Nintendo To Continue Bringing Third-Party Nintendo 3DS Titles To The West

By Ishaan . February 3, 2014 . 10:02am

While sales of the Wii U leave much to be desired, Nintendo’s Nintendo 3DS has sold over 40 million units worldwide. The 3DS is in a far better position than Wii U from both a hardware and sales perspective, and Nintendo say it will be their primary means of earning profits in their next fiscal year, which begins on April 1st, 2014.


Speaking with investors and analysts at a Q&A, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata shared that Nintendo intend to deliver a number of key Nintendo 3DS titles this year.


“Since Nintendo 3DS has an installed base of more than 40 million units globally as I mentioned earlier, we are now getting to the point where it is impossible not to turn a profit with our software business,” Iwata stated. “We have many key titles to be released in this calendar year and we will strive to drive profits from these titles. Seen in this light, I believe the key profit-driver for the next fiscal year will be Nintendo 3DS.”


Three of these “key titles” that Nintendo have already revealed presumably include Kirby Triple Deluxe, Yoshi’s New Island and the new Super Smash Bros. game; but in addition to first-party games, Iwata says Nintendo will continue to publish certain third-party 3DS titles from Japan in the west, both this year and the next.


“We sometimes distribute, or even publish depending on the circumstances, games that were made by Japanese software publishers in the overseas markets, and you can expect to see more examples of this this year and the next,” Iwata said to investors.


(The most recent example of this is Square Enix’s Bravely Default, an RPG for 3DS.)


Finally, Iwata also stated that more third-party publishers in the west are taking note of the fact that Nintendo 3DS sales are over 10 million in both the U.S. and Europe, but since western developers are more focused on delivering high-end games for home consoles, they’re still in the process of figuring out what kind of 3DS games to develop.

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  • Guest

    Incoming Level-5 Nintendo Direct, introducing:
    Youkai Watch!
    Little Battlers eXperience!
    Fantasy Life!
    Inazuma Eleven Go (For Europe) and 1・2・3 (For NA)!

    • GH56734

      All of those have Western trademarks (even Youkai Watch, which has essentially the Ninokuni DS 2 engine), so it’s very likely they’re coming in some form (either Nintendo of Level-5 themselves)
      I wish they’d localize Gaist Crusher too, it deserves a second shot. Treasure games often were saved by the overseas sales.

      • Guest

        Gaist Crusher would be great too, but who knows what Capcom’s plans are after the bad reception it had in Japan. Just let’s hope it’s not a Time Travelers scenario…

  • tvrsteve

    Maybe they can start by actually using those European Shin Megami Tensei IV rights already…

    • TheRealMalek

      When i see the thread i was going to post that…

  • iamtehultimatepwnage .

    dragon quest monsters plz………

    • Lalum

      and 7

  • Grape Monet

    Remember when Nintendo of America published all of Square-Enix’s GBA games? Good times. I’d like to see something similar happen again.

    • ronin4life

      … did they ever really stop?
      I think most if not all DQ games on DS were Nintendo(IX most definitely) and they just did Bravely Default.

      • Grape Monet

        IX, VI and Monsters Joker. The rest of Square Enix’s DS games were published by Square Enix themselves.

  • Jero

    We will get Bravely Second much sooner in comparison to the first one. Also this probably means Persona Q will arrive, but I didn’t have any doubts about that one. Other 3rd party games… I can’t really think of them but this means that any interesting tittle that comes in Japan will be seen here too.

  • ZnTxn

    Please bring Inazuma Eleven here, please bring Inazuma Eleven here, please bring Inazuma Eleven here…
    *keep reciting as a madness mantra*

  • Greg

    Digimon World Re:Digitize Decode please! Been hoping for months for it, and now there may be more hope…

    • E.T.993

      Nintendo publishing a Digimon game?How times have changed(in a good way).

    • PreyMantis

      This, Time Travelers, EX Troopers, Game Center CX 2/3, Project Mirai, and all those VN games– NO(!), ALL games should all come to the West.

      • TheAquacharger

        I forgot about Time Travelers and how much I wanted it. Same with EX Troopers.

  • Minos

    Love Plus!

    I can see the Fox News Headlines:

    “Nintendu bringing rape simulator to ‘Merica, more at 11”

    • hng qtr

      Then they should also bring Seisou no Amazones to get a “Nintendo bringing lesbian rape simulator to ‘Merica, more at 11” headline. Gender equality, you know.

