

    Credits go to the folks who provide the pics and zazza for TL in NISA Forum.

    • TrueDefault

      Holy creamy cow! That screenshot on top, is Noire getting hitched??!?

      • DyLaN

        The one with her wearing what looks like Kei suit with Aizen? XD

        • TrueDefault

          Yeah, gotta say Noire looks neat in a tux!

    • Kevin Komic O’Shea

      Who does Brossa represent?

      • DyLaN

        Sakura Taisen/War series.

        • Kevin Komic O’Shea

          thank you. I haven’t had the chance to play that series

  • Raine

    Rid, what happened?




  • Liamv2

    Note to self. Get a Vita. Preferably soon.

  • revenent hell

    By now I kind of wish they would have added in male party members and such. The whole female cast, while they are cute, is…..
    I’m kind of just over the theme of ” female lesbian utopia” and have been for a while with the games.
    Yeah I know there are men in them but its not like they have any major role in the games or with your “party” beyond Inafune’s image to show the male species is acknowledged.
    Variety is not a bad thing and for as good as they make the ladies look im sure the men would look equally as great…..

    • NeptuniasBeard

      Tch, I WISH they were lesbians. What a bait and switch -_-

      The closest seems to be IF, but she got hella demoted as of Victory

      • revenent hell

        I laughed.
        I honestly wouldn’t mind it if they where but its silly to have males represented in the “world” but not in the game if you know what I mean. If it actually was a “female lesbian utopia” I probably would care but since they are in the world apparently its just really odd to me they don’t give them for the most part portraits or active roles for party use

      • God

        And she wasn’t even a lesbian in the orignial, she actually fought over a guy with neptune…

      • Kayriss Wins

        You think what happened to IF was bad, what about RED? “what happened to her?” you ask? EXACTLY! although she IS coming back in Rebirth:2 thankfully.

    • DyLaN

      If you mean the “Hero” icon on the main site, that hasn’t been confirmed. But if you mean Anonydeath and the likes then nvrmind.

      I dunno abt the game, but I think Anonydeath being the arc villain in the anime is big enough of a role. Though Trick role got demoted in the anime as the VOTW.

    • Pipe

      Why not play Fairy fencer and leave people that enjoy the game as it is alone?

      Games with a full girl cast are rare anyway so why destroy it?

      • revenent hell

        I don’t like the idea of Fairy Fencer so no.
        If you enjoy the game as is have fun continuing to do so but being as I don’t and have issues with aspects of a game that’s far from perfection incarnate I will state what I find displeasure in.

        Just because people have issues with certain things from any game doesn’t mean they dislike it and should go play something else, that’s an ignorant view to claim because someone doesn’t agree with your perspective, all it means is they have opinions that aren’t yours and instead of keeping a game to the same old same old those opinions might help a game become better whether they happen or not.

        The games have been mostly fun to play for me but that doesn’t mean I don’t think certain things couldn’t be improved upon. Whether it be story, gameplay or character improvement I will have opinions that don’t think the game(s) are perfect as is because I don’t consider them the best and if I view something as a flaw I will state it just like when someone states how great or perfect it is as is.

        • Pipe

          And how would adding men make anything better? The only thing that would happen is that a big chunk of the fanbase that like the all-girl dynamics would just not buy it anymore. You knew from the start that this was an all-girl game, it is advertised as an all-girl game and every other game in the series is an all-girl game. The games director even stated that it will always stay this way so I fail to understand the point of your complaints.

          • revenent hell

            My point : Males being playable in the game would be nice.
            Im not sure how exactly you failed to grasp that was my point.

          • Pipe

            And you fail to answer simple questions it seems. I will repeat it again. How would adding men make anything better other then destroying the all-girl dynamics? Also what’s the point in complaining about something that was confirmed to stay this way throughout the series?

          • revenent hell

            It would make it better for me as a gamer because I enjoy seeing male characters as well as females. That would make my gaming experience happier while playing them than as it is. I thought that was fairly self explanatory was it not? What makes my game better doesn’t have to make yours better or worse its an opinion/ desire to see something within relation to the topic of the games.

            I don’t quite see how my opinion is somehow so negative worthy since its probably along the lines most people have for certain games and wanting a variety of aesthetics.

            And I can type out my opinion whether it changes anything or not because of this site enabling comments abut its article.

            Just because certain folks don’t happen to like what said comments might be doesn’t mean I don’t have to articulate them and if I feel like it I will. You can also choose not to comment back as well or read said comments.

          • Pipe

            Please write whatever you want. But you really shouldn’t be surprised that people disagree with you when you try to change the whole concept of the game with your “improvements”.
            It seems you don’t realize how much in terms of character dynamics would change by adding males and that a big part of the fanbase plays the games just for them.
            But please if you like complaining that much then continue to do so.

          • revenent hell

            I wil,lthanks for your permission but I didn’t really require it. I would have and will most likely continue to do so anyways unless an article happens to be locked to comments.

            I don’t really care if I’m agreed with or not. Its something I would like to see if people disagree that’s hardly something that bothers me. This is just an aspect that would make my personal experience with the game slightly better.

            If people want to think my thoughts about a game will somehow or are ruining the games aesthetics or history or premise or something along those lines its not really something I can control. If somehow my thoughts have the ability to get developers to put what I want in games I’m sure I will put more effort in to getting said things but since as of yet that hasn’t happened I will not worry about how people may be of the opinion mine are ruining their precious game.

