• Kazekage Gaara


  • Kroz

    I know its early, but if this is the extent of whats new in this game I’ll probably skip over this one like i did with generations.

  • Loli Summoner

    This better be a online mode too.

  • TheExile285

    Oh, this could be cool. Interest regained~

  • greg_67

    It be great if they added a 2 vs 2 mode with some special tag ultimate…maybe Naruto Ninja Storm 4.

  • Warren

    Man this game will be awesome…for some reason that robot reminds me of robot krabs…

  • Axelis O

    Does this mean it isn’t 4 player outside of single player ?

  • Bobby Jennings

    Was it stated that it’s only with CPU controlled players?

  • Asura

    I want Tomy back T_T.

    Or Ninja Rev 4. Since I think an American studio took over for the Rev games.

    • British_Otaku

      I haven’t seen any proof that Eighting didn’t develop the Rev games but just not screw up more and more things for those installments. >_>

  • Kumiko Akimoto

    What is that naruto makeshift?

  • David García Abril

    I’m calling it right now:

    CC2 will put some Naruto X Hinata ship tease in this mode!

    Just look at those screenshots! lol

    • XiaomuArisu

      CC2 always shipped NaruHina XD

      • David García Abril

        Too bad that Kishimoto is a complete troll in this regard…

        His back and forth between Hinata and Sakura can be infuriating. This has lasted way too long! It’s time to choose, Kishimoto!

        • XiaomuArisu

          Well I think he chooses Sakura :(
          Hinata is nice but besides her crush Kishimoto didnt gave her much

          • David García Abril

            That’s another problem. Kishimoto is also a troll in that regard!

            In Sakura’s case, he goes back and forth between Naruto and Sasuke. Enough already! lol

            In my case, yeah, I go NaruHina too. And I don’t agree that Kishimoto didn’t gave her much. Well, at least compared to other supporting characters from the series. And I definitely think she’s done more to deserve Naruto than Sakura.

            However, I have the feeling that, whoever Kishimoto chooses (IF he chooses anyone, that is…) the result won’t be as satisfactory as it should.

            Let’s face it: Kishimoto sucks at writing romance.

          • XiaomuArisu

            Kishimoto sucks at writing Female characters
            Sakura finally started doing something then she sucks again orz

          • David García Abril

            I don’t think he sucks at female characters per se.

            Tsunade and Kushina are two of the best characters in the whole series. And the other female characters aren’t so bad when romance isn’t involve.

            And practically all of Sakura’s problems as a character can be all traced back to one thing: lack of consistency. Or what you described as “starting doing something, then she sucks again”.

            That’s probably Hinata biggest advantage over her: her character growth may be small, but at least it’s consistent, and Kishimoto doesn’t go back on it every time she’s on page. That makes her look way more heroic than Sakura.

  • Saphiren

    Everyone wants NaruHina.

    Kishimoto onegai.

  • FreeLancers

    why not make it four players like Clash of ninja. No fun just fighting cpu. Is it at least an online mode for this?

  • JMaster3000

    Bamco: PC Port? lolnope

    Its a shame that it isn’t coming to PC, half of me is kinda glad cause of it.
    The optimizing for Full Burst PC was awful.

    • bimmy

      dunno what you talking about the game ran smooth for me..

      • JMaster3000

        For some did for some not.
        High End PCs couldn’t run it cause of slow downs, and myself had the slowdown too but i don’t have an high end PC.
        Wanna know how i fixed it? I forced the resolution to 1152×864 cause on all other resolution i had the slowdown.
        But the thing is on 1152×864 the screen was full of artifacts and the game ran faster than it should so the thing i did next was getting Dxtory and forcing the FPS not go more than 30 FPS.

        And that’s how i made the game playable….

        • mastarace

          cool story bro, i have a high end machine i7, 8gb RAM,1gb gtx, game runs very well on 1080p resolution… for you guys who scream and moan about the optimization buy your self’s a decent PC first, and the game was made for 30FPS even on consoles..

          • JMaster3000

            Re-read mine and comment again about FPS.
            And the system settings don’t say that u need a high end PC for it so its their fault not the consumers.

  • stephane3012

    If this was online,oh sh*t that would be epic!

  • British_Otaku

    The Gekitou Ninja Taisen/Clash of Ninja series had four player fights starting in the second installment on the GameCube, not the 4th one even if that is the peak of the series on that system.

  • bimmy

    can we get a PC port?

  • Kornelious

    Hmmm, I wonder if this tournament will be the main story or if they will continue on from 3….

  • GoldLiger(Bijuu no Sennin)

    Can’t wait to hear the story behind Naruto, Mecha Naruto and Hinata. lol

  • Namuro

    That one screenshot with Mecha Naruto pointing looks as if he’s saying something like “Make your move already, you blockhead! She’s been waiting like, forever!” LOL

  • leingod

    I’ve always wished these games had an arcade mode…. with an ending for each character. Yeah, there’s a lot of characters, but it could be just a couple pictures + text and I’d be happy :P

    • Shady Shariest

      With story as hard to follow as in Blazblue? Count me in.

      • Aspenharls

        I wouldn’t mind a fighter made by the BlazBlue guys, even if it meant less characters.

        • Shady Shariest

          Yupo :3 Would be intriguing to see where they’d go with other franchises like Naruto.

  • http://danierc-polloconpapas.tumblr.com/ Eduardo Rocha

    I want more Clash of Ninja series :C!

    • NeptuniasBeard

      Same, it is my favorite party game (after smash bros) I wish it didn’t end :(

  • PowerOfTheGods24

    It’s basicly like dbzboz of but has a better roster,story, and gameplay

  • PowerOfTheGods24

    It’s basicly dbzboz but has a better roster, gameplay, and story.

  • BitBoy

    *Bandai Namco ;)

  • PuccuPin

    Yeah put Naruhina already will ya!

  • NeoNero7

    Naruto: Clash of Ninja did 4 player from the second game not the forth

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