      • I don’t think that would be gender equality. You mean sexuality equality? x’D
        (To fit the joke of course, because Fox would be too simple-minded to miss the obvious.)

    • idrawrobots

      Fox News meme. :/

    • Spirit Macardi

      Considering SMT has come over without incident, which features not only the ability to side with demons and wage war against heaven, but also a giant green dick riding a chariot, I don’t honestly think they care about niche Japanese titles.

  • SirRichard

    Dragon Quest seems like the most obvious, what with Nintendo having done Bravely Default and the DS Dragon Quests, but I wonder if there’s anything else? And I wonder if they’re counting Layton VS AA or if that’s solely Level-5 International.

  • On the topic of 3DS games from third-party Western devs, one title I’d be really curious to see is some sort of sequel or spiritual successor to GTA: Chinatown Wars from Rockstar. The original game was one of the only examples of a major Western dev putting a full-scale effort into a DS title, and the result was really interesting as a game designed from the bottom up for that hardware. As perverse as their imaginations may be, Rockstar have proven themselves to be really creative when it comes to imagining novel utilities for new hardware, and I’d be curious to see what they could come up with on the 3DS, with features like stereoscopic 3D, AR/photo functionality, the pedometer and StreetPass available to them in addition to the more advanced hardware.

    • Guest

      That game was great, only GTA I’ve completed 100%! It was a lots of fun!

    • JonathanisPrimus

      Chinatown Wars wasn’t successful, and the studio that made that (alongside the two PSP Stories games) has since been gutted. They only do ports now. The creative leads have moved on to other studios.

      • Shippoyasha

        The game was awesome but the sales really were disappointing. Stuff like that won’t bode well for developers wanting to break into handhelds when even giant brand names like GTA doesn’t do as well as it should. Maybe gamers just didn’t expect to play a GTA game on the DS compared to the games DS players usually played.

        • JonathanisPrimus

          The Stories games sold really well on PSP. It was just that no one wanted a top down GTA anymore.

        • Michael Richardson

          Top be fair, piracy was rampant on the DS.

        • The history of 3DS sales though proves that brand names other than Mario and Pokemon can succeed on the system, which is something that wasn’t quite as true on the DS as far as I’m aware.

  • Oltheros

    That’s cool, as long as they don’t do to them what they did to Bravely Default (I.e. censor them)

  • M’iau M’iaut

    Guys. Going to ask that we try and not rehash the same old same old battles here. And yes, I trust ya all to know what those are.

    • GDI

      It would help if all the Nintendo articles would be unified before posting. Right now it seems like:

      1.) Nintendo thinks this
      2.) Nintendo thinks that
      3.) Nintendo decides to do this
      4.) Nintendo decides to do that

      And of course each time the same commentary type appears.

      • M’iau M’iaut

        And in large part the ‘this and that’ comes down to what Ninty is reporting and releasing and when. Meaning discussing a lack of focus is perfectly legitimate.

        No I was speaking more of posts which go back far longer than that.

  • Adrián Alucard

    SMT IV, please. And DeSu 2

  • Tsurugi

    DavidES, I need the Inazuma Eleven GO! too could be both IE 1-2-3 and GO! for USA , and all of Level-5 games that you said would be nice , Danball Senki Wars is amazing!

  • GDI

    I admit the only reason I bought a 3DS was because that’s where the only remaining Japanese games made by medium sized studios are releasing on. (Also, ditto the PS Vita and the more otaku-centric studios). I did not care about Western games because the shovelware makers on DS and Wii moved on to mobile; while the indies did better on PC.

    You want Japanese games (especially the non-F2P ones) you buy a 3DS. A shame it had to be region-locked, but this news that since they have the install base, they are starving for content and Japan has a lot of content.

    • Shippoyasha

      If you look at 3DS offerings, almost all of it is Japanese centric after all. There are some otaku games on it too but the lack of region free gaming means it’s harder to import unless you buy the Japanese 3DS.

      It will be an uphill battle to demand riskier or very niche games though.

    • Michael Richardson

      Agreed. I buy consoles for the Japanese games, and right now the handhelds are looking far more attractive than any of the next-gen home consoles. ESPECIALLY the 3DS.

  • Kaboom

    Two words.


    Bring them over. Bring them ALL over. Actually bother to promote them well like you did with DQ9, and people will be straight-up DEVOUR them.

    • Slickyslacker

      They’re happening. Almost definitely.

