The 3rd Super Robot Taisen Z Screenshots Show Co-Op Attacks In Action

By Sato . February 7, 2014 . 9:00am

In our earlier report, we were introduced to a new battle mechanism in The 3rd Super Robot Taisen Z, called Maximum Break, which allows you to perform cooperative attacks to blow up enemy units. Bandai Namco shows us what it’ll look like when you tag-team two of your favorite mecha.


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As previously mentioned, you’ll need to fill up your “Tag Tension” meter before being able to pull off the Maximum Break, which allows you to attack with your main and sub-unit to do x1.2 damage that nullifies all enemy defenses. So once you fill the tension to its max, fire away!


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Additionally, you can choose to have your main and sub-unit both do all-enemy or single-target attacks, or you can mix it up by having one do the other, similar to the M9D Falke from Full Metal Panic! shown below:


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The 3rd Super Robot Taisen Z is slated for release on April 10, 2014 for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita.

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  • greeeed

    …who the hell team up Koji with Rei?
    (that it’s not like I mind that)

    anyway it look interesting

    • César H. Sandoval

      He would make a better team with Asuka. =)

    • DaiRaiOh

      It’s actually a pretty good combination as Rei has always been one of the best things to team up with a unit that needs tanking on account of how OP the A.T. field can be

  • Can’t wait.

  • Daniel

    Heck yes

  • iamtehultimatepwnage .

    cant wait for the game!

  • Spirit Macardi

    Glad they used the Rebuild version of Eva. The ordinary do-nothing doormat version of Shinji wouldn’t work at all when teamed up alongside Simon x3

    • Raine

      And then Eva Unit 01 does a Giga Drill Breaker Combo with Simon.

      Cue “My life is now complete”

    • Lynx

      -The ordinary do-nothing doormat version of Shinji wouldn’t work at all when teamed up alongside Simon x3

      Go play Alpha 3.
      Like, stat.

      • Iman Linggar

        never forget brightslapped shinji :v b

  • Z3

    I’m seriously not impressed with what they’ve shown so far. The sprites quality are uneven as you can see with the Mazinger/Eva-00 twin unit (Mazinger looks so fucking shiny holy shit although the pose is a good throwback to Alpha/Alpha Gaiden Mazinger sprite), most of the new sprites are detailed as fuck e.g. Wing Zero custom but they didn’t even bother touching up the sprites from Saisei-hen. Seriously just look at Gurrenn Lagann and King Kittan side by side in the earlier screenshots. Banpresto getting lazy with a goddamn 2D MAP ON A GAME THAT’S SUPPOSED TO BE THE FINALE OF A SUBSERIES ON THE PS3. Most ambitious SRW my ass. I won’t comment anything on the animation because even if some units in the first trailer didn’t look good (I’m looking at you Arbalest and Sachiel), they can easily fix this. That said I like that shading on the scopedog and Chirico’s new portrait looks awesome as hell. Here’s hoping we see the Harute in action in the next PV. It’s the only trailblazer suit that we haven’t seen.

    • Lynx

      -Seriously just look at Gurrenn Lagann and King Kittan side by side in the earlier screenshots

      That’s Space King Kittan though. That’s the difference given how the Space Gunmen are bigger than base GL iirc. Heck, GL itself has more shine and detail than the Z2 version (the leg parts are more visible for one.)

      – they didn’t even bother touching up the sprites from Saisei-hen.

      Nova, Orguss, Trider all say otherwise. Geass is the only that I can think that looks like it wasn’t altered.

      -Most ambitious SRW my ass

      I’m pretty sure they were saying that with regards to the second game. Iirc, the first would be playing it safe.

      • KnifeAndFork

        I just don’t think Bandai allocates a lot of investment resources to Banpresto for these so they do what they can…

      • Z3

        > first would be playing it safe.
        You know I forgot they actually said this. Still, that shine is distracting as all hell. Also I should have said re-drawn instead of touching up the sprites I mean Shin Getter and Shin Mazinger got new ones. I would have really liked Nova to look like it’s flying in the sky instead of how it looks in Saisei. But then again I love being Banpresto’s bitch so I’m going to buy the game (Fucking Gunbuster and FMP is in it after all) when it comes out.
        >2D is more immersive
        I’m being trolled here aren’t I? Watch both of these clips and I dare you to say 2D is more immersive

        • Lynx

          >2D is more immersive

          I don’t think I actually said that.

          At all.

          You sure that was directed at me?