          • AkiraScare

            Otome games.. thats what ur looking for (^_^) lots of guys…. (^_______^)

            Personally i like HDN and FF But HDN is good as it is…

            I play it for the fanservice…

            And im not ashamed to say it…

            But ur right u can say watever u want….

          • revenent hell

            Oh, I do think it has some great bits involved. I don’t hate the game(s) at all, especially not over something that silly. And I do genuinely enjoy the artwork of it I just don’t see how wanting to see some male versions of the artists is a bad thing…..

            It happening or not is besides the point I think they would at a minimum be some really cool designs and would be interesting to see.

            Im thinking no matter the mention of something people blow it out of proportion because its a “critique” of something they like.

            I was hardly stating the game was complete shit or anything just that some male artwork would be nice, even better if they did add some in as playable characters. It would be nice but hardly something that “kills” the game, other things can do that

          • AkiraScare

            So… this is wat a male character looks like (^____^) by the creator… really awesome (^_^)

            … FYI im just messing …. Dont take it personal… but yeah i guess i know what u mean… but there is ff and hopefully they’ll localize it…

            and will get to see male main characters… or at least for us who will like the game…

          • revenent hell

            Im not big on the fairy Fencer premise for the game but I thought it was already picked up for localization ….. If Nisa doesn’t do it Idea Factory opened up a US branch so I *think* in any case it will be localized.
            And I know you where joking around, no need to explain that. I could tell by you not taking offense at the idea like I was trying to slice your pets vocal cords out ;)

          • AkiraScare

            Yeah i think it’ll be localized… and sadly ill end up playing it cause its CompileHeart (TT_TT)

          • revenent hell

            Yeah, I do tend to like *most* Compile Heart games myself since I think their art styles are pretty spot on.

            There are a few I don’t like but that’s because the stories are for one reason or another not to my liking.
            I do think the art and character design for Fairy
            Fencer is really nice but the premise of the story isn’t really one I care for to much….

            Eh, I still have some time to decide whether I want it or not since word of its localization/release date hasn’t been set and you would be amazed at how easily a really nice limited Edition will make me want a game.

            A worthy art book is almost always a guarantee I will buy the game.

    • Kevin Komic O’Shea

      Dude the entire franchise is about cute girls that represent console/company/games. nothing more.

      • revenent hell

        Ive always been aware of what the game characters represent but I don’t see as to why they explicitly have to be all female in every game.

        Granted it was and is a premise of them but if the men obviously exist in the world why cant they take some part of it? Like be *shown* as shop keepers and things of that nature?
        And I mean shown as in having a look, not a blank outline and voice work.
        Im not attempting to make this some sort of an issue bigger than being what it is or having some moral crap involved but is there a particular reason why for some reason I cant want to see males have some sort of role in the game other than as voices or as being an attack in the game?

        OoOoh I want to see something in a game that I think would make it more appealing how horrible of me!

        It hardly means it will happen but its something I’d like to see. Its just an opinion, that’s all it is nothing more.

  • Kornelious

    Wow, Hyperdimension sure is taking the Vita by storm. But unfortunately we are only getting 1 of the 4 games being released for it for now >:( (glares at NISA donning a troll face)

    • Kevin Komic O’Shea

      Well IF now have a international office so we might get them faster.

      • Kornelious

        Well I don’t mind as long as we get fairy fencer f as well as some sweet Collectors edition :D

  • Esther is my favorite.

  • AkiraScare

    Chibi heaven… not my thing…

    But would buy (^__^)

  • AkiraScare

    Nya~ loli kawaii (*_*)

  • Interestingly, “Ester” may actually be “Estelle”. Her name is spelled, in katakana, exactly the same way as Trails in the Sky’s heroine *and* as the nickname of Tales of Vesperia’s heroine! “エステル” in both cases.

    Though thanks to the vagaries of katakana, “Ester” is a perfectly valid interpretation as well. :V

    • Also, as a bit of idle contemplation: in a way, Ester’s DQ theme actually doesn’t make sense for Noire. The whole gag seems to be that the game-based supporting cast is based on franchises that really made their dough on Sony platforms – but really, DQ’s always been a Nintendo joint at heart. DQ’s had a few Playstation releases, but ultimately, even its spinoffs have always been at home primarily on Nintendo products. A DQ-inspired character would make a lot more sense linked to Blanc, rather than Noire.

      I think Ester would make a bit more sense as a Final Fantasy or Tales of-inspired design, personally. I also can’t help but think that such a theme would allow more visual hilarity – as much as people generally love Nomura’s and Amano’s character designs, they are rather open to lots and lots of riffing. :V

      Fake edit: Okay, that was more than a bit :V

      • zazza345

        There’s also Brossa which represent a franchise that only barely touched Sony consoles (and mostly with ports/remakes and two “original” titles – actually there’s the STIII spinoff as well, but I wouldn’t count that in), so they’re not really going with “franchises” tied to Sony. Well at least for me when I think “Sakura Taisen”, Saturn and Dreamcast come to mind.

        Lady Wakku could be another example, and to a certain extent even Saori, given she’s heavily inspired by Tokimeki Memorial.

  • NeptuniasBeard

    Man, this game makes me wish that CH would also make a 3DS version starring Blanc and supported by Franchises that started up on Nintendo systems. Moe-Mario, Moe-FF, Moe-Wii Sports, maybe even Moe-Tales

  • HatsyaSouji

    It lacked Tales-chan in it. Though I’m sure there’ll be more DLC episodes featuring Uncharted-tan, Last-tan, Crash-tan, or any Western game that boosted Noire/Playstation up.

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