      [Nintendo Direct Anticipation Intensifies]

    • Kaboom

      Even though I want the 3DS remakes of Monsters and DQ7 the most, I think Nintendo is foolishly missing out on not bringing DQX outside of Japan, too. Skip the Wii version if necessary, but it sure wouldn’t hurt those Wii U sales numbers if you hyped it up as the system’s first big MMORPG.

    • Adrian Duran


    • Nhazul


  • Audie Bakerson

    They’ve also done it a few times for western games in Japan (Just Dance off the top of my head).

  • YouGusta

    Take note Sony!

  • MitsukiIX

    Yes pls nintendo localize exstetra 3ds so peoples will know the pain i went through trying to play the game ahaha enjoy using a healing spell (out of battle) only to be warped back through 4 different menus… but i will stop complaining now too busy making 2 boys kiss.

  • Laith Rem

    So… Project Mirai when?

    • ronin4life

      I feel like “Never”… it didn’t sell super well in Japan IIRC, is cutesy and Sega were hesitant to bring over Diva.

      Which is a shame. I think it is a lot more fun than Diva personally.

  • KiTA

    So… where’s ANY of the 6 Dragon Quest games we haven’t gotten? DQ7, DQM Terry’s Wonderland, Dragon Quest X… where are they? It’s not like the market for JRPGs is dead or something.

    • Slickyslacker

      FF XIV is one of the biggest reasons why DQ X hasn’t come over.

      • KiTA

        Market segmentation. DQX caters to a much different (casual) crowd than FFXIV.

        • Slickyslacker

          No, not necessarily. As a matter of fact, DQ fans tend to be more “hardcore” than FF fans, so to speak. Moreover, DQ is far less popular in the West.

          • M’iau M’iaut

            Which makes quite possibly a real reason the game has not come. Concerns that a lot of DQ fans would want an online experience more akin to WoW or 14 rather than PSOv2.

          • KiTA

            Not what I meant. In MMORPG terms, a Casual player is one who plays for a few hours at night, perhaps a bit more on the weekends. A Hardcore player is one who sacrifices sleep for gaming, plays the entire weekend, et cetera.

            DQX doesn’t really have the raids and bosses and whatnot that FFXIV has. Heck, DQX’s endgame is based around a roguelike system, the evolution of DQ9’s grottos.

          • Slickyslacker

            Ah, I see. You were speaking to DQ X itself, not the entire series.

            Right. I’m sure XIV has far more “endgame” content than X.

    • D H

      DQX won’t happen until at least the PC version gets up and running. It’d be throwing it to the dogs only releasing on the Wii/Wii U, and with the very realistic potential for very low sales, it could also very well kill any chance we have at future DQ games, because people don’t like to look at the whole picture, just “oh look, that one game failed, they don’t want this game then”.

      Once the PC version launches and becomes stable, then we can talk.

      • KiTA

        So… 5 months ago? The PC version launched officially in September 2013, I believe. The expansion (DQX 2.0) came out for Wii/WiiU/PC, too.

        • D H

          Ah, did it? Well, good then, at least we’re a step closer. I’ve not followed it, what with there being so many MMOs and all…

          Anyways, that gives us a chance of seeing it still, but I don’t know how well those chances are on the Wii U still, considering the lower numbers, it seems almost a waste to put the effort into translating it there, and I doubt Nintendo themselves would handle it, as obviously, based on the past, they wouldn’t touch the PC version. If anything, it’d be S-E doing the work and Nintendo maybe publishing the Wii U version, but I’m still not going to hold my breath on that one.

  • Slickyslacker

    Aside from the titles that have already been trademarked: (presumably) DQ VII 3DS and Terry’s Wonderland, Youkai Watch, and obvious releases like Triple Deluxe, why don’t we make a list of possible releases that haven’t been announced?

    Beyond the Labyrinth (who knows what might happen?)
    Toshin Toshi
    Fantasy Life
    Inazuma Eleven
    SMT IV for PAL

    Feel free to add more.

    • ShawnOtakuSomething

      Time travelers
      Love plus

    • Three of those are not like the other three. :P

      • Slickyslacker

        Oh, but anything could happen!

        A man can dream, you know.

      • ShawnOtakuSomething

        Inazuma Eleven is coming to the west and ummm Exstetra?

    • kthanxyousuck

      I actually believe there’s a real chance for Exstetra after Conception II got picked up.