          • Z3

            It was directed to Daitrombe

    • Daitrombe

      I for one prefer the 2d maps, the 3d ones are slow and look like ass.

      • KnifeAndFork

        It’s only slow if the design for the game to properly make use of the hardware isn’t done right. And no the 2d maps looks dated as hell and look like ass. You just like to play into typical apologist fan mode to compensate for the developers not trying hard enough and playing safe by numbers limited budget restrictions.

        • Daitrombe

          ? I do think the 3d maps look like shit, they did in @3, they did in Z1, they did in OG games, Banpresto CAN’T DO 3D, even the infinite battle or whatever game has terrible 3d graphics.

          2d is infinitely superior because at least it’s quick and it’s more immersive since you aren’t switching dimensions for no reason.

          Please stop trying to project your preconceived notions about people on me, banpresto 3d is ALWAYS shit, without exception.

          • KnifeAndFork

            What does 3d have anything to do with it. They could easily make detailed 2D isometric units and maps and lol at your immersion post. And it’s only quicker because like I said, with a limited budget and restrictive hardware they’re working against themselves…
            You want to stay stuck in the past and remain stagnant go ahead; by your logic then Banpresto should have never bothered to move from non animated sprites to motion portrait

  • James

    The sprites on the actual field look terrible, some even have a hard edge. Does it bother anyone else that they aren’t little representations of the unit and instead are just heads floating around.

    • Heartek

      Yes, it’s a bit disappointing to see units represented as heads just like in the older/portable episodes … I absolutely prefer the depiction of units from the latest OGs….

  • Duc PC-QB

    Maximum break what lol ? Look like every support attack in gba games, cant even show the split screen.
    The map is a joke, the sprites and animation are all recycle, this game is getting more and more pathetic.

  • TatsuyaKyo

    Would have preferred a proper squad system, but this is fine too.

    Definitely buying a Vita for this (though I hope the Vita version being download-only is just a rumor…).

  • garudagaruda

    i blame Vita for holding back Z3 on PS3…i bet Z3 is just Vita games ported into PS3. thats why they use the 2D map instead 3D map that OG games used on PS3, re-use/lack of smooth animation, not proper HD sprites etc.

    • Lynx

      Uh huh.

      You do realize it is wasn’t going to fit on a Vita card and was digital only until they figured out a compression, right?

      I don’t think it’s holding it back or anything. People didn’t complain about F and F Final were on both the Saturn and PSX and the possibility of one holding the other back.

      • KnifeAndFork

        Nah it really is holding it back and all of what you said kinda proves it.

        • Lynx

          Except what I said doesn’t prove anything at all?

          A lot of the things people are complaining about are really stupid to begin with. Alpha 3 recycled assets out the rear, Z1 recycled Alpha 2 and 3 map sprites, F and FF were 2D maps and yet people didn’t complain about those.

          And if it was holding back, why would it originally be digital only on the Vita?

          It was most likely an afterthought to put it on the Vita.

          • KnifeAndFork


            It’s a budget thing not an afterthought. If it was meant to be only on PS3 from the start then it’d have had the aesthetics SRW Z 1 in PS2 did and larger improvements upon it using the full power of the PS3.
            Obviously that cannot be done if you’re making it also for the Vita and reusing things from the PSP.

            Obviously you recycle when you already have the same data for the same console in question especially if they’re back to back sequels (your Alpha 2 to 3 comparison). But Alpha 2 made a considerable leap from Alpha & Alpha Gaiden. Z1, Alpha 2 & 3 were all on the same console so of course that’s to be expected.
            SRW F and F Final were back to back PS1 games so the same with that too.
            I remember getting SRW F back then and returning as soon as I found out there even was a F Final (and because it had Mazinkaiser)

            However, the PS3 is a completely different console than the PSP and capable of holding way more data and having way more access to graphical power than the Vita.

            Is SRW Alpha for DC the same as SRW Alpha for PS1?
            No because the DC was considerably more powerful than the PS1 and Banpresto took advantage of that and decided to make a whole new game experience instead of just a straight port,

            The recycle is to play it safe you said it yourself. And I think part of that play it safe strategy has to do with working with a limited budget as I said.
            Remember, there will be a Z3.2 soon after this which means they have to further divide their resources accordingly for marketing costs and further development.
            It’s not a stylistic choice. It’s a cutting costs play it safe by the numbers budget choice.

        • WingsOfEternity

          The quality looks bad, period. The Vita itself is actually quite a powerful system, it could probably handle 2nd OGs graphics with ease.

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