Legendary Pokémon Palkia Makes An Appearance In Super Smash Bros.

By Ishaan . February 5, 2014 . 8:50am

Legendary Pokémon Palkia will make an appearance in Super Smash Bros., although not as a playable character. Director Masahiro Sakurai released a screenshot of him on Miiverse, explaining: “Palkia appeared in the Spear Pillar stage of the previous game…but now it’s coming out of a Poké Ball?! Here’s Palkia’s signature move, Spacial Rend!”


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  • Guest

    I just hope the chances to see it are more than 1/718

    • God

      I’m pretty sure the rarest was about 1/72… except for mew, that bastard was like 1/9001.

  • Spirit Macardi

    … I want a stage based off the Distortion World now!

    • Altumn

      You have no clue how much yes that is!
      And there could be rips in the world that take you to other pokemon areas… Maybe thats too extensive.

      • Distortion World was more about messing with gravity and physics. Can you imagine the stage changing the rules of the game by making those with a high damage percentage have high knockback resistance, as opposed to those with no damage dealt to them?

        Of course, in Platinum, this place was more about walking sideways up a rising waterfall, So, in a way it would be like a mix between Frigate Orpheon and Lylat Cruise, up to eleven. I would like those two stages to return, honestly!

        • Spirit Macardi

          I was thinking something like the Mario Galaxy stage in this game, where there’s multiple points of gravity in the field. So you may simply knock a character onto another plane rather than out of the stage.

          Maybe have Giratina in Origin Forme appear and shift the stage around at select intervals.

    • Lalum
  • DrakeClawfang

    – Genesect with Techno Blast (fires a large, slow projectile)
    – Hydreigon with Dragon Pulse (sends a blast of energy forward)
    – Audino with Heal Pulse (heals nearby fighters)
    – Volcarona with Fiery Dance (spins forward hitting fighters that touch it)
    – Cincinno with Tail Slap (spins in place smacking around nearby fighters and knocking them into the air)

    • God

      -Arceus (my pokemon self) with Judgement (creates a heavy implosion that starts from a 20 meter radius away of him, dealing heav damage, but no knockback)

    • J_Joestar

      – Stunfisk – Flops around the ground until someone steps on it and gets a paralyzing electric shock.

  • Rasputing

    What’s it looking at?

  • Learii

    they should make a stage that keep changing animation

    • PreyMantis

      Uhhh… Almost all of them have changing animations.

      • Learii

        I hope this one have 1 too

  • chroma816

    I’m sure they’ll keep some of the old pokeball pokemon, but they really have to add a bunch from gen 5/6 because of how long ago Brawl was released.

  • Kazekage Gaara

    Give me Giratina and ill be interested.

  • Hunts Rattata

    Aw, that’s not Spear Pillar…

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