      • Slickyslacker

        Not to mention Mind Zero, even if that is a Vita exclusive.

        Come on, Xseed. I have faith in you.

      • Bigabu Beaze

        Or that age of Amazon thing arcsys made.

        • British_Otaku

          I’m going to import that one, I love Nintendo but I don’t want Ages of Amazones to get ruined by them. >_>

          It would be cool if it came though.

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    Love Plus, Dragon Quest , Fantasy Life, Digimon! ,Captain rainbow, Disaster: Day of Crisis or wait the last two are wii games >_>

  • Tincho Kudos

    Great, now localize Fantasy Life!

  • Tom

    Great! I like the new way Nintendo is taking! I really hope they can keep it up and bring us more Bravely Default and lots of lots of RPGs.

  • mojack411

    My hype for the next Nintendo Direct is building up exponentially.

  • artemisthemp

    So where is Rune Factory 4 or Shin Megami Tensei IV?

    • SMT

      Rune Factory 4 is quite complicated due to the parent company going bankrupt, sadly this means there’s a chance we’ll never see this in Europe, especially with the region lock…

      Shin Megami Tensei IV, on the other hand… I still have no idea whatsoever how that game wasn’t released here a long time ago, and even more baffled that we know absolutely nothing about a release date. It’s got incredible appeal and all it needs is proper marketing in order to be successful, and it baffles me that Nintendo didn’t publish this only shortly after the American release.

      • Kaetsu

        SMTIV not being out in Europe yet is due to the fact that Atlus doesn’t have an office in Europe so they have to find someone else to publish it like Nintendo or Ghostlight.

        • SMT

          The thing is, Nintendo announced that it will publish the game in Europe during one of their Nintendo Directs…
          So unless there’s a software problem like with DS Overclocked that requires Atlus, or there’s a legal battle on the rights to publication (Like that deal that Atlus seems to have made with NISA to publish games in Europe), Atlus not having an office outside of Japan and the US is not the issue.

    • fireguardiancoty

      In the US.

  • BillyMK

    I really hope that means Dragon Quest VII

  • Pythia Brixham

    Digimon World Re:Digitize Decode.

    • Christopher Nunes

      This, so much!

      They better bring it over to the US! I finally imported a Japanese 3DS LL and the game itself but I would LOVE to play it and understand what the characters are saying and everything!

      So far I’ve got a MetalGreymon, but I’m looking forward to raising a Veemon and Dorumon soon enough! I’m loving the extra story bits present in the 3DS game… I feel like the game’s is more complete now.

    • Spirit Macardi

      How the hell that game isn’t already over here baffles me. Digimon has already come back with not only Fusion playing on TV but toys coming to stores, so a game coming next seems like it would be an obvious choice.

      • fireguardiancoty


        • Spirit Macardi

          Reasons probably being Namco, the kings of non-localization.

          • fireguardiancoty

            I’m sorry, but were you trying to spell Sega? Square Enix? Koei Tecmo? Capcom?

            News flash: this is 2014, not 2010. They’ve been bringing stuff overseas for a good while now.

          • Spirit Macardi

            Except it hasn’t been their own doing for the most part. For instance, the Tales games are all localized pretty much entirely by Tales Studio. Namco as a company hasn’t done anything to aid them, the increased localization has been because the Tales series is starting to earn more money overseas which has provided Baba and the others with more potential funding.

            And yes, while the company has been localizing some games recently, most of those are titles that other companies made (Ni no Kuni, One Piece: Pirate Warriors, etc.), while many of their own games still stay in Japan.

          • fireguardiancoty

            Namco Tales Studio hasn’t existed for about 2 years. They are the people who made the games, not bring them over. It’s all done by Bandai Namco now.

  • MrRobbyM

    So many games that need to get localized. My 3DS is wondering why I bought it in the first place with Animal Crossing in it.

  • Anthony Hadow

    Hopefully this means Dragon Quest titles

  • idrawrobots

    Do I need to get out a list for you Nintendo?

    • DarkLight

      Don’t worry, I wrote a small list already.

      • idrawrobots

        I will mention one thing, going way back I would gladly take an eShop only Soma Bringer.

        • Kaetsu

          Wasn’t that a Monolith Soft game?

          • idrawrobots

            It sure is!

        • Slickyslacker

          Oh god, I love you for bringing up Soma Bringer.

          ASH: Archaic Sealed Heat would be a great eShop exclusive too. Maybe one day on the Wii U?

          Considering how old they are, they might even qualify as VC games. That is to say, I don’t know what other category they would be released in.

  • DarkLight

    New love plus+?
    If they bring over Digimon World Re;Digitize Decode,I would start back using my 3ds.They also need to bring over the Dragon Quest titles and fantasy life and Inazuma eleven and all those other games I can’t recall right now.Oh and the project Mirai games.
    Funny thing: I mainly play nintendo consoles but I don’t ever play their 1st party titles lol.

  • Solomon_Kano

    Fantasy Life plz

    • Tg


  • JMaster3000

    No thank you, Devs are too slow on ur platforms Nintendo that’s why i’m selling my XL.

    We Europeans are still waiting for SMT IV and cause RF4 got cancelled it pissed me so off. 3rd party support sucks and you know it. (There are more reasons why i’m selling it but i could make a 10 pages long essay about that…)

    • Heisst

      On the Wii U yes, but on the 3DS the third party support is MASSIVE.

      • JMaster3000

        RF4,Dragon Quest, Project Mirai, Digimon Re Digitize,SMT IV…. i can go on…

        • Heisst

          What about it? That’s third party support right there. Do you even know what that means?

          • AkuLord3

            I don’t think he does…

          • icecoffemix

            I think he’s speaking from his experience and it’s clear that he can’t speak japanese or/and don’t own a japanese/us 3ds.

    • fireguardiancoty


      • JMaster3000

        The whole console and pay abnormal taxes? No thank you.

    • Göran Isacson

      You do realize that what Nintendo is saying is that they’ll try to get the games you talk about out SOONER, right? Like, Nintendo helped us in the EU get Bravely Default, even sooner than our American counterparts! Yet SMT IV was handled by Atlus itself, and is taking it’s sweet time… EXCEPT for the versions in Taiwanese and Korean, which was handled by, again, Nintendo. Really, Nintendo handling localizations in the future is a reason to KEEP the XL, if anything.

  • You’re a good man, Iwata. And you run a good company. I look forward to everything, and I’m glad they’ll support the 3DS, but I hope things improve for the Wii U.

    Even though the Wii did so well, it “didn’t get great 3rd party support.” However, some of my favorite titles from last gen were on the Wii, and I hope the Wii U sees similar niche titles.

  • Fox

    Square Enix has been relying on Nintendo to publish their games for a LONG time now.

    Hopefully this means we can expect Dragon Quest.

  • Ticktockman

    Bring Metal Max 4 and i’ll buy ten

    • Bigabu Beaze

      I was thinking the same thing!!!!

  • Kaetsu

    3DS Titles to the west? *cough* Dragon Quest 7, Monsters, Rocket Slime and Fantasy Life *cough*. Man my throat is really congested.

    • Eric Harris

      sounds like it COUGHiagreewiththosetitlesCOUGH.

      • Kaetsu

        Damn, you must have caught my cold. Sorry.

    • EmoryM

      Don’t forget about Culdcept… I know that it’s old now but it would still be awesome.

  • Lucas Martinez

    I am the only one who wants the medabots games in US???

  • kthanxyousuck

    Speaking of this, where the heck is our next nintendo direct?!

  • Hines Green III

    I need my Danball Senki series already, Nintendo. Come on make it happen I really don’t wanna miss out on the 3rd game because of your silly region locks.

    • Bigabu Beaze


  • Michael Connell

    So we could see that School Days spinoff Island Days localized after all?

  • Michael Connell

    Would also be nice if Super Robot Wars Endless Frontier could be available on eshop considering how rare a physical copy is and maybe even localize its sequel for digital release too

  • katamari damacy

    So… level 5’s Fantasy Life and Youkai Watch at some point then?

  • Kazekage Gaara

    I want all things Dragon Quest and that Attack on Titan game :D More Japanese games in general please :)

  • Kazekage Gaara

    Attack on Titan Last Wings of Mankind!

    • British_Otaku

      I’d be surprised if half a dozen companies including Bandai Namco weren’t rushing to cash in on a license as big as Attack on Titan already.

  • DarkRoxas

    This means you’ll bring Digimon World Re-Digitize Decode to the West, right? Riiiiight? ;w;

    • Bigabu Beaze

      HOpefully Medabots 7 or DUAL TOO!!

  • The only 3rd party 3DS games I care about and want (off the top of my head, that is) are Monster Hunter (4 Ultimate is on it’s way ^_^), Dragon Quest (DQ VII please) and Atlus titles (SMT IV and Etrian Odyssey Untold, I’m Australian xD). So, Nintendo, I know your helping Capcom already, but can you also help Square Enix and Atlus?

  • sammy11

    Where the **** is Mario Golf ?

  • bjwanlund

    Maybe that would bode really well for the Game Center CX game on 3DS? Because Nintendo does promote him heavily in Japan, but he really could use the promotional muscle of a company like Nintendo in the West.

  • CozyAndWarm

    Well hopefully Nintendo won’t continue their ridiculous censorship, after the changes they made to Bravely Default. I do want Dragon Quest and Digimon on my 3DS, I wouldn’t mind Yakuza on Wii U either

    • Akira Takeshima

      They made changes to Bravely Default? Link to source? I wasn’t aware of that.

      • Beta

        Afaik, they only changed the ages of Agnes and her companions and hid a little bit of skin in some of the Job costumes. Nothing major, really. I, for one, don’t really mind.

        • British_Otaku

          Changed the ages of all of the lead characters to 18 iirc and censored a bunch of costumes a bit.

          While it is moderate, it is far from ideal when the game would be fine with either one (though changing ages causes continuity errors and editting costumes is weird when they are still somewhat fanservicey or perhaps more), the game doesn’t focus on the fanservice enough (neither does Tekken which has more realistic character designs and lets you mess around with costumes and designs a huge amount) to earn a T from that.

          It is bad enough that I’m importing from Japan, though I had a J3DS in advance so it was always going to be my ideal choice.

  • Areuto

    Professor Layton Vs Phoenix Wright……oh wait a second.

  • Quizler

    Project Mirai 2 please It’s single handedly the only game I would buy a japanese 3DS for, DQVII also

  • $22974150

    Dragon Quest VII please! Well, I would love any DQ game, but especially VII.

    And Youkai-Watch would also be greatly appreciated!

  • Thatguy

    Rune Factory 4… Please.

  • mewcus

    Someone needs to show nintendo this website and its relevant comments.
    Though truth be told, the next Nintendo direct will have us all smacking our foreheads going, “dude, no one wants that shit”

  • I hope so, because the third party titles we get here in the US are mostly awful. “Imagination: Vet” while Japan gets Love Plus games for boys and girls. Really irks me the difference between the quality of the games.

  • EmoryM


  • Ryudo9

    Dragon Quest 7 please!

  • Beta

    Those two Detective Conan games? Digimon World Re:Digitize? Medabots Dual? Ace Attorney 1-2-3? Bravely Second? Persona Q? Fantasy Life? Yokai Watch? Any of those, please? ;_;

    • British_Otaku

      Some of those stand a chance and even had predecessors with Nintendo getting involved, but I don’t see a chance of Detective Conan getting any games localised.

      • Beta

        Yeah, I know that it’s highly unlikely that any Detective Conan games would be localised, but yeah… A man can dream, right? Besides, they DID localise that Detective Conan that released on the Wii, so it’s not completely out of the question. Highly doubtful it would be localised, but still not out of the question.

  • Prinny Dood

    I’ll take the second senran kugura for 3ds. Not talking about shinovi versus, but the sequel to the 3ds, although I would like shinovi as well. Oh marvelous aql:-)

  • Ric Vazquez


  • Aristides

    “Finally, Iwata also stated that more third-party publishers in the west are taking note of the fact that Nintendo 3DS sales are over 10 million in both the U.S. and Europe, but since western developers are more focused on delivering high-end games for home consoles, they’re still in the process of figuring out what kind of 3DS games to develop.”
    I certainly hope this catches on… western development needs to expand beyond yearly blockbusters.(even if it’s just a tiny bit) Most companies can’t even compete in this space anyways and just have marketing carry the sales of mediocre games.

    • Nanashrew

      Well they used to. I remember buying Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2 on GBA at launch. It was pretty cool. Too bad we don’t see any more of that.

  • British_Otaku

    Is it too late to ask for E.X. Troopers?

    The Capcom Unity thread for anyone who wants to chase up Capcom about it:

    I might try chasing up Nintendo Europe as well to level up from leisurely internet activism.

  • J_Joestar

    Not 3rd party, but Soma Bringer would have been nice, maybe enhanced for the 3DS with online multiplayer.
    It would definitely fill that sweet spot that Heroes of Ruin failed to.

  • Interface23

    Dragon Quest Monsters please